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Men should be segregated into special ares where they can't expose us and children to their disgusting behaviour. I don't see why normal people (women and children) should have to co-mingle with men who are potentially just masturbating any goddamn place. If they are gonna act like chimps, then maybe they belong in zoos or nature reserves. Just saying.

Galko #transphobia ovarit.com

Radical feminists are the new lesbians. Basically, men will always want what they can't have. Now they figured out a way to demand they be accepted into lesbian spaces, guitling libfems into sleeping with them, and calling themselves lesbian. So, lesbians conquered. Now where's the next group of women saying, "No," that would be Radfems. We're saying no very loudly, so it's fueling their fetishes to conquer us as well. So, they're trying this shit, because it's no different than porn with "lesbians" that welcome in the pizza delivery guy.

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RE: I wanted a female therapist. I got matched with a TiM.

( NewMa )
I just do not trust a TiM , especially on telehealth, to not be beating it to the sound of my tears. I just ... don't.

You didn't get to be a TiM by being a healthy person.

( XX_Power )
I'll be straight, i wouldn't even trust an AGP TIM to do my laundry. Putting one in charge of traumatized women's health is insanity. This is literally a man who sexually gets off by pretending that he's a woman and fetishizes things like periods, but they want to trust this crossdresser with healing the trauma of raped women?

( proudcatlady )
I don’t trust a male therapist period. I’m shocked how many ladies on here have said they have had or do have male therapists. I would assume 100% he’s in it for jerkoff material. Also, empathy is important for therapists to have for their clients…? Men barely empathize with each other and basically can’t with us

( EternaEspiral )
I had a male therapist for a while, ended up say thing I "could be a normal woman" aka date men. So all the time I saw him he was just thinking that, I talked to him about my love life, discrimination... He never took me seriously! I just never went back after that.

( hmimperialtortie )
Or even simply a decent one.

IrishTheFrenchie #crackpot #conspiracy #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

I don't trust anything about reality TV.

I'm actually in a very, very tiny minority. Part of me believes "Jazz" is and always has been a FEMALE, and that the whole "trans" thing was devised in conjunction with Big Pharma/AGP billionaires to push the "Kids are trans too" and "We're born this way" narrative.

We literally have no proof, and never will, that Jazz was ever a male.

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RE: "There's more cock in r/actuallesbians than here" says redditor in r/askgaybros

I literally don't consider gay men allies anymore. there are so few standing up to this cult that they've gone full traitor mode on lesbians. Lesbians, who fucking cared for them when they were dropping like flies of "gay plague".

And this is the pay back we get.

I really think that as we re-group as lesbians, we need to make one thing clear: we may have something in common with gay men, but they are not our allies. They are men. They are misogynist scum and they are traitors. Only a very few of them seem to care about us.

Just like only a very few straight men care about what happens to women.

So there you go, they're just men. And we need to keep that in mind going forward and never waste energy helping them again.

We should also distance ourselves from them politically and socially, if at all possible. Again, because they are males and the sexuality can poison everything and be quite perverted. Remember it was gay men who wanted to let pedophiles in the movement in the 70s, and it was lesbians who held the line and said, "uh, no, child raping is not a legit sexuality". If we weren't there, what would become of their civil rights movement?

I say we leave them to cope for themselves and if they eat themselves over gender cult or pedo bullshit, then it's their own fault. We need to stop wasting time and energy babysitting and advocating for men, because what happens is they reap all the rewards and we lose everything.

Everything. We literally don't have a community anymore. Where were gay men when that was happening? They can piss off as far as I'm concerned. We need to really take the Get The L Out movement seriously. Maybe some people will think that's too extreme or we need gay men or something, but I don't think so. Need them for what? They're men, most of them are worthless when it comes to creating anything positive for women.

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RE: How many autogynephiles are predatory, abusive, and/or dangerous?

All of them. 34 % (85 votes)
Most of them. 38 % (94 votes)
A small minority. 2 % (5 votes)
I don't know. 8 % (21 votes)
More research is needed to answer this question. 18 % (44 votes)

( actualdyke )
AGP in and of itself is predatory and certainly dangerous to women. how many AGPs are actually going to act upon that predatory mentality and harm women? i don't know (although it certainly seems like a lot). but how many AGPs are inherently predatory and dangerous to women? yeah, it's all of them. you literally cannot be an AGP if you don't fetishize, sexualize, obsess over, and deeply hate and disrespect women.

edit: and how could i forget to mention how it's basically impossible to have AGP without other paraphilias as well. from what i've seen of AGPs the most common ones are (auto)pedophilia and bestiality. so not only is AGP bad enough on its own, it almost always indicates even deeper and further levels of depravity and danger to others.

( GoodGoneGirl )
It depends on how you define “predatory”, “abusive” and “dangerous.” Is it predatory and/or abusive for an AGP (or any TIM) to force his way into women’s spaces? I’d argue that it is. Especially when those spaces are for women at their most vulnerable, such as the recent example of the TIM invading a female-only rape crisis group.

AGPs are doing this stuff to get off and they’re forcing women to go along with it. Rules are being bent and laws are being changed to accommodate them, so yes, I think every AGP who takes advantage of that is predatory and abusive.

As for being dangerous (will hurt, rape or kill) I think the number is going to be higher than for normal men. Maybe a bit higher, maybe a lot higher. That would be really hard to answer without more research.


( hmimperialtortie )
All of them. Even the so-called good ones who criticise those other AGPs. The concept is inherently abusive.

( momofreyrella )
All of them!

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Althought the majority of men are awesome with men

Spoken like someone who is not a woman and doesn't know wtf he's talking about. But he's male, so of course he knows more about women's experiences than we do. Of course he thinks it's, like, two men who are committing 99.9% of all violent crime. Because when people lock their doors at night, it's in fear of women.

Trans women are mentally female

No such thing, you sexist piece of shit.

They entered a woman's restroom desperately not wanting to be noticed

Another lie. They enter a woman's restroom and get off on how uncomfortable it makes us. Then they leer and stare at us, record us with shoe cameras, glare threateningly at us if we look remotely uncomfortable with a large, menacing male in our space, and oh yeah, beat the living shit out of us if we ask them to leave.

It has happened multiple times because it's the majority of "transwomen," not a mere few boogeymen. But again, you know more about our experiences than us. You're a superior man, after all.

Many attempt to leave this world because of the hate

Then get therapy. It is not the entire world's responsibility to coddle your fragile porn-warped brains. It is not women's responsibility. Women don't exist to be your mommy or your therapist, and especially not at our own expense.

I spent years trying to run from being trans

Which shows how mentally ill you are because there is no such thing as being trans. You were born male and you'll always be male. Mutliating yourself won't change that. You do not have a female brain, you have the typical sexist male socialization, though.

There is no such thing as a female brain. Being a woman is not wearing a dress and pigtails and watching My Little Pony. How the fuck is that not sexist?


emissch & Iridescence & BraveAndStunningTERF #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

Historians and experts in the last year or so have been warning about the increasingly likely fall of US democracy as we know it, and that we are barreling full steam toward a far right Christian theocracy/autocracy.

At surface level, you might expect TRA to diminish if a far-right authoritarian government came to power, but I would argue that trans ideology wouldn't be erased at all. In fact, I think it would be readily accepted as a type of social enforcement arm of the US government to punish women and homosexuals.

I mean, look at Iran and how they happily subsidize gender re-assignment surgeries but punish homosexuality with death. Then look at the similarities between TRA and MRA, the misogyny and the homophobia that exists within the movement. Then look at the TIMs who slobber at the idea of corrective raping TERFS and lesbians. They seem like they are just jonesing for a Handmaid's Tale situation.

Am I totally off base in thinking TRA would probably do very well under a fascist dictatorship?

( Iridescence )
The Handmaid's Tale: TiM edition would be a terrifying story of complete patriarchy... the women contributing to women's oppression is a major theme in the original, but it would be a truly horrifying element to see even those women replaced by male pretenders.

( BraveAndStunningTERF )
TRA would do “better” than homosexuals for sure - I’m sure the MtF ones would anyhow due to them being men who would be (happily) subservient to other men. That would make them much less threatening then say a homosexual man.

Most people will accept being shit on if they have someone that they themselves can shit on.

The insurrection in the USA is definitely significant though, basically a failed coup. Even hitler had a failed coup, the Russians too???

Personally I blame each and every billionaire in the world.

Owlchaser #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

"A [man who thinks he's a woman] took out his penis and jacked off here, but you'll never know."

"A [man who thinks he's a woman] rooted through the sanitary product garbage and took out your used pads to put in his own underwear. But you'll never know."

"A [man who thinks he's a woman] was scouting this area to put in a hidden camera. So he could use that later to jack off at home, and/or to post the footage online. But you'll never know."

"A [man who thinks he's a woman] was listening to the sounds coming from your stall, while you were at your most vulnerable, and had some truly disgusting thoughts. He was also leering at you between the cracks in the stalls while you weren't looking. But you 'll never know."

notyourfetish #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

According to TERFs, gender identity is either something socially contructed in a way that means most trans people have the histories of their birth sex and gender, nonexistent, or something that always relates to the initially assigned, presumed or physical sex in question.

Um, yeah. It's called reality, bub. Being trans isn't real. You were born a man, and you'll always be a man.

Trans people are considered appropriative in the way that certain people appropriate cultures or racial backgrounds.

Appropriating other people's struggles is all you've ever done. You're parasitic at this point.

Some TERFs believe that trans people are perverts in a harmful and nonconsensual way and that transitioning is just a way for men to gain access to women or straight women to gain access to gay men.

Perverts in a harmful and noncensensual way . . .as if there were some good way to be a pervert?

If you weren't transitioning to gain access to women and if this was really about your mental delusion that wearing a dress makes you a woman (it doesn't), then why don't "transwomen" ever demand access to spaces where women are older or at least less vulnerable?

Why don't "transwomen" ever demand access to a military barracks, an old ladies' church group, or a convent full of nuns? Because "transwomen" can't rape, harass, and prey on those women with impunity, and they have no desire to be around women who don't get thier "girl dick" hard. Women in prisons and homeless shelters and public restrooms are easier, younger, more desirable targets. But sure. Play dumb.

A man who puts on a dress and tells lesbians they have to fuck him or else they're a bigot is -- surprise! -- a pervert.

A man who gets a boner from wearing women's clothes is -- surprise! -- a pervert.

A man who tries to force the entire world to go along with his fetish is -- surprise! -- a pervert.

A man who gets off on invading women's spaces is -- surprise! -- a pervert.

mathlover #transphobia #psycho ovarit.com

RE: TIM wants a female TSA agent to touch his man parts


This is something male allies could help with. Some big burly dude should always be available behind the scenes to put on a wig and makeup and say he is a "transwoman" when he comes out to do the pat down with his big old man hands. And get righteously angry if the man larping as a woman objects. Lol.

notyourfetish #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

None of them are trying to hide their fetishtistic motivations for calling themselves women, which you typically see in TW who want to distance themselves from AGP. So I’m kind of amazed to see them letting all of this hang out, and I’m wondering if they walked into a trap by confirming everything TERFs have been claiming about them from day 1.

I think a lot of them are deeply delusional or very in denial that their "woman feelings" are basically just twisted perversion. So they pretend their AGP is some kind of valid identity and that they're an oppressed minority (which also shows how homophobic they are, because that's how they view gay people, as sexual deviants or something).

But they're not an oppressed minority. They are just straight men who have destroyed their sexuality with porn. And rather than acknowledge what they've done to themselves, they'd rather live in denial while telling themselves they must have some sort of "identity."

To convince people they have this "identity," they lurk and spy, study feminine women's mannerisms to copy them, and read the things that actual minorities say online, and then they copy us verbatim to convince themselves (not just everyone else) that they really are this poor widdle minority who is in danger constantly, etc.

They are basically mentally unstable, dangerous men.

Testosterone causes sexualized feelings that makes you end up with a fetish. Okay, cool. So what are we supposed to make of trans women who have high levels of testosterone in their systems? When they go into the locker room and all that T starts giving them euphoria boners, are women supposed to just…not care about this? Are we supposed to pretend that this isn’t a fetish when all of y’all are admitting that this exactly what this is? Like, WTF?

That he actually thinks "transitioning" makes the "fetish feelings" stop is insane. If that were true, then why are so many "transwomen" with bottom surgery still harassing the shit out of lesbians?

I've never observed a TIM who transitioned and suddenly decided that lesbians were people and that our sexuality should be respected. Instead, they just continue in the same male mode, demanding sex from women who aren't attracted to them and calling us bigots and killing us when we say no.

Gladys_Kravitz #transphobia ovarit.com

People on here insist we can't "discriminate" against them in employment, but I don't count sexual fetishes as protected categories. I simply don't want to work with someone who clearly displays a lack of care for boundaries and a complete disrespect of women.

I wouldn't hire someone who showed up to the interview in blackface, and I'm not going to hire someone who shows up in womenface.

My sex is not a costume. It's not something for them to play around with, it's my reality.

notyourfetish #transphobia ovarit.com

"Transwomen" are projecting. They're the ones with a fetish. Lesbians don't "fetish" vaginas. We are sexually attracted to entire women, not men with their dicks turned inside out to immitate the real thing. But since TIMs don't even understand that a woman is more than a vagina, fake or otherwise, of course they project their gross fetishes onto us.

A fetish isn't just arousal toward weird body parts (feet) or acts (wearing a thong). You can also fetish people, which basically boils down to an unhealthy sexual attraction. (The way some people might fetish a specific race, for instance.)

For example, Xander is a male character on Buffy who fetishes strong, powerful women. He has a crush on Faith and Buffy because they have super powers, and it's only later when Willow becomes a powerful witch that he starts going after her. There was also Cordelia, who was the head of the school in popularity, and who he cheated on with Willow once Willow became more powerful. And later, he gets with Onya, a demon who is very old and very powerful and trapped in a human form, and he treats her like shit as he does all the powerful women he's with.

Basically, Xander desired these women for their power and didn't really care about them as people. It's a form of dehumanization. That's what makes a fetish an unhealthy attraction.

TIMs are doing the same thing to lesbians. They desire a particular group of women specifically because they know we don't desire them and are, in fact, incapable of desire for them. They get off on bullying and coercing us into submission. It's a domination fetish, and something only a rapist would think was 100% normal and okay.

This is what I mean when I say transbians are rapists. They know that lesbians are incapable of sexual attraction to men and they know they are men, yet they harass and coerce lesbians into sexual/romantic situations anyway (from catfishing to straight up rape). And even if "transbians" were too mentally gone to understand why they are wrong, they are still WRONG, and lesbians are the ones being hurt while everyone coddles "transwomen" and calls us bigots.

notyourfetish #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

They keep comparing being black to being trans as if both were immutable traits that people are both with.

Being black is actually a real thing, dude. It's racist to say all black men are rapists because it's completely ridiculous to base someone's character on an immutable, trivial trait like skin tone that they have no control over.

"Trans" people aren't born trans. "Trans" is not an immutable, innate trait. "Trans" is not even fucking REAL. "Transwomen" identify as "trans" because they're pornsick straight dudes who have warped their sexuality beyond belief and think that being a woman means strapping on sexy porn gear and harassing lesbians. It's not some shit they were born with or have no control over, and even it was, being a pervert from crib to coffin is not some kind of harmless trait like race or sexuality.

The fucking truth is that "transbians" are rapists. You might as well say someone is a bigot for calling a serial killer a murderer.

WitchPlease #conspiracy #moonbat #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

It suits many people.

It's a capitalist wet dream - being trans cost a lot of money over many years. This industry is worth trillions of dollars. Cross sex hormones and health issues caused by them lead to a lifelong dependency on medication. There's also plastic surgeries, and these SRS seem to always have complications and need follow up surgeries. Also the most basic consumerism in the shape of clothes, make up and other products.

It's a pedo paradise - queer ideology aims to erase all boundaries so predators (pedo or not) gain access to their targets. It removes safeguarding of children and women. Minors who take cross sex hormones and/or puberty blockers may have their brain and emotional development crippled, which means they'll become adults with the brain of a child, making them more vulnerable to predators.

It's the Mengelean/Frankensteinean doctors' heaven - it gives them the opportunity to make medical experiment on willing people.

It's the power-hungry men's perfect scenario - it's keeping people distracted and divided while they continue their dick measuring contest between them (it's how I describe politics), and keep popular uprise at bay.

It's the misogynists' triumph - fucking women over is what they live for.

Various TERFs #crackpot #pratt #transphobia #conspiracy ovarit.com

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I'll say it again for those in the back....

The end goal of Transgenderism and "Queer Theory" is now, and always has been, the legalization of pedophilia and acceptance as a legitimate sexual orientation.

I've been saying this for years, and it's only become more obvious as time goes on.

• Teach deviant sexual acts to children as young as 5 and call it "sex ed"

• Remove child safeguarding

• Have schools groom children into believing it's ok to keep secrets from parents

• Give children medical autonomy

• Hey! Kids can make their own medical decisions, they should also be allowed to make their own sexual decisions.

( ElectricBlue )
And use Karen/TERF rhetoric to ramp up hatred of adult women, who will be the biggest opposition to them. Make it look like all adult women are hysterical prudes so anything they say can be derided.

( Tq231442 )
They're already doing it. Shit makes me sick.

( mil-bil )
I would also say that removing legal personhood from women is a key goal.

The language of "cervix-havers" and "birthing persons" conveys it. Any modification of the body (e.g. hysterectomy, even for significant medical reasons) or change in time (not actively being in labor) removes a woman from such a label. These labels don't capture what the word "woman" captures.

So what legal standing would a woman have upon the removal of the word "woman" from the law?

Recasting prostitution as sanitized "sex work" and the push for commercial surrogacy rest on depriving women of legal recognition and human rights.

( remove_the_veil )
Surrogacy is also all wrapped up in this. If you can legally buy and sell children, then nothing is stopping pedos from doing so...

( Ruby )
And then putting the child on puberty blockers to ensure a permanent childlike state...

( bumpyjerboa )
It'll be designer baby girls soon. Made to suit the pedo's tastes. When she's "too old" they'll force her into surrogacy too.

Various TERFs #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

( Alecto )
I find that men tend to be suspicious of TIMs because, well, they understand male sexuality. They've heard the "locker room talk." Women fall for 'Trans Rights' because we project our good qualities onto men.

( DonKarnage )
And this is the exact reason why I side eye the fuck out of men who are 110% crazy adamant TRAs. They know what's going on and they know damn well what they're supporting, and how it directly benefits/affects them to support it. I no longer believe in the "oh but his intentions are well meaning" tripe. Those men know what they're doing and what they're supporting.

( Alecto )
There are 3 possibilities to why they're super supportive: they're misogynists looking to roll back women's rights, they're AGP themselves, or they're chasers.

( FeminineMistake )
Precisely this.

Remember the story (can’t find a link, argh) about the guy who spent hours in a port-a-loo so he could get peeping Tom pictures of women peeing?

When people say “no man is going to pretend to be a woman just to get into a locker room,” I always think of that. Men will sit in literal chemicals, feces, and urine to violate women. Lipstick and a pronouns pin is a lot less onerous (and disgusting) than that. I think for the obvious reasons it’s easier for men than women to get just how extreme are the lengths to which men will go for their pants-feelings.

MiMi2013 #pratt #psycho #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

Some years ago (2009-2012, somewhere in there) I watched a surveillance camera video of some black teen girls pulling a 27 year old white guy with long scraggly blond hair , out of the womens' bathroom (in a fast food place; think it was a Burger King). They beat the shit out of him, and he just curled up in a ball, sobbing.

Back then, I was such a dunce I actually felt sorry for him, because "he's obviously a harmless gay man, and he might get beat up by homophobes in the men's bathroom! "

Now, I know those girls were right; he was almost certainly an autogynephiliac, and the reason he was curled up sobbing, is, he just couldn't believe vaginathings, subhuman objects put on this earth to do whatever men tell them to, were failing to "validate his feelings". That's what we she-goats are for, after all.

Once I read those papers c.2014-2015, in which we learn that when men interact with other men, the part of their brain devoted to interpersonal communication engages, while when dealing with women, it's the part devoted to assessing objects-IOW, men literally "see" women as non human-that changed everything for me. It explains so much about not just today, but for all of recorded history. And it most definitely explains the violent entitlement of too many men, and most especially of trans woMEN.

Trans woMEN are men, regardless of whether they're the small minority who have themselves castrated and mutilated, parts regrafted to their bodies in a vague approximation of female genitalia , and pumped full of horse piss hormones, or the overwhelming majority who think they've found a 'cheat sheet' to force lesbians into letting them insert their "lady dicks" into their bodies. Many don't even make token efforts to pass...Almost as if the fun for them is using their obviously male appearance to frighten women and girls trapped with them in spaces that should be reserved for biological females only.

various TERFs #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

( hmimperialtortie )
A funeral is not the time for an AGP to express his fetish.

There is no time or place outside his bedroom an AGP should be permitted to do this.

( littleowl12 )
Exactly. Debbie Hayton's school should be allowed to fire him, especially. It's really discouraging that TIMs claimed to suffer the same discrimination as people of color, and the West has bought it.

( crodish )
This is one of the points I still struggle with. I have no issue with men wearing women's clothing, but where is the line drawn? Debbie Hayton's clothes are "sensible" and "non-fetishy", so the only issue is that because we know he's male. But "clothes have no gender" and "anyone should be able to wear whatever they want".

He's one of the ones that "just wants to live their life" but where do we draw the line for "good trans"?

( littleowl12 )
No, he dresses just like his wife. Creepy as hell. "Modest Christian Wife" is every bit as kinky to AGPs as fishnets. That's the whole point of AGP. There's just a range of tastes. From dressing like a grandmothers to school girl skirts.

I don't care that he "just wants to live his life." He can do that at a transvestite pub, not in front of children. He's not materially harmed by having work boundaries that interfere with his sex life. It's not on the kids to help him cope with his cross-dressing compulsion.

Clothes have no gender, technically. But that's not the way TIPs see it, especially AGPs. Like I said, I don't think people have the right to wear whatever they want in every single context. And white men don't need some kind of special care or deference when it comes to the workplace. It's not even the fallacy of being "colorblind,"- it's everything blind.

( hmimperialtortie )
He’s another abuser, isn’t he? Trans widow in the background? I don’t think any man should be allowed to LARP as a woman in public. My “they’re just clothes” or “oh, cool” days of seeing men in dresses are long past. Seeing what AGPs are and what they do killed them stone dead.

Various TERFs #psycho #transphobia #sexist ovarit.com

RE: Trans woman assaulted in cell with men. ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10201413/Transgender-woman-viciously-assaulted-jail-cell-three-men.html )

( notsofreshfeeling )
I'm going to sound really callous right now, but... pronouns are rohypnal...

How many men in jail cells with other men suffer similar injuries but these same assaults don't make it into the news?

In a prison of, say, 1000 men--how many men per week would you guess would end up in a clinical setting for an assault by a fellow inmate?

( notyourfetish )

How many men in jail cells with other men suffer similar injuries but these same assaults don't make it into the news?

This is exactly what I thought and it's not callous at all.

Thousands of men beat each other up all the time in jail, but I'm supposed to feel sorry for one because he has a gender delusion? What makes him so different from the other men who get beaten up? His preference for pink? Boo hoo.

TIMs are men. They belong in the MEN'S prison. The end.

( levitation )
Ideally, our prison system would be much less violent for everyone, but as it is everyone gets roughed up in American prisons. Why don't they express this kind of pearl clutching about the teenage boys who end up there and are forcibly "transed" into some other inmate's bitch? Because that's a hell of a lot more common than a TIM ending up in male prison, nowadays.

mathlover #crackpot #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

Of course TIMs are more viscerally repulsive to lesbians than normal men. While sex with a lesbian may be a fantasy for a lot of normal men, they don't specifically seek to rape lesbians as the only way they can obtain sexual gratification and "validate" who they are as men. In contrast, ALL het male TIMs actively seek to rape lesbians. That makes them viscerally more creepy, digusting, repulsive,and threatening - because they are.

sojourner_truth_ & hmimperialtortie #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

( sojourner_truth_ )
I've seen TRAs respond with "that's not a true trans" when presented with examples of predatory TIMs. So don't beat yourself up for confusing the "bad apple" talk for the "no true trans" fallacy- they probably became fused in your head because of the knee jerk reaction TRAs always have whenever a TIM rapes his mother, or rapes a taxi driver, or rapes a dog, or molests a little girl.

Every time like clockwork, they start saying BOTH "you still have to respect her pronouns!!!" AND "but that was no true transwoman!" Lol. Listening to these people is maddening.

( hmimperialtortie )
The irony is that the predatory men are the truest “trans” there is. The TIM rapists and paedophiles are the epitome of the breed.

( sojourner_truth_ )
Peaking comes in a series, I'm realizing. First comes the baby peak, for some people it's men shouldn't be in women's prisons or something really blaringly clear... but if you keep looking at reciepts from this gang, you will eventually peak more and more... and I think the final peak is exactly this: TIM rapists and pedos are the epitome of the breed, the truest trans there is, the final result of indulging in degeneracy for long enough.

It makes me look at other cultures that I wrote off as being so backwards because they toss all sexual degeneracy into one bucket that is off limits... and now I see that they had a damned good point. There are many roads to Rome, and there are many paths for men to turn into someone so debased they'll rape an infant or a dog. All those paths should be understood for what they are: degeneracy that undermines society.

HellaHella #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

APP (autopedophilia) often overlaps with AGP (autogynephilia).
The combination of the two is at the heart of transgenderism. People do not want to look at this degeneracy, because every normal sane person feels sick. Instead, people choose to believe 'gender dysphoria' pity party narratives.

Various TERFs #transphobia ovarit.com

( mathlover )
These guys really don't get how sexually disgusting and repulsive they are to lesbians.

( ChaChaSlide )
To everyone.

( mathlover )
But they could make themselves reasonably attractive to het and bi women. And many of them were - had girlfriends and were married - as the het men they all are, before they degenerate into "trans" and become sexually disgusting and repulsive because of the kind of men they become. And even then, some of them do manage to find women to date who, by definition, are het or bi. But they could never have been, and could never be, anything but sexually disgusting and repulsive to lesbians - who are their preferred prey.

( hmimperialtortie )
That’s the thing, they can be reasonably attractive men but they deliberately make themselves the most nauseating, repellent freaks one could imagine. The one TIM I knew socially (this was in the 90s) was like that. Nice looking bloke, curly dark hair and beard in the one photo I saw of him before. When I knew him he had a stubbly manjaw, thinning, greasy, straight, bottle-blond hair (probably has a sixhead by now), bolt-on moobs pushed up in a corset, and had transformed himself into the ugliest specimen one could wish to see.

And was, of course, a transbian.


( ChaChaSlide )
All those examples are of how successful they are at gaslighting and abuse. I assure you, unless someone has some degenerate fetish, they are not looking at them with true desire.

( bellatrixbells )
Non lesbian here. It's not just you.

( Srfthrowaway )
Yeah straight as they get here. They're just repulsive.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
They have definitely colonized and settled their own Uncanny Valley.

They physically and mentally repulse everyone.

Only_Women_Are_Women & PGTips4Lyfe #conspiracy #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

( Only_Women_Are_Women )

Why do they do this? Why do they (the APA, AMA, everyone else) lie that this is not a mental illness?

Money, control, power trip, Woke takeover of key positions, and/or (not even joking at this point) demonic possession.

If they marketed it as a mental illness they would have far more legitimacy in my eyes

My guess is they ran the numbers -- one or two pills for life to treat "dysphoria" would be like Prozac profit-wise, but endless major surgeries, hormones, and publishing deals even -- $$$$ sky's the limit.

Thing is, Big Pharma and friends are already jillionaires just from how sick everyone is from the food industry, so I am not 100% convinced it's all money-driven.

Also, underlying hatred of women -- even of humanity in general. Huge grants from the Rothblatt Transhumanist Super Villains?

( PGTips4Lyfe )
Yeah it really can't be just money. It has to be mass perversion of the elite, like sadistic (satanic) levels. And to them its all one big inside joke. Its not a conspiracy like a cabal of chanting priests, its just a big wank off joke among people who cannot feel anything so they hurt others for fun.

Like when Mark Zuckerberg said quote:

-"You can be unethical and still be legal that's the way i live my life. Haha"

This is how they live.

hmimperialtortie #crackpot #transphobia #pratt #sexist ovarit.com

(Submitters Note regarding context: A trans woman tweeting “Cis people are afraid that trans people will criticize them. Trans people are afraid that cis people will kill them.”)

RE: No, we're afraid that you will rape/murder us because you're men.

( hmimperialtortie )
Nobody’s murdering you disgusting male freaks except your pimps and johns, and that’s only the miniscule minority of you who are prostituted gay men. You AGP perverts are the rapists and murderers.

Various TERFs #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

( AnneLister )
The ugliness that's going on in MTF spaces is only rivalled by incel communities. It's the exact same kind of disgusting depravity.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I personally think they're the same people.

( AnneLister )
The Venn diagram is a circle.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
NeoNazis are in that circle too.

( hmimperialtortie )
And the child rapists.

( remove_the_veil )
Chris Chan is the 'missing link'. ;p

Mayday #ableist #transphobia #crackpot ovarit.com

RE: CAIS are men, not women, and prove sex is binary

A female is not: "identifying" as female, growing up as female, socializing as female, dressing up as female, and "passing as" female.

A woman, a female, is an organism that can bear offspring and/or produce eggs under the right conditions.

CAIS are males with an inability to respond to androgens. The product of the inability is a male with a pseudo-female like appearance, creating the illusion of a female.

Beneath the layers, CAIS have no internal female sex organs - no uterus and no ovaries. They have testes - the male gonads that produce sperm. Their bodies were supposed to support the production of sperm and failed. They are men in every sense of the word.

The only reason they even know they are intersexed is because of modern medicine

The reason humans know they are humans and not another specie is modern medicine, and study of genes. Surely you wouldn't claim humans were not humans before they learned of what separates each specie.

CAIS were not women before modern medicine. They were disordered men.

Various TERFs #pratt #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

Why are schools allowing autogynephiles around children

MEN shouldn't teach young children. Especially not ones with public sexual fetishes.

Y’all already know how I feel about men 😭

I absolutely agree with the second one (obviously) but not with the first one. You know there are nice men and men in typical womens positions and viceversa is actually a good thing for gender abolition... I don't want a world where only women have relationships with children when I know there are respectable and normal men out there who would never be inappropiate with children.

He’s a nice man who would never do that to a child is what everyone says after it’s revealed that yes he would do that to a child

I mostly agree with this. But I think it's dangerous to have males teaching/supervising very little children who often need a teacher to help them in the toilet, to change a diaper, to bathe them after an accident, etc. The risk of abuse is just too high. And I think even most fathers would agree with this policy.

Once children are older, have the vocabulary to complain if they're abused, and don't need help in the toilet anymore; than male teachers are okay. But I'd be anxious if a man I didn't know was supervising my infant at a daycare.

Not worth the risk when we're talking about children's safety tbh

Yeah until we can impose actual consequences for ALL inappropriate behaviors (such as being weird, leering, and grooming; not just actually physically harming a child), men should not be allowed to teach.

Various TERFs #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

RE: Trans surgery ‘may be judged’ a mistake by future generations- The Australian

( BlackCirce )

Writing in the prestigious journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Melbourne psychiatrist Alison Clayton argues that transgender mastectomy may with time be seen as “dangerous medicine” like discredited past practices such as psychiatric lobotomy, which won a Nobel prize in 1949.

It’s unethical and conceptually incoherent to treat mental disorders with surgery. If a mental disorder has such a concrete connection to a somatic structure or process that it can be adequately treated with surgery, it should moved to the speciality of that structure. “She’s upset because she has breasts, therefore removing the breasts will cure her distress” is not a valid clinical reasoning.

Psychiatrists treating gender identity are getting high on their ability to marshal the big guns: anesthesiology and surgery.

( Snowball )

“She’s upset because she has breasts, therefore removing the breasts will cure her distress” is not a valid clinical reasoning.

Indeed. It's only a short step from that to "She's unhappy because she hates her life, so killing her will cure her depression".

( SulphuricMirror )
Yeah, no shit. This is going to be the scandal of the 21st century, certainly a very major one, right at the start. It will be in history books for a long time just like Thalidomide and lobotomies and Nazi experiments and Big Tobacco and so on already are. This will not be looked back on Kindly by future generations, at all. It will be recognized as a war on womankind, and a war on homosexuality. Because that's what it is. It will also be recognized as a mass-psychosis, and the fact that it was funded by a just a few very rich fetishistic men may not be what is most remembered about this, but I'm sure the most detailed, honest accounts of what's happening now will include that. There are receipts, after all. Books will be written, just like you can find books now about the Satanic Panic and recovered memories crazes.

BlackCirce #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

they aren’t actually trying to put down women they’re just trying to gain inclusion in women’s spaces.

Why do males need access to women's spaces? Why would a grown man need to be included in women's sports or access a women's rape shelter? Men's sports are already accessible to men who identify as women. We have no experiences in common and this is demonstrated by transgender males and their handmaidens insisting over and over that we shut up or change how we speak about women's experiences. If transgender males were women, they'd be included by default. When "white feminists" talk about menstruation, or abortion, or pregnancy, or rape, I'm included as a black woman, and so is every other color of woman.

If they aren't trying to put us down why do they threaten us? Why do trans males rape and kill lesbians? Why do they get us fired from our jobs? Why do transgender males rape transgender females like Eli Erlick (allegedly) did? Why do they insult us, our bodies, our sexualities, our struggles? Why do transgender males behave interpersonally and politically identically to other males? I call bullshit sis.

Various TERFs #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: No one is trans. Being trans isn't a real thing

( CitizenKaren )
Transness isn't a real thing. It's supposedly feeling like the opposite sex, but as anyone who doesn't claim to be trans can confirm, no one feels like any type of sex. Feeling like a sex isn't a real thing.

TIMs and TIFs are not transitioning to anything, they're just making themselves look stranger.

( hmimperialtortie )
Precisely. It’s a nonexistent “condition”. The whole thing is a lie, a fantasy, a fetish. I doubt many of them even believe it - they’re not genuinely delusional, they’re lying for the power it gives them over people.

( TransWidow )
It was pretty clearly a mental illness with my ex.

( chrysthefeminist )
Exactly, it's a form of power and control, not a "mental illness."

( xx_emptygrave )
Transgenderism is a mental illness for some and a fetish for many. It's a deluded belief that somehow you are the opposite sex "deep down inside" and feeding into that delusion until they travel down the surgery route and destroy their body to match that delusion. Or they are coom-brained males who get a hard on from wearing women's clothes,with the encouragement and coddling from society allows these fetishistic males to LARP as women so they can live their fetish 24/7 and force to involve as much ppl as possible to get the biggest coom.

"Transphobia" isn't real, neither is "non-binary".

It's all a made up thing in a deluded and/or fetishist's mind.

( TransWidow )
Mentally ill and fetishistic aren't mutually exclusive types of trans people, in my experience.

Mmmm_Brains & roundabout #transphobia #pratt #sexist ovarit.com

RE: So it's all about being able to "pass"

( Mmmm_Brains )
The reason it all hinges on passing is because it's entrenched in trickery and rape rhetoric. It gives them this rush to know they've forced someone to acknowledge their fetish, that they've also tricked them. It's really a form of sexual harassment, because we're all participating in someone's sexual fetish/deviency, quite unwillingly too.

( roundabout )

It's really a form of sexual harassment, because we're all participating in someone's sexual fetish/deviancy, quite unwillingly too.

I agree with that but, for exactly that reason, I don’t think it “all hinges on passing”. I think they get less of a kick from “tricking” us (rarely happens anyway) than they do from forcing us to go against our instincts (including that of self-defence), against our reason, and against our volition. It’s about power, like it always is with men.

Various TERFs #conspiracy #moonbat #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Brit LGBT Awards doesn't use the word "lesbian" anywhere

Women and lesbian are bad words now unless it’s being used to label men who think they’re women, or when describing porn categories.

It all has to be redefined to encompass men first.

Of course they didn't. The number one goal of these people is to hijack the community we built and erase us from it. No woman who is not willing to open her legs to a man will be welcome in society anymore, not even among the "weird" kids, who are really just the same old oppressors but with ugly haircuts and poorly applied lipstick.

Lesbian is only allowed to be used for men now. Lesbians™, actual female homosexuals, are supposed to fuck off and be called non-men now or simply disappear into the ether.

TIMS don’t want any pesky reminders of same-sex sexual orientation. Society says: ok men, whatever you say, whatever you want.

Lesbians are expected to compromise their unique identity/culture and assimilate into the Akira-esque Queer Blob. THIS is why lesbians need spaces away from males and "qweers".

I wish I knew how to code, because it'd be so cool to write a program that tracks LGBT news sites/blogs/social media/etc. for a given time frame and returns the frequency with which certain terms are used (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, etc.). Not strictly related to this post but it'd be interesting to see how the usage of certain terms changes over time. All things considered, this is depressing as hell.

PGTips4Lyfe #conspiracy #crackpot #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

I doubt women's sports will be saved. I think that even if they make some guidelines drawing a line in the sand, the line will be weak and modern medicine will make it very easy to "stealth trans" and include intersex people, who may become the new major talking point for inclusion as self-id inevitably is seen as the naked wrong it is (at least for sports).

So womens' sports may indeed be doomed, even if it will peak a lot of people. Why? Theres too many nefarious countries wanting medal prestige at any cost. Think about what China already does to its dissidents. They also punish family members of dissidents, just for being related. No doubt they will trans some number of children in brutal soviet-type experiments and get a rash of gold medals on these stealth trans athletes, either they will force it or it will be coersive due to how poor and desperate their own population is. They may already be doing this or have been doing this. I really wish it wasn't doomed. but that's how it is. Right now is when we need some kind of trans male she-hulk because its a slippery slope from here I think, and if we got some team of Kobe Bryants from Belarus or something beating the shit out of the competition that might peak people enough.

But I digress.

The end of it is only going to happen when the massive scale of child abuse (via child medical experiments) is exposed. However, god only knows this coud take decades or even a century. Think of how long the Boy Scouts of America lasted before their shit was exposed. Think of the Catholic Church. And the trans religion truly is a new religion. The most dangerous one yet, possibly, as it literally has no morals, no obvious tenants besides self-destructive transgression and no central organization.

Various TERFs #conspiracy #crackpot #pratt #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Pedophile-apologist TIF claims we should respect a group’s preferred terminology

( yougonnabebleedin )
Pedophille acceptance?

( remove_the_veil )
Yes, absolutely. Queer theory is all about breaking (or rather, getting rid of) all sexual boundaries. It views anything that is considerd the 'norm' or 'traditional' as inherently oppressive and in need of 'queering' (aka, transgressing). Even things that are put in place for a reason, like safeguarding. We all saw those posts hand-waving the Wi Spa incident, claiming, 'well if you don't like a penis in your changing room, don't look!' Notice also how keen gender ideology is to break up families and replace them with 'glitter' families. How the current trans movement claims that children can 'consent' to surgery on their genitals. That's only a small leap away to 'children can consent to [insert every sexual situation you can think of here].'

And I realise this may sound like a stretch to some, but I think one of the many sinister motives in trans'ing children (and preventing them from going through puberty) is to attempt to create a group of people who are legally adults but who still look like kids.

( hmimperialtortie )
That’s exactly what I think it is. Permanent quasi-children, undeveloped physically and mentally.

( notyourfetish )

And I realise this may sound like a stretch to some

It's not a stretch at all. Pedos are a real issue. I'm surprised people would think it was far fetched. This has been my assumption from the start.

Pedos and AGPs tend to overlap. That's why we see a lot of TIMs talking about "sexy" children and other pervy shit. They want to make it normal for grown-ass men to sleep with children and they want kids on puberty blockers to stop them growing up. It will be a free for all for these predators soon, if it isn't already.

( remove_the_veil )
Yeah, it's not a stretch to me, but I've had some skeptical reactions to that assertion in the past. It feels like a no-brainer to me. But some people think if you believe in a 'conspiracy of pedos' you are some kind of right-wing bigot nutjob. And I'm like, no.... I just know the lengths pedos will go to access children (or a 'simulacrum' of one).