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Could America be next? Could we be next, given the population figures for all Africa compared to Europeans, and all wanting to make their way here. I've heard a fair few stories from South Africans here, about the car jackings, robberies and beatings, very unpleasant.

I'm reading a serialised account of Hendrik Verwoerd Sth African Prime Minister of late 1950's early 60's, by Stephen Mitford Goodson. Another MI6/CIA Rothschild target according to Mitford Goodson. He did so much for the Black's in regard to education, homelands, and the pass system which was actually there to protect them against immigrant workers coming in from other areas, and not a repressive act. It's an account that certainly gives another side to the brutal repressive apartheid we've always been told of.

He was a Head of State who very rarely made comment on other Countries affairs. However he did warn the British Ambassador that if Britain continued allowing non-whites in by the thousand, they would make a bastard race of themselves and this would one day be the source of many difficulties for the British people. Such a time of many difficulties has now come to his people, and there seems to be silence from the Western liberal elite about this genocide.



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