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Hey! I appreciate your offort be be kind in pissing in my cheerios xD

But this info is NOT channeled! I gave you the main source of this information which is the speaker of the resistance movement, who is in direct physical contact with the resistance and the galactic confederation. Also I am very aware btw. about the fact that the dark is intercepting channelings, but there are also true and very clear channels as well!


- there is true light and it is on our side and it is the galactic confederation, the ascended masters and archangels as well as other powerful lightbeings like dragons and unicorns who also are returning to earth!

- nobody who is following cobra expected anything special from the 21. december last year and it was actually said, that with our meditation we would counteract the dark rituals conducted that day (only false light and stupid poeple who have no clue about this process told people that something special would happen).

- the whole solar system is already back in the light and th GF is not only statinoned on staurn but litterally EVERYWHERE!

- ascension is very real as well as unity consciousness and oneness, the state of utter peace and harmony. Anyone who disagrees on that is completely brainwashed by the dark.

You my friend fell into the doom-trap of the false light confusing you and keeping you in doubt about the true light. this is all they got now: spreading disinformatin and mistrust against the light. They are so very desperate!

To say that everything is a lie and that the archons control everything is simply not true, just look into the world and you see their plans ALL falling apart (plandemic + great reset, war in middle east etc..). If the dark was still so powerful, humanity would have long been trapped in the AI singularity unable to get out ever again.

Sorry, but I would urge you to look into my sources and reevaluate your idea of our current situation and stop spreading the words of fear and doom because you are doing the darks work with that nonsense!



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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