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RE: A brilliant observation on treating prostitution like a career

Those middle/upper-middle class brats are educated enough to be able to criticize the inequality of capitalism and racism within the scope of their little privileged bubble, but they can't see that there are people whose lives are affected by their liberal gender politics, children who will be groomed into prostitution, and young women who don't get to choose their career path.

But who cares about the actual poor people or children? In their minds, they are proletariat heroes who will defend their male friends' rights to enter women's bathrooms, thus saving their lives!

There’s nothing more privileged than wokeness. We know this because it actively makes society worse in the name of making it better. It’s taken race-baiting to an art form and is so misogynistic it’s even making the word ‘woman’ verboten. Above all, it’s all about it’s own narcissism and self-righteousness. ‘Right side of history’, indeed.

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RE: Mississippi votes to ban transgender athletes from girls' and women's teams | TheHill

...and everyone will be like oh it's Mississippi, so backward! And blue states will double down and write some bizarro woke laws enshrining TIMs in girls sports but with some extra woman-hating flavor that will pass with 100% of the dems voting for it. Even though with everything else dems don't agree on anything and wind up splintering before getting anything passed. emits 10 min long sigh

Who knew it would be the liberals cheering for the swift death of women’s sports. Such feminism.



I know right? How are all the TW soooo naturally gifted? Must be their work ethic because it cannot possibly be anything else!

The headline is so misleading. It bans BOYS from competing on girls' teams, not ALL trans-identifying teens. No, we don't want to "ban transgender students from sports" - we want boys to play on the boys' teams.

It really just goes to show that no one gives a flying fuck about any trans other than XY trans. What does that look like, again? Oh yeah...misogyny!

Exactly. No one fucking cares if natal girls play on boys' teams. Also I hate how it's framed as an issue of "children." We're not talking about 5 year olds or 10 year olds. We're talking about natal male athletes competing in high school sports. Post-puberty. Therein lies the issue. If this was about elementary school, no one would care.

Not true. Prepubescent boys have a notable throwing advantage over prepubescent girls, and even over grown women. It’s biological and innate to the male sex.

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RE: Silly meme - but might explain why the movement has gained so much traction?



AOC is right there fueling the fire. This shit is going to shred her credibility. She's not going to be a major political force in her 40s and 50s.

If this is the hill the left wants to die on, the left will die. I always considered myself a leftist but this year I'll likely vote conservative for the first time in my entire life, because in my country they're the only ones against the self ID law.

I will be voting conservative in my country for the first time. They’ve done a little trans pandering but it was pretty meaningless and nothing compared to the liberals.

I'm quite lucky that in my country, Germany, the conservatives are not that anti woman in general, it is Merkels party after all.

I’m doing the same. I will not stand for gender indoctrination being forced by the state onto kids, or for sex offender’s rights being enshrined into law, or for women being legally stripped of our boundaries. Fuck any political party who stands for this utter garbage.

Some of the most vehement trans & non-binary TRAs I know are rich kids desperate for a narrative in which they get to be the poor oppressed victim.

I’ll never forget that Harvard freak out from a few years back over Halloween costumes. Literally the most privileged youth on planet earth acting like snivelling toddlers. Its not surprising that the same trust fund brats who cried over Halloween costumes are 100% on board with trans shit


A lot of high profile TIMs are also wealthy, so I'm honestly not thinking this is too far out of bounds for truth.

Jennifer Pritzker, Caitlin Jenner, Martine Rothblatt, the Wachowski 'Sisters'… yep. Plus they've got the backing of lots of drug companies and executives, and some other billionaire philanthropists too

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Transwomen have female brains 🤡

Okay, so i'm tired of people telling me this bullshit that transwomen think like "cis" women or have female brains. Do you know some articles about that?

Whenever a TRA starts spouting off about the lady brain all I can think of is how some racist whites used to claim that other races had different brain sizes, and therefore were less intelligent.

Even if it is proven by science, so are the eggs in my ovaries. If that doesn't make me a female, neither does your dumb brain scan. You're just trying to change one "arbitrary" sex characteristic for another.

The last thing most trans people actually want is for transitioning to come with brain structure requirements. They know that would really whittle the trans community down quite a bit, and there's power in numbers.

Someone else mentioned Gina Rippon, so I thought this interview in which she mentions how she's asked by trans people to "prove" their brains are of the opposite sex (which is impossible according to her) might interest you: https://time.com/5669513/gina-rippon-interview-gender-and-our-brains/

Of all the TRAs arguments, this one is the craziest imo. A vagina and uterus don't prove you're a woman, and a penis doesn't prove you're a man. So the most visibly telling body parts don't indicate you're your sex. But the brain, which has no distinctive differences based on sex, somehow can? That's just crazytown. And by their own argument, isn't it transphobic to claim a woman's brain only belongs to women? Isn't that transphobic against an AMAB who identifies as a woman but unfortunately was born with a man's brain? And omg wouldn't someone please think of the enbies!

It's all such nonsense. Their arguments turn on themselves.

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RE: Aussie Male Who Identifies as a Black Lesbian Says "Kill All TERFs" is Equivalent to "Kill All Nazis" | Women Are Human

Is this fucking scumbag pretending to be Aboriginal? Does he also identify as someone who can spell, with his “blak” nonsense? And how many women has he raped so far? Transbian = rapist is usually a safe bet.

“Blak” is a term commonly used by Aboriginal Australians who wish to take the power out of the word “black” that was originally used against them. The article states he is an Aboriginal male so I assume his identifying as 'Blak' is not that much of an issue.

Hmm. I wonder.

(Researcher1536 )

Yea this is him!!! It’s colonization on steroids!!!!

He'll be applauded for his "feminine" bravery and commitment to BIPOC lives. It's insanity. Men truly get away with everything.

"The great thing about being a Black lesbian is that everytime I punch, it's up." Fucking hell, they are the most pathological colonisers I've seen.

I can't understand the delusion. No one outside of woke circles would ever see him or treat him as an actual black lesbian.

It basically reveals their true motivations: get to be violent and maintain a mantle of moral virtue.


It's the heat, it has to be. Woman-face might not be a holy cow, but black-face is. And this guy thinks he can get away with appropriating race and sex? The only logical conclusuon: the Aussie heat melted his brain.

There was a TIM in Canada that made news a little while back for going trans-racial and styling himself as from India. It's fine for him to pretend he's a sex that he's not, apparently, but not to pretend he's an ethnicity he's not.

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RE: More GC comments and peak transing on r*ddit over trans issues and men in women's sports.


Is the tide turning? Or is that subreddit just less likely to have woke people on it, since it's about speaking one's mind and not about being politically correct?

My favorite comment on that thread, lol:

“Transphobia isn't a real thing. It was literally made up to make people feel bad for using common sense.”


Nah, I think the comments on that thread are pretty reflective of the opinions of the general population of the US.

I used to have a job that required me to travel all around the US, so I think I got a good sense of what Americans who aren’t extremely online think. Most, especially on the younger end, are willing to respect transgender men or women at least as far as new names and pronouns (maybe not so much non-binary people because everyone can tell it’s ridiculous attention-seeking behavior) but that’s about it. They don’t support men in women’s sports, they don’t support all these ridiculous changes in language and they’re usually pretty angry when they find out about these things happening. All of these things are being pushed without a popular mandate.

It just goes to show how much TRA ideology has overstayed its welcome. If they had just stuck with the basics like asking people to use their new names or pronouns, they probably would’ve succeeded, but they’ve pushed for so much more and for increasingly ridiculous things that the house of cards is going to fall down.

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Parents across the US demonstrated in front of gender clinics today

A new organization, LGBFightback.org, organized with the Parents of ROGD Kids to hold actions in Philly, Chicago, Hartford, Ontario, DFW and Los Angeles. Check out LGBFB's website or Twitter feed for tons of great pictures. Unfortunately we were met by TRA's including one very angry and confrontational MTF. But we also had some fairly civil conversations with the FTMs. The LGBTQ++++ establishment in our state has gone completely bananas about it, over some moms with signs!

If your message made people uncomfortable, that's a good sign. If more demonstrations like this are planned for the future, I would recommend trying to get some detransitioners publicly involved as well. There are quite a few who were transitioned as minors.

I am sure future actions will involve different groups besides or in addition to parents, thanks for the good idea.

You are the REAL stunning and brave! It takes a LOT of courage to stand up to bullies - especially when they get away with playing the victim.. Seriously — if Trans-activism wasn’t a cult — then why are they so aggressive about anyone raising any questions and so ready to shut down all dialog? Why do they label anyone questioning medical interventions for kids as “transphobic”... I don’t know a single person who is transphobic. But I do know some moms who aren’t keen on their autistic non-conforming daughters being put on puberty blockers and moms or gay kids who are made to feel bad or somehow inferior for being gay or lesbian. This madness just has to stop! I’m over-the-moon happy that this protest happened and I just hope that the powers that be don’t just label this as “transphobic” and actually listen with their ears and their hearts for once!

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That was one of the things that stood out so starkly in the TERF Wars video. All the women looked like normal human beings. The TIMs look like pornified stereotypes. Being a woman = being pretty/hot/sexy to them. They used to claim that they were so performative because of ‘hate keeping’ requirements. Now there is no gate keeping and they’re more pornified than ever. I don’t expect any better from men, but I’m stunned so many women fail to see this and be insulted by it.


It's not just about looking better, it's also about looking female. You could take the most beautiful no make up TIM and you'd still be able to clock him immediately because of his body shape compared to the average woman's bodyshape.

yeah thats what gets me, this idea that a man could ever somehow look more feminine than an actual woman. The butchest butch looks more feminine than the most dolled up TiM because SHE'S ACTUALLY A WOMAN.


I've honestly never seen a TiM I would describe as "beautiful" (or any male, for that matter).

I find men pretending to be women skin-crawlingly awful, whether they’re the usual Yaniv-standard fugly or the uncanny-valley White variety. There’s no beauty in any of them. They’re caricatures, grotesques. They have well and truly earned the label “pigs in wigs” whatever the rules here say about us using it.

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Why is he making this sound like it's normal to catfish people. He's raped men, and is now asking how to rape women. Burn in hell.

At least with respect to this women have it "better" in that lesbian women are likely impossible to fool with ballsack labia, while the poor men who were raped by that dude were not so lucky.

He said in a different comment that the only “harassment” he got was from the mean lesbians. Yeah dude, because they know you’re a liar more than anyone?

As a straight i really feel for my lesbian sisters. Already marginalized through being female and homosexual, and now this shit

I have seen photos of "neovaginas" and instantly felt nauseous while vaginas are attractive to me lol yeah he ain't fooling those women at all.

As a straight who is into penis, i feel the same about phalloplasty, it feels like from a horror film

Because some of these Trancels seem to forget: NO ONE OWES YOU SEX.

Yep. Vaginas are natural and self cleaning. "Neovaginas" are mutilated ballsacks with anal fluid.


He has a pic of his ballva in his post history, and it does indeed look like a ballsack.

“Ballva” This is amazing 😂😂😂

They look so fucking bizarre, and they're in the wrong spot. Vaginas don't come out of the front of your body, it's exactly where the penis is. It's not like comically in front, but it's SUPER easy to clock.

A. penis. is. not. just. an. enlarged. clitoris.

A penis is essentially a cloaca. It's halfway there. Dudes are so fucking genetically defective all the tubes down there smashed together and they literally piss out of the thing they jizz out of, it's fucking gross. Is having a penis the reason NONE of them can properly wipe their own asses??

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I've peaked my parents

I've been talking to my parents (~70) for a few weeks about this community. They had NO idea about trans women, had never heard the slur TERF and had no idea about the erasure of lesbians (am lesbian). Obv didn't want to tell them about "girl dick", that's a bit much.

Anyway, to say they were shocked is under-selling it.

They had read an article in the newspaper about "chest feeding" and were so shocked that they thought it must be a prank. I told them about the Sydney rockpools and my Dad particularly was furious.

All of us here are are peaked - how do we reach out to others? Without scaring them off?

I'm in Australia and going to bed soon, so might not be able to reply for a while. Thank you for listening x

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RE: Yes, there were women involved in the Capitol Attack, but this is not one of them.


Why isn't this being talked about? People need to realize that this is a non-partisan issue. Where will this "woman" be placed in prison? Where is this mythical right-wing trans-hate? He seemed pretty well accepted in the right wing circles.

TRAs never claim the perpetrators of crimes, only the victims. It fits in better with their narrative. They'll keep ignoring this dude or say he's "not really trans" if it does become a news story.

I’m having a hard time finding references to Jeremy Watkins on Google tho. Where is the documentation that this is a TIM??

I posted some of the only available evidence so far over on /o/ThisNeverHappens: https://ovarit.com/o/ThisNeverHappens/17893/us-capitol-riot-prosecutors-say-champaign-county-trans-identified-males-training

There isn't much, just a couple of mentions of his previous name being attributed to him by the US Army.

"Watkins, who served the country under a different name"

I see they threw the deadname down the memory hole. Fuck you CNN. This is a man. The different name he served as is his BIRTH name.

They're hiding the truth for fear of "outing him", but what they're effectively doing is preventing people from making up their own mind about him.

...I have been noticing that these dudes r everywhere. Imagine what it will be like in 5, even 10 years from now 🙄🙄


CNN is full woke.

They were early adopters of the "referring to women with dehumanizing language" trend


The Oath Keepers is an extremely patriarchal group, I do not believe for one second that an actual woman would be even allowed in their organization, let alone be a leader.

They seem fine with transwomen though

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How come it's never on trans people to "be kind?"

Some asshole on Twitter was banging on about how he would rather teach his "kid" to "lose well" than to be unkind, referring to boys in girls' sports. People pointed out that he could therefore put his sons in boys' sports teams where they would then have the opportunity to lose well.

Oh, but that's not what he meant!

One TIM actually tried to explain that as someone truly dysphoric, he'd NEVER want to be on a girl's team. Beating them all and crushing them with ease would only underline his male body, not validate his feminine identity. Mr. Be Kind didn't understand this and asked why he wouldn't want to be on a team with girls who shared his "gender identity" and the TIM added that he'd feel ashamed for cheating girls, especially with his male body. And that's a very good point- I don't believe that men who enter women's sports are dysphoric in the least. They're very happy with their male bodies.

Mr. Be Kind was stumped on that one.

It's never on trans people to "Be Kind" to anyone else. Creeping family members out by naming yourself after one of them? Tough. Scaring women by being in their vulnerable space? Tough. Taking advantage of sexually inexperienced young men by lying about your actual sex? Tough. Hounding lesbians and ruining them/their spaces? Tough. Destroying fair competition in a sport? Tough. Comparing your bullshit to the difficulties black women face everyday? Tough.

It's all take, take, take, and they don't feel they have to contribute anything in particular, for any reason.

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RE: now i'm a hot idiot!...


spoileranna phylaxis @quatoria

i used to be a tense and anxious programmer boy in a computer science program, now ilm a hot idiot with cute tits, if you work hard this could happen to you, too

They wish they were a fifth as attractive as they think they do. You're still an ugly incel and everyone can tell Andy. No one thinks your moobs are "cute tits".

I wish they were at least somewhat attractive, but as a straight woman they just look like destroyed men, complete slaves to the cooom

I had a roommate like this. Gorgeous man. (Even my mother said, after meeting him in TIM garb, “he is a very handsome man”). Went on hormones, and now he looks, as you said, like a destroyed man.

So ironic that quite some TIMs could have had women find them genuinely attractive and want to be with them and want to have sex with them. But no, they have to do a bad woman face and chase after lesbians, only to end up forever alone and becoming more and more bitter and hateful.

Case in point: Blaire White was a cute guy but now he looks like a kardashian after a bad car accident.

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RE: The future libfems want for us...


spoilerLiberal Arts U 2020

"You know why we have to wear these, our bodies are invalidating to trans women"

Their heads might explode if they had to choose between validating transwomen AT ALL COSTS or potentially committing islamophobic cultural appropriation by stealing their proud history of misogynistic dress.

And boy oh boy, those are two groups the libs love to coddle that I want to see go head to head over conflicting interests so bad.


The men will win. Muslim women have already been told they’re transphobic for not wanting to remove their head coverings around TIMs.

And now these women are in a classic lose/lose situation. Go uncovered around male TIMs and be branded "whores" on one side. And being branded as bigots if they make the opposite choice. The only way they "win" is staying locked in their fathers homes forever

Trans wins every single time. There is literally no exceptions. They scream at Muslim women to "get over" their irrational fear of dicks.

Thank you, these issues are very much in parallel among liberals. You would think the only atrocities in the wold were happening in Israel, the Palestinians and other Arab countries in particular are completely innocent, Jews don’t count as an oppressed group, and anti US sentiment is something to be encouraged.

The cognitive disconnect and black and white thinking liberals claim to be so innocent of is very present in their understanding of TRA and the Middle East.

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RE: If libfems existed in olden Chinese footbinding era


spoilerIf modern libfems existed in pre-20th century China they would be like "Foot binding is a choice! Some women find it empowering! I do it for myself!" and then nothing would ever get done.


I really feel like liberal feminism is a distraction. They see themselves through the eyes of men.

I think they want to see themselves as "nice". They don't want other women to feel bad about wearing heels, selling nudes on Only Fans, etc; so they have to pretend its all valid self expression so nobody thinks they're meanies

At this point they're more than useless, they're actively harmful. It boggles my mind they actually view themselves as "nice".

Nice to who? Not women.

Liberal "feminism" is just learning to enjoy your subjugation under a new label (i.e hijab, prostitution, domestic violence relabelled as kink, etc).