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Trans woman, 57, burns own penis - forcing doctors to remove it and leave her with a 1cm stump | Daily Mail Online

( sojourner_truth_ )
Lolololol! He thought he was so slick! He was sure he was going to get a "designer vagina" out of the deal. I'm tipping my hat to the surgeons who left his perverted ass with a tiny stump dick! It's exactly what he deserves.

( Dreamshaper )
Jesus f*cking Christ. This should say "mentally ill man" instead. Name it as what it is.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
Man mutilates self to jump line for "gender affirming surgery".

This is textbook Munchausen- make yourself ill to get attention from doctors.

( crodish )
That's not how vaginoplasty works, you fucking moron. Now you have LESS material to turn it into an inverse flesh sock lmao

Absolutely no difference from the mentally ill people who give themselves infected wounds on purpose so they can force a doctor to finally make them the amputees they were meant to be 🙄 please, draw the fucking parellels. This is body dysmorphia fixated on sex. That's all it is.

No sympathy. I can't even say I hope he gets better. Play stupid games

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No, Colin -- the revulsion to TIMs moobfeeding IS about safety; we ARE disgusted; and no, YOU are irrational.

( BondiBlue )
The nerve of this guy to go all DARVO and accuse us of being the ones who believe in "magic-sexed souls." We are not disgusted by the thought of "a woman who 'used to be' a boy"; we know that there are no women who "used to be" boys, because you cannot change your sex. We are disgusted by males with a fetish who pretend to be us, and the corrupt medical establishment damaging children by indulging that fetish with grotesque guinea-pig experiments intended to break the bond between mother and child. We are disgusted by liars with NPD, as everyone damn well should be. This is barbaric.

Sorry, Colin: you can feel as morally righteous as you like, but your position is irrational, and it is wrong. Nothing you can do about that other than change your mind and get better.


( DietCokeAddict )
If males can breastfeed, why don’t ALL fathers do it? Or at least a majority - imagine how useful that would be!

Oh that’s right, males can’t breastfeed, and there’s no evidence they can produce anything nutritious for a baby from their male bodies, let alone anything as good as what mothers produce.

There is absolutely no reason for a man to attempt to breastfeed a baby except for his own enjoyment. That’s not irrational, that is an objective and observable fact.

And also, wtf is that about accusing US of believing in magic sexed souls?! That’s literally your entire ideology! And WE keep telling YOU it’s nonsense! Seriously I can’t even with this guy.

( BondiBlue )
His idiot defenders on the thread were saying stuff about insulin and antidepressants. Diabetics don't produce insulin naturally; depressives don't produce serotonin naturally; TIMs don't produce estrogen naturally, because (and I wanted to vomit) they're just like menopausal women, so they "need" these chemicals to be "healthy." SMH. They really do believe this is a "medical condition" rather than a psychiatric disorder and a "sexual fetish*. How the fuck do we slap "all the major medical associations" upside the head to get them to realize this is nothing whatsoever like that?!?

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RE: Shower thoughts about the "gENiTal cHEckS" in bathrooms

( OwnLyingEyes )
The thing about this as much as anything is they're telling on themselves. We're not pushing for or even floating the idea of 'genital checks;' what they're saying however is that if they're restricted or banned from a space, women's sports, whatever, that they have every intention of not honoring that women don't fucking want them there. Them whining about hypothetical genital checks is them broadcasting that they'll continue to do their best to sneak in, cheat, and just generally continue to act like the center-of-their-own-universes narcissists that they are, that being unequivocally unwelcome isn't a dealbreaker for them.

And that, lurkers, is why we're sick of your shit. That's what makes you assholes, that's WHY YOU'RE EVEN LESS WELCOME THAN NORMAL MEN AT THIS POINT. Because you have zero respect for our privacy, our boundaries, our consent. Because RIGHT HERE, even as you play the victim, you signal that if you're told no you'll continue to treat it as a yes until you're forcibly stopped.

( GenZ-ProWoman )
TIMs (especially AGP imo) self-select themselves into being some of the most invasive and creepy of male people.

( dotconnectr )
The correct answer to "genital checks" or the question of whether or not a TIM passes is "I DON'T CARE" because ALL men must be excluded from female spaces, no matter how they dress, or what hormones they take, or what surgery they may, or may not, have had.

( shewolfoffrance )
I think "genital checks" are more of a fantasy than a fear for TiMs. God knows, they love talking about their girldicks.

( Researcher1536 )
They usually have a humiliation fetish, so of course they'd want this to happen. They'd pop a euphoria b*ner.

( Philogynist )
My feelings too. The "TERFS want to perform genital checks on everybody before entering bathrooms, especially poor trans people!" seems like either 1) they actually have this fetish/fantasy, or 2) they have past sexual trauma and are passing along their fear-mongering paranoia.

( Owlskye )
Exactly. They’ll cry about being persecuted but it’s their biggest wet dream.

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( old_but_gold )
I understand that the acronym TRA has some weight behind it because of the implicit comparison to “MRA” — men’s rights activism.

But it gives me pause when I consider the acronym on its own, without that implicit context.

“Trans rights activist” — someone who engages in activism for trans rights. If you broadly support human rights and you don’t know the truth of this movement, doesn’t “trans rights activism” sound pretty…good?

And the term is literally false, because they’re not fighting for the rights of trans identified people — who already have all of their human rights respected. They’re fighting to define away reality, to permit unethical surgical and chemical experimentation on the bodies of vulnerable people, and to undermine the human rights of women and homosexual people. They’re gender identity extremists, and they’re an anti-woman hate group, but they’re certainly not activists for human rights.

I still use the term TRA around people who’ll pick up on the MRA comparison, but I have found “gender identity extremist” is growing on me for use in other contexts, especially with ambivalent or uninformed people.

Am I overthinking this? How do you feel about the term “TRA”?

( Dee )
I dislike the term, along with the "trans rights are human rights" slogan, because it suggests that people who adhere to this ideology are seeking rights that other people already have. This is not what they're doing. They demand additional privileges that put the entire female sex class at risk, and they demand that children be able to make irreversible decisions before maturation.

"Gender identity extremists" seems to be a more descriptive term.

( SecondSkin )
I don’t think there needs to be a perfect term.

They are male supremacists. Transcultists. Gender ideologues. Gender groomers. Or say what they do: dismantle safeguards, take away women’s rights. Reinforce regressive sexist stereotypes.

Catch-all rhetoric, or sound bites, often become thought terminating cliches. Use the language that best describes what you want to say to whoever you want to say it to.

( Mintie )
I've seen some people use TPA on here, which stands for Trans Privilege Activists. They already have the same rights as everyone, but they're asking for what's essentially privileges that aren't afforded to the rest of the population.

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"The concept of transmisogyny doesn't even make sense."

( crodish )
Damn. Nice. Schrodinger's Oppression.

Gonna assume MTT is "Male to Trans" which is far more accurate than "MTF".

( Artemis_Lives )
I just prefer the term "male". Its the most accurate.

( old_but_gold )
Yeah, MTT is "male to trans"! It used to be a much more common term but has been mostly replaced by "TiM"

( MaryDyer )
The important part of the word misogyny is gyn. Gyn specifies female. You can’t be misogynistic against someone who is objectively not female.

( DurableBook )
My galaxy brain take is that "transmisogyny" was popularized as a deliberate effort to make everyone so sick of hearing that combination of sounds that women who try to talk about misogyny will see people's eyes glazing over before they get more than a few words out.

( WanderingUterus )
Unfortunately, I would argue that we are already at that point; not only is feminism increasingly deemed "no longer necessary," but also far too many men openly delight in what trans activism is doing to women as a kind of "punishment" for "bringing this all on themselves by insisting that we're all equal."

It feels like people cared about misogyny for about five whole minutes in the grand scheme of things, and now nobody wants to hear about it. Even the few people left who give a damn about misogyny are unfortunately often the same people who will completely screw us over if a TIM starts whining that the mean feminists aren't centering HIM enough.

( Every-Man-His-Own-Football )
The phrase was coined in Julia Serano's "Whipping Girl", which reads like a lampoon of feminist and lesbian liberation thought.

His first example of "transmisogyny" is men getting ridiculed for wearing dresses. This is the worst form of "misogyny" TIMs experience.

(madderthanhell )
Logic is tRaNsPhOBiC

AriAlways09 , pennygadget & momjeans #transphobia ovarit.com

If I disagree with my liberal tribe, does that make me a conservative?

( AriAlways09 )
I have basically been pushed so far that I don't even care about things like voting democrat for abortion rights or access. I am far more horrified about the men entering women's spaces and potentially sexually assaulting us.

( pennygadget )
It sucks that you're getting down-voted for this. Because this reflects how a lot of women feel.

Abortion access is important. But it isn’t something that impacts the daily life of most women. Most women are more concerned with crime, cost of living, failing public schools, not being able to criticize genderwoo without losing their job/reputation, losing our right to have our own spaces, our children being indoctrinated into genderwoo, our daughters being forced to share toilets & changing rooms with male classmates, etc...

And I don't trust Democrats to keep their promises about abortion. They had 50 years to replace Roe with something more substantial; and they never bothered. Also, Democrats have already back-stabbed Jews, women, LGBs, and the working class for the sake of their AGP Overlords. I don't trust them not to outlaw abortion outright just because some TIM says its transphobic that he can't have one

( momjeans )
Yup, I'm far more horrified by this entire youngest generation being queered, groomed, and hypersexualized by public schools than I am about the loss of abortion rights.

In an ideal world, I could send my kids to school not having to worry about them being groomed, and I'd also not have to worry that women who need abortions can get them. In an ideal world.

But this is not an ideal world. It's crazy land. And if I had to choose between reinstating abortion or saving the youngest kids from gender ideology, I'd choose saving the kids from being queered. Sorrynotsorry.

I'm not conservative, BTW, but this is the choice we're being forced to make, ideologically.

TwoXChromosomes , Radical_Phoenix & shewolfoffrance #transphobia ovarit.com

Acknowledging biological reality is just like the CIA doing a Gitmo


TranscriptTERFs Are Drawing on the Same Fascist Arguments as torture Advocates: Bigoted attacks on trans participants in sports and access to bathrooms outrageously rely on “ticking bomb” rhetoric.

( TwoXChromosomes )
Yes, but in this case the "ticking bomb" has already gone off. Repeatedly. And too many women and girls have already been raped by TiMs in bathrooms, and TiMs have already started dominating women's sports.

And such an ominous first line in the article!

"On both sides of the Atlantic, anti-trans hatred is gaining momentum."

Yes, because these fuckheads have defined "anti-trans hatred" as doing anything but enthusiastically giving them everything they want with a smile on your face, while calling them stunning and brave, and offering to have sex with them.

And how is it that a "genocide victim" was able to write this after being genocided? Quick someone call the Ghostbusters, they've gotta get on this!

"Crucially, it (The ticking bomb scenario) works through a form of emotionally loaded misdirection."

Emotionally loaded misdirection you say? Like saying "Do you want a dead son or a living daughter?" Or saying "You child WILL kill themself if you don't immediately affirm their gender identity?"

These people are disgusting, but we already knew that. Now that society at large is waking up to the excesses of the trans cult, you can expect them to get even more unhinged and violent as the pushback inevitably continues.

( Radical_Phoenix )
I think the only torture advocates here are the trans and their doctors.

( shewolfoffrance )
Is the "ticking bomb" males abusing women, and taking spaces and resources intended for women? Because several of those "bombs" have gone off without a peep from good liberals.

The "torture" is just women wanting to be left alone.

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Twitter today

( Luckystar )
Yeah, and "negro" is Latin for black. Words take on meaning within contexts.

Even if we granted that it's not a slur in the traditional sense, but simply a sociological term for "a person whose gender identity matches their sex", it STILL wouldn't apply to us. We don't have a "gender identity". It's simply factually incorrect and doesn't describe how we interface with reality.

( Mandy )
Some TRA moron on twitter tried to tell me 'cisgender' means 'straight'.

( MenHaveItEasy )

Then why do rapey TIMs cry that "cis" lesbians wont date them?

( Luckystar )
The comparison to "straight" is so weak because the comparison between LGB and T never made sense in the first place.

For the most part, almost everyone does have a sexual orientation. Some people feel attraction to the same sex, some to the opposite sex, and some to both. "Straight" is a perfectly fine term that applies to a wide swath of the population.

Most people do NOT have a "gender identity". A small subsection of people have this idea that they were meant to be the opposite sex, or neither. That doesn't mean the rest of the population has some strong feeling that they were meant to be the sex that they are, nor do we desperately look to surgeries, haircuts, clothing etc to "prove" that we are our birth sex.

( DurableBook )


Most people do NOT have a "gender identity".

I'm atheist, so I don't believe anybody has a gender-soul, because I don't believe any such thing exists. I know there are people who believe they have gender-souls, and that's totally okay with me, but I don't share their belief and don't feel like pretending I do.

Rowling nailed it with her recent tweet: Gender identity is unfalsifiable. It is an untestable belief. It is okay for people to hold untestable beliefs, but it is not okay for them to demand that other people share those untestable beliefs. It is only fair to expect other people to agree with realities that are accessible to all of us.

Persimmon64 #transphobia ovarit.com

Gender-based discrimination doesn't exist
There is no such thing as gender-based discrimination. I don't know how "gender" is able to be protected in law when it is impossible to know someone's gender without asking, one's gender can be changed or invented on a whim, and there are no behaviors or characteristics that are exclusive to any gender.

Just as the title says, gender-based discrimination doesn't exist. Every instance of perceived discrimination on the "basis of gender" is a mischaracterization of the situation.

TIMs are not denied access to spaces and services because of their "gender". It's due to their sex. They are males trying to access female spaces and services. If they were female, they would not be denied access. This is sex-based "discrimination" (and in this case the discrimination is not unlawful or bad)

TIMs are not mistreated or harassed because of their "gender". They are mistreated because they are males wearing clothing or behaving in a way that is deemed unacceptable for males but acceptable for females. If they were female, they would not be harassed or mistreated for their clothing choice or mannerisms.

In any situation where a TIM or TIF is being "discriminated" against, ask the question, "If they were actually female or male, would they be treated the same way?" If the answer is "no" that means the discrimination is due to their sex.

In situations where the answer is "yes" they would have been treated the same, that treatment is based on some other factor such as their perceived mental health status, erratic behavior, or other issue that is not related to sex or "gender."

Theoretically, one could make a club that said "no non-binary people allowed." But in this case of hypothetical discrimination, it would be impossible to actually know if someone were non-binary and they could simply change their gender to being a "woman" for the day, as we know "gender is fluid" and enter anyway.

How can "gender" be a "protected characteristic" when it is impossible to discriminate against someone based on gender? How could a judge with half a brain not see how senseless this is?

Tortoisemouse & MaryDyer #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why do transwomen need hormone therapy?

( Tortoisemouse )
There's no point asking questions based on logic or reason. There is no point assuming there is any ability to respond with logic or reason. There is no reason in the trans project. Transes will just say "some people need to affirm their gender, others don't, both are valid, all choices are valid, all bodies are valid, TWAW, women can have a penis or not, can have an adams apple or not, can have a beard or not". That's all they have. They'll just keep repeating it ad infinitum.

I know it makes no sense. They don't care. They're not trying to make sense. That's why even ASKING reasonable questions gets the "transphobia" sirens wailing and the red lights flashing. No debate. No explanation.

There's nothing beneath these men's claims to be women. There's no physical, tangible, measurable, logical way in which these men are women. It's literally just their say-so. Some of them actually DON'T use artificial hormones they're just regular dudes with beards etc. claiming to be women. tHeY aRe VaLiD.

( MaryDyer )
Here are some of my go-to questions that the TRAs can never answer:

-if “transmen are men” and white men are the root of all evil, why are white transmen not vilified as white “cis” men are? There’s clearly a difference between transmen and “cis” men that you’re silently acknowledging and consider important. Clearly it’s not their “gender”, as transmen and “cis” men have the same “gender”. So…what is it?

-if public restrooms are supposedly segregated not by sex but by feelings, why do only women’s rooms have tampon/pad dispensers and why do only men’s rooms have urinals?

-similarly, if public restrooms are segregated by feelings and not by sex, what do transwomen fear about using the men’s room? By their logic (that gender has nothing to do with sex) there’s no reason to believe that the people using the men’s room are capable of physical violence, or even that they have penises at all.

-if laws designed to keep males out of female spaces should be abolished since “tHeY’Re NoT gOnNa bE StOpPeD bY a SiGn”, then should we abolish laws against murder? I mean clearly murderers are gonna murder despite it being highly illegal and sometimes punishable by death, so since the laws aren’t a deterrent we may as well just get rid of those laws, right?


Lilith-Fair #transphobia ovarit.com

Trans and TRAs are Borgs

I'm watching Star Trek: Picard and it really struck me how this whole movement is no different than the Borgs.

They assimilate others into The Collective by physically altering them to the point of no return. Even the few that "recovered" like Seven, some physical harms can never be undone.

Once part of The Collective, you are not allowed to ever think for yourself. Transwomen Are Women. Full Stop. You will comply.

The Collective currently includes the top echelon of societal institutions, including governments, universities and schools, corporations, nonprofits, all collectively spreading the bullshit. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. If you resist, you will arrested, fired, doxxed, threatened by rape or death.

The destroy whole civilizations in the process of assimilation. The TRAs and the trans movement is doing exactly that right now. Rewriting our language. Redefining women. Changing the way we speak. Resistance is futile. All news publications, medical brochures, government websites, they're all using their Newspeak. Our language is being erase. Our society's boundaries, established to safeguard women and children, are being torn down. Our sports, set up to give women a chance, are being destroyed. They're even destroying family units, taking away children away from parents if parents don't comply. Laws are being adopted to break apart families to sustain The Collective.

And there's something new in ST: Picard S3 that is especially poignant, to the point where I wonder if the writers are secret Terfs or if the writers just didn't realize what they were doing. Spoiler alert for those who are planning to watch: Sorry I don't know how to hide the spoiler.

>! The Borgs assimilated everyone under 25. Dr. Crusher even said out loud the human frontal cortex is not fully developed until age 25. So the Borgs went after the young, because their minds could be manipulated. We got a visual image of what happens when this ultimate evil force took over all the young! And they turn against the older adults who know what was happening.<!

I'm reminded here in the ST:TNG series, there were scenes of the Borgs assimilating human babies. The Trans movement is doing exactly that. Going after the younger and younger. Even 3 year olds must be affirmed.

Deanna Troi describe this whole thing as "an all encompassing darkness". That's what this whole trans movement is. An all encompassing darkness.

crodish #transphobia ovarit.com

Russian lawmakers vote to ban gender reassignment surgery – DW – 06/14/2023


What does the new law say?

The proposed bill would prohibit "medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person" and "the state registration of a change of gender without an operation."

Interesting that they differentiated between sex and gender here, and in the right way too. There's no way to change a person's sex, but there're many procedures targeting the sex organs under the belief that it will. And gender on paperwork has always been legal fiction for TiPs, so "gender" is absolutely the right way to phrase it.

I think this might also be the first instance of it being outlawed on a complete scale for adults as well, instead of just for minors.

This includes "the formation of a person's primary and (or) secondary sexual characteristics."

So no boob jobs, phallos, labiasicles, and vaginoplasties.

But surgeries that are "aimed at treating congenital anomalies in children" would remain legal.

They recognize people with DSDs being the exception.

.....idk how to feel about this lmfao it's Russia coming up with what should honestly be the world standard for dealing with transgenderism.

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( drinkwater )
Because it's working. The end goal is pushing back against the progress the women's rights movement has made. And it's worked so well it's as if it was the plan all along.

( pennygadget )
Its not a coincidence that genderwoo exploded just as "metoo" was picking up steam and we almost got a female president. Things were finally getting better for women. And genderwoo was the perfect way to halt all that progress and suck the last vestiges of real feminism out of the left

( pennygadget )
My tinfoil hat theory is that the gender clinics and the fertility/surrogacy clinics are in cahoots. When young people render themselves sterile and/or unfit for pregnancy via radical hormone regimens, they'll need assisted reproductive technology if they want to have families in the future. So the IVF clinics will swoop in and offer to freeze their sperm or eggs (which costs a monthly fee) for future use. And then, if that's not an option, they can seek out egg/sperm donors and surrogates (which is an even more expensive service)!

( Novemberinthechair )
WEF. More money for big pharma. The destruction of western culture. Depopulation....sterilized kids can't reproduce. Greenies like that, since they think climate change should be reduced to the time before industrialization...which is near to impossible while humans walk the Earth. Killing women's rights.

Take your pick.

( freeradicalwoman )
My conspiracy theory-obsessed housemate insists that the satanic elite want to create a class of sex slaves that look like prepubescent children. Turns out he is right and that wasn't as koo koo as it sounded. He believes that most celebrities are caught up in some evil sex trafficking system and the super-rich & politicians are all deviant perverts who use sex slaves until they discard them and throw them away. Supposedly Anthony Bourdain witnessed a US congressman in such an act while in drag, and was murdered in Paris rather than committed suicide. All of that used to sound unbelievable. The fact that at least half of that is true is extremely alarming.

kalkazar13 #transphobia ovarit.com

PROPOSAL: The “TransTrans” Movement


Hear me out. If we played this right, we could turn their own weapons against them in a way that the “SuperStraights” never could. All we have to do is ask for “the same rights as transwomen,” which would include…

1. The right to our own spaces.

2. The right to call ourselves “lesbians,” and sleep with whoever we want WITHOUT being shamed for excluding certain groups from our dating preferences (like “translesbians” who don’t want to sleep with other “translesbians” etc.).

3. The right to claim spaces reserved for transwomen: I.e. invade “transwomen only” spaces, claim spaces reserved for transwomen in companies (while making sure to trumpet how we constitute “queer representation” for them), and so on and so forth.

You get the idea. I propose that we all take on “TransTrans” identities, which will all just be caricatures of the worst trans stereotypes we can possibly think of.

I also propose that we invade every online TRA space we can, and actively try to make them worse. Center ourselves in every conversation, attack everyone else over the dumbest “microaggressions” imaginable, pollute their interests by demanding “representation” in every disgusting pedophile anime that they enjoy etc. I invite you all to be creative in your approach 😈

We should also make our own subreddits, twitter accounts and discords. But we should also obviously try to take over THEIR subreddits and discords as well. Act all innocent like “Awm I wwewcome hewe? 👉🥺👈 uwu,” and then claim moderator positions and start banning everyone for no goddamn reason at all over the pettiest imaginable shit lmao.

We’ll also finally have an excuse to create lesbian-only spaces on certain websites, which I think we should exploit. E.g. create “TransTrans Lesbian” subreddits, where the “About” sections will all read like “This is a space for TransTrans Lesbians only! Pls no dirty cishets or halftrans ppl pls k thx 🤗.”

Creating some more generalized “TransTrans” subreddits/discords would also probably be in order. These will be “Safe Spaces” for us, where we’ll be able to post our own “before and after” photos without fear of judgment. In the first few images, we’ll be dressed up like normal.


Persimmon64 #transphobia ovarit.com

A Letter to the TRA handmaidens

This is to you, you "trans allies," you "social justice warriors," you "be kind" cheerleaders, you "right side of history" proponents, you "human rights" champions. You women who put men's needs before your own.

"Woman" is not a feeling. It is not a costume to be put on or taken off, it is not adherence to or identification with sexist stereotypes. "Woman" is not an identity that can be assumed. It is not a brain scan or a hormone level. "Woman" is not a solution to depression, loneliness, or ostracization. "Woman" is not a shield from mistreatment or bullying. "Woman" is not a cure for homosexuality. "Woman" is not a smokescreen to hide sexual fetishes and paraphilias. "Woman" is not a ticket to praise and affirmation, awards and distinctions. "Woman" is not arbitrary. It is not a choice. It is not temporary. It is not fluid. A woman is a biological reality. It is a physical state of being. It is immutable and constant. A woman is a human being. A woman is an adult. A woman is female.


Misogyny is not mistreatment based on the way we dress, the way we wear our hair, or the amount of makeup we put on. It is not based on our sexual attractions or our hobbies. It's not based on the depth of our voice, our weight, or our height. It's not based on how caring, gentle, or nurturing we are. It's not based on how pretty we look or how high we can sing. It is not based on our legal names or whether we have an M or F on our IDs. It is not based on whether we call ourselves by a word with one syllable or two, two letters or three. We experience misogyny because we are female. Males do not experience misogyny. Males cannot experience misogyny. Transwomen are male. Transwomen are men.

Where do you see the injustice towards these men who claim to be women in society? Is it the fact that males are required to participate in male athletics? Is it the fact that males are required to use male facilities? That males are sent to male prisons? Is it that males are prohibited from winning female awards, entering female spaces, and being recorded in female statistics? [...]

cousinanger, neonbandit & IrishTheFrenchie #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Trans Women are Tourists

( cousinanger )
Yes, interesting.

One trans activist (think it was Stryker) argued that trans women are refugees to the Women's Country, and TERFs are like Trump, refusing to let them in. When I read that, I immediately thought that trans activists, at least, act not like refugees, but like colonisers and invaders, replacing laws with new ones (like what is citizenship based on if it is no longer on being born female), forcibly altering language (menstruators etc.), rewriting history (transing famous dead women) and, in general, taking over wherever they can do so (women's sports, liberal feminist organisations, what used to be women's studies departments).

I still think this is true, as trans men don't cause any waves in the Men's Country where they, indeed, do behave like refugees, just trying to fit in without asking that native men should be called penis people etc. But you do have a point in that many transitioning men do seem to act like tourists and never really learn what the natives' lives are like, picking only the bits that look like fun from the outside.

Also, it's true in a different sense, because the effects of estrogen therapy on men is much more easily and rapidly reversed than the effects of testosterone therapy on women, with the exception of possible breast development. So without surgery the transitioning experiences for female and male people are rather different in their permanent effects, though we might not yet know of all the longer-term medical effects on either group.

( neonbandit )
Refugees?! The Martyrdom complex never ceases to astonish. They're not refugees, they're tourists or at best obnoxious ex-pats who come over with all their (male) privilege and entitlement like a wealthy digital nomad giggling at how cheap everything is (for them earning US wages).

( IrishTheFrenchie )
Just noticed you said the same thing i did. TIMs are colonizers.

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Word cisgender is now a slur on Twitter, says Elon Musk | Toronto Sun

( the_empress )
I don’t like Elon, but this is good.

Cis irritates me so much. And the people throwing it around are the same people who use the word white or Karen in the same way. Sanctimonious little shits.

*And the irony is these people are also uh white.

( 324B21 )
I can just imagine how much TRAs would be blubbering if they were banned from Twitter for saying cis and cisgender 😂

( sarstan )
They are blubbering today. They can still use it too, they just might get in trouble for using it on us when we've said no.

( HelenaHandbasket )
Well, there's the problem right there. They can't wrap their tiny little male brains around the idea that they need to ask a mere woman for consent before doing something.

( sarstan )
The entire trans "community" can't wrap their brains around that. I think they'd call it "anti-trans".

( proudcatlady )
It is not a slur. No one screams CIS while beating you to death. Words mean things.

( TurkishCoffee )
Die cis scum, cissies etc not ding any bells for you?

Words do mean things. Cis is a slur screamed and hurled meaning "lesser than".

( RusticTroglodyteSnazzy )
It's a "slur" the same way calling a trans identified man a "biological male" is a slur. If they want to whine about that, they can respect our request to not be called "cis"

sojourner_truth_ , Women1st & BondiBlue #transphobia ovarit.com


( sojourner_truth_ )
Wait, there are states making lists of TIPs? He's just talking about the sex offender registry, right?

( Women1st )
On the other hand…

1. Classification- “cis”
2. Symbolization- insisting womanhood is a stereotypical costume
3. Discrimination- destroying sex based rights
4. Dehumanization- TERF, bigot, Nazi
5. Organization- Trantifa
6. Polarization- TWAW, my womanhood is more bc it is not incidental, my vagina is better/doesn’t bleed- spread all over social media
7. Preparation- posting threats online and stocking weapons
8. Persecution- victims are identified and threatened publicly through social media
9. Extermination- erasure of women and violence against those who don’t agree. This is the ticking time bomb…

( BondiBlue )
They sign up for these records themselves when they force everyone else's premiums to go up as a cost of covering what are essentially cosmetic procedures. And when they do fraudulent shit (legal in some states that have lost contact with reality) like retconning their birth certificates to show that "Trixie Fae Monroe" always existed and "Bob Smith" was never real, or insisting upon a bullshit "X" non-binary designation on their driver's licenses and passports.

None of it amounts to "genocide." By the same standard, diabetics, cancer patients and people who suffer from migraines are on the precipice of "genocide" too.

The more they cry wolf with offensive hyperbole invoking slavery and the Holocaust, the less anybody other than the most deluded of "allies" is going to care.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Everything is someone else's fault.

( hellamomzilla )
I’m waiting for the tsunami wave of suicides by mentally ill people claiming to be the opposite sex. They keep telling us and telling us and it suspiciously never seems to materialize.

But all these people seem to have so much time to make shit up and threaten people. Most of us have lives — families, friends, jobs, volunteer obligations, etc.

Pro tip great pretenders: Fill up your lives and you won’t have all this time to ruminate on your made up violent fantasy world.

( TheExorcistofLies )
Narcissists rarely make good on their threats of suicide. It’s just a bargaining chip for them to get what they want.

( namithe1st )
Your mental health issues are not my fault. My conscience couldn’t be clearer.

( Thelnebriati )
If you are in an abusive relationship and he threatens suicide, he is actually threatening to kill you. This situation is more like an abusive relationship than a civil rights movement.

( SummerGrl )
People who go around blaming suicide on other people are just awful people themselves. I saw this post on Reddit yesterday basically telling terfs they're going to commit suicide. It was absolutely disgusting. TRAs think they are these wonderful people, but they cause a lot of harm to anyone who doesn't agree with them. If this isn't encouraging suicide, I don't know what it. And this is from a TRA against "terfs": https://archive.ph/vNwFO

( Faustina )
So I'm I going to be arrested and charged with murder because I know a man in a dress is still a man?

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Euphemisms in gender ideology.

( SlowCollapse )
'misgendering' - Honestly, bluntly, and correctly identifying sex

'egg' - Vulnerable young person being groomed towards transition

( old_but_gold )
these two are great examples!

calling people "eggs" is coercive behaviour obfuscated by cutesy lingo

( Illuminate )
they were called out too often on gender euphoria being obviously boners and now they say trans joy LMAO still always reference to their fetishistic arousal of course

( HelenaHandbasket )
The worst one is "trans genocide". It means telling a kid that they have to wait until they are adults to play around with their hormones and/or get body parts chopped off/origami'd into substandard copies.

One of the REAL definitions of genocide is sterilizing someone without their consent. And no, having your parents sign a consent form for you to be sterilized as a child isn't considered acceptable.

( OneStarWolf )
Yep. The biggest euphemism/lie/obfuscation of all is the widespread use of “trans women”. They’re just males that pretend to be women. Nothing actually women about them.

( Ladylucy )
And actual women are now non-men. TIMs in this scenario are the women—trans women—and I’m just a non. 😖😖😖😡😡😡

( darr )
Also the TIF version of gender euphoria: getting a simulated experience of male privilege and safety from the male gaze (I've had this when in costume as a character perceived as male).

( crodish )
You just brought to mind the mental image of some basement dweller dressed up in a Rogue the Bat costume at some comic con and other males fawning over him thinking it's a hot girl inside lmfao. Or when guys hit on girl avatars online without knowing it's another guy behind the screen. That's honestly what "passing" is.

( old_but_gold )
The flip side of the use of euphemisms to make concepts within gender ideology more palatable is the use of extremist terms to make rational opposition to it seem outlandishly vile.

For example, maintaining sex-based spaces becomes "excluding trans people from public life". Laws preserving opportunities for females (including TIFs) or recognizing sex as distinct from gender become "anti-trans legislation." Simply stating that sex is real and binary is "hate speech." Etc.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( littleowl12 )
I wonder how many people have endured violence at the hands of roided out TIFs, tbh

We have enough research to know that testosterone can increase violent behavior in women. Delusions, hallucinations, rage, even outright psychosis.

I seriously wonder how many partners of TIFs have been assaulted, how many children are now scared of their mothers, or siblings. Even if it's just verbal rage.

I get the concept that adults can do what they want with their own bodies, but imagine being a family member who now has to deal with roid rage or be a bigot.

It doesn't have to reach the level of mass shooting to ruin your life. Just turning you into an abusive asshole is enough. I really do wonder when we'll start hearing from TIF widows and TIF orphans who lost a loving woman in their lives, who was turned into a turbo-dick. All because greedy doctors just write the scrips, collect their fees and don't care what happens next.

( BellaBlue )
I have two friends who have been a couple as long as I've known them the past 10 years.

She is a classic fujoshi, derranged from years of consuming yaoi of whatever is popular at the time. He is a classic nerd that landed a goth nerd girl in high school and held on for dear life.

They have been toxic the whole time, she roleplays whichever is her current fixation, and pressures him into roleplaying whichever character she pairs with her own.

Of course she would be a transtrender. After starting cross-sex hormones, she began pressuring him into letting her peg him, and argues when he says no.

( focaccia )
The pushyness about sex after T has become a real concern for me too. I've seen it happen with a TIF I know and it is nuts to me. A former 'kill all men' woman turned into a sex pest just because of some testosterone... doesn't give me much hope for the 49% of the population that has a ton of it in them naturally.

( Veneficca )
I can testify that TIFs can become arrogant, menacing and abusive. I've seen it several times. I think it can be the testosterone but also the new feeling of "I'm a man now and this is how real men act."

( IdentifyAsTired )
If you could identify into your oppressor class, wouldn't you emulate the worst of their behaviour? That's probably what we see the most of from them.

BondiBlue & Rheya #transphobia ovarit.com

Robert Kennedy Jr does not support trans women in female sports

( BondiBlue )
So of course the Dems declared there would be no debates. The last thing they want is for Grandpa Joe to actually have to defend his abhorrent record of institutionalizing this madness as not only a domestic but foreign policy priority.

He's got my vote on this alone. I honestly don't give a shit he's an antivaxer. COVID is yesterday's news and the Democrats cannot credibly claim to be the party of trusting science. Heck, with "transablism" and critical disability studies shaping up to be the new "civil rights" frontier, I give it a few years before the mainstream party starts lauding #PolioPride as a protected identity anyway, like they've done with deafness, Down syndrome, "neurodiversity"... Might as well get ahead of the game!

( Rheya )
Right? If I have to choose between wacky beliefs, I’ll take his vaccine views over gender ideology. One is skepticism of the overly-cozy links between government and pharmaceutical companies, and the other is essentially a religious belief about gendered souls being used to decimate women’s rights and child safeguarding and our collective sanity and our connection to truth. No contest for me.

BondiBlue #transphobia ovarit.com

I fear the US is going to become one massive lab rat experiment.

…with the red states (which have their own problems) that have banned, or plan to ban, gender quackery for minors, being the control group, and the blue states that have doubled down on it being the group getting “dosed.”

It would be the most wholly unethical “sample size” study to have ever been done, particularly on children. But I sadly think that is what is about to happen.

Democrats are only delving deeper and digging their heels in on radical progressivism. Tonight’s special elections, particularly in Chicago, proved it (with Gen Z at the forefront leading the way). Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Republicans will be slamming on the brakes and screeching the tires to “turn this car around,” so to speak.

And in the meantime, children are going to be the experimental lab rats of the two groups. Canadians talk about their “two solitudes” of Quebec and the other provinces being worlds apart in terms of culture and language. The wall separated East and West Berlin for decades. But the two Americas could diverge so much as to be two completely distinct peoples: one set of children following the course of nature (at times nasty and brutish), and the other being medically and chemically modified such that their physical form is forever altered and uprooted (synthetic nature being nasty and brutish in a different way). GMO kids versus organic. Red states with teenage mothers impregnated by virile preacher-men in their 40s, 50s and beyond; blue states rewriting the rules of nature by dosing and butchering the “genderqueer” offspring of “birthing parents” whereby the “chestfeeding” “father” is impregnated by the “mother.” Or some crackpot finally invents the artificial human-embryonic incubator and unmoors (or “q~eers”) the entire process away from so-called “gendered gestation” altogether.

It sounds like a dystopian epic, but it’s stranger than fiction. Whoever came up with this national experiment on the children of a people must be the world’s most malevolent mad scientist in human history.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How do you respond to “but women are the ones supporting the trans movement”?

( WatcherattheGates )
Yeah, they truly are not wrong. I gotta tell you, this is what keeps me up at night. There would be zero trans victories without women being their handmaidens. I honestly do not understand it, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

( MarthaMMC )
The ones threatening rape, beatings & killing women are male, however they "identify". The ones posing with guns & bats are male. The billionaires, millionaires & corporate & government & academic & media & sports people who have power are males. The women are the chorus, not the main players. Let's be honest, if no men were pushing it, it wouldn't happen.

( pennygadget )
This reminds me of the joke from Dave Chappelle's special:

"If all the trans-women were Black dudes saying 'I feel like a girl'; the authorities would be like, 'shut up n---! Nobody cares how you fucking feel!'"

I imagine the same would be true if all the trans people were TIFs. Nobody would give a fuck if the whole gender movement was just a bunch of GNC girls whining about their boy souls

( feministdna )
Yes, this is so important. We can't start turning on other women for being responsible for any of this. There is no gray area. I'ts men. Men are violent, men are threatening violence against women in the name of "trans rights," men are pushing further and further into a world where it's socially acceptable to use violence women who disagree with them.

( danaseilhan )
"And a lot of women supported Johnny Depp too, doesn't make them right."

And I disagree that the trans movement would succeed if women didn't support it. The trans movement succeeds because men support it. Women support women's rights and the ERA (although at this point I want to see it made very specific), and we still don't have those.

( Jasper12 )
The trans movement wouldn’t have gained so much leverage if white liberal middle class women didn’t support it.

Most men know it’s BS but they know it’s not going to harm them. They just see severely mentally ill creepy men in dresses hiding behind rich white liberal women screeching about trans rights, back off and categorise it as a « woman » thing.

If the majority of left wing women in postions of power said no to this BS, it would have done and dusted at least five years ago.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Where are the rights of Women whose husbands/partner become trans women ?

( vulvapeople )
I like the UK rule that says married people can't legally transition without the consent of their spouse or without getting a divorce first. UK TRAs, of course, wanted to do away with that rule even when the UK still didn't have no-fault divorce. Even with no-fault divorce, I still think it's a good rule given how many TIMs destroy the family's finances in pursuit of their fetish.

( Julie92845 )

I like the UK rule that says married people can't legally transition without the consent of their spouse or without getting a divorce first.

This is a good law, so of course TRAs were doing all they could to end it. A marriage is a legal contract and transitioning to another gender should void said contract unless both parties don't mind. A woman shouldn't have to find herself suddenly married to another woman (legally, even if biology never changes) if she didn't agree to that.

( Thelnebriati )
It's not even that they can't transition - they can apply for an interim GRC until the divorce is finalised.

The point is that when a person transitions, they have ways of accessing documents and info pertaining to their previous identity. But their spouse does not, (and is legally barred from outing them as trans.) Divorcing someone involves paperwork, and separating joint bank accounts, property, loans, a mortgage. After transitioning all of that paperwork applies to a person that legally no longer exists.

( RighteousIndignation )

I still think it's a good rule given how many TIMs destroy the family's finances in pursuit of their fetish.

similar to other things like depression and midlife crisis, I've heard so many stories about family men suddenly vanishing and buying plane tickets, sports cars and all sorts and the wife is desperately trying to block everything on the joint bank accounts and credit cards and things to stop him before he makes them bankrupt.

in fact this happened to someone I know but it was a son whom was single who went nuts, vanished and started racking up massive debts, when they finally found him he was homeless and owed over 30k and yes he did get diagnosed with a mental illness.

I see Trans as no different.

Elysian & WeekendZebra #transphobia ovarit.com

( Elysian )
What are trans rights?
We all know that they have all the rights that other people do, and yet they wish for more rights. When pressed, they are only able to respond that "trans rights are human rights", etc.

In my opinion, they cannot say what they actually want because what they want is not socially acceptable. It needs to be cloaked under the cover of vague "human rights". What they actually want is the following:

To see your 12 year old daughters' naked bodies in changing rooms;
To masturbate in women's lavatories;
To intimidate and cow women;
To have all the attention at all times;
To compel others' speech, respect and deference;
To speak on behalf of women;
To win all competitions;
To rape women in prisons;
To rape women in women's shelters;
To be praised for everything they do;
To be acknowledged as better than women in all things.
I cannot think of any other rights that they do not have that they could possibly be pushing for. Please add where you see fit.

( WeekendZebra )
What I see as universal in their group is the desire to be free from the social consequence of their actions. It reminds me of sovereign citizens, that they believe they can opt out of the rules or laws or social expectations of the world they are born into.

If I am part of the sovereign citizens, I can say that government didn't consult me before building the roads and requiring licenses to drive on them; and so I demand an exemption from being arrested for driving without a license.

If I am part of the gender ideology movement, then universe did not consult me and get my permission before making humans a sexually dimorphic species, and so I demand exemption from all the things that stem from biology.

It's individualism taken to the extreme, where the only rules that apply to you are the ones you make for yourself. Anyone who suggests that it is the broader community who holds the power to make rules or define words is an illegitimate oppressor who is violating your sovereign individual liberties. The idea that we need to take into consideration the other people who are negatively impacted by your behavior, such as other people on the road, or women who don't want to see your penis, that idea needs to be rejected because it restricts your sovereign liberty as an individual.


puppy_cat #dunning-kruger #transphobia ovarit.com

(Regarding an episode of “Bob's Burgers” where Louise researches Amelia Earhart)

I've always liked how Louise is seen as a bit of a tomboyish character and had a wide array of interests. I've especially liked it how she would speak out against girls not being allowed to do certain things that boys are allowed to do, and talk ahout how girls can look and do whatever they want to do (and insinuating they don't have to be boys to do so). I haven't watched this show for a decent while, but that was something that I've always enjoyed about her character, and I was even surprised it was allowed to say things like that anymore, with all the TRA garbage in the media today.

(Submitter’s note: she's apparently unaware that “Bob's Burgers” is a VERY trans-friendly show)

Maplefields & VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

I don’t believe in god & I don’t believe you’re a woman 🤷‍♀️

( Maplefields )
If modern Christians acted like TRAs:

Them: join me in prayer.

Me: I don’t believe in god.

Them: how dare you! You’re erasing my existence! I can feel God. Who are you to question my feelings!?

Me: I don’t feel anything. I’ve never seen any proof of God either.

Them: God is everywhere. Everyone has God in their hearts. This isn’t up for debate.

Me: I’m not praying to something that doesn’t exist.

Them: OMG! Genocide of my people! So you’ve chosen unemployment then. Prepare to be cancelled. I’m telling all of social media what a bigot you are and how you want to kill us.

( VestalVirgin )

Them: "You must eat this communion wafer!"

You: "But I have celiac disease, I can't eat wheat!"

Them: "It's not wheat, you heretic! It's the flesh of Christ! Burn the heretic!" * Proceeds to shove the wafer into your mouth while rallying others to build a pyre. *

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Has anyone visited r/truscum?

( shveya )
That subreddit actually helped me a lot to hit peak truscum. Seeing them dismiss gay & lesbian people as “transphobic” for turning down people off the opposite sex and the way they demonize Rowling made me realize that they’re not much different than “tucutes”.

( Kukushka )
I used to go on that sub sometimes before I fully peaked. Honestly, the way "truscum" are treated in the trans community is a small part of what peaked me. The way that they're vehemently hated just for believing something that used to be accepted without question (that you need to have dysphoria to be trans) is crazy to me.

I don't really agree with them anymore because I think their ideas on gender still come from a misogynistic place, but I think they have an interesting perspective that's worth listening to.

( RusticTroglodyte )
The pornsick AGPs who want to live out their fetish 24/7 and demand vALiDaTiOn from literally everyone and who flood lesbian bars, absolutely hate these men.

( KageThornback )
They are basically the 'not like the other girls' of the trans movement. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if they say some sane things, like admitting their biological sex, when they continue to 'live their life as the opposite sex' which just means pandering to sex stereotypes.

( puppy_cat )
Lol, you beat me to it. I was about to say the exact same. "We're not like the other trans". Some of them almost seem to be close to peaking and maybe detrans-ing. Many others just say the same stuff that TRAs say, but just add in the magic words "it's ok if you actually HAVE gender dysphoria!" Which used to be what TRAs said maybe 10 years ago before everything just completely got much worse.

( chupitchu77865 )
I used to think like you, but I'm totally opposed to the idea of "gender dysphoria" entirely at this point. WHaaaat does it even mean? The concept in and of itself feels misogynistic to me.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Exactly. It's all bullshit. It all needs to be dealt with by destroying the concept of gender

Without the idea of "girl things" and "boy things" all these trans nb pronoun ppl could just be themselves without it being a big deal

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Gay couple insists they are a lesbian couple

( notsofreshfeeling )
No TiM is actually trying to pass.

( drdeeisback )
Of course not, if they actually passed they'd be treated like women and they know they wouldn't want that.

( SummerGrl )
I feel like there are only two possibilities here. One, they know they don't look like women. Two, they do know they don't look like women. If they don't know, then their perception of reality is skewed and this is mental illness. If they do know they don't look like women and are carrying on this charade that they are women, then they have malicious intentions for demanding that other people validate this deviant behavior.

( Kriegerin )
Like Aiden and Hayden in a "gay male" relationship and it's two tiny lesbians. How do they deal with the parts they're not attracted to though? Are gay men really into moobs/silicone chests on other men? I'm attracted to men myself and i can say a man with breast implants is repulsive to me.

Edit: wow lots of you know Aiden and Hayden irl lol

( Tortoisemouse )
My guess is they both have a sissification fetish.

And of course "being" a woman is the most degrading sissifying thing anyone could possibly be (/s)

So the moobs etc. are all part of the thrill and have nothing to do with actually being a woman (obvs).

Once you realise they're not aiming (or wanting) to be actual women, but only to be reductive cartoon-like porn-inspired approximations of """women""", it make sense. They're just men with a paraphilia and the hormones etc. are just part of an elaborate role-play/costume.

( ProxyMusic )
There were a pair of fellas like this in my old neighborhood in NYC some years ago. They started showing up at events for lesbians and using the women's rooms in local eateries and the women's locker room at the gym and pool they went to. It's one of the things that made me aware of how far gender identity ideology had gone in fucking up the heads of many of the LGB in the "LGBT" - and how many in the G today are now using gender identity and queer theory to fuck over and spit in the faces of the L (and the female portion of the B), and women and girls generally.

( Killer_Danish )
AGP perverts being perverts. God I miss the days where dudes like this had shame and kept their fetishes limited to weekend orgies and sex-dungeons.

Maplefields & MarthaMMC #transphobia ovarit.com

( Maplefields )
[...] If strangers on the internet calling you out on your behaviour makes you feel unsafe, you are mentally fragile. If being so called “misgendered” makes you feel unsafe and sends you into rage, you’re mentally fragile.

I have no idea why you feel so unsafe.

It’s not like you get thousands of “punch a TERF” “a good TERF is a dead TERF” and “shoot a TERF” aimed at you. Oh, and it’s not like we show up at your TRA rallies and assault you. Oh, wait. You do that to us. It was absolutely lovely (sarcasm) watching an old lady being punched by your endangered (sarcasm) transwoman.

( MarthaMMC )
What violence are they talking about? Pausing irreversible surgeries on kids til they are old enough to give informed consent as adults? Not being in the same space as females in certain situations? Esp when there are third spaces where they can be "safe"? Like individual restrooms or changing rooms as an addition to single sex ones? Other people not being forced to seeming to agree with them? This isn't violence. These laws are basically protecting other people's boundaries in some situations. It is a compromise trans need to make with society, just as all groups do, we balance rights all the time-all of our freedoms in the constitutional amendments have some restrictions & compromises & exceptions. Free speech doesn't cover yelling fire in a crowded theater, there have been some laws restricting firearms- though they are challenged, freedom of the press doesn't legally protect some things-like child pornography, freedom of religion doesn't permit some things-like refusal of certain medical care to children-in or- an extreme example- human sacrifice-(even if ppl volunteer) or even public animal sacrifice. They just are not willing to bend even a bit for societal interests. They want society to bend for them.

( Maplefields )
Anything but capitulating to the fantasies of the mentally disturbed is violence to them because it breaks that fantasy. In the real world, they are the sex they were born as and everyone is tiptoeing around them hoping that if they play along then the mentally disturbed TiP doesn’t rage on them.

Yeah, that’s right. We CLOCK you. We SEE you. We avert our eyes and hope we don’t make eye contact with you.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Nashville school shooting and media reports

( Rheya )
So a TIF, a female. Rare, and I don’t think any of us here would deny adding her to the female stats for horrible crimes if this person is genuinely female. I can totally get why we were all skeptical since the news protects TIMs (though funnily they have no problem misgendering and deadnaming a woman 🤔)

If this is a female, I hope people start talking about how TIFs on testosterone have a higher criminality than women not on testosterone—and that the conversation opens up so we can start talking about the elephant in the room which is that TIMs seem to increase their criminality. Probably because they’re driven by a sexual fetish.

( operaghost )
I just want to mention, we don't know if she was on testosterone. The photos I've seen are of a clearly-female person. She doesn't look masculinized. It's possible she only recently went on testosterone, or is micro-dosing, but we can't know for sure until that information is made public.

( Ishahchai )
Female with an asterisk, because, as you noted, testosterone was in play. We know that roid rage is a real thing, while estrogen is not known to increase criminality.

( glimmer )
Not known to decrease it either unfortunately. Looking at you TIMs

( Ishahchai )
Exactly. A woman taking testosterone is more likely to exhibit male-pattern criminality, but a man taking estrogen is not any less likely to exhibit male-pattern criminality. I’m just spelling it out for any lurkers who might take offense at a perceived double-standard. Men’s crimes are never our crimes. The crimes of women on T are our crimes, but it needs to be noted that cross-sex hormone use may have been (was most likely) a factor

( BeneGesseritWitch )
Just about every outlet regardless of leaning is reporting this correctly as a female. Absolutely no compunction at all about “Mis-gendering”. In fact, some of them are using the previously unheard of, “transgender female”.

That’s right. When a woman commits a crime it’s her evil womaness that must be recognized regardless of the doctrine.

( NoDayForADo )
But... isn't it a male? I'm still confused but I think this is a dude. Is it actually a female/woman/vagina at birth?

( Lilith-Fair )
Yes. Shooter was an "AFAB"

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Dating App HER Suspended from Twitter after Insulting Lesbians

( Miss_Andrist )
The funny part of this whole thing is that if the TERFs all actually left, so would the TIMs. I deleted the app because even though there were a few women looking for women, I felt like I was being used as bait to attract TIMs to the app. No thanks.

Let them match up with each other. Even the “inclusive” “queer” women only virtue signal about dating TIMs, anyway. What you have left is basically Grindr but for TIMs. They can all join each other’s femmegirl, mentally-ill, sex obsessed, anime, polycules and pretend like they are having lesbian sex while seething that no one except other perverts will actually go near them. It’s the fate these colonizing assholes all deserve.

Edit: And they are back! I love the low engagement their tweets have. They suggest that we make a TERF dating app. I’d love that, but the TIMs would be desperate to get in before the app even launched. Cope harder losers. NO ONE WANTS YOU. 🖕

( Penthesilea )

They suggest that we make a TERF dating app

Club Monocle exists! And Giggle. But when TIMs get wind of these apps, they do shit like try to sue to be included. They don’t actually want us to have our own spaces when it comes down to it. Men can’t stand being excluded, ever.

( pennygadget )

The funny part of this whole thing is that if the TERFs all actually left, so would the TIMs.

This! If some TERFs went off and started a real lesbian dating app, the TIMs would immediately try colonizing it. It wouldn't matter if they had plenty of straight handmaidens on Her willing to LARP as lesbians give them a pity fuck. They get off on violating lesbian boundaries

( FutureBreedMachine )
Isn't that precisely what happened with Giggle?

( shewolfoffrance )

I felt like I was being used as bait to attract TIMs to the app. No thanks.

If that was a deliberate strategy to expand their customer base, it's an incredibly stupid, short-sighted one. Any man who wants to get into a specifically female space is the kind of man who will alienate all but the most diehard handmaidens with his aggressive behavior.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I’ve met some very decent transgender people

( mathlover )
People don't realize they are just being used by these supposed "reasonable trans" who "just want to get on with their lives".

Try not playing pronoun make-believe. Since pronouns refer to biological sex and "no one is denying that biological sex exists", it shouldn't be an issue. Treat these "good" trans males or trans male friends like men. Be polite about it. But he/him/his. Point them toward the mens bathroom when they need to go. Never invite them to any activity which is specifically for women only. Never introduce them to lesbian friends looking to meet women to date.

Be polite and treat guys like that as you would any other male friend or acquaintance. It shouldn't matter if any particular male friend wears dresses or makeup, "feels" he is something he can never be (the opposite sex), or gets off on pretending he is a woman. See what happens if you don't go along with the make-believe. Because the mask will slip from that "lovely trans" male when you are not supplying him with the human props he desires to live his fantasy.

( RawSienna )
A decent human with average social skills goes out of their way to avoid making others uncomfortable, especially a decent man when interacting with women. Any person who transgresses this raises alarm. TRAs are using shame, intimidation and threats to try to get us to ignore our own ingrained safety responses…and that makes us know we’re right to exclude them. It boils down to a meme I saw floating around, really:

“Good men stay out so that bad men stand out”.

( LilianH )
Tell them no, you won't call them a woman, and watch how long it takes for these "decent, non-aggressive, rational" men to turn into raging bullies.

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
It doesn' t matter if some of them are not deranged fetishists, they are still not what they claim to identify as. If they were decent, they would realize that telling others that they need to lie for their sake is not something good or respectful. Even if they do it "gently".

( hmimperialtortie )
“Decent, rational” and “TIM” are oxymorons.

You may not have an issue with these men in women’s spaces but they’re not going in there only when you’re there, are they? And if they’re going in, that proves they are not decent, and are predatory, because they KNOW what they are doing.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( Gender_Critical )
Cis is a slur.



( notapatsy )
"Don't cisgender me," I say, whenever someone does so. "Self ID works both ways, and you don't get to define and label me."

( disco_metal )
Plot twist: I'm actually agender (because I don't "feel like" a woman--I am a woman)

( Irene )
buT it'S nOt laBeLinG yOu iT's juSt fActuAlly wHaT yoU ArE :) :) :) iT juSt meAns NOT TRANS anD yOu'Re nOt trAnS, riGhT?

( Intuiterf )
But how can you tell I'm not trans? I thought it was supposed to be impossible to tell 🤡

( Women1st )
I don’t have to accept their label because they want to validate themselves! I’m a woman, you are not

( Kriegerin )
I saw a TRA "meme" (why are leftists "jokes" just condescending lessons?) that mocked people and especially women who reject the misogynistic "cis"label and they were jerking each other off how it's "just a neutral description".

Alright, so surely you're okay if i call you an autogynephilic fetishist crossdresser or self hating fujoshi handmaiden, right? It's literally just accurate descriptions 🤔

( DurableBook )
Eh, "cis" is just the fig leaf for polite liberal sexism.

Even the people who will talk your ear off about how "sex is a social construct" know exactly which class of people cannot ever be transwomen. They know exactly which class of people need to shut up and sit down.

But they also know it will cramp their style to openly express the same retrograde sexism as their grandpa, hence the invention of a bunch of Totally New And Not At All Recycled gender labels.

( overanddone )
It is.

It is also a convenient gotcha. If transwomen are women, why the distinction used to denote natal women (or, as I am fond of saying “actual women”)? Hmmmm. Must be something fundamentally different about transwomen then, eh? Wonder what that is?

( hmimperialtortie )
Even if it wasn’t used as a slur, why the hell should normal people be defined as not belonging to a group of fetishistic, woman-hating transvestites?

( FutureBreedMachine )
It's literally telling people who aren't psychotic and interested in medicalizing themselves that they're cool with ass backwards sexist stereotypes 🙄 TIPs and TRAs might be some of the most sexist people I've ever met. I thought super right wing old dudes were the worst but they've got some serious competition these days

various commenters #transphobia #sexist #dunning-kruger ovarit.com

100% perfect explanation of transgenderism

( MaryDyer )
I’ve been saying it for a while - males (barring the gay ones) who transition do it because of their fetishes and sexual desires. Females who transition do it because of male’s fetishes and sexual desires.

( notsofreshfeeling )
why bar the gay ones? A lot of it may be internalized homophobia and self-hatred, but there's a component of fetish present, for sure. They fetishize heterosexuality.

( MaryDyer )
Well I guess because I view it from a lens of sexual attraction and who poses a threat to females. A gay man transitions because he wants to attract males as sex partners. Those aren’t the types of men who are abusing and traumatizing young girls into wanting to escape their bodies. I hope this makes sense; I sometimes have a difficult time articulating my thoughts.

( notsofreshfeeling )
I hear you. Yes, gay men are going to be less likely to prey upon women sexually. Unfortunately, they do exhibit male entitlement by colonizing single-sex spaces intended for females, and by intimidating any women who would speak up to protect that space. Any male is a threat in spaces where women are likely to be alone, in a state of undress, etc., because men know that they can easily beat a woman up if they don't like what she's saying.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I thought it was that they fetishize snagging all the straight men who are unavailable to them as "men".

( OutHereInTheDeep )
And that’s the long and short of it. Gender ideology speaks to the most oppressive and fucked up impulses we have as a culture.

( KittyWhawWhaw )
And TIMs means mentally ill pervs pretending to be women.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Terf only toilets! They never think things through...

( drdeeisback )
Fantastic idea! I'm sure it has our full support. (It does really demonstrate that men have zero understanding of how women think--when we don't like something our instinct is to get away from it not threaten and attack it.)

( VestalVirgin )
Has anyone tried to suggest this to a woke workplace?

I mean, really, we should copy this, and whenever a workplace goes woke, be like "Yes, our new policy is great! But have you thought about protecting the poor transwomen from the evil terfs? We need a separate toilet for the terfs."

(The best would be if we could get them to declare the men's toilets the new unisex toilets, and the women's the new terf toilets, as in that case, absolutely nothing would change, but TIMs couldn't complain anymore about having to use the men's. Oh, and the TIFs would have to share a toilet with men and see how they like it. I see only upsides. If regular men don't like it, they can demand that the insanity be abolished altogether and sex segregated toilets reinstated.)

( Kriegerin )
TERF toilets wouldn't last one day - TIMs would want to be in them desperately. After all, only actual women are TERFs.

( Oakleaf )
Haha! This has made me laugh ..It would be 'Doublethink' of a TIM identified as a TERF..We really would have come full circle.

( MamaGee )
They would... this is absolutely true.

They wouldn't even let us have something like that.

And think of how many women that would be afraid to call themselves terven publically but would still want to use those toilets and locker rooms because secretly they would want plain old privacy also.

( Femina )
But that's exactly what we have been asking for since the transgender invasion of female spaces began! XD

( VestalVirgin )
Yeah. They can make a third toilet for genderspecials, and all the women who think that men are women can use it, we are not hindering them.

If instead the want to build new toilets for women ... eh, as long as they make them decently large and install bins properly instead of just shoving them into a corner where they don't fit, I'm all for it.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Meaningful feminism must focus on men first

( overanddone )
there is no such thing as transmisogyny. It's all in your head, dumbass.

Wake up, wipe off the make up and take off your skirt, and "magically" you are once again back in the oppressor class...

we can never do that.

( notsofreshfeeling )
They never leave the oppressor class, makeup or not.

( Jehane )
The liberal feministis are actually those who are supporting you. They will wholeheartedly agree with you that "meaningful feminism must focus on transmisogyny first". Because they, just as you, actually believe that such a thing as transmisogyny actually exists. It is not even an "optional add-on" to feminism BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN! If you're one of those guys who are just identifying as female without doing more than put on a wig, some make-up and don the shortest skirt you can lay your hands on, you're just a man in a wig, make-up and a short skirt. And once you grow tired of your costume, you can just trash it and identify as a man again.

Real women cannot do that. We cannot magically transform into men to escape oppression, misogyny, sexism and all the other shit you can easily evade by trashing your woman-costume. Oh, and by the way, "transfeminity" isn't a threat to patriarchy because you guys support the worst feminine stereotypes patriarchy has ever come up with. This, along with your ludicrous demands of being allowed into women's spaces, is not threatening patriarchy. It's strengthening it.

( Julie92845 )
Okay, there are all sorts of types of feminism. Liberal feminism can focus on trans women if they want. Why not just let radical feminism focus on females only?

That's the benefit to subgroups.

( WasItSomethingISaid )
Any movement that focuses on men is not any kind of feminism. "Fem" means concerning females. The idea that the opposite is true in some cases is just another in the endless stream of obfuscations made by postmodernists to justify the destruction of women's and girls' rights and boundaries. Anti-feminists are calling themselves feminists for the same reason that men are calling themselves women. They are all part of a woman-hating cult disguised as a civil rights movement.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why do we treat gender ideology differently than flat earth?

( VestalVirgin )
Because gender ideology massively benefits pervy men, and was invented by men for that very reason.

Flat-earthism, on the other hand, is the belief of a handful harmless nutjobs who don't want to achieve any sinister goals with it, they just are too dense to realize that what they can see with their eyes is not the whole reality.

Look at how the belief that the sun rotates around the earth, not the other way round, was treated - that was not directly tied to any sinister goals, but church doctrine was that humans are the centre of the universe, and the earth not being the centre of all didn't fit in with that.

Or, the pseudoscience of measuring people's skulls and determining their character traits on that basis - that got quite a bit of traction, as the English wanted to prove the Irish's natural inferiority by claiming their skulls resembled those of apes, and the nazis also were into a lot of pseudoscience that "proved" their racism.

Nonsense beliefs become popular when a very real goal (usually a sinister one) can be achieved with them.

( Opals )
Because men don’t wank off thinking that the Earth is flat. Probably.

( Oakleaf )
Some men, somewhere, WILL be wankety ~wanking to Flat Earthery.

( momjeans )
The difference is that there are no structures in place to enforce ideological compliance with flat earth like there are with gender ideology.

There are consequences for heretical thought, writing and speech in defiance of gender ideology - in schools, higher ed, academia, professions, corporations, and on social media platforms. Ideological compliance is also enforced in everyday social interactions by true believers and allies irl.

Flat earthers don't have that kind of leverage or institutional backing. When the potential consequences of heresy include risk of losing one's job, friends, or family relationships, it's difficult to just laugh it off as the utter absurdity it is.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Twitter removes policy against deadnaming transgender people

( IronicWolf )
Can they explain how calling Elliot Page Ellen, for example, makes her less safe? And more unsafe than a woman being sent rape threats or an account that tries to normalise wife beating?

( SakuraBlossoms )
I still see tons of people deadnaming Ye as Kanye West! Why weren't they cracking down on the imminent danger his life was in!?

( pennygadget )

And don't forget people deadnaming Nkechi Amare Diallo as Rachel Dolezal!! So much oppression!!!

Lol makes her less safe from herself because she'll kill herself if you don't lie

( cranberrysalad )
The only way i can see it “leading to violence” is by making deranged mentally ill men get violent.

( BrynhildsPyre )

Twitter has quietly removed a policy against the “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals,” raising concerns that the Elon Musk-owned platform is becoming less safe for marginalized groups sex criminals.

( SakuraBlossoms )
Finally, we are allowed the option of speaking our language in the way we have all our lives, and not in the way one recent cult ideology decided we must change it to.

( LunarWolf )
Someone mentioned how colonists always take away peoples native language, which takes away their ability to speak about and even understand reality in the way they are culturally accustomed to. They do this by making native words and language seem lesser or even sinful.

It’s gender colonialism. I won’t allow them to replace my words with theirs, just because they insist their words are morally superior.

( LilianH )
They still need to remove the prohibition on calling trans a mental illness though.

( SakuraBlossoms )
Free speech and diversity of opinions should always be allowed, but to be fair, gender dysphoria is the mental illness, not trans. Many people do not truly believe they are the other sex/gender at all and just identify as trans to get to act out their fetishes 24/7, while being cheered on as brave heroes and getting anyone who says "no" to their perversions shunned as bigots.