Pastor John MacArthur #fundie

If it weren’t for human care, the earth would be uninhabitable. You try. Take your little backpack, wander up in the mountains, see how well you do. The most advanced societies in the world subdue the earth. Thank God for those who have even been able to subdue bacteria, viruses. Thank the Lord for the people in the government of the United States who work for so many years to develop the food and drug administration, so that we’re not at the mercy of unscrupulous people like those over in China who put poison into baby milk. And we’re protected by that. That’s part of subduing an otherwise toxic creation. We don’t need less development, we need more development. God intended us to use this planet to fill this planet for the benefit of man. Never was intended to be a permanent planet. It is a disposable planet. Christians ought to know that.



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