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RE: If men collectively refute gender ideology, all the madness will stop today

( shewolfoffrance )
I've thought for a long time that gender woo won't be defeated, partially or in full, until men are forced to care. I think the most likely win would come from fathers deciding that they don't want horny men and boys who claim to have ladybrain showering with their daughters.

I think most men are fundamentally incapable of caring about anyone who isn't personally attached to them. When Jordan Peterson spoke out against Bill C-16, his main concern was freedom of speech; not women and children's safety, privacy, and dignity. When Matt Walsh made What Is a Woman, one of his primary motives was "because I care about truth."

Freedom of speech and truth are both extremely important. But Peterson and Walsh, probably two of the most recognizable names in anti-gender ideology discourse, were more motivated by esoteric principles than women's and children's safety and health.

It's a luxury that only men have. Women have been yelling from the rooftops for decades now that letting the penis-havers into female-only spaces will result in rape and abuse. That's apparently not enough to make males, who hold the majority of government and financial power, care.

( drdeeisback )
'that they don't want horny men and boys who claim to have ladybrain showering with their daughters' OTOH they don't want to preclude the chance that they can shower with other men's daughters.

( MiMi2013 )
That's part of the problem : Non trans people STILL are convinced that all trans woMEN are Sad Gay Men, who are ashamed of wanting other men to fuck them, have all had GRS, and pose no threat to women and girls whatsoever. Whether the HSTSs ever were harmless is an entirely different issue, but today's AGP transbians seem to make up the bulk of trans woMEN, and they most definitely are a threat, as they keep proving over and over and over and...Jazz Jennings aside, most trans woMEN do NOT have the slightest interest in those male commenters at all; it's irrelevant to them if MEN say they won't date trnswoMEN.

( WatcherattheGates )
They say no to having sex with them personally. But bros before hos--they will not say no to other men violating women's boundaries. It's patriarchy in a dress, that's all.

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BS. Why would a man not be treated as a man and act like one before AND after putting on a spinny skirt?

( CruelEnnui )

Typically, trans girls are not socialized as cis boys, do not absorb the same social messages, and are not treated the same way.

Where do they get all that male entitlement from then?

Also, if it's impossible to tell someone's gender identity by just looking, how would people know that they're trans girls and not cis boys?

( kayfabe )
That wage gap comment is gold. If it were true (I doubt it) it’s likely due to the verry common phenoms of TIMs becoming too “dysphoric” to work due to their not-a-mental-illness, trying to live off gofundme grifts and being classic basement dwelling NEETs.

( IntuitiveStains )
How can they get away with saying "trans girls aren't socialized like cis boys?" Why do they think that? They're literally males who were raised male until whatever age gender woo got to them. Why do they think they're immune to male socialization? Is it because they were just so ""sad"" and ""dysphoric"" that they didn't absorb male socialization? Lol, how the fuck does that work?? I was sad and angsty going through my own puberty but it didn't make me reject my sex-based socialization.

It just infuriates me, because it's like they totally know that they have male socialization, but like most other rejections of a sex-based reality, they feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable accepting themselves as a male wearing a dress, so they need to bend literal reality to make themselves feel better.

( no- )

They're literally males who were raised male until whatever age gender woo got to them.

At no point will they stop being treated and socialized as male. To be treated like women, they would need to perfectly pass as female 100% of the time, which is almost impossible, and even then all they have to do to escape misogyny is quit impersonating the opposite sex. Women don’t have that option.

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RE: Have you seen people recently back off being TRAs?

( littleowl12 )
I'm seeing that about a lot of things, but gender most of all. I think the fad has crested, too many horror stories are coming out, and the left establishment in America has gone very, very quiet. It's still a loud issue in Scotland, but I've noticed the American left is suddenly very busy.

And busy about stuff that matters, like abortion rights, inflation, the invasion of Ukraine and expansionist Russia, the looming drop of China's population.

What's going to be really scary......is the anger that follows.

The leader of the Church of Scientology is David Miscavige. His father Ron escaped in his old age. He said in an interview before he died, the hardest thing was looking at himself in a full length mirror, pointing to his reflection, and saying "You got conned." He said it was the most awful emotion he ever felt. He didn't narrow down whether it was sadness or rage.

That's going to be a big deal. We got conned. I'm worried how the SJW movement as a whole is going to set society back, because they saturated it with so much hucksterism. We're not the only ones that got conned- MAGA definitely did, too.

But transgenderism is gruesome. Horrible surgeries, often performed on children. Foul fetishes.

I don't know.

It's going to be bad.

( Ginger )
I've definitely noticed that far fewer people have to inject their "jkr is a transphobe" sentiments any time anything Harry Potter comes up.

I think between seeing actual TIMs in sports, the growing number of detransitioners, and the utter lack of "transwomen" speaking out after the Supreme Court ruling on abortion (weird, because I thought TWAW.... /s), a lot of lefties are discovering they backed the wrong horse.

( Scoobygirl )
I've noticed it in my circle of homeschoolers - girls that were insisting they were boys a few months back are all nonbinary now, which I am hopeful is a way for them to ease out of all this nonsense. Their mothers, once very loud and proud TRAs, are much quieter on the issue now as well. I think initially it felt great to have this special trans status, but once all the kids declared themselves as something special (pansexual, demisexual, two spirited are some of the dumbass labels I've seen posted on FB) they all started to look around and realize how stupid it all is.

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RE: It finally happened - I got asked my "pronouns"

( GCRadFem )
I have only been asked this on medical forms. I cross it out and write female instead.

I have a tiny, niggling concern that medical staff or organizations will write TERF on my chart at some point and if hospitalized, it will affect my care.

( redacted )
its a legitimate concern given the woman in the UK who had an operation cancelled because she complained when receiving care from a TIM after specifying she only wanted care from females.

its ludicrous cos if we take this to its logical consequences, any medical problems that have sex based differences in presentation, or efficacy of cures, and going to be made worse. yet we, not the medical professionals, are the evil ones for caring about sex. the medics i know privately don't subscribe to it thankfully, but you can't really find out easily when recieving treatment.

( vulvapeople )
It figures they won't just ask patients if they identify as trans or some other "gender". That would actually be relevant in a medical context since TIPs are permanent medical patients, have a lot of complications that aren't really typical for either sex, have a lot of risk factors that are far and away worse than comparable populations, and of course will raise hell if someone gets their pronouns wrong. But since they can't be "singled out" even in a medical context where it really matters, we all get to suffer.

( ProFreedom )
Good one. We do need to resist. My answer will be - are you asking me to lie? I won't participate in a fiction that causes so much harm by its coerced compliance.

( hmimperialtortie )
Refer to me as votre majesté in person and sa majesté when I’m not there, and expect a lecture if you mispronounce it.

( sarstan )
If they force me to be woke I will be so woke they will wish I was just a TERF.

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You Meet More Perverts When You're Poor

( Mapleshade )
And it’s disgusting TiMs act like they’re at risk because the perverts don’t want them. They want women - real women not males masquerading as women. The men who like raping and hurting women aren’t interested in males they want to hurt women. They want to rape and hurt females. For them to act like they have any idea of your pain and our pain is disgusting. They have nothing to fear because they’re male and other males can clock them.

( pennygadget )
If a TIM doesn't want that oppression, he can take the lady costume off. The rest of us don't have that luxury

( GCRadFem )
I only disagree with this statement:

But the girls who make the rules now, they don’t see any reason why a couple of “bad apples” should prevent poor suffering homosexual men from being able to live their true authentic life in the body they deserve.

It is not the”poor suffering homosexual men” wanting to live life in their “authentic body” it is the men with an AGP paraphilia. That is an important distinction. If a homosexual man is a drag queen (hate to even write it) he knows he is a gay man and he doesn’t live in his dress unless he is really an AGP.

( RisingUp )
I think the author knows that’s wrong. It’s supposed to be from the libfem POV.

It might be too generous to them though. Many of them know lots of TIMs are perverts, and simply don’t care about the lower class women they hurt.

pennygadget , CeruleanPisces & hypatia #transphobia ovarit.com

Trans protestors shut down McGill University talk on women's rights | Daily Mail Online

( pennygadget )

The protest was organized by trans activist Celeste Trianon, who said she was 'surprised, shocked and disgusted' by the subject of the talk.

'I feel like there's such a tragic irony where someone who is actively working toward dismantling human rights toward one of the most marginalized groups ... How such an event can be hosted at the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism,' she told CTV.

She added that the talk would lead to the deaths of trans people.

So melodramatic.

If simply discussing female civil rights leads to the death of trans people, than maybe trans people aren't fit for this earth. Why does Mr Celeste think its incumbent on women to sacrifice our rights, safety, and lives for the sake of trans people? Oh right! Its because he's an entitled, sexist MAN who thinks women only exist to serve as emotional support animals (and fuck toys) for men like him.

Also, LOL at trans people being "the most marginalized group". This dude probably calls his mom a "nazi" when she buys him the wrong flavor of Hot Pockets

( CeruleanPisces )
When are people going to realize this is just men oppressing women as per usual? What if the talk was about mens rights vs trans rights?

( CeruleanPisces )
Lastly, if trans rights are so important to protect, and so badly requiring protection like they say they are, surely it would hold up to the scrutiny of a debate then?

Why do they fear open honest debate?

I know I can defend my stance on being a "terf", so why can't they defend their stance on their opinions?

Wait, wait, wait. They can't be lying about all of it can they?

( pennygadget )
The speaker who was targeted in this incident was a man. If it had been a woman giving the same talk, the mob likely would have behaved worse

( hypatia )
These are frustrated men who long for battle. They are chafing at the mediocrity and boredom of their privileged lives and desperately want to prove themselves by conquering enemies in battle.

Their male urges are understandable, but also act as further proof of how unwomanly they really are.

SakuraBlossoms , GenderHeretic & Itzpapalotl #transphobia ovarit.com

“The pinnacle of progressivism”

( SakuraBlossoms )
The "4th step of genocide" is when you still can't take away everyone's freedom of speech to not call you by your delusions?

( GenderHeretic )
Genocide is when things don't go their way all the time. Whenever they reach into the cookie jar and there's none left because they ate them all, that's genocide. If it's raining when they wanted to go to the park, that's genocide. If they only got thirty-six presents for their birthday when last year, last year they had thirty-seven, that's genocide.

( Itzpapalotl )
My god. How fucking disrespectful these idiots are to survivors of actual genocide. Have these people never heard about what happened to people in Rwanda? In Armenia? In the holocaust?

They are appropriative, narcissistic, self centred, completely deluded pieces of human waste.

People not bowing to your every whim, not changing their language to adhere to your delusion, refusing to ignore reality in order to protect your feelings, women refusing to be redefined by men...that’s what they are calling genocide?

They’ve brought this backlash on themselves with their delusion, their misogyny, their homophobia, their predation and indoctrination of children. These entitled men are getting what they deserve. It’s not genocide but it’s a healthy and predictable pushback to a dangerous and twisted movement.

Edited to add. The Weimar Republic was a time of debauchery and rampant sexual assault/rape. It was good for men, not so good for women. These fools tell on themselves constantly.

( GenderHeretic )
It's true that they're treated with more hostility, disgust and hatred than they used to be. Because people used to give the benefit of the doubt and trust that trans was Gay Rights 2.0 and they "just wanted to pee", and now they can see that we're actually talking about a bunch of raving violent fetishists dismantling women's rights, banning free speech, banning all child safeguarding and trying to recruit as many children as possible into becoming elective lifelong medical patients.

ProMoleratWaxer #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

"why aren't moderate incels working to disavow extreme incels"

because they are just various degrees of same hate movement, for example eli elrick is a violent serial rapist who confessed to ir and is still applauded and is doing some University of California Santa Cruz phd program while still interconnected with activism right now (btw TRAs bullied the victim into suicide allegedy), the tooth gap guy who i can't remember the name of has felony drug trafficking charges and is still trying to distribute drugs to kids.

They glofify the work of nazi genital transplant surgeons (which also catastrophically failed) who then went on to torture masses of jews to death in ww2. The founder of the gender identity sociology theory is someone who no consensually experimented on a male infant practiced on him infant cosmetic genital surgery and forced him to simulate sex acts on his also underage brother to make him a 'bottom'. Produced child porn of them under the gauze of 'genital inspections' and they both killed themselves compounded by these actions. You can watch the interview here where the victim asked whether he had to commit suicide for the experiments to be regarded as unsuccessful

it's not a bug its a feature even famous ones try to get child rapist + murderers leniency because they're the same religion.

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RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( ProxyMusic )
Listen, I know most of us don’t believe in true trans and I’m not sure I do either, but how many TERFs started out fine with the idea of HSTS and then peaked because of depraved AGPs?

You're presuming an either/or categorization that I don't think exists. The fact is, AGPs can be and are just as much "true trans" as HSTSs. And plenty of HSTSs have AGP too. In fact, I believe that the vast majority of gay TIMs especially today have AGP.

As I see it, AGP is a sexualized expression of male narcissism driven by the male libido and male sexual fantasies inspired by pornography that can be found among self-absorbed, vain, preening, porn-consuming boys and men who are attracted to, enthralled by and/or aroused by the external trappings of "femininity" - regardless of their sexual orientation.

Those who believe in "true trans" say that to be legitimately "trans" requires having "gender dysphoria." But AGPs have just as much "gender dysphoria" as HSTS males who don't have AGP and TIFs do. In fact, sexologists like Blanchard and Bailey say, and some women acknowledge, that the erotically-driven "gender dysphoria" of men and adolescent boys with AGP is often the most painful, overwhelming, persistent and hard to bear and treat kind of "gender dysphoria" of all.

( Juniperius )
They're vastly outnumbered, and if they do try to push back against the agps they're called "truscum" and hounded out of the community for being transphobic.

( Kriegerin )
My guess is because most trans males are indeed AGP. I think it's something like 80%+ of trans identified men. The AGPs ARE the trans movement, at least by far the most visible transes. I can name Dick Levine, the creepy barbie pouch guy, Bruce Jenner, Tits McGee with the sex toy breasts, the creepy philosophy tube guys, the two German Parliament members, yaniv, ....

But hsts i only know the Blaire White dude.

( Tiramisuomi )
I feel like they feel an affinity to men no matter how much they claim to be women inside, and so they think even the worst among them deserves an outstretched hand to help them up.

They "escaped" the "prison" of being men and figured out a way to make otherwise "kill all men" women fawn over them, date them, and certainly no longer hold them in vitriolic regard. They want to help other men ascend.

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RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( SecondSkin )
Why don’t decent men police and fix other men? Why don’t the good husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, ensure that other men aren’t raping, murdering and terrorising their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters?

It’s the same answer imho. Women and girls don’t matter enough to them. Even the decent men out there will believe they’ve done their bit by not treating us poorly, they won’t believe they have any responsibility for how other men treat us. At least not 99% of them. We can see the odd ‘true trans’ loudly speak up about the risk apg pose- Yardly did this, to the extent he had death threats, doxxed, dragged through court for ‘transphobia’. He was honest that TRAs were predator cultists grooming young lesbians, very vocally through the early years of this. One of Maya’s solicitors was a TiM who backed women all the way. There are a few rare men who can reflect on the power and privilege they have because of being male, and will use it to police other men’s behaviour towards women, even at cost to themselves. But these are the very very rare exceptions. 99.9% of men will not put themselves out for women (and I’m sure those who do have other flaws also).

( drdeeisback )
It's also the 'racket' that benefits the 'good men'. What worth is a 'good man' doing the minimum (not to say your examples are the 'minimum', the two you've mentioned do sound like they've honestly put their own reputations and peace of mind on the line to support women) if there aren't any 'bad men' to compare to? 'Aren't you lucky you have me around to protect you from them/aren't you lucky you've got me, one of the good ones? [even if I don't do my share of the housework/childcare and expect you to live up to standards I don't hold myself to]'

( DietCokeAddict )
If I’m wandering around in a cat costume pretending I’m a cat, the absolute last thing I should do is point out other people’s cat costumes and tell them they aren’t real cats. That’s the situation trans people are in - there’s no such thing as “true trans” because no human can or ever will change sex. Their only two options are to keep saying “no debate! No questions!” or admit that they’re all pretending and give up the whole charade.

( Inez )
You're asking why are men, acting like men. Because they're MEN.

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RE: Trans is a red flag for domestic abuse.

( TheEthicalHedonist )
I would think many paraphilias correlate with abuse and trans is simply the latest in a long line of methods men use to abuse women. Part of what brought me to this movement was recognizing the scary similarities between the things said to me by my abusive ex-husband (BDSM paraphilia) and the TRAs.

( Calliope )
I think you're correct. It's not just AGP or transness, it's so many kinks, fetishes, paraphilias.

Editing to add: Most of these men have more than one gross kink or fetish. It seems pretty rare to find an AGP with only AGP.

( Luckystar )
I feel like trans fetish (sissy, crossdressing, shemale, whatever they wanna call it) is on the rise too. I saw a Pornhub infographic series of the year's trends and "transgender" was all over the top search hits for various demographics. I'm not exactly a porn trends expert but I don't remember that really being a thing even 10 or so years ago

( RuneOwl )
Trans ideology is really attractive to all sorts of sociopathic men, from incels to neo Nazis to pedophiles. And of course, they’re all entitled misogynists who deeply resent women and want to control us. This isn’t the least bit surprising.

They’re not even safe from each other. I knew a couple who are both TIMs—one was extremely financially and emotionally abusive towards the other, then cheated and left him for another TIM. I have never seen one in what seems like a healthy normal romantic relationship, and the trans community at large is full of infighting and unhinged toxicity. They absolutely are a mob of abusive people.

( CheshireBat )

Something startling I realized today is at probably around 40-50%% of the women I've dealt with in that capacity have revealed that their abuser is transing themselves, or has participating in cross dressing in a sexual context, or has stolen their underwear and been caught wearing it.

JFC. Is AGP just inherent to the male condition at this point???

( RuneOwl )
I honestly think the Y chromosome is a disability. I’m not even saying that in a glib “lol misandry” sort of way, I am convinced men are prone to self-destruction and overall degeneracy on a fundamental, genetic level.

I’d feel sorry for them if women weren’t always the collateral damage.

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RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
Those AGPs are the reason why tru trans got legal and political advancements. It was sexually abusive perverts who made trans a brand that got sold on social media and to the greater public.

Tru trans might be slightly saner than AGPs (highly debatable as far as I am concerned), but ultimately they are equally nonsensical and their ideology is based on the same "womanhood is a state of mind" mantra. Their position can be shredded to pieces just as easily as AGPs' s, so they need AGPs' s aggressiveness and their economical/social backing. AGPs are vindictive assholes, I don' t think it' s too farfetched that they might concoct a way to get their privileges while at the same time excluding their enemies, even when they are part of the same community.

So basically, going full force against them means that if tru trans are successfull, they get pushed back together with AGPs by society and the government, and if they fail, AGPs get their privileges and tru trans still get pushed away.

( Yemaya )
That’s a good point. So called true trans benefit from the rich AGP that can change laws and policy and make their surgeries easier to get so they sit back and don’t say anything.

And many “true trans” want to be “stealth” and then speaking out would ruin that.

( Hollyhock )
30 years ago the HSTS pretty much left women alone. They were gay men who primarily got boob jobs and dressed like drag queens. You'd encounter them in clubs and in very large cities but that's it. In fact, when the first bathroom bill thing happened in S. Carolina my first thought was, "is there even a single transvestite in the entire state?!?!?" I thought it was the GOP making a mountain over a single very mentally ill young girl.

The AGPs were monitored better by society.

Was I naive!

However, those HSTS weren't exactly allies to women. I remember them being jerks to women in clubs and grabbing us to try to see what real boobs felt like.

I just don't believe in the true trans vs. fakers...it's all some version of men trying to invade womanhood.

( pennygadget )
Part of the reason so many on the left support this shit is because they foolishly believe that all "trans-women" are harmless, twinky gay men. They're unaware of the tsunami of AGPs who make up 90% of the modern "trans-women" community

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TIMs "attacked with misandry and transandrophobia"

( Hera )
Being a transwoman is always a red flag that the man in question probably isn't trustworthy and one should be very wary when interacting with him, but omg, if a man just flat out doesn't try to look like the opposite sex and still has gall to say "I'm a woman" that's not a red flag, that's a wholeass alarm bell and you run. He's a predator.

( ScaryHairyQuiteContrary )
If it’s not the testosterone, explain why men commit 99% of murders and sexual assaults.

Just because? That’s even worse. Did the male who wrote this even think this one through? (Clearly no lmao)

( nopenottoday )
That's a really good question that for all of my years in feminist circles I still don't have a good answer to. If it's not the testosterone that makes men so much more violent than what exactly is it? It MUST be the testosterone. In fact, isn't sociopathy linked to higher production of testosterone during the fetal stage? It's almost like the more "male" a man is the more violent and empathy-less he is.

Edit: I just looked it up again and apparently it's a relationship between both testosterone and cortisol. So high levels of both are needed for sociopathy to flourish in a person. So maybe that's why men who have higher than average testosterone that also grew up in stressful environments are the most likely candidates for extremely violent offenders, like serial killers. But I still think testosterone is to blame for a lot because plenty of average-testosterone men are still extremely violent.


( vampires_teabag )
I dont think its testosterone solely, although its effects mediate the reasons why males are the way they are, its a holistic fact of their differential investment in reproduction and their strategies they use to compete for mating, and acquire females for mating. You can get low testosterone males to become extremely violent in the right circumstances, if they feel insecure in this way, and high testosterone ones to be placated, if it is totally in their power. Women arent violent in the same way, even if on testosterone, since they have none of these motivations, and it doesnt benefit them reproductively, sexually or socially to act this way.

"A Penis is a Fucking Weapon" Award

Some classics never really fade away.

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RE: Men use their penises as literal weapons of war, but we should be fine with them in our spaces.

( femlez34 )
100%. TIMs will say, "well we're not 'men' so that doesn't apply to us", but then in the same breath will threaten feminists with rape to try and get them back in line. I don't think they even realize how much they do this, it's so ingrained in their DNA.

( pepperbeth )
We have to start waking up - sexual violence is a huge motivator for many men, maybe "not all men" but huge numbers. Some will say "oh rape is about sex" "oh rape is about power" but let's allow men some intersectional analysis - sexual power is highly arousing to men. Dominating and harming others is arousing to men. They will watch violence in porn, they will enact it in the bedroom, they will buy slave women to harm for their own orgasms, and they will rape women and children, including their own fucking brothers and sisters, and they become especially aroused and predatory when when war grants them opportunity to rape many vulnerable potential victims.

Do women get aroused by the suffering of others? Not even Aileen Wournos can rival the most average of prostitute-murdering men. The penis isn't the scary part, it's the whole goddamn man.

( Fluffy_gender )
Yes, that's why I find it ridiculous when people say "rape/sex abuse is not about sex, it's about power". Well, power is indeed very sexualized for men...

( Pointer )
Men do seem to have "rape software" pre-installed. Makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. They are actually able to maintain an erection and have an orgasm while penetrating someone who is screaming and crying in pain. It's crazy.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Men are carrying loaded weapons at all times, and we're supposed to trust them completely and give them endless chances. It's fucking insane.

Edit: this is why self defense laws are such bullshit and deliberately harmful to women. We literally cannot act in self defense the way a man can. He can kill us with his bare hands in the heat of the moment, we cannot.

Fuck man, they literally kill us with their penises during violent rapes. There is no possibility of a woman killing a man using only her vulva/vagina, it's not the same act at all.

Trust no male, especially one that REALLY wants to violate your boundaries.

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( opreroma )
Did anyone else think of Ezra Miller right away?

While I feel safer with the "they/them" females, they still scare me. They are prone to meltdowns and (in my experience) self-harm.

( 324B21 )
They/them females can be mean as fuck, too

( TrustYourself )
With they/them women I think either spicy straight or mental health.

Ezra miller is the vibe for they/them men - they want closeness to women without scary MAN LABEL or they are trying out before going TIM.

( danaseilhan )
That's my daughter. Mental health. She's bi (her first romantic partner was a girl!).

Definitely prone to meltdowns, too.

THERAPISTS: Uh, I can't fix you in, like, five minutes? So it's definitely a gender issue.

ME: 😐

( Artistlee19 )
Short hair makes them QUeEr

Meanwhile, they have no attraction to the same sex and often hook-up with other they/thems of the opposite sex.

( Tortoisemouse )

While I feel safer with the "they/them" females, they still scare me. They are prone to meltdowns and (in my experience) self-harm

Nothing like as scary as the males, but you are right the female NBs are scary in their own way. Meltdowns, tantrums, bullying, manipulation, emotional aggression (at least, this describes the one I know at work who tried to get me fired).

( FutureBreedMachine )
Female NBs are just next level annoying NLOGs [note: NLOG = Not Like Other Girls]

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RE: Genuine conundrum about certain people with CAIS

( Positronic_waves )
Sorry for this person, but I want to be kind to women. That means being unkind to men, rapists and in the very rare minority and some unfortunate souls with CAIS. If you never develop correctly as a man, it doesn't mean you are a woman. We are not a faulty male. Caster [Semenya] is a guy, who lived like a male except for competitions then he is a woman. I think natal sex is important, then puberty levels. If we have to exclude some CAIS people to let women win at something, we should do it. They say it never happens until they had 11 CAIS men winning womens athletics. When the difference is -10% of performance not being born a woman actually matters.

( Wokeuplate )
I think transgender and intersex are two different issues and the genderists, as per the uze, latch onto intersex as a way to stealth themselves into legitimate discourse, much the same as they did with LGB. It’s literally part of their playbook. Transgender is based on Gender Identity, which is an idiosyncratic, subjective belief system, unhinged from material reality. Intersex/DSD is a biologically based condition and has nothing to do with gendered souls or lady brains or myfeelz. The intersection between these two issues is competitive sports, where there can be male body advantages that accrue to CAIS people which have to be addressed in order to ensure fair play.

It’s really important when talking about transgender people to keep intersex as a separate topic. The recent debate with Colin Wright was frustrating in that he let very narrow examples relating to DSD be used as a proxy for TIMs. Since 99.98% of the world is not intersex of the type which gives rise to ambiguous genitalia and phenotype presentation, it is not useful to lump gender identity trans with DSD and say that they need to be addressed and accommodated similarly.

( FlorenceBlue )
IMO, still male. What we choose socially to do with that info is up for debate.

( viscerally )
Male, yes. But a woman still. In this extremely rare case, that in no way is similar to the case of trans women, I can confidently say that a male person can also be a woman - if she has the outer body of one and was brought up as one and would have always been believed to have been one of it weren’t for genetical testing.

( FlorenceBlue )
No such thing as male women.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Some Trans People Are Preparing to Flee the US and Seek Asylum Abroad

( BondiBlue )
Sweden is reversing course because the evidence doesn’t stack up for mutilating troubled kids. Canada remains stubborn for now but I don’t think it’ll be that way forever. Maybe TRAs should go and seek asylum in, you know, an actual asylum, where they can be counseled away from their delusion, or segregated away from normal people who do face a threat from their deviant paraphilia.

( Every-Man-His-Own-Football )

“I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is crazy,” Willgohs remembered thinking. “I can actually declare asylum just because I’m trans?’”

Almost like it's a privilege.

( assignedpooratbirth )

“ draconian legislation that criminalizes their very existence,”

The person that wrote this article is a fucking dork. No, being told you can’t use the women’s room doesn’t “criminalize your existence.” Use the other bathroom.

( KittyWhawWhaw )
It’s just as bad as torture, murder, rape, or any other human rights violation, if not worse!- not getting to use the woman’s bathroom. Oh the humanity!

( worried19 )
Real question, what are trans people so upset about? They're not hunted down and beaten and killed on the streets in the USA. Thank God, of course.

It's also not like it was 40 or 50 years ago when trans women were forced to work as street prostitutes or nightclub entertainers because they couldn't get gainful employment elsewhere. Trans people are mostly mainstream. They're able to to get jobs. They're able to get housing. They're able to get married to a partner of either sex.

Medical transition is not being threatened for adults at all. As far as I know, no one is proposing outlawing hormones or surgeries for legal adults. So what's preventing them from living their lives happily and safely in the USA?

( Stealthygal )
Where? Iran?

( Mandy )
Being forced to wear the hijab will be really affirming for them; euphoria all day long.

( KittyWhawWhaw )
Let’s see how long their little game of dress up lasts there. Must be nice to be able to be a woman only when it’s convenient…

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How would you feel about TIFs using the women's restroom?

( Tiramisuomi )
They are women and they belong there. However, if they have made such alterations to themselves that they look like men, they should be prepared for questions and women being uncomfortable - their voice usually gives it away, anyway.

( Greatlakeshotdish )
Forcing TIFS to use the men's restroom would result in violence and discrimination against butch lesbians and any other women who don't perform femininity. Bathroom use should be sex-based, nothing else

( vulvapeople )
At least with bathrooms, I'm in favor of the implied gentlemen's agreement that existed before captured governments started mandating that women tolerate men in our spaces. In the past, a TIM would only enter if he felt he passed. If he was questioned, it was incumbent on him to leave and not return. I think this worked somewhat well in that it left it in women's hands to tell men to GTFO or ask security to do so.

Although, truth be told, I'm not sure if that would work today thanks to greater trans awareness. Women who don't buy into trans identity now have reason to question male-appearing users of the restrooms (whether women or TIMs) while, in the past, they would have been more likely to extend the benefit of the doubt.

So it likely would have to come down to sex in order to protect women and have accurate government documents to show when there's a dispute. Too bad, so sad for TIMs who could have flown under the radar 40 years ago, but, as far as I'm concerned, this outcome is their fault.

( DietCokeAddict )
I’m fine with it. If I have to share a bathroom with either a woman on steroids, or a man in a wig, I’ll pick the woman every time no matter what she looks like.

( opreroma )
I don't want trans anything in the bathroom, because trans shouldn't exist.

The TIF is certainly safer with the women, but depending on how well the TIF passes, why should the women be subjected to that shock?

( Galko )
TiF should use the female bathrooms for their own safety. As for the imaginary panic, the hips don't lie. IRL, nobody passes. Look at Ellen and all the money she's spent on cosmetic procedures. Also, at least in my limited experience, the TiF know why we want sex separated spaces. They just think they've beat the system, not destroy it like the men do.

BondiBlue #transphobia #enbyphobia #ableist ovarit.com

RE: How much longer do you think the TRA movement will last and what do you think the next big topic will be?

I don’t know when this will “end” if ever. But I hope that if/when this movement peaks, the next step will be reversal of the policies and recompense, including apologies from the major institutions and governments that were captured by this, and a naming and shaming (and mass firing) of its most prominent advocates (like the Pritzkers, Rothblatt, and the paragons of so-called q~eer theory).

I want public statements on record that no child is born in the ‘wrong’ body, sex is physical and immutable; ‘gender’ is a set of stereotypes; there is no such thing as “non-binary-gender”; and especially, a woman is an adult human female. I want that chevron flag designated a homophobic and misogynistic hate symbol, the q~eer swastika (note: the Nazis’ designation for gay people they sought to eliminate was, infamously, a pink triangle, just like the sharp spear gutting the LGB rainbow like an invading army).

As for what the next “thing” is or ought to be, I hope to see a return to empirical evidence, rational inquiry, and open debate in the academy. If it’s junk science, call it that based on the facts, rather than because it doesn’t check these or those boxes in a DIE statement. Or because even broaching X subject purportedly “opens the door to genocide.”

In terms of what I would like to see as the next ideology to fall, because I have a personal stake as a sufferer of mental illness, I hope it’s “mad pride”/“neurodivergency” and its cousins in “crip pride.” I want honest studies to be done on the biological roots of things like schizophrenia, autism, and A.D.H.D. with intent of finding a cure. Not this TRA-mimicking, Woke Scientology nonsense that brands someone a Nazi eliminationist because he or she wants to be normal (oh, how they hate that word) rather than suffer from a broken brain. There are even people who want spinal cord research kiboshed because it supposedly discriminates against “people of diverse mobility.” I kid you not.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( cyrus )
How much longer do you think the TRA movement will last and what do you think the next big topic will be?
There will always be TRAs, but it it seems that the movement is losing ground and that more and more people are becoming tired of them. I give them 3-5 years till the movement becomes pretty much dead. I think it will be a mixture of people getting annoyed by them and the TRA allies getting bored of the topic, after awhile there's only so much you can say.

What topic do you think will replace them?

( redacted )
the movement might die in that time but repealing the legislation they have pushed through, and undoing the instituitional capture, will take much longer.

the fact that prominent TERFs are in a position where, to get their voices amplified and money to do their work, they sometimes end up working with very right wing organisations that want to remove our reproductive rights and push us back towards traditional womens roles makes me worry that the next steps will be steps backwards. i.e. we will get our single sex spaces back but lose ground elsewhere. i hope i'm wrong.

i understand why those women do that, we need all the money and airspace we can get and the dangers of TRAs are so widespread that the calculation of losing some rights to safeguard others works out such that it might be worth it in the short term. but i'm not optimistic about the short to medium term. we are facing attacks from all angles.

( Rheya )
Great point. Even if/when this fades, our institutions, governments, laws, and organizations will take a long time to recover and get back on course. I’m optimistic that the pendulum won’t swing too far the other way, but it’s still going to take a massive effort to hold the line and then reclaim what we’ve lost.

( drdeeisback )
It's hard to imagine how this will all be rolled back when I literally am asked my 'gender identity' on institutional forms, and the other day was expected to state on a form whether I 'identified as disabled' (at this point I just 'decline to state' anything that has to do with 'identifying as' anything, as I don't identify as anything)--on the other hand, this all happened very quickly, maybe it can disappear just as quickly, who knows.

It also worries me that so many kids are being taught gender ideology as 'fact'--not sure how difficult it will be to undo that, when they learn it so young.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Intelligent GNC female, bullied for her looks, on the spectrum showing signs/symptoms of burgeoning trans identity. Quelle surprise

( pennygadget )
I hate that she's too deep in the cult to see how this harms her climate change activism. How are we supposed to "believe the science" when these same activists who scream about climate change also say dumb shit like, "Some males have a magical girl soul that turns them into a real girl the moment they announce she/her pronouns" or "There’s no safety issue with letting penis people freely enter female spaces. And if you object to male rapists being locked in female prisons, you're a bigot who is literally trying to Holocaust the trans community"

( hmimperialtortie )
As a poster on that Twitter thread said - “Believe the science (that you agree with).”

( meranii )
Fighting sexism and outdated gender roles by declaring yourself trans/nb is like fighting climate change by moving somewhere where you think the weather's nicer.

( yikesforever )
i've never seen that trans symbol with the feminist symbol inside... very odd to see as a gender critical feminist where to me (us) it seems like gender identity and feminism are at odds with each other.

( Ladylucy )
It’s just one more thing TIPs are taking from women. Soon, all of our symbols will be theirs, and all of our heroines will be trans or non-binary. They are hellbent on erasing us.

( pennygadget )
Its yet another thing the gender-specials can't let us have to ourselves. They have to colonize everything

MiMi2013 , pennygadget & Kriegerin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Kentucky senator's TIF daughter, 24, committed suicide. Blames it on laws protecting women's safe spaces and sex-based rights

( MiMi2013 )
I don't care.

This woman's suicide is being used as propaganda for full infiltration of trans people into places segregated by sex ; however irritating it is for men to have trans "men" foisted on them , they're in no danger from these females.

Trans woMEN, OTOH, are a danger to women : How many more incarcerated women have to be assaulted by criminals willing to self ID into their spaces-? How many more school children have to make themselves sick because they're unwilling to use unisex toilets-?How many more college students have fully intact trans "girls" invading their showers and locker rooms -? How many more allegedly 'public' places (including hospitals, gyms, store changing rooms or restrooms) have to be made de facto off limits to women, because of trans invasions-?

I care about the female victims of these policies, and I do not think this girl's suicide is such a big loss to the world as to make it the justification for a ceasing of the long overdue pushback on trans woMEN invasions. And I make no apologies for this stance.

( pennygadget )

It was an argument she also address to the senate in February - when she warned 'the world is coming after them,' referring to trans people like her son.

This melodramatic language helps no one. "The world is coming after them"? I hate to play Oppression Olympics, but if that was all it took to trigger suicide, 99% of the Jewish population would be dead via suicide. American slaves, Jews in Nazi Germany, and women in Afghanistan didn't have the suicide rate that trans people supposedly have. So framing a trans person's suicide as the result of oppression is both incorrect and a slap in the face to people who are actually marginalized

( Kriegerin )
Right? Women, Jewish people, black people, disabled people all suffer from actual oppression, yet their number one solution isn't killing themselves.

These are severely mentally ill people and instead of therapy we give them snake oil and mutilation, duh they're gonna kill themselves...

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( EvilTerfyTerf )
So how's everybody feeling about Greta Thunberg coming out as a TRA handmaiden
She didn't even tweet out a generic 'I love trans rights' slathered over the ugly flag. She retweeted that one transactivist bragging about shutting down the adult human female screening at Edinburgh university with a bunch of heart emojis.

Apparently it's 'believe the science' until men start claiming speshul women feelingz.

Suddenly I feel a lot less guilty about my carbon footprint and I feel a lot worse about criticizing my beloved Taylor Swift for her private jet trips this August. Burn the planet to the ground, my darling. At least once we're all dead, no woman will ever be subjugated under male supremacy again.

( klytaimestra )

Men can't be women – also a fact, but one Greta doesn't know and / or understand.


I am zero surprised about her stance on TRAs, and was pretty much waiting for this. It was obvious that she was going to struggle with womanhood. She had a fairly childish presentation of herself for a long time and taking that leap into becoming a woman and understanding what that entails was never going to be easy for her. Like for many young women, gender ideology offers a false hope that you can escape the abuses from patriarchy by choosing to believe in something else. If only it were that simple.

( Riothamus )
Is anyone surprised? Billionaires crafted this ideology to torpedo the Trust the Science(TM) parties all over the Western World.

You can't honestly expect people to believe you on scientific matters when you pretend to not know the difference between men and women.

( actualdyke )
let's be real, she always has been and always will be a shill for the corporate western media propaganda machine. we all know she simply regurgitates whatever party line she's spoonfed. this is completely unsurprising to me, the only surprising thing is that this is seemingly the first time she's bent over backwards for the TWAW cult.

also, sorry not sorry if this makes me a bad person, but this definitely makes me question the validity and legitimacy of her past activism. if you believe that men can be women and vice versa, how scientifically sound are your thoughts on climate change, actually?

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( SayNoToTRAs )
What are your thoughts on socialism/communism?

I believe the gender movement is heavily linked to capitalism, and part of the reason it's being pushed so hard in the US in particular is because of our ultra capitalist system. It's making thousands of people dependent on big pharma companies for the rest of their lives, and TiMs also boost capitalism by buying unnecessary products to aid their transition.


Thus, I believe, if implemented correctly, socialism could be a benefit to women, and would have less of a place for gender ideology.

( Kestrel )
I've gone from being against capitalism to actually against industrial civilization entirely, one book at a time. As Derrick Jensen says, this way of life cannot last, and it would better for more of the planet to be left than less. In the more immediate perspective I lean socialist, but it's not like I'm very politically active.

( Escapedacult )
Honestly I just do not have enough knowledge to comment on what would be better for women..but I wanted to point out that I too think gender stuff is heavily linked to capitalism....not just consumerism but the 'constant growth' mindset too... ideology is something that seems to evolve over time. Sometimes for good and sometimes for worse. [...]

Anyway, the crazy capitalism/consumerism link to grnddr ideology is interesting to me, since so many of those with gender identifiers also preach about how awful capitalism is. And sometimes even put "communist" or "socialist" right front and center of thir personalities right behind their gender...it is just so ironic, hypocritical, confusing? The disconnect is so insane to me....

( sarstan )
Socialism, sure. Communism, NO. I just finished the Gulag Archipelago and Masha Gessen's the Future is History and am reading (audiobook tho) Anne Applebaum's Iron Curtain about the non-Russian eastern European countries post WWII. I also recently finished "First They Killed My Father" about Cambodia's revolution. I am reading these types of books because the gender stuff reminds me of other authoritarian or totalitarian regimes in history, especially the compelled language, the newspeak, the vitriol towards dissenters, the lies and absurdity etc. The parallels are quite scary.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: It is all so STUPID

( BondiBlue )
I’ve been feeling so blackpilled about it that I’ve come to the conclusion humanity is just too goddamned stupid to be salvaged, and we would be better off if Putin just outright slammed the button. The ultimate in “cancel culture” x 8 billion. 10,000 years of evolutionary fact just thrown in the garbage like Dylan’s gross tampons, because “muh uwu oppwesshun feelz.” Just get it over and done with, and with any luck some other species won’t make the same dumbass mistakes.

( Itzpapalotl )
I cannot believe humans could be stupid enough to collectively deny proven facts just to cater to feelings. It’s absurd.

( Dee )
I lie awake about this far more often than I'd like. I am glad I've managed to protect my daughter enough that she never experienced sexual assault and figured out how dangerous men can be. When she soaks up internet-inspired ideas that women like JK Rowling who advocate for female-only spaces can only possibly be motivated by a hate for trans people, I guess I should be glad that she's so naive that she doesn't understand why those spaces are so needed. But there are times when I am haunted by the thought that I have somehow raised a misogynistic daughter. The thought that some of my children would grow up to be misogynists occurred to me when they were little, but I never thought it would be my daughter.

( Kriegerin )
Okay, does anybody else sometimes wake up from a weird and ominous dream and for a few split seconds think that the whole trans thing was part of this lucid fever dream? And then it dawns on you that it's real. Idk... It's just unreal how stupid it is. Fucking unreal.

( Itzpapalotl )
It is utterly dystopian.

Progress is not a consistently forward march. We fall into the trap of thinking we are constantly advancing.

If you’d have told people in the 50’s or 60’s that 50 or 60 years later people would be pretending men and women are identical, that acknowledging biology would have you ostracised and slandered...people would’ve laughed and said “don’t be so silly”

The tide will turn. This bizarro time frame won’t last much longer because it’s incompatible with reality. I hope in 10 years people look back and say “what the fuck were people smoking!?”

pennygadget & softglow #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Kentucky senator's TIF daughter, 24, committed suicide. Blames it on laws protecting women's safe spaces and sex-based rights

( pennygadget )
If they need to blame anyone for their daughter's death,, they should be blaming the psychological institutions that push the narrative that suicide is inevitable if a trans person doesn't get everything that they want the moment they demand it. Actual therapists recognize how dangerous it is to treat suicide that way when it comes to other problems. But, when it comes to trans people, they're like, "Aiden, you know that trans people will immediately jump into traffic if they're misgendered, right?" or "If you can't get a T prescription, your dysphoria will metastasize and you'll have no choice but to kill yourself".

THIS is why these people end their lives. Their mental illness is exacerbated by a medical system that cares more about selling them services than helping them live functional lives!

( softglow )
TIMs hate TIFs, envy them for their comparative ease in passing, in getting lesbians, for their genitals (which they also hate them for squandering). They use TIFs for validation, for victimhood status when claiming female rape statistics, and piss their pants and shriek about transmisogyny, and how very dare any TIFs suggest that they might still be victim of actual misogyny from transwomen, who grew up with (this is the worst thing you can accuse them of, so remember it) MALE SOCIALIZATION.

There's so many reasons why a TIF might kill herself, but I refuse to believe that the constant toxic demands that TIMs make on them didn't play at least a small part here. I guarantee there's going to be some whispers between her friends about the ghoulish reaction transwomen will have, after they've seen how TIFs are treated by them, and god willing that will peak a few. It does happen, rare as it is; TIMs are so unpleasant that they can snap us out of our delusions sometimes, and if there's any silver lining to such an awful situation, I hope that's one.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

"Live and let live"

( a-witch-a-broad )
"Live and let live" doesn't work when one group is actively trying to destroy the rights of another group.

( iCONIC )
"Live and let live" brings with it total individuality. Community for TRAs has been a collection of individuals acting in self-interest and displaying lack of consideration for the feelings of women and gay people

They don't stop and ask, "may I ...?" or "are you okay with that?"

And they don't take "no" for an answer

That doesn't work, ever

( danaseilhan )
Yes, "live and let live" cuts both ways. They're not living and letting us live, so.

( legopants )
Radical feminism isn't "transmed", but try again. I'm also so tired of people who think radical feminism = gender talk and ABSOLUTELY nothing else.

( songoftheworms )
Radical feminist: Right then, we're here to talk about the liberation and autonomy of women

Trans rights activist: When you said "women" surely you meant to add "especially trans women"

RF: That's gonna be a no from me dawg

TRA: How very dare? You must be a terf

RF: Trans women are "excluded" when we talk about women's liberation and autonomy because trans women aren't women, they're men. Whole ass plain old regular men

TRA: See?! Fascist nazi bigot terfs want people to think they're feminists but they only ever talk about how much they hate all trans people everywhere and want every single one of us to be violently exterminated from the face of the earth

( Carrots90 )

let trans people exist or however TF it was worded in this fake-assed, insta-crap post

We know you all exist. We’ve never wanted you not to live

We don’t want to be changing in a locker room when one of you pervs ‘trips’ and accidentally grabs a handful of our ass, or stumbles and accidentally lays a penis on our shoulder, or slips and wanks into our shampoo bottle, etc

( Lee-Side_ )
And be in the same hospital room as you, and watch you change in the locker room while exposing themselves, and take the top 3 of 5 positions in a women's sporting event, and take boardroom and bursary positions that were intended for women, and be incarcerated in women's prisons . . . Are you sure you want to "live" with that?

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( Tiramisuomi )
They. Can. Choose.
If it's so unsafe to use the men's locker room, they can remove all their bullshit and pass perfectly as men. Problem solved.

If that's soul-killing, they should try centuries of womanhood where many women have had to dress as men to survive.

And if it's that fucking awful and unsafe, what better motivator to get off their asses and build something for themselves rather than stealing from us?

( shewolfoffrance )
99% of what TiMs claim is "danger" is actually, at most, "discomfort." It's being correctly perceived as male, overhearing awkward comments about their bizarre appearance, or being denied entrance to female spaces. There was even a pair of TiMs in Halifax who claimed they felt "unsafe" merely because their local library stocked Irreversible Damage.

If they truly felt there was a "trans genocide" going on, they would only do ladyface in windowless rooms in the basements of their houses, in the middle of the night, when the family is out of town. And then they'd carefully wash and replace all the underwear they stole to wack off in.

As it is, they'll hop back into "boymode" for much less than life-threatening emergencies. Eddie Izzard is more than willing to take lucrative male screen roles. Sam Brinton will put on a suit for court. Numerous TiMs have strategically waited until their wife was pregnant to "come out."

( mathlover )
It's not about safety. It's about getting off on seeing themselves, and forcing others to see them, as "women". If it was really about safety, they would be fine with a third space only for them. They usually refuse to use available third spaces.

This is why we need to speak about them as men, which is what they are. It's not about "transwomen" or "transgender" people using womens spaces. It's about men. We have never had a public, national debate about whether or not men should be in womens prisons, locker/changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

These men (however they "identify") belong in men's spaces. And men need to get used to that. The men will all have to sort it out among themselves.

( sarstan )
If it really was about safety, these men would have some respect for women’s concerns about safety.

( notsofreshfeeling )
Invading female spaces is easier, though, and more titillating.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: WaPo article on "rise of LGBTQ+ hate" really pushing the limits
(submitters note: this article https://archive.vn/sO2ds )

( hmimperialtortie )
The QT are the ones who hate LGB people. They’re the ones doing conversion therapy. They’re the ones leeching from legitimate civil rights movements while doing their best to destroy them. They’re the ones pushing rape and paedophilia as their rights. Fuck yeah I hate them.

( RisingUp )

Since coming out [as a TIM], she said, she has already lost a job teaching swim lessons.

Oh boy. I bet there’s a story there.

( BondiBlue )
Oh that's right, there's also a TIM featured in this piece complaining about not "passing," in addition to the indigo children and the sex clown. No shit, you can't force the rest of the world to have eyesight de-assignment surgery.

Dear TQs and the rest of the parasitic alphabet: If you really want to talk pronouns, maybe the fact that you are so unlikable is "a you problem and not a me problem."

( Hollyhock )
For someone to fire a TiM, it has to be really, really bad. Everyone either tiptoes around them, praises them to high heaven or actively avoids them.

( vulvapeople )
I wonder if there’s some measure of sex-segregation going on, similar to the Port Townsend Y. And like the TIM in that incident, this one undoubtedly would want to be present while young girls changed into their swimsuits.

( hard_headed_woman )
Ugh. Teaching swimming often involves little children clinging to the teacher's body. It's just the way it is, and why I wanted women swim teachers for my kids decades ago. Now, I'm even more careful with my grandkids.

( sarstan )
Cisneros is literally just some random guy who likes glitter.

( BondiBlue )
I can't believe society has turned itself inside out and rewritten the language of objective reality just to appease scene kids.

( madderthanhell )
Scene kids like these are just a smokescreen for the re-writing of material reality, not the reason for it.

( Hollyhock )
My kids say the gender men tend to have poor hygiene...a good hair washing would be in order.

( RighteousIndignation )
well of course theres a rise in QWERTY+ hate, things do tend to go up when you keep adding more letters of the alphabet to the list.

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
And when your basic level of obnoxiousness rises exponentially.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( itsnotaboutewe )
Let's Make 2023 the Year of the Terf
Last New Year's Eve I made a resolution to be more actively involved in fighting the gender cult. I have always been an out and proud terf and have never shied away from debate, discussion, and even arguments about trans ideology but I had been spectacularly lazy when it came to letter writing, stickering, and other forms of activism, so this year I changed that. I stickered my little heart out, had several letters published in the local papers, emailed politicians and policy makers, and even phoned into Kellie-Jay Keen's Terf Talk Tuesday podcast. I have become braver in the last 12 months and I'm proud of myself for it.

I want 2023 to be the Year of the Terf. I want all of us to be a little braver and push our own comfort zones a bit in the fight against the TRAs. In that spirit, I have resolved that I will speak at one of KJK's Let Women Speak rallies when she comes to Australia in March. I am not someone who can speak in public easily and I even find it hard to speak to a small group of friendly people if they are all looking at me, so this is a huge challenge for me. I know I am not alone in wanting to do more for our cause, so what are you willing to do to help make 2023 the year the terfs win?

My New Year's resolution is for a women's revolution. Let's make 2023 the Year of the Terf.

( Blahdyblahdyblah )
Right there with you. Went mask-off on my socials yesterday for the first time. No more hiding how I feel.

( sailorvenus )
I used to be in the gender cult, but I've started pushing back in my own small ways.

"Chest feeding? You can't say that men don't have abortions and mean it in a general way anymore?" Small questions, but they're the ones that got me over to the Terf side.

I really want 2023 to be my TERF/improve yourself year. I want to learn coding and get more financially stable so I can donate to orgs that support actual women. Maybe someday if I get good enough I can make a crowdfunding site that is for biological women only. Fund their educations and their dreams. Women deserve it.

( lunamoth )
Much admiration for your willingness to push yourself out of your comfort zone and I wish you luck in your public speaking goals!

The pendulum is about to swing the other way. It has to. I wouldn’t be surprised if 2023 is indeed the year of the terf, or at least the start of an age of the terf ✊

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RE: The Club Q shooter is going away for life no matter what. Hate crime charges wouldn't make a difference

( CryMeARiver )
Plenty of TIMs have raped and murdered women and children. None of the TRAs rushed to remove their trans status. So why was this person an exception? It's because they were actually ecstatic when this happened because they got to say, "see? we're the most victimized people in the world". They seized the opportunity to claim genocide and attack every right wing person they hate. They literally accused people of murder. After the shooter tried to identify into their group, a lot of these ghouls were left with egg on their faces. They're just trying to spin tales to cope and save face.

( pennygadget )
This! The TRAs were gleeful when this happened because they could finally have a legitimate claim to being victims of a mass hate crime. And they didn't even wait for the bodies to turn cold before blaming anyone who ever questioned their ideology of being personally responsible for this attack. Once this guy claimed gender-special status, it threw a wrench in their plans and they had to scramble to find an excuse why this person (and ONLY this person) lied about being trans for some personal benefit

( Carrots90 )
Because defending the narrative is important

Women and children are not

( SakuraBlossoms )

"He's claiming he's nonbinary to escape hate crime charges! He wants a reduced sentence!!!"

If it was a man claiming to be a woman to escape hate crime charges for murdering women, they'd have no problem with it. They'd call us slurs for not calling him his preferred pronouns. They fought for violent men to be able to claim to be anything they wanted. They achieved their goal and now they have regrets.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Colorado gay club shooter is NON-BINARY and uses they/ them pronouns, lawyer says - as it's revealed estranged father is MMA fighter and PORN STAR named 'Dick Delaware'

( overanddone )
Even if the they/them is faking non-binary to escape hate crime laws, we can use it. “You mean men might fake self-ID?” “You mean men might might fake it to get out of male wards/prisons?” “You mean men might fake it to win at women’s sports?”

Destroys the “this never happens”.

( pennygadget )
Now that self ID is finally hurting the TQs, maybe this shit will be curbed.

Then again, I wouldn't put it past them to take the L on this Club Q thing in order to stay the course on getting men like Dana Rivers into women's prisons. The TQs have no shame nor any sense of self reflection. They'll either do their best to bury this story or find a way to blame us TERFs for this guy faking NB status

( Hera )
I mean. This is literally what happens to our (LGB...and in this case, even the T) communities when we let delusional men run rampant without criticism. It's almost like incel hard right moid logic and delusional they/them I'm A Magic Gender D!e Terfs logic are the same thing painted in different colors hmmmmm...

( assignedpooratbirth )
Tempted to go back into LGBTQIACOLESLAW+ spaces and really push this one. Oh you HAVE to respect their gender and pronouns otherwise you are making your other nonbinary friends feel unsafe and disrespected! You don’t know their gender! You know all the TERFs are calling them a he, you’re a TERF if you don’t respect their gender — since having anything in common with GC women is the ultimate sin in TRA spaces.

( OneStarWolf )
Even if it is, it doesn’t matter. This highlights how stupid it is to integrate any form of self id or gender ideology into our laws. No one can prove whether he is lying or not, that’s the dogma, the essence of gender religion. “Believe who they say they are!”

It’s an ideological loophole and easily abused by men to the detriment of women and girls in particular. Males should never be put into female prisons, spaces, or sports because of exactly this problem.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: It is all so STUPID

( furyosa )
Not just incredibly stupid. It's also incredibly boring. We could be so much further along in the fight for women's emancipation but instead we're treading water with this nonsense.

( Itzpapalotl )
Exactly! Could be tackling period poverty, femicide, DV, sex trafficking, FGM, child marriage, abortion access...but instead men are muddying the waters, obscuring language, dismantling our rights, taking away what our foremothers fought for.

Ffs, first female crash test dummy was created this year iirc, yet we have men in dresses now pretending they are The Most Opressed EVER and demanding they be centred in feminism. I hate them.

Fuck them and their handmaidens. Feminism is for females and men can’t stand things not being all about them.

( Lilith-Fair )
Not just women's emancipation, but just about every other progress our society can spend its collective time on solving or improving if not for all the time and resources wasted on this totally stupid nonsense. Imagine if kids spend all the time figuring out what their real talents are instead of their "gender identities". All the time spent on "becoming their authentic self" gender could be spent on science projects, community service, writing a novel, perfecting a musical talent or playing an instrument, practicing and excelling at a sport. Kids could be investing their time on all of these things to make themselves and the future better. But no. Instead, they're being taught to think about their fucking pronouns and "gender".

( RawSienna )

Human beings cannot change sex. That is a fact. If you deny this then you are an imbecile who is colluding in gaslighting and abusing women and girls.

That’s really all that needs to be said. I’ll just add that “gender identity” is a fake, pseudoscientific ruse to shove”trans rights” down society’s throat. What “gender identity” really means is destroying women’s rights and child safeguarding so predatory, fetishist males can do whatever they want without restraint. It’s abhorrent and we will not accept it, ever.

Arsuf1991 #transphobia ovarit.com

So I was discussing with a trans person (MTF) in florida and i asked him what caused him to transition and he straight up told me it was because he couldn't stand mens shorts during the summer as it was too long and he wanted to wear short shorts because he finds it more comfy and keeps him cool.

I'm like couldn't you do this without having to transition and larp as a woman? and hes like "well its not socially acceptable for men to wear it and i dont want to get made fun of so atleast if i transition id be more respected and people will see me as a regular girl wearing shorts". At this point i was just like, "if you lived in a colder country where no one wears shorts would you still have dysphoria" and hes like "not sure never really thought about that but to cope in this warm climate i need to transition".

So the weather fucking turns people dysphoric and trans at this point? Also notice how transgenderism basically affirms some social stereotypes that are sexist? like has he not seen the men of the 70s who wore short shorts?

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RE: What would you say to TIMs in person if retaliation & violence were not a threat?

( DurableBook )
I'd simply treat them the way I treat anybody else.

When a religious person expects me to share their belief in souls or God or whatever, I simply say "No thank you, I'm atheist." I would say the same about gender identities.

If a non-trans person acts out a sexist caricature, I say "Wow, that's sexist" and don't play along. The only reason I sometimes play along with trans identities is if I am concerned about reprisal for declining.

I happen to really like gender nonconformity and often am delighted to encounter people who, like me, do not "match" expectations for their sex. I have ceased expressing this, however, whenever I'm someplace that I know trans people tend to be around, because of their inevitable explosions at being recognized as their actual sex.


( SaintHedwig )
Agreed. I want to tell them they're fine to wear dresses and makeup, but they're still men and should spend their efforts making the men's room a less dangerous place instead of trying to squeeze into the women's.

I'd also tell them that HRT will increase their erectile dysfunction on top of other health issues and will likely only increase their gender dysphoria because they're always going to look "off" no matter how many surgeries they get.

( Hollyhock )
Just stop. No one believes you're a woman. You're harming your body with off-label hormones and when women agree with you it's because they're either scared not to or they do it because they know you're a man and they need to suck up to you for social protections.

Grow up.

( CriminallyCritical )
I’d just make a look of disgust or maybe an audible noise of disgust.

( hmimperialtortie )
“You should have stuck to being an incel. Your chances of a sex life just got dramatically worse.”

( hontrapoints )
Ovarit is too polite of a place to say such things

( Committing_Tervery )
Ooooh I’m curious now 👀 ☕️ But I respect your desire to not disclose it. I’m sure it’s great though 😆

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RE: TRAs enraged by their own arguments
( Chronicity )
It’s the Ontario shop teacher dilemma all over again.

Take the guy at his word that he’s trans and you’re admitting that the priestly caste contains criminals, perverts, and nutcases who don’t deserve the priestly status your movement demands.

Refuse to take the guy at his word that he’s trans and you’re doing exactly what TERFs do: treating him like any other member of his sex regardless of his expressed identity.

What amazes me is that so many of them cannot see the catch 22 themselves. They are just reacting to the news without thinking any of it through. It’s a reminder that they don’t have the capacity to keep this con going for very long. Developments like this really put a strain on their cognitive defenses; it’s like they are in a progressively worsening immunocompromised state while the world keeps bombarding them with virulent pathogens. Days are numbered.

( urprettymuchnuthin )
I've been commenting on reddit how this guy is 'non-binary' and have been getting downvoted for no reason. They don't like having their beliefs challenged. It's like "the only real trans are the ones who don't cause problems for us"

Such hypocritical bs.

( rationalmind )
I hope you’re right that the days are numbered with this ideology.

( vulvapeople )

Why would a trans person attack a queer bar?

A TIM in Canada set fire to a pride flag several years ago. Homophobia is extremely common among TIPs, including the gay ones since they're trying to escape their sex and sexuality.

The arson was investigated as a hate crime until the police discovered a TIM did it.

( Itzpapalotl )
Their whole ideology is insanely homophobic. They hate the fact that same sex attracted people don’t want them, despite their special gender.

They seem to hate people who are happy with themselves in their natural state... LGB rights are about accepting people for who they are whereas the TQ is all about forcing people to pretend you are something you are not.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: They. Can. Choose.

( SakuraBlossoms )
If it's so dangerous in the men's locker room, how would turning the women's locker room into the men's locker room protect them?

The irony of fighting to allow any man to walk into the women's locker room is that the men who are apparently attacking gender non-conforming men can follow them into the women's locker room just as they can do to women. Notifying the authorities if you saw this suspicious behavior would of course render you a bigot.

( vulvapeople )
Some of the only bathroom attacks of TIMs that I've heard of involved a man taking exception to a TIM in the women's and beat him on that basis. I've never heard of a TIM being attacked in the men's.

( Positronic_waves )
They kinda are convinced men would want to fck them as if they were actually women. Delusions.

( Itzpapalotl )
Exactly. Nobody is forcing them to (attempt to) disguise their biological sex. They choose to live a life of deception. The whole “born this way” thing doesn’t fly since they are literally trying to emulate something they aren’t and chemically and surgically alter their natural body. It’s just BS stolen from LGB people, who actually are born the way they are.

( Cantstopthemachine77 )
Yup, just another LGB thing they’ve piggy backed on!

( Eava )
Has there ever been a reported case of a TIM assaulted in a men's room? Especially at work? If employers can make everyone state their pronouns, you'd think they could tell the men who work for them not to assault their colleagues.

( DoomedSibyl )
I’ve wondered about this too. Don’t you think if there was a case of assault of a TIM in the men’s room that the TRAs would be shouting it from the rooftops? Hourly? Makes me wonder if it is all nonsense about being in danger in the men’s room.

( Eava )
Exactly. I have seen multiple analysis of trans murders and not a single one is related to a TIM being in a male bathroom or locker room. [...]

( DoomedSibyl )
Is there any way that we could turn this fact to our advantage in terms of resistance and activism? That men in women’s spaces is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist? When the TRAs whine, force them to say it is really about being validated? Even just in conversation, can we start asking people to give an example of a TIM attacked in male spaces for being a TIM? It might make people think.

actualdyke , RawSienna & RisingUp #transphobia ovarit.com

( actualdyke )
TRAs enraged by their own arguments
After the Club Q shooter was revealed to be nonbinary, the usual suspects on TIM activist twitter have been screeching about it all day, and it's SO fucking incredible to watch how their desperate arguments are immediately negated by their OWN ideology.

"Why would a trans person attack a queer bar?" Why do so many transwomen kill women, then, if being part of a group should automatically include not killing people of that same group?

"He's just identifying as NB for less serious charges!" Oh but I thought that it was impossible and "never happens" that anyone would identify as trans for a lighter sentence. Don't y'all argue that trans people are MORE persecuted in law? Why would NB grant him privilege if you don't admit that trans people are a protected caste?

"It's suspicious that this only came out after the shooting!" But we're not allowed to question the hundreds of transwomen who miraculously discover their gender identity after being charged with crimes?

"He was identifying as a man two years ago!" And Dylan Mulvaney was a man 200 years ago. Does that mean he's not valid?

And all of their arguments can simply be shut down by their own beloved mantra: "trans people are who they say they are."

We're only following the rules YOU have set out. In accordance with your ideology his gender identity must be respected no matter his crime, misgendering him is just as bad as the crime, and his self identity is 100% valid regardless of literally anything.

The schadenfreude watching them have to face the inanity and illogic of their own ideology is delicious.

( RawSienna )
Watching these degenerates being held to the rules of their own incoherent playbook is satisfying. Nobody’s buying their bullshit, either.

The rhetoric in general since Musk took over is hitting a fever pitch. I think we’re witnessing the early parts of an extinction burst. They’ve lost narrative control and they are fucking desperate now.

( RisingUp )
I’m surprised so many people assume he’s trolling with the “nonbinary” shit, not just TRAs but even women on here.

Why is anyone making that assumption? I think unhinged violent TIMs are far more common than right wing homophobic hate crimes - my default assumption is that he sincerely regards himself as genderspecial.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: What would you say to TIMs in person if retaliation & violence were not a threat?

( Itzpapalotl )
I would say: you are a selfish, misogynistic, entitled, narcissistic, colonising man with no empathy or regard for women. Your woman costume is offensive and an affront to every female on the planet.

What you do is the epitome of male privilege; to claim language, spaces, experiences that are not yours, to play out your fantasy with no consideration of women and girls who have no choice but to be second class citizens in a man’s world.

You are living in delusion, playing pretend, and making a mockery of womanhood. You are a man. You are putting on a performance of womanhood as imagined by you, a male. You have only and will only ever experience the world as a male, and to pretend otherwise is an appalling, disgusting slight against the very people you claim to “identify” as.

Honestly, fuck you. You are not a woman. You are not a sister, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a daughter, a niece. You are a man. You will only ever be a man. Worst of all, you are the most misogynistic, abusive, selfish and inhumane version of a man.

You know what you are doing hurts women and girls and yet you do it anyway because you only care about yourself. You are a terrible human being.

( mathlover )
That no actually believes they are women or could ever be women. That the only reason anyone goes along with it is out of fear because they are vindictive, mentally unstable, potentially violent men. That whenever anyone calls them "she" or "her" that they should hear he and him/his because that is what everyone means and believes about them. We only include them because we are forced to, but they are not welcome among us.

And, oh, yeah. Any woman - ALL women - who actually wants to be with any of them is bisexual or heterosexual. No lesbian will ever want any of them.

( hmimperialtortie )
If things were as they should be, there’d be no TIMs on the street or anywhere, but if I saw one, I’d want to call police on him for displaying fetishes, same as if he was flashing.

Edit for grammar

( LilOvaries )
"You will never be a woman, and Hell is going to make you jump rope with your saggy, outstretched scrotums".

( Alias_Rosie )
No one actually buys your deception. We're just playing along because you are, quite literally, pitiful.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

No, trans people, you are not even close to being put in concentration camps. Stop fantasizing about being in the Holocaust.

( suupersami )
So TIPs will disappear unless they're actively recruiting children?

( Carrots90 )

Told on themselves didn’t they

( astroterf )
The detention camp: men’s bathrooms

( SulphuricMirror )
Maybe if transgenderism didn't latch itself to sex clown story hour for kids, start sterilizing literal children and operating on kids' primary and secondary sex characteristics under the age of 18, didn't find their "true selves" that they plaster all over social media by dressing up the way women are forced to in porn... maybe then people would not see them as inherently sexual. Just a guess.

( Apricot_Ibex )
That’s especially rich considering the infamous incel/Neo-Nazi/alt-right MRA to-“transbian” pipeline.

TIMs sound not too far off from the Nazis the way they talk about gay people and women and promote misogynistic, rigid gender roles. They want to erase same sex attraction and commit corrective rape and harass lesbians who won’t sleep with them. We’ve already seen that TIMs will murder lesbians (and their families) who won’t bow down to their insane demands (Dana Rivers).

They want to steamroll their way into women’s spaces, driving women to stay at home “where they belong” out of fear of male creeps. They constantly threaten women with violence, and assault feminists and LGB activists at peaceful protests.

Their stereotypes of women amount to porn and patriarchy and are no different from the submissive domestic bangmaid vision that the Nazis had (Kinder, Kueche, Kirche). The Nazis also seemed to have a sizable number of AGPs and men who loved crossdressing but hated women and gay people (in addition to being genocidal racist pieces of shit).

( carpetplaydohx2 )
Oh ffs, can't they switch to "boy mode" like they do other times they want to go "stealth"?