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( GraceHoward1729 )
Misogynists are not welcome here.

💜🤍💚 Here are a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Men who pretend to be women are men.

Women are female; men are male.

Lesbians are female homosexuals and exclusively own all sapphic spaces.

Calling men who pretend to be women "women" makes you a misogynist.

Lesbians are female homosexuals. Lesbians are not male heterosexuals. And no matter how much whining they do, misogynists can't change that fact.

This all doesn't need to be said, because reality exists independent of people's words. Reality doesn't require mass campaigns of psychological control with official contradictory slogans to be repeated ad nauseam; reality doesn't rely upon doublethink or propaganda-induced fear for compliance. I am not forgetting any facts, because reality is impossible to forget, not sorry.

( Champagne_Lasagne )
MEN are not welcome here.

💜 Here's a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Transwomen are men.

All women have vaginas, all men have penises.

Enby lesbians are misogynist "not like other girls" women and are not welcome here and in all sapphic spaces.

Calling women "females" is degrading yet necessary, because some fuckwits refuse to acknowledge the meaning of "woman".

Lesbians are women who love women. Lesbians are only Cis women who love Cis women. And no matter how much whining they do, men and homophobes can't change that fact.

Evidently this all needs to be said all the time. Moids and handmaidens are always ignoring these types of facts however, fuck them.

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( littleowl12 )
Girls are the bread and butter of gender clinics

I know gender clinics started their predatory crap with boys. But let's face it, there was never going to be that much growth, even with Jeanette Jennings parading poor Jazz around. Most parents would never allow their sons' genitals to be lopped off. Even for super dysfunctional homophobic families, it was just unthinkable. Even most adult TIMs don't bother with neo-vagina nonsense.

But look how much more "open-minded" parents are about mutilating their daughters' bodies. Early hysterectomies, breast amputation. Parents are so much more accommodating that now gender clinics focus on girls as their main prey. If a boy shows up, fine, but it's definitely about girls, now.

Does anyone have stats on the demand for neo-vaginas vs. phallo/metoidioplasty? I know the latter has far fewer surgeons and is much more expensive. But I'd love to know what percentage of TIFs at least attempt to get some sort of genital surgery.

It's just heart breaking how reckless parents are with their girls as opposed to their boys.

( mrsmeyers )
Making women and girls hate themselves is very economically viable. They are disposable, especially if they aren't "pretty."

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Twitter poll: Would you have sex with a trans person?

( femlez34 )
I love the response, "No, because they are misogynists". Kudos if that was one of you ladies. It's so true though, even if you could be attracted to them, their sexist views would kill the vibe. Not just with TIMs, I've met a couple non-medical NB women that I've been attracted to, but I couldn't stand the idea of dating someone who thinks they're special and unique and as a "cis woman" I must love all the abuse and discrimination. Even though my wife and I are nearly on opposite ends of the lesbian presentation spectrum, we're still united as women.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Ugh it kills me to see tifs being misogynists, I'm like what the fuck is wrong with you, girl. You can't self ID your way out of being a woman.

You can see it right out in the open - the trans activists basically only ever talk about tims. Tims are the loud ones, they get all the attention.

I don't understand how Tifs and NBs don't see the blatant misogyny

( femlez34 )
Omg, the sexism within the trans community is staggering. TIMs accuse the TIFs of having "male privilege" and just steamroll them. You see this on the trans reddit subs all the time, a TIF will politely bring up that TIFs still have the problems with reproductive issues, or being socialized as girls, and the TIMs explode.

( mathlover )
Never. I'm lesbian so would never have sex with a man. All transwomen are men so there is absolutely no way, ever, that I would have sex with one. No lesbian would - a lesbian having sex with a man is always rape. Wouldn't matter what they looked like or if they have had their junk made into a front hole.

And I wouldn't date any of the deluded women trying to escape mysogyny by pretending they are men. They are not capable of mentally healthy relationships and need to devote any emotional energy to all the psychological healing they will need when the delusion eventually betrays them.

( Turtlefuzz )
I'm bi and I would not want to be bumpin' uglies with a TIM or a TIF. Super bi, super fly 😎

( Tiramisuomi )
AGPs came at me likes flies when I was online dating because I listed myself as bi. "You'll have the best of both worlds uwu"

🤮You mean the worst of both worlds. Worst.

( friedparata )
the worst of male.

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RE: Have I already lost her? Is it already too late?

( GA626 )
As a mother myself with a 5 month old, I very much dread her future and the thought of this happening.

You cannot restrict her access to the internet, but what I would do in this situation is explain to her the dangers of strangers on the internet, explain what the term 'grooming' means, and also explain to her what puberty blockers are used for and the permanent damages they cause to the body.

Show her pictures of TIF's, after 'gender affirming surgery', even if you consider them extremely graphic. Show her the damage this ideology causes. People like Chloe Cole and other detransitioners are people she should look up and read about. Libsoftiktok, Kellie Jay Keen etc.

I don't know how old she is, but children are immature and won't hit full maturity until 25. She cannot possibly know anything about her future, other than the ideas put into her head now by the trans cult and she needs to be protected from those ideas. She needs to understand exactly what happens when you are sterile.

If you want to find your daughter again, this is what needs to be done in order to make her understand the reality behind the ideology. It's designed to tear children away from parents and destroy relationships. You could also explain to her what a cult is.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. It sounds like a nightmare.

( LunarMoose )
Home school her (can you?) Turn OFF the internet. I would absolutely do this (I did turn off the internet for my home at one point, not because of trans issues - daughter's behavior was really tough for a few months. This sucked for me, too (I like the internet) and daughter said I'd never survive. I sure did! And those issues disappeared :) Move. Do you have relatives you can stay with (in a conservative part of the country?) Then send her to a private school. Or home school.

If this were my daughter, I'd make every drastic step I could to interrupt this. As others have asked - how old is she?

( FlorenceBlue )
Take away any device she has that connects to the internet.

( WatcherattheGates )
I don't know how old she is, but if she is younger than 17, take a hammer and smash her phone and computer. I mean it. That is the only way. If you can, also take her on a gap year to Europe or somewhere else, immediately. I promise you that if you sever it all, you will see her come back, bit by bit.

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RE: Remind the Dems that they can't weaponize Roe to get our votes until they have their own anti-woman platform

( real_feminist )
I said this (i forgot to mention pro-surrogacy, whoops):

"The Democratic Party has spent the last several years dehumanizing women and pushing a misogynistic platform. You are now pro-sex work, pro-porn, and pro-gender identity. All issues that strip women of our humanity just as much as the attacks from the Republicans. Democrats have argued for our bodies to be bought, sold, rented, and mocked. You have fought for protect the men who rape sex workers and the men who wear womenface from accountability. Biden has also abused his power to strip us of our legal sex-based rights.

I say 'you' and not 'we' because, although I have been a lifelong Democrat, I no longer consider myself a part of your party since you no longer see me a human being.

The last two days have been awful. Our abortion rights have become time-limited. Yet, Democrats still refuse to acknowledge sex-based oppression or your role in the War on Women. Say it -- "WOMEN". Adult human females. Sex-based oppression.

You have exploited this opportunity to coerce us into voting for you. Why on earth do you think that we'll vote for a party that is controlled by MALE SUPREMACISTS and portrays feminists as the root of all evil?!


( madderthanhell )
Warning that they'll ignore the issues you raise and use your email to build their fundraising list.

I submitted a comment to them last week complaining about their party's promotion of regressive, sexist, gender identity ideology. Got an automated reply promising response in a day or two. Then...nothing. No response. Until today when for the first time ever I got a request for a monetary donation, focusing on the Roe issue, and signed Kamala Harris... F*ckers. Fastest ever hit on an "unsubscribe" button.

( real_feminist )
Ugh. I hope they get slaughtered in the voting booth. We're completely fucked either way.

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Responding to the "How do we know what sex people are without checking their genitals?" crowd

( TheLastUBender )
I really love how women grimly and quietly squirrel away information, helpful articles, studies, incriminating screenshots and explanatory memes to combat the collective gaslighting.

It is like being part of a resistance movement. But I thought it would be about something less heinously absurd. Can't they axe this nonsense so we can focus on social policies and climate change? Ugh.

( Riothamus )

Can't they axe this nonsense so we can focus on social policies and climate change?

The entrenched interests started pushing this TRA nonsense after Occupy Wall Street brought mainstream attention to class issues. Gender Ideology exists purely to divide the working classes over the critical issue of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

( NotCis )
Yeah, I hate doing that. I don't want to participate in this charade that if we just present the right evidence in the right format, they'll listen to us. I prefer to respond with something like "Somehow modern man figured out which sex to rape and oppress for thousands of years before anyone knew what chromosomes were. Any theories as to how men managed that?" Put the onus back on them.

( TheLastUBender )
I can't say that I'm not part of the squirreling, but I LOVE your take. You're right, their claims are patently, obviously absurd, and presenting evidence won't work even as well as your reply.

( Tortoisemouse )
I have found presenting evidence does work.... not to change their minds (although you never know) but to make them concede defeat which is basically what happens when they have a big screaming fit, shout names at you and then block you. To me that's a win. And there are others watching. Even if the others watching are people who already agree with you, we give each other strength by speaking out publicly.

Also I have had some amazing experiences on Twitter of being attacked by a TRA, getting into a "debate" in which they get nasty, and then suddenly I am being backed up by two, three, four other women, all completely calm and reasonable and firm of resolve. It's like, we've got each other's backs.

But yeah. I wish we were fighting something that wasn't just a fabricated invented vanity project. That's partly why it's so exhausting.

mathlover & WholeGrain #transphobia ovarit.com

Lesbian visibility week event ..with a TiM

( mathlover )
"L With the T" as the title of the event is horrific. It is basically saying that prey (lesbians) should have no way to avoid their predators (rapey male "trans").

( WholeGrain )
All these TiMs with their "LwiththeT" hashtags and the like, meanwhile I see actual lesbians use "LetTheLOut" the most. Tells you all you need to know.

furyosa , BlueToyotaTacoma & Vasilisa #transphobia ovarit.com

To the handmaidens of the 'Be Kind' brigade
She said 'Be kind' to the children protesting displays of their male teacher's fetish

She said 'Be kind' to the female athlete protesting the male athelete winning her race

She said 'Be kind' to the woman protesting a man's presence in her communal showers

She said 'Be kind' to the hospitalized woman protesting a man's presence in her ward

She said 'Be kind' to the raped woman protesting a man's presence in her shelter

She said 'Be kind' to the imprisoned woman protesting a male rapist sharing her cell

She said 'Be kind' but the kindness she's demanding only goes one way

She said 'Be kind' as she lay prostrate before her male masters

We said 'No' as we will not join you in your prostration

We said 'No' as we stand for women's sex based rights

( BlueToyotaTacoma )
It's why I have decided to stop feeling guilty all the time. My dad tried to make me feel like shit because he has a way of making his victims feel like they're the perpetrators. He is a narcissist and these men are the same. I don't owe anything to narcissistic men and neither do any of you. I don't care if he calls me a "little shit," a "manipulator," or anything else. Similarly, I don't care if they call me a "transphobe" or "bigot" or whatever. These men are just as bad as my dad. They are exactly the same kind of toxic person.

I'm sick of being made to feel small by men. When it comes to narcissists I'd rather be an "asshole" than a handmaiden.

(Vasilisa )
I felt so moved reading this. I think it encapsulates, in a very concise form, what it means to be a woman. I’m thinking here of the fact that I too was in the “be kind” brigade. We are conditioned to be so and much as I regret this, it was hard to unlearn - if it’s even possible to unlearn completely.

I see the “we” in the last verses as being a union of the “she”’s in the first verses. It’s finding a collective that gives strength, conviction and “class consciousness” to (some) women (like me. Others may not need it, and brava to them!).

I will save it to reread, (yes) thank you, furyosa.

Researcher1536 , crodish & emissch #transphobia ovarit.com

( Researcher1536 )
Long post coming in--

I opened up to a friend this week. She said she has a hard time treating TIMs as women when she comes face to face with them. We had a TIM cashier in a cheap AF wig and a TIM server at a restaurant. I said, you don't have to treat them as women, because they're not. Biological sex cannot be changed. Wear a dress, who cares. But you can't change your sex. I explained as much as I could in a crowded space with families around-- sports, bathrooms, children (briefly), women's support groups being invaded, why language matters. I told her there were dozens of other topics and I could talk for hours. At the end of it, she goes, "and you're entitled to your opinion." I replied, biological sex is NOT an opinion; it's fact. People KNOW this shit is ridiculous. She admitted she can't process it when she comes face to face with TIMs. Even the brains of TRA-lites override their feelings in that split second. This same friend said a year ago she thought her 6 year old son, who is on the spectrum, was trans because he liked to wear dresses of his older sister. Fast forward to today, the boy hasn't worn a dress in months. This insidious cult is harming so many kids who want to be kids and play with clothes and have fun with different roles. If my friend had medicalized the boy, he'd be another Jazz right now.

( crodish )

At the end of it, she goes, "and you're entitled to your opinion." I replied, biological sex is NOT an opinion; it's fact.

throws table She JUST told you how she couldn't see TIMs as women and you were telling her she doesn't have to! Why is she so desperate to brainwash herself?? So glad she didn't trans her son urgh

( emissch )
I really do feel like TRAs who get semi-peaked thoughts as they get close to the edge are in a really fragile mental state in that moment. So I think if you start dishing out hard truths it can be too much for them so they start to step back off the ledge and go to their safe place. I was never a TRA so haven't experienced personally, but based on prior accounts I've read on here and elsewhere it just seems like there is an intense emotional cycle going on.

Sprig_of_mint , shewolfoffrance & Bolero #transphobia ovarit.com

Genderwoo = the Satanic Panic?

One of my deepest areas of fascination is the 1980s Satanic Panic, which began by parents becoming convinced that their children's daycare was being secretly run by a cabal of Satanic pedophiles. This belief catapulted itself into mainstream American thought. Doctors, law enforcement, social workers, psychologists, and other authorities believed the lies that America was full of Satanic ritual abuse underground societies. They used slogans like "Believe the children" and "children don't lie" while using junk science and manipulative interviewing techniques to convince children and parents of Satanic abuse that literally never happened. There's a lot more to it, and I recommend those unfamiliar take a look. The general attitude from those my age who were only young children when this was going on is "what was everyone thinking? How could they have been so deluded?" Do you all think in a few decades everyone will the same way about transing kids? Here's what really gets me--for different reasons, but both the Satanic-panic-influenced Bible belters of my childhood and TRAs of today hate JK Rowling!

( shewolfoffrance )
One contrast I find interesting is that right now, it's the people who are raising the alarm about abuse who are accused of stoking a moral panic. I'm fairly sure that within 10-15 years massive lawsuits, journalistic exposés, and personal memoirs about detransition will force the issue into the sunlight.

And while the accusations of Satanic ritual abuse in the 80s were never substantiated, and never even plausible in the first place; the evidence of medical, sexual, and emotional abuse in gender activism is all right there. Many TRAs will even brag about it publicly. Off the top of my head I can think of Dr. Yeet the Teats, rapist Eli Erlick, and the promotion of suicide-baiting as a tactic to force family members to support transition.

( Bolero )
My favorite thing about the current era is that Michael "Jesse Singal is literally murdering trans people" Hobbes did a whole thing about Satanic Panic on his You're Wrong About podcast. I think it's actually where I first learned about Satanic Panic (before I listened to a couple of episodes where I'd had prior knowledge about the subject, and started mistrusting his reporting).


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Opinion: I'm a transgender player in a women's hockey league. That's exactly where I belong - CNN

( ProxyMusic )

Throughout my transition, I remained active in my sport. I tried playing adult men's "beer league" hockey at first, but I didn't feel safe physically, since I was playing against large bodies as my own body was rapidly changing and losing muscle mass.

And playing in that league only added to my anxiety, since I didn't feel comfortable expressing my true identity in front of my [male] teammates. I was certain that my male teammates wouldn't accept my transition.

So he didn't even give the other blokes a chance to demonstrate their fealty to "diversity and inclusion" by allowing them to know and accept him. He sold them short from the get-go by deciding in his own head right off the bat that they'd never accept him, thus he never bothered being honest and open with them. In one act of mental gymnastics, he pre-judged them to be intolerant arseholes and conveniently let himself off the hook. So much for "authenticity" and "living your truth."

I felt like a complete outsider, as if I had something to hide every time I stepped in the locker room -- whether I was covering up the physical changes I was experiencing because of transitioning, or lying about my life off the ice.

News flash: hiding who you are and lying about yourself leads to social awkwardness and unease. It's impossible to feel at home with others when you are not at home with yourself.

( RisingUp )

I felt like a complete outsider, as if I had something to hide every time I stepped in the locker room -- whether I was covering up the physical changes I was experiencing because of transitioning, or lying about my life off the ice.

But in the ladies locker room he’s totally happy letting it all swing free! How charming.

( hmimperialtortie )
You belong in a locked ward, male.

( mittimithai )
This has to be the best line.

"The first couple of years during my transition were tough: During one particularly rough three-month period, I posed as a man at work while living my true identity outside it."

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TIMs are "willful women"

( BlackCirce )
Wrong. A “willful woman” is a woman, an adult human female, who demands to be treated as all three, to be recognized as an adult and a human while female, who demands to be recognized as a full political subject, a full citizen who inherits the privileges and duties of a citizen, the possessor and creator of her works in art and science and philosophy whatever their intent or quality, a full authority over her children and household. That is what a willful woman is. A man who ejaculates wildly at the touch of silken drawers is simply a pervert.

( no- )
I googled Sara Ahmed fully expecting her to be a TIM because wtf, but no, this is a handmaiden 🤦‍♀️

( GraceHoward1729 )

A man who ejaculates wildly at the touch of silken drawers is simply a pervert.

lmfao. reminded me of this: “The first time I put on the black silk panties I got a hardon right away.” - Julian Beck

"Transvestism is costuming which violates gender imperatives. Transvestism is generally a sexually charged act: the visible, public violation of sex role is erotic, exciting, dangerous. It is a kind of erotic civil disobedience, and that is precisely its value. Costuming is part of the strategy and process of role destruction. We see, for instance, that as women reject the female role, they adopt “male” clothing. As sex roles dissolve, the particular erotic content of transvestism dissolves." - Dworkin

Reason number #789270842 these full-time fetishistic parodies have a vested interest maintaining women's oppression and subjugation, in upholding patriarchy and sex roles and hindering women's liberation. The eroticism goes away if our inferiority established by the oppressive 'gender' hierarchy is abolished. And ofc what's important is not women's liberation but ensuring paraphilic men have permanent hard ons. christ

( Seven )
Ugh, these fetishistic caricatures are so demanding of something i wished SO HARD i never were..

( mathlover )
That describes men. Men who play make-believe "women".

Various commenters #sexist ovarit.com

"If men without gender identities vanished from society, patriarchy would continue to be upheld by women"

( visits_radio )
"Cis" men didn't disappear from that book; they became rape-obessed monsters.

( Committing_Tervery )


rape-obsessed monsters

Meme from The Office: “They’re the same picture.”

( rowlings_army )
And they're not already?

( BlackCirce )
This is a fantasy men have had and described multiple times but it’s inconsistent with historical men’s evaluation of women. Men constantly assert that women are mentally weak, nonviolent, risk averse, not aggressive, not sexually motivated etc. Without those traits it’s difficult to see how in the absence of men, women would continue men’s organization of society dependent on those traits. Stories like YTLM and Manhunt when women suddenly become “exactly like men” in the absence of men are just cope. If most males died off, women would continue being mainly communitarian, risk averse, less aggressive etc and life would be better for everyone. Men cannot cope with the fact that their existence is why life sucks so much both for themselves and for women 💁🏾‍♀️

Also the idea that if women had power we would treat men the way they treat us acts to sanitize their brutality as self defense. “If we don’t keep them broken as slaves, they will grow strong and enslave us.”

( butchplease )
Naomi Alderman's "The Power" springs to mind.

( BlackCirce )
People act like women don’t have access to deadly weapons. We do and we do use them against men, children and other women. Just far far less than men do. Like most mammals female humans are most dangerous when our offspring are threatened. If women wanted more men dead we absolutely could accomplish that without any supernatural interventions. People need to accept that, among the many many wonderful things about women, we are also more peaceful. Its a fact 🤷🏾‍♀️

hmimperialtortie , sojourner_truth_ & momofreyrella #transphobia ovarit.com

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream says "words have meaning, TRAHR"

( hmimperialtortie )
No, they’re not. Nobody is trans, there’s no such thing. These “rights” are rapists’ privileges.

Also make up your alleged minds, do words have meanings or not?

( sojourner_truth_ )
So many people will have to walk these bad takes back when sanity prevails. It's crazy how many people who are dead wrong on literally every other issue (like Tucker Carlson) will be dead on the money here, and people who have a stellar track record are pushing pedophilia and the destruction of women's rights.

( momofreyrella )
Its so weird agreeing with Tucker Carlon of all people!!

( sojourner_truth_ )
I know, right! I actually watched him on youtube talking about the Libs of TikTok doxxing and half of my brain was melting, just in shock that I was watching him. What has the world come to?

OwnLyingEyes & KissMyOvaries #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How calling a vagina a front hole DOES affect me

( OwnLyingEyes )
It's harmful to all women because it's taking away clear words that are necessary for understanding how our bodies function and replacing them with newspeak words that were created for the sole purpose of allowing some delusional women to sink deeper into those delusions. And FFS, doctor's visits take time out of my day and I pay a premium for accessing a small amount of their time; can we please not waste it playing inconsistent pronoun-and-gibberish games (especially when said delusional women you're sacrificing and expecting me to sacrifice so much to appease aren't even in the room)?

And it costs confidence in them as professionals, people I'm supposed to trust with my health, with my life, who can't or won't even speak clearly about what's happening to me because they're too afraid of offending insane people by acknowledging reality.

( KissMyOvaries )
This is why I don’t give a flying fck if TIFs end up with long term body damage. If you’re so stupid as to believe that you can become a man, then maybe you deserve what comes to you. Almost immediately after peaking I could see just how much damage TIFs do to other women. I’m not going to waste any energy on caring about them, because they ACTIVELY try to destroy other women.

I do want to say that I have ZERO problems with detrans women who have also dropped their narcissistic bullshit. There are a few prominent detrans women who are still all stuck up on themselves and no, I don’t support them as I don’t support narcissistic people.

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Woman gets called a transphobe for not wanting to share a bed with a TIM

(mathlover )
Why is this surprising? It was an opportunity for a "trans" man to coercively rape a woman. Or at least get off sexually. Is there any doubt that he would have been masturbating next to her in bed if she was able to rebuff outright rape? Or that he probably did masturbate, while sniffing the sheets, after she left the bed.

Everything these men do is easily interpreted and understood once you realize that everything they do is motivated by getting off and violating women to do so.

( Bolero )

The last, transmisogyny, is a combination of sexism and transphobia applied to trans women. Generally it involves seeing us as more dangerous than other women

Reality is a TERF, yet again

( no- )
Right? Why would they be more safe than other men? They're the same picture. And they know men are more dangerous than women because that's the excuse they use to demand access to female spaces.

( hmimperialtortie )
Imo they are more dangerous than other men.

( ErikaMart )
I'd share a bed with a normal strange man before a TIM I'm not joking

( butchplease )
If I have to choose between the man who's pushing himself into my spaces and the man who isn't, guess which one I'm taking.

( no- )
That's the thing about TIMs, they have a way of making other men look decent in comparison.

( XX_Power )
Statistically they're even more dangerous than other men! The crossdressers especially love rape and pedophilia if we go by incarceration data.

GraceHoward1729 #transphobia ovarit.com

What does it mean to be ‘treated as' a woman?


Men: oh btw for some of us it's not enough to jack off to your pain, we actually want to be treated like you!! like women just like you hahah! and we'll pretend to be you, and you have to pretend too!! haha oh even though we have male bodies so we're not actually oppressed lol we just want to be treated less than and we want to perform 'femininity' like you're forced to and we want to be treated like the subordinate sex class and thus redefine you in law and society as actually being the subordinate 'gender' created by patriarchy! we have pink gender souls and so do you haha and female brains lol we'll call the porn 'sissification' and our existences 'feminisation'.

yeah yeah we know cross-dressing is the most common paraphilia of convicted sex offenders but shhhh shhhh let us in the spaces you fought hard for girlies we'll wear your oppression like a costume and get breast implants and jack off to you being degraded lol it's ‘gender affirming’ it’s our right!!! this is the men's sexual rights movem- oop i mean "trans rights movement" hahahah oh btw call us women, because we are women, 'women' is just a male fetish now. lol all that shit how we treat you cos you have a female body, all that shit you’ve been fighting against for centuries, we want that enshrined in law that you have to be treated that way, we’ll erase centuries of feminism just because we sickos want that misogynistic treatment lol. ha and if you object you’re ‘transmisogynists’. oh btw there's no such thing as female. so we’ll erase you too. and btw what kind of hormones does your ‘female’ body naturally produce? we're going to start injecting that. fuck yeah. omg is that 'milk' coming out of my moobs? let me force-feed this disgusting synthetic shit to a child. im a mother! but there’s no such thing as mother. ha this isn’t child abuse!! oh women btw while we redefine you in law and society to mean that you are how misogynists treat you, you’re going to have to call us ‘she’ and shut the fuck up about it. lol

2nd wave feminists: NO-

men: fuck you stfu cissexist transphobic terf swerf disgusting transmisogynist cissies stop oppressing me I will rape you with my girldick

2nd wave feminists:

2nd wave feminists: general public, are you hearing this? hello?!


SakuraBlossoms #transphobia ovarit.com


Fixed it!

❌ He is a transgender
❌ He is transgendered

✔️ She identifies as transgender

❌ He transgendered last year

✔️ She started pretending she was a man last year

❌ He changed gender

✔️ She started making people call her a man

❌ He was born a girl

✔️ She is a girl

❌ When he was a girl

✔️ When she didn't deny her sex

❌ Before he became a boy

✔️ Before she became deluded

❌ Being trans means you're gay

✔️ Identifying as trans usually means you're a straight homophobe

❌ Did you get the surgery?

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I saw this on twitter a comment about using puberty blockers so that it is easier for their child to "pass". This concept of passing is so upsetting. Basically parents are condoning that their child will have to live a lie for the rest of their lives.

What a terrible way to live.

( Beru )
I honestly think that many of these parents are terrified at the prospect of having a visibly gender-nonconforming child. That's why they push for 'passing' at all costs.

( sojourner_truth_ )
Even if they pass, so what? They'll be sterile, mentally ill, and still their birth sex. So who cares if they can fool more people than a person who transed themselves later in life?

( princess_toots )
And "passing" requires keeping everyone at a distance. You can't let anyone close enough to you to realize the truth. What a sad way to live your life... close relationships make life meaningful.

( Stealthygal )
This bothers me too. Why not push for greater acceptance of a wider kind of presentation instead of medicalizing it? (Oh wait it's capitalism.)

( Every-Man-His-Own-Football )
Fetishistic transvestites' main regret is not transitioning sooner. For them passing is an erotic obsession, which they project onto "trans kids". In addition, TIMs tend to have a "sissification" fetish (forced feminization of boys), and some are simply pedophiles. But victims of childhood (prepubescent) transition will typically not develop sexual attraction at all; never mind a paraphilia.

I also think this is a trial run for transhumanist elites to biologically engineer their children.

( OwnLyingEyes )
Ugh, your comment just made me realize that piece about how some of this might be adult TIMs living out their forced-fem fetishes on children; I hadn't connected those dots, but it fits. One of the cockiest 'egg-crackers' I'm aware of is also saturated in all of that shit and won't stop hornyposting on Twitter about it.

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RE: What does it mean to be ‘treated as' a woman?

( RawSienna )
What TIMs mean when they say this is “you better pretend I’m a woman when it suits me, so I can go slumming in misogyny when I feel like it because it gives me hate-boners”.

For women, it means being mistreated to varying degrees in culturally-specific ways depending geographic location.

( notsofreshfeeling )
TiMs never experience misogyny; they can't go slumming in it. It takes about 10 seconds max to clock the most passable TiM on earth.

( RawSienna )
I phrased it badly. No, of course they dont experience misogyny…they’re misogynists. What I was trying to say is that misogyny excites them sexually.

( drdeeisback )
Excellent. And yeah, 'treated like a woman' makes zero sense--it seems, when asked, the only nonsexual and nonsexist answers are 'people saying she about me and being able to use spaces for women'. Aside from the fact that this is, in fact, a sexual answer, it's not as if men don't have the word 'he' and spaces for men.

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Addicts "feel" better temporarily when given their drug of choice. But all you have done is made the addiction worse. The only effective treatment is to help the addict through the difficult period of learning to live life without the drug.

Temporarily giving puberty blockers only fuels a child's false hope that they could ever change sex. It makes the child's psychological issues worse. The only effective treatment is to help the child through the difficult period of learning to accept, and live life, as the sex they are.

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RE: Video game fans peaked by TRAs messing with their favourite video game

When TIMs complain about transphobia, in the vast majority of cases, it is narc rage caused by an interference with their erotic obsession. That's also why they are so excessively focused on "TERFs" (and so ready to use threats of rape) rather than on the men who are actually violent towards TIMs. When Serano invented "transmisogyny" the first example he gave was jokes about men in dresses. What made the transvestites in GTA 5 so much more offensive to TIMs than misogyny is that they are clearly portrayed as male. Supposedly in trans logic any of the female characters in the game could be trans.

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( PointySpoon )
Just a thought for the day, I’m gonna call MRAs re-skinned TRAs now. Since we always call TRAs re-skinned MRAs hahaha

( vvvqvvv )
I genuinely do not understand the cognitive dissonance TRAs have. They think they are being “progressive” by using sexist stereotypes to discern gender?

What is progressive about pushing a young girl with “stereotypically masculine interests” into surgery and hormones? They are SO close to getting it right but also somehow miss it by miles. Why can’t “masculine” girls simply just be masculine girls? Why MUST they become boys?

Gender ideology is riddled with such overt hypocrisy that I can’t help but assume TRAs are lacking serious cognitive abilities. How are they so blind?

( queen_beastmode )
Oh yea, TRA's and MRA's are definitely part of the same internet mano-sphere culture. If you put a TRA and an MRA together they might disagree on certain identity issues and key talking points, one might be more likely to vote republican and the other democrat, but if you dig deeper they share very similar core values and a semi-fascist rhetorical style that is hard to miss.

( yikesforever )
I don't think men want women to cut off their boobs though, that part doesn't match a world that men would want.

But otherwise the outcome of their actions certainly is a place where men have easier access to assault women and girls and take things that belong to women. Though I don't think it's intentional for a lot of them. The ones who have been swayed by emotion seem to really believe "trans" people are a set of people that are more marginalized and in pain than any other set of people.

( Peppermint )
I think the men who want women and girls to cut off the boobs are the men who are jealous of women and girls. Everyone should be horrified that non-trans people are being given drugs and surgeries even TIMs but we don't hear a thing.

( Evee_Era )
This is a good pt too. A lot of envious transwomen really hate us.

( Evee_Era )
Good point. FtM adds another stepping stone in their destruction of woman so they can redefine and include themselves. The goal is to confuse kids so they can inject their TRA beliefs enough for transwomen to slip in and gain access.

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( miss_frankie )
“We’re into breath play”. Nope your boyfriend just gets a boner from choking you.

( demonista )
From strangling her/you. Even choking is a euphemism.

( Committing_Tervery )
The word “play” makes it sound so innocent, and instantly evokes images of children, so ew @ that word being constantly used too. Pedophiles...

( pennygadget )
Agreed. Its pedo language designed to appeal to young people (and desensitize young girls)

( notafeminist )
All the while beating drums about how they are "safe, sane and consensual." No sane person gets off to labeling gruesome acts in such a childlike way.

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RE: Watching trans murder rates inflate in real time

I've never met a TIM who passed, I can't imagine a situation where a man would be dating a TIM for a while and then suddenly learn they've been seeing a male. It would be possible to catfish someone online I guess.

They want it to be a hate crime so badly because otherwise there's no justification for their agenda. It's always "Sorry, it isn't fair for someone who went through male puberty to compete against women" -> "If you don't let me cheat in sports, some unrelated man out there is going to murder a TIP!", "Women aren't comfortable sharing a bathroom with males" -> "If you make us go in the men's room, we'll get hate crimed!", "Let's have children wait to medically transition until they've reached adulthood so that they're able to consent" -> "Preventing this child from being sterilized at age 12 will cause a different TIP somewhere else in the country to be murdered!"

It's their answer to everything because they aren't able to rationally justify any of their goals. If there are no hate crimes, then they really have nothing. Most of the people running the trans movement are middle aged white straight men who transitioned well into their adult careers and were never gender non-conforming as children. They tend to be high earning in fields like tech. They are essentially one of the most privileged groups in the country. They're desperate to bill themselves as the most oppressed in order to gain "allies" to push their agenda of giving male fetishists access to their non-consenting targets.

crodish #transphobia ovarit.com

Dumb take? I dread the day men invading our spaces stop calling themselves "women" and start claiming they are "transmen" instead

I know it's a stupid take, and I'm sorry, but I'm trying to wrap my head around it. I hate that no, not all of us (me mostly) will be able to discern this. I hate that this is a plausible situation that can come from "transmen are free to use female spaces because they are female, regardless of how much they have masculinized themselves" and that scumbag men will likely once again use it to their advantage.

Like right now, there's probably zero chance in hell that TIFs would actually want to admit they are female by using the ladies, or that TIMs would admit to being any sort of man, but I can see the AGPs who don't care either way adopting this.

Males can already stealth in as "passing" transwomen whom we've never noticed (they're already doing it when they don't pass as "women"), they sure as hell would have no problems pretending to be bearded, balding transmen, too.

I remember a positive interaction twitter thread posted by a GNC woman who said she had been confronted by another woman who told her she was in the ladies, thinking she was a man. The OP told the woman she was actually female, the woman then clocked her as female after she spoke, and all was well and good, because the woman did recognize the OP was female, as she said.

I keep thinking about how if it was me and if my shit clocking senses couldn't tell, if I would have made a fool out of myself insisting she was a man (if it was a TIF instead of a GNC woman). Or if it was some skinny feminine AGP with a beard and he'd lied and said he was actually a transman. And I would be more mortified about insulting a masculinized woman that she looked like a man that I'd likely let it go. And if it would start the whole thing about being overly suspicious of anyone remotely non-conforming, or even "truscum trans" who used the right-sexed toilets, or detrans people whose appearances have been permanently altered.

....can we have a rewind to thirty years ago where I would have no idea even if the tiny minority of "passing" transwomen were actually stealthing into our toilets who ACTUALLY only wanted to pee, where we had unspoken assurance that 99% of the people using single-sexed spaces WERE that sex and I didn't have to think about it?


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The way gender non conforming women are being treated is pushing them
The way GNC women are treated is making more and more think they are "nonbinary" or shouldn't be women because theyre not feminine

It's making me so angry

Theres is tiktok by this GNC woman and now her experience is making her "dysphoric" like fuck that.


( La_Terfa )
One of the biggest evils of transgenderism is telling women that, if they're not completely flawlessly feminine (in a caricature-like way), or don't like being sexualized and abused by men, they're not really women.

( Mandy )
All the women who don't like it can exclude themselves from the category of women; the women who remain will aspire to perform as sex objects for men as the ultimate validation of their identity. They will compete among themselves to be the most objectified. They will objectify themselves to gain male approval.

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Trans rights wants:

* External validation at all costs.
* The institutional and systemic erasure of the bodily reality of women and girls.
* No freedom of assembly for women.
* No safe intimate spaces for women.
* Free cosmetic surgery.
* Priest class status. No accountability for their sexual crimes and access to vulnerable victims.
* To freely practice exhibitionism and voyeurism.
* Indoctrinating children.
* Sterilizing children, LGB youth, and neurodivergent people.
* No free speech, especially for women.
* Suppressing female class consciousness.
* Deplatforming and harassing feminists.
* Replacing feminism with rape culture and postmodern identity politics.
* Inhumane medical experimentation (uterus transplants on men).
* Letting men with breastfeeding fetishes feed their questionable nipple discharge to infants.
* To force society at large to participate in men’s cross dressing and feminization fetishes.
* To allow women to be raped and impregnated by male inmates in prison.

KissMyOvaries , XX_Power, jessebelleinhell & Caerulea #homophobia ovarit.com

( KissMyOvaries )
I disagree that it’s the government’s failure to act that put them in the crosshairs of a new disease.

Gay men’s inability to stop randomly fucking each other has put them in the crosshairs of a new disease. They did this to themselves. They are not “innocent victims”. They don’t care about getting monkey pox because the pull of having random sex is too great to overcome. The realities of men having sex needs to be exposed for what it is. I’m sick of women being branded as sluts when gay men have faaaaar more indiscriminate sex.

( XX_Power )
Exactly! If this was a female disease somehow wed hear 247 how disgusting and inferior us filthy sl#tty women are.

But because it's men it's like, you can't expect gay men to stop having anonymous orgies for even just one fucking month, noooo, wet penises are more important than the health of the whole fucking population.

( Caerulea )
I agree, they are not innocent victims. The promiscuous ones are right now in the active process of creating a brand new STD, while full well knowing about it. And they are not stopping.

For context, I am in Europe, and the information here is very clear. The target demographic know who they are, and they have been directly advised to avoid having sex outside a monogamous partnership, just for a little while until this blows over. They did not change their behaviour at all.

( jessebelleinhell )
That's what I was just thinking. Men call women sluts and whores, say that WE are dirty and feminism is a disease, yet..look at them. Just more projection on their part. And while I'm glad to see that they are getting vaccinated, you just now for a lot of them, it's just so they can continue to get their freak on. I hope to god this doesn't mutate and become airborne..

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Should the LGB use right/conservative platforms to address grooming, child abuse in the LGBTQ+?
(124 votes/ 67% yes
62 votes/ 33% no)

( XX_Power )
Yes absolutely but our conservatives are considerably less batshit than the American ones. Either way, abusing, sterilizing and butchering children should be NON PARTISAN. If one side explicitly makes themselves the pro mutilating children party, well how could it be wrong to side with their opponents?.

( femlez34 )
Normally I would say no, but when we're talking about protecting children and the most vulnerable women, we don't have any time to waste. It's not like most of us want to be speaking on Fox news, it's that we've been banned and de-platformed everywhere else! Left leaning platforms want to just sweep this under the rug, maybe if we keep making it a topic of national conversation they'll be forced to include us at some point.

( pennygadget )
I voted yes. As someone who used to be active in the Tea Party and have far more right wing views than I do now, I know a lot about this. Part of the reason I came back to more moderate stances is because I saw left wing people like Lierre Keith appear on outlets like Fox News and Steven Crowder's show. I liked what they had to say and sought them out on their own platforms. I never would have done that if they didn't appear on the platforms I actually watched.

If the LGBs want to change hearts and minds, they won't get there by only singing to the left wing choir. They need to get ahead of this groomer shit by telling conservatives who might not know better that organizations like Stonewall and Pink News don't represent the majority of normal LGB people. And, by getting their voice out there, they might entice other people like me to reevaluate their politics in general and step outside their political comfort zone.

I became very right wing in my 20s because I felt betrayed by the left and how it was moving away from basic liberal values like free speech. And I see a lot of other people on the same trajectory right now because they were excommunicated from left wing circles for bullshit reasons. This is why its so vital for sane feminist and LGB activists to get their voices out however they can.

n3847 #transphobia ovarit.com

I say wipe out "transitioning" and Gender Ideology all together. I'm tired of these creeps and this inane whining from AGP men who need to shove themselves in w women. Ugh, get away CREEPS! Go compete w men and leave us alone. Tired of this.

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RE: Dumb take? I dread the day men invading our spaces stop calling themselves "women" and start claiming they are "transmen" instead

( sojourner_truth_ )
TIMs lie. Literally, that's what they do. They lie about being something other than male, that's their defining trait. They also lie about all kinds of other stuff. So, when I hear sad sobbing and violin music about some poor TIM who was so distraught over using the women's bathrooms, I hear them pulling the heartstrings of the Be Kind crowd. Inevitably, some handmaiden will bleat out "Oh, you poor poor dear! Come and use the women's, don't be silly!" It's a cunning and calculated manipulation. I hate that women still keeping fucking falling for it in 2022. I automatically doubt any such sob stories from these wolves in sheeps clothing, no matter how pretty or nice he pretends to be. He'd keep his crossdressing in the bedroom if he were so nice.

When you're telling your granddaughter about the good old days when women had our own rights and our own single sex spaces, it will sound like a fairy tale about flying on a broomstick or something, because these TIMs are stealing everything from us. I wish women would stop feeling sorry for them while they are robbing every woman and girl of their human dignity, safety and rights. Men's purported attacks on TIMs are not our problem.

( GraceHoward1729 )
They feed off of being called women and being 'seen as' women. It's their fetish. Pretending to be women and getting women to pretend too is the 'right' they are fighting for. It's a men's sexual rights movement. They won't give that up and call themselves 'trans men' for access. It's complete capitulation they want. Kat Blaque is a misogynist and I can guarantee he uses female spaces with glee; the story is bogus to further the narrative that these fetishistic entitled men are somehow 'oppressed' and 'marginalised' by parodying women and purposefully violating women's rights and boundaries.

99% of sexual offenders are male. This is why our goal is 100% of men out of women's sex-segregated spaces. We're not fighting to keep women who pretend to be men in women's spaces, we're fighting to keep men who pretend to be women out of women's spaces.


VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Parent asks TIP for help as TIM child on blockers can’t have penile inversion (2017)

Yeah, women have nothing to gain from puberty blockers - as far as medical problems go, those you get from mastectomies are very probably much less severe than those you get from puberty blockers. (Not counting the risk of surgery, but it is pretty safe nowadays, and brittle bones are likely to necessitate surgery, so ...)

But. I don't think it is stupid that TRAs want to die on the puberty blocker hill.

Not if you assume that their end goal, their real goal, is to ensure male access to ALL female spaces, and that they don't care shit about how many children they harm in the process.

The adult male AGPs who never intend to ever part with their penis profit from sickly small boys who actually look like girls thanks to puberty blockers being the public face of transness.

And I think that's the plan. Those children are used for publicity, so that adult male rapists, with penis and all, can get into womens' spaces and the general public thinking of them as frail, sickly boys with feminine faces.

hmimperialtortie & XX_Power #transphobia ovarit.com

Wearing transface

( hmimperialtortie )
Yes chucklefuck, they’re women mocking you perverts. Get used to it.

( XX_Power )
Ah the trans, their only weapon is "no u" because they never learned to debate and also the main tenet of their cult is literally "men are women".

So blackface and womanface are defined by one oppressor group appropriating the struggles of the oppressed to mock them. White people aren't black people but they cover themselves in dark color, men aren't women but they cover themselves in tacky ugly makeup to try and look like us.

But what could transface be... Dressing up like... Like you're trying to impersonate the opposite sex? Oh no, that's the trans 🤭 dressing up like you're trying to look like someone who's trying to badly impersonate the opposite sex? ... Okay

LavenderLane #transphobia ovarit.com


spoilerOne day most of the women who are TERFs now will
claim they never were, because it will be so
embarrassing. Like all the people who don't admit they
voted for Thatcher

More likely: most parents who transed their kid and then watch them suffer/die young will cry that they were manipulated by our media and the medical industry. It’s going to take probably another 5-15 years but there’s going to be a wave of these doctors getting their asses handed to them in lawsuits.

pennygadget #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: What about a GC voting guide?

Unfortunately, at least in the US, a vote for a candidate who vocally supports single-sex spaces is extremely likely to be a vote for a candidate who vocally opposes reproductive rights.

At this point, I don't fucking care. This may sound extreme, but what's the point in saving abortion if we lose EVERY other right in the process? Whats the point in voting for someone who supports universal healthcare if that person will also vote that "trans healthcare" gets priority over everyone else? What's the point in voting for someone who supports prison reform if they also support locking female inmates in cages with convicted male rapists/murderers?

Seeing more states enact draconian abortion restrictions is scary. But rolling that shit back will be far easier than reinstating women's basic right to define ourselves once those are taken away (just ask the women in Iran).

Also....the Democrats won't learn if we keep voting for them in the vain hope that MAYBE they'll make an effort to protect our reproductive rights in between gutting Title IX and making it a civil right for a dude to follow little girls into changing rooms

Nediljka_Orwell #transphobia ovarit.com

Some brave lawmaker needs to propose legislation that reads: If you engage in typical male sex offender behavior like flashing your dick or whacking off in public (or other male sex crimes like rape) you WILL LOSE your preferred feminine gender status on all your documents and be subject to supervised detransition by law. And thrown in a sex appropriate prison. Enough with the kid glove treatment, the "Too Trans to Jail" nonsense. Hit 'em where it'll really hurt. Real deterrence.

Larping as a woman 24/7 is a privilege, not a right. A privilege that can and should be forcibly and irrevocably taken away.

Yemaya , Confounded & bunyip #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why do so many TRAs write in that condescending, over-enthusiastic, transplaining style?

( Yemaya )
I hate that shit too. They just say you’re “ignorant” and “uneducated” like we’ve never look into or even supported it at one point.

They can’t accept that gender ideology is a belief that not everyone will believe. It’s definitely NOT scientific like they claim it is.

( Confounded )

It’s definitely NOT scientific like they claim it is.

See, I have no doubt that gender dysphoria exists as a real mental health disorder (though I highly doubt that the sudden explosion in kids identifying as trans is a natural thing and not the result of social contagion).

So in that sense, I accept that there is a scientific basis for gender dysphoria as a mental health condition.

But it is a very long and unscientific leap from saying ‘this person feels like they are a woman although they have the body and chromosomes of a man’ to ‘this male person feels like they are a woman therefore they are a woman.’

People with mental health problems sometimes think they are Napoleon or Joan of Arc. This doesn’t mean they are these people.

To force society as a whole to indulge mentally ill people in their delusions to such an extent that actual women are expected to let men compete against them in sports or be housed alongside them in prisons is lunacy.

And as OP pointed out, talking down to those of us who prefer to maintain our belief in objective reality over someone’s delusions is the height of condescension. We’re not idiots, we’re just not going to sit here and pretend the emperor is wearing clothes.

( bunyip )
You're absolutely right. It is the exact same tactic as attempts at religious conversion.

I think it also takes inspiration from the justified condescending attitude used by liberals against the religious. They are obviously co-opting the gay rights movement and its arguments, falsely believing their situations are comparable. Gay rights activists would tell religious people "you can have your beliefs, but gay people must have equal rights under the law. We have the right under the law to get married and it doesn't matter if you dislike it."


RisingUp #transphobia #crackpot ovarit.com

(Submitters note: In response to this Daily Mail article : Two inmates at all-women's New Jersey jail are PREGNANT after both had sex with transgender prisoners: ACLU won battle to house 27 trans inmates there )

idk. Suppose you are a pedophile and you want to adopt your very own baby and the pesky laws and social workers are stopping you. What are you going to do about it, assuming absolutely maximal levels of evil?

Well, obviously you'll campaign for no-restrictions surrogacy. You'll campaign for a loophole that means looser standards of safeguarding can be applied to men. I reckon you'll also push for laws that give parents fewer rights over their kids. So far, so TRA.

But what if you want to hurry the process up? Even with all the loosened restrictions you campaigned for to make it easier to exploit poor and desperate women, it's too difficult to find a surrogate willing to give your creepy ass a baby. I guess you're going to have to find unwilling surrogates. A class of women with no rights, who can be made pregnant against their will, and have the babies removed from them after birth.

Lightbulb! You need to put rapist men in women's prisons. You contact all the high placed pedophile politicians you share CSA material with and tell them to get working on it.

And the world is so fucked up that you actually succeed.

(I had no sleep last night and am maximally cynical but yes, I am expecting that eventually there will be a thriving industry of prison baby adoptions. And the standards of those adoptions will keep getting more lax.)

tacocat & Gladys_Kravitz #transphobia ovarit.com

( tacocat )
I figured out why I dislike lying about people's sex

I had to navigate childhood trying not to anger my mother, who was borderline. I always had to walk small and tell white lies to try to keep her from being angry with me. I had to be extremely good at reading her mood so I knew how to behave and what I could say.

When I see people saying there's no harm in "respecting people's pronouns" and "being kind," it brings me back to my childhood. It's the same effort I made to avoid being an emotional (and sometimes physical) punching bag, and I won't do it. I am not responsible for other people's mental health. I will not walk on eggshells for anyone. That kind of stress can take years off your life, and it's not worth it.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Same. I would say more, but this subject is honestly so exhausting. I've talked about my Nmom a few times on here already and it's draining every time.

These people give me the exact same horrible, tight, nervous, sick feeling deep inside—their behavior is a carbon copy of her narcissistic abuse.

( tacocat )
That's okay. We get it. I think there's a point where you just don't want to talk about it any more, so thank you for commenting. :)

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Thanks for understanding. The best thing I can do for myself is honestly just move on. The more time I spend dwelling on it, the worse I get. I can't change the past, and I will NEVER get a good enough answer as to why she treated me that way.

I've noticed that forcing people to disclose more than they want to is actually part of TRAs behavior. They always want an explanation that involves a lot of private things, like having to explain your "genital fetish" or why you get upset about men in the locker room (they try to force you to talk about your trauma).

It's my mother's behavior all over again. I wasn't allowed privacy, if she wanted to know what I was thinking/feeling she would physically corner me and force me to tell her my innermost thoughts. It was straight up psychological torture.