SakuraBlossoms #transphobia

RE: Female Jealousy versus Male Envy

This makes incredible sense. You have really opened my mind to an entirely new way of looking at this. TIMs are truly the utmost pinnacle of envy. Every single thing they feel has been "stolen" from them, literally everything on earth. No matter how horrible an experience is for a woman, we shouldn't be allowed to complain about it because some entitled fetishist envies it. Just today's Ovarit posts I saw--a man envying quinceañeras so much he stages one at 40, and then this insanity, a man... I'm honestly clueless. It's absolutely nuts. I've never seen this kind of envy in my life except from TIMs. It's basically incels channeling their envy they used to feel towards any man who had a girlfriend to instead envying absolutely anything and everything they were "entitled to" but were denied because they didn't get to pick their sex. It's a catch-22 though; the only way they are able to envy every aspect of womanhood like this is because they aren't women. If they had been born female they of course would not appreciate these things the way they think they would, because the irrational envy wouldn't have been there to begin with.



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