FranticTyping #sexist

I can't believe someone said this unironically

lol. Why is virgin an insult? Why are people embarrassed when it is revealed they are virgins? Why do people laugh at others for being virgins? Why is this one of the few disparaging things that has survived into the era of wokeness? Most functioning members of society outside of reddit understand this. They understand the implications of being a virgin. They may not laugh, but you will universally gain some loser points when they find out.

How aren't aces outcasts for being virgins, if virgins are outcasts?

Virgins aren't automatically outcasts. There are religious virgins who are saving themselves for marriage, for instance. The point was to be socially capable enough to get laid, and have the backbone to go through with it.

So aces are the biggest failures of all?

Asexual people tend to be social outcasts, yeah. Not for the same reasons, though, and I wasn't addressing them. I feel a couple seconds of critical thinking on your part could have answered your question.

What makes aces social outcasts?

Their insecurity and inability to relate with other people in an overly-sexualized society. There are plenty that function despite that, but the asexual guy isn't going to be gregarious enough to get invited to go golfing with the boss.

How does not liking sex made you any less sociable?

Sex is an enormous source of validation and confidence. It is a shitty source due to it being external validation, but it is one many people rely on to grow into being an all-around confident person. Just as importantly, sex is inextricably linked to socialization and modern culture. Being oblivious to it is a source of insecurity and alienation.

So you are saying that not having sex makes you insecure and alienated. And having sex makes you confident?




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