ThouShallObeyKing #sexist

the reason women leave men, cheat on them, and try to come back, is because men let them, men are slaves to pussy and have no options and will always let a cheater come back. even persuade other men to let their unloyal wives come back.

woman always chases better option, so unless you closed her in basement, she always has options and if one is better than you and something switches in her head then she will leave you or attempt to cheat on you.

for men, one female is enough.all male needs is sex, and woman can give it to him. he doesnt care about "BRUUUVVV I SLEPT WITH BETER WOMAN THAN U ! HAHA" or about going through the effort to getting woman with 1cm bigger boobs than the last one. for male, one normal averagewoman is enoguh.

and thus they have no options. and this sit he reason why they always let women come back after woman cheated on him. because they want sexxx



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