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The four flavors of nonbinary
Whenever someone claims they're nonbinary, there's like a 99% chance they fall into one of four categories

1. Self-hating woman whose either incredibly gnc or stereotypically hyperfeminine but 'she's not a woman. She's a person goddamnit!'

2. Narcissistic gay man who's either put on a ton of weight and/or is on the verge of Twink Death age-wise

3. Straight up sexual predator trying to soften his masculinity in a bid to come off as less threatening to the libfems he's targeting

4. Wokebro """"male feminist"""" who can't cope with his guilt over being part of the oppressor class.

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The next time a TRA tries to pull the "GeNiTaL InSpEcTiOnS" argument, I need ya'll to spam them with this

( crodish )
👏 this "You WANT genital inspections!" is such a load of crock. The whole issue is caused by males forcing themselves in places where they don't belong! Stop pretending you're women to get in women's spaces and there WON'T be a "need" for "genital inspections"!

We can also usually tell right away from the idk EVERYTHING ELSE whether someone is male or female. Wanting to show your genitals is a male thing.

( pennygadget )
How do they think we policed our spaces before genderwoo? By flipping a coin? LOL

We never needed genital checks because you can clock someone as male or female 99% of the time. The only exceptions are TIFs because they ravage their body with testosterone drugs

( MenHaveItEasy )
"They are unnecessary because you never pass."

Not to dismiss the op, but if you're explaining, you're losing.

Moids aren't entitled to a thoughtful explanation from women, and getting into the weeds benefits them.

No, you are a man. Take what's left of your dick and stay out.

( shewolfoffrance )
I’m at this point, too. I don’t care if there’s no compelling reason to keep men out of the Women’s Origami Club, or whatever. It should be enough that women said no.

( pennygadget )
They always bring up genital inspections because these perverts would love nothing more than for every trip to a public bathroom to include a forced hand-job and/or fingerbang. Women would NEVER want this even if it meant keeping the TIMs out. But male perverts would LOVE it. That's why they always bring it up

( ClaireBearStare )
They think that believing themselves to be trustworthy is enough, by extension we should see them that way too. Nevermind our silly self preservation instincts!

They try really hard to make us out as the batshit insane ones. Implying we would have everyone strip searched. Fucking lolll.

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How dare lesbians not date me, a man?

( VestalVirgin )
I'm hetero.

Still wouldn't date a TIM.

I'd rather be with a man who won't try to skinwalk me, thank you.

Why those scrotes think anyone wants to date them is beyond me, but their delusion that lesbians - who are per definition not attracted to them - would ever date them is especially stupid.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Ditto. It's totally off putting and actually seriously unnatural. If a time traveler from the 1800s came to 2023 and saw a tim they'd scream and run into a church. Shit, I'm an atheist non-time traveler and that's my first instinct when I see one lol

( Carrots90 )
They’d still know he was a sexual pervert

( mathlover )
I can't tell if the person claiming to be a lesbian but wants dick is a woman or a larping man. If it's a real woman, that is infuriating. All men, especially the rapey "transbians", already think all lesbians really want men and their skanky dicks. Why give them any more ammo.

Very few bi and het women (by definition, the only women who get with men) willingly get with TIMs. Most won't because of the kind of men the "trans" are. But lesbians don't have to know anything about what a man is like. Born with a dick (ie: male) is a permanent dealbreaker for lesbians.

So for the lurkers, no lesbian will ever want you. Lol.

( Carrots90 )
She is bi and needs to not steal the term lesbian just because it sounds cool

Like you say, she makes it harder on actual lesbians

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“mostly women do the job of seeing me as a woman”

( old_but_gold )
Everyone knows you’re a man, women are just not confrontational (for safety reasons and due to socialization).

Also note the language: “do the job”

As if it’s a duty to “affirm” his gendies.

( Sonnet )
This post is a good example of how these identity claims operate as a form of social control.

No one here actually believes the claim, including the speaker. OP knows he is male, the compliant women of the office know he is male, and the noncompliant men of the office know he is male. The ultimate goal is not to persuade anyone of anything - - that would be pointless, because everyone involved already recognizes he’s a transwoman and not a woman. The goal is to exert the necessary social force to insist on the correct public performance of belief regardless of the person’s true thoughts and perceptions.

( Novemberinthechair )
Give up. You're a man. Those pickmeishas kissing your ass are brainwashed and hurting the rest of us.

Mind you, you come across as a delusional male who can throw a tantrum and get anyone fired. As long as you lie about who you are, don't expect everyone to tell you the truth. Your socially acceptable mental problems have been given priority in certain spaces. Fifteen years ago, you wouldn't be able to pull this grift. You're an emotional bully and an asshole.

( space_out )
Well, the guys have an option to ignore the nonsense knowing the TIM will flip out eventually which will be pure entertainment for them and maybe a chance to punch the TIM. Men love punching. Womens options are to go along or get punched, if I have understood the tik-toks, tweets, antifa'n'friends banners, vandalisation of women's shelters that try to protect women, the whole of preddit correctly.

And he knows that, he just loves the power to intimidate women and is trying to find a way to have the same power over men. Maybe some tips on how to spin this story to HR or some other entity that could make the whole of society to tremble at his every request.

( emholio )
I have joined the rank of people who will not "do the job" of giving a shit about pornsick men's feelings. It's glorious. Not a single movement or breath of mine will ever be spent to placate a liar. 🦸‍♀️

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( SwiftiePrincess )
I just saw a post on Twitter featuring a list of the "most streamed female albums of Spotify" and for some reason Kim Petras' is hogging one of the spots in the top 5. WHY? HE. IS. NOT. FEMALE!

But of course "including transwomen doesn't result in female erasure" nosireee! 🙄

Fwiw I actually like some of his music (at least the songs that don't involve being violently f*cked and degraded by men) and he does have a decent set of pipes, but he's not a female and he shouldn't be taking spots from actual ones.

Also the album art for "Feed the Beast" is creepy. He's looking into the camera with this simpering pout as he clutches his moobies which makes my skin crawl 🤢🤮

( Re-enacterf )
His whole career is horrific. He's an actual modern-day castrato. And he sings about being a bimbofied woman.

( RuneOwl )
Horrific indeed.

It was a popular conspiracy theory around 10 years ago that certain pop stars were victims of MK Ultra style programs meant to serve as propagandists for the Illuminati or whatever. One of their main talking points was how many female singers were groomed into “sex kitten programming” by intentionally inflicting traumatic sexual abuse until they could be triggered on command. Shit gets pretty dark.

While I don’t particularly buy into that exact narrative, to be honest Kim Petras is a pretty compelling case of someone being abused and brainwashed for the purpose of being in the public eye and promoting a sinister agenda. I certainly worry about stuff like this more than whether JayZ is a satanist who eats babies because he does that stupid triangle hand gesture.

( delicate_silicate )
He's so gross. He a man pretending to be a slutty woman who sings about hard-core sex to underage girls. I used to feel bad for him, but he seems very happy to ride this misogynistic gravy train he's on. He hates women.

( pennygadget )
I feel bad for him. He was castrated young. And his record label has him flounce around singing about being a stupid slut. As if that poor eunuch knows anything about sex.

( tymps )
I hate that sort of thing. It also drives me crazy when people include TIMs on lists of female directors. Usually they include those creepy Wachowski brothers...as if they'd have the massively successful careers that they've had if they were actually women. [...]

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RE: Are heterosexual men lying about being repulsed by TIMs?

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I'd 100% believe pornhub was pushing TIM porn on men specifically to pervert them even further than they already are.

( mathlover )
Yes, they are very much repulsed. But men will fuck even that which repulses them; they just stick their dicks in objects. The real test of repulsion is the fact that men know that TIMs absolutely are men but think the TIMs should use womens bathrooms, changing rooms, etc - where they have to acknowledge that TIMs are the same sort of people as all other men. And that is what is repulsive.

( derbear )
I think men have a harder time discerning some TIMs apart from women. I’m convinced women have better ability to “clock”. This would partly explain the ability for trans porn to escalate as such and the general phenomenon of TIM prostitution. Part of what makes trans such a poison pill is that it cracks open these questions. It does suggest that men are vastly more bisexual than we assume… or that watching enough porn can affect sexuality.

( MagnificentMildew )
I personally don't think a legitimately straight man can be attracted to TIMs: no matter how well they pass, the penis should turn them off. I'd be willing to bet there's just a lot of closeted bisexual men out there who are into TIMs. It would explain why the bisexual community is so heavily skewed female: most bi men just never come out.

However, I've thought that it would sort of make sense that men like TIMs. TIMs are basically acting out men's fantasies of what they WANT women to be like, or what they THINK women are like, right? So awfully enough I think it actually tracks that men would be lusting over men acting out collective male fantasies.

( proudcatlady )
Yes, most of the time when men’s mouths are moving they are lying. Men are absolutely attracted to TIMs. I think most straight men are. I don’t think men’s sexuality works like women’s at all. I think straight genuinely does mean attracted to visible femininity for men rather than an attraction to a body type.

Men won’t admit this just like they won’t admit that most of them are pedos deep down or that most of them would like to skip the whole consent thing (or maybe even would get extra enjoyment from skipping it). They lie lie lie. But pornhub statistics don’t lie. And male behavior doesn’t lie.


BlackCirce & OneStarWolf #transphobia ovarit.com

Nurse tells B.C. disciplinary hearing she's not transphobic, calls gender identity 'metaphysical nonsense'

( BlackCirce )
How is this case still going on? A woman with medical training knows that men can’t transform into women and she thinks it’s fucking sick to house a male rapist in a women’s prison. Is thinking not allowed in Canada or what? Okay James Cantor (I can’t stand him) isn’t the best at providing evidence for ROGD. Can anyone provide evidence of a man becoming a woman? Changing DNA? Giving birth? Menstruating? Ovulating? Any female bodily process at all? The burden of proof is on the person making the claim, isn’t it?

( OneStarWolf )
Oh this is taking place in Tranada? Her odds are not good. Very high percentage of TRAs there, even to the point that they put gender woo into their laws. Any Canadian man gets to claim trans privilege status over any woman, anytime he wants and legally he’s covered. That’s how they ended up with the perverted z-size prosthetic breast shop teacher pushing his fetish on school kids and the school couldn’t do a thing about it.

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Trans women pose no threat to cis women, but we pose a threat to them if we make them outcasts - The Guardian (2020)

( vulvapeople )
Women aren’t making TIMs outcasts, they are. No one wants to deal with a person who will have meltdowns when their delusions aren’t affirmed. Also, most friendships, even in current day, are same sex, and while women seem more willing to have TIM friends than men are to have any trans-identified people in their lives, most women still don’t want them around. TIMs have othered themselves by refusing to come to terms with being men. That’s not women’s job to solve.

( Women1st )

When there is so much real violence against women, it’s a sad waste of time to focus on imaginary maybe presumably it-could-theoretically-happen violence.

Just have to reiterate that this post is the condescending, gaslighting BS claim that the MSM, the government, and the TRAs keep making. If trans males weren’t a risk to women, then why the coverup? Why the lies? Why scrub stories and posts? why erase women?

Lol, and that’s forgetting the fact that the new rule of thumb allows trans males to violently assault and intimidate women at Let Women Speak events. It also forgets the violent rape rhetoric towards lesbians at Pride events.

( OneStarWolf )
What a shitty, gaslighting article.

It has been well established by research and stats that trans identified males have the same criminality as other males. So they do in fact pose an equal threat, if not more so for transgressing women’s boundaries in the first place. Prisons stats alone show that “transwomen” are incarcerated at the highest rates for sexual offenses, even more than other males. So no thanks, stay out. Women and girls need sex based rights and recognition, not erasure to placate men’s mental illness.

( Chronicity )
Yes, TIMs feel threatened by our existence. That’s why they seek to erase us, destroy our rights, and minimize our worth to society.

( shewolfoffrance )
Yes. They aren't really afraid of violence. They're afraid that women won't "affirm" them. They aren't content to have their own, fringey little cross-dressing clubs. They're desperate to coerce women into participating in their fetish.

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How do I lie to my child and teach her she’s wrong for knowing someone was a man?


( notsofreshfeeling )
How can I gaslight my child and undermine their safety for the sake of strange, fetishistic men? Please be kind in the comments xoxoxoxoxox

( SummerGrl )
Seriously. What kind of parent puts the feelings of a strange man above the safety of their own child.

( Megasaurus )
Handmaidens refuse to protect their own children from predators, no wonder they throw other other women under the bus so eagerly.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Exactly. This the type of mom who brings her kids to drag clubs and DQSH.

Also not to jump to every bad conclusion, but a parent willing to invalidate their child over something like this, probably invalidates them in other aspects too

( TheKnitta )
Can you imagine if the worst happened and this child was abused by a TiM? There’s no way she’d feel able to tell her mother what was happening. The whole thing is a child abuser’s dream come true.

( ArmyofMe )
How do I teach my daughter to prioritize an adult man’s feelings over her natural instincts.

( Caerulea )
and safety

( AadirMorgendorfer )
God, I could weep for that daughter. If your own mother would rather appease boundary-transgressing males (who are MORE fucking likely to commit sex crimes than your average man) than safeguard you, what hope is there?

( BlackCirce )
It’s so bizarre watching women betray their own daughters like this 🤢

( pennygadget )
Women in Africa and the Middle East routinely perform FGM on their daughters for the sake of their future hypothetical sons in law. So I guess its no surprise that the handmaidens here in the west have been convinced to sell their daughters out to random men in lipstick

( pennygadget )
"How do I train my daughter to kill her self preservation instincts so that she's easier to rape going forward?"

This is one of the main goals of this trans bullshit, IMO. To train our basic self preservation instincts out of us. This little girl's mother is training her to keep her mouth shut and not run away when a man makes her uncomfortable in an intimate space. This is abuse

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TIM mad at mom for telling him neither women or men will want to date him

( RusticTroglodyte )
Based mom. Personally I'd go the health route, but this mom is smarter than me. Try to convince the scrotes they're destroying their sex lives, that might get them to stop

I cannot imagine how harrowing it would be to find out your kid is trans, esp if your kid is male

( Carrots90 )
I wonder

I think id rather my son be trans than my daughter

I feel like the TIF treatments are worse than the TIM, especially if he is one of the 90% who keeps their dick

( pegasusknight )
The large amounts of testosterone are like poison for women. It’s sad.

( TheKnitta )
Ah yes, can't handle the truth from your mother, so run away and play a roleplaying game online like real adults do, right?

She's actually worried about him, bless her. It must be so hard to be a parent of a TIP.

( RusticTroglodyte )
It must be similar to watching your kid develop a drug addiction like heroin or meth

( OverTheWall )
This is totally the incel to TIM pipeline.

He admits he wasn’t getting parters before becoming trans, so he probably fried his brain with porn.

( Hollyhock )
I feel so bad for the parents of these kids (not for the parents who trans their kids, usually before puberty - they are a different breed) who often get thrown this crap when said kid is 17 or 18 and they have little control over the situation. It's not only embarrassing as hell, it's agonizing to know your child is purposely destroying their bodies and no one will love them when you've passed on.

( BlackCirce )
So the crazy part about this is that the mom is telling him something that TRAs already know and publicize. They constantly complain that nobody wants to fuck trans people and position it as a social justice problem. They have had studies done on it. It’s not new “terf” information. Messing up your secondary sex characteristics on purpose is the stupidest thing you can do if you want to have a nonfetishistic sex life and find a permanent relationship with someone who truly cares about you.

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First of all, no you haven’t. Second, surely you’d be safer in the men’s room

( SparklingFem )
Until recently, my instinct was always to believe the victim. And if the victim is a woman, I do believe her. When the victim is a man, claiming to be a woman, my instinct now is not to believe him. I kind of hate myself for it, but I've just seen them fetishize rape and CSA so often, that I have to wonder if it's just a fantasy to help affirm them as women. I do not doubt that TIMs in sex work have been raped, but I don't believe the oft-cited statistic that TIMs experience rape at a higher rate than women. I think it's just another way to claim they are the most at-risk population that has ever existed in the entirety of human history. I think this dude claiming to have been raped by not one, not two, but SIX women is pure and utter fantasy.

( Spencer_Shayy )
There's no way in hell this man was raped by 6 women.

( DoomedSibyl )
Thank you. How exactly does a woman rape a man anyway? If it’s one on one the male will have the physical advantage 99% of the time.

Do women rape in groups? To lessen the physical advantages men have? Would rape be defined as penis in vagina sex unwanted by the male? Or anal rape with an object?

The reason these things aren’t really defined? Because they almost never happen and we don’t need law to cover them for the most part. Raped by six women my aunt Fanny.

( Megasaurus )
Men are >95% of sex offenders. TIMS are even more likely than other men to be sex offenders. This is all DARVO.

( MardyMcMare )
Oh love, only in your porniest dreams were you “raped by 6 different cis women”.

Women don't rape. It’s an entirely male thing, which is why we don’t want you in our single-sex spaces.

Men, on the other hand, are always telling me in real life and on the internet: “Oh, I neither notice nor care who else is in the men’s when I’m in there”.

There’s your answer.

( Spencer_Shayy )
How does a woman even rape a man? By forcing his dick into her? I mean, sure, that can be traumatic if it's not consensual, but come on. No way 6 women did this to him. It's got to be a porn fantasy.

( TheChaliceIsMightier )
The difference is that this pervert probably enjoyed whatever happened to him that he’s terming “rape” which it probably was NOT.

dragonheart, mathlover & Lipsy #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Thoughts on the effects of Tims in wlw spaces

( dragonheart )
It's not just you, there is a specific comfortable energy and atmosphere when you're in a space of all women. Bringing a man into that space changes that atmosphere and you can literally feel the energy of the whole space change because of his presence.

I'm also extra on guard around TIMs in wlw spaces because I'm half-expecting them to cause some kind of problem for the sake of attention/oppression points which can ruin the vibes and make everyone uncomfortable. This has happened IRL a few times where they're sour that they aren't being treated in the same way as actual women and feel entitled to our time and attention.

( mathlover )
Of course all the women will be profoundly relieved when any TIMs, even one, are gone. Every interaction with him, everything anyone says that he might overhear, every effort to avoid being around him, all of it - is the anxiety and anger at being violated. Doesn't matter what he does or doesn't do. He is a predator. A fox in a henhouse is a predator even if it never touches any of the chickens; the fox doesn't belong there.

That man was getting off on the violation of a space he will never - can never - belong. One of the most frustrating things has to be that he would probably leave if every woman there completely ignored him and/or told him to gtfo because no one wanted him there.

( Lipsy )
The over-the-top entitlement complex, the aggressive hunting for somethingANYthing to be offended or even OUTRAGED by, and the neverending victimhood/grievance syndrome are all par for the course with these boyos, and absolutely everybody knows these things all too well by this point—especially Women, who just get used to walking on eggshells in the hope of not detonating the ticking time bomb of overdulged male rage. The chilling effect on good and/or relaxed vibes of all kinds is inevitable as a result; it's been conditioned nonstop for years now.


Too-bad-so-sad to Your friend if he's one of the 0.1% that the other 99.9% are constantly fucking everything up for, but, that's ultimately between him and the 99.9%.

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Survey of 34,000 health care professionals indicates higher bias against transgender people

( BlackCirce )
I’m shocked that women who know what sex is are implicitly biased against people who can get them fired for acknowledging sex

( TheKnitta )
That’s not ‘bias’, that’s simple scientific knowledge. You can’t change sex, and the majority of transgender people have a mental illness (if not all).

They’re so desperately trying to make it the same as being homosexual, aren’t they?

( Spencer_Shayy )
Let me guess, the "bias" is they won't validate their fetishes or made up "genders"? There is literally no group on earth more privileged than "trans" people. Well, except men.

( crodish )
Yeah it's "biased" in the same way most people are "biased" to "believe" that the world is round. Feelings aren't facts, the world will remain round even if everyone became a flat earther, and humans can't change sex, and gender is bullshit.

( Understanderson )
I thought this was going to be about how healthcare professionals expect trans patients to be mentally ill and high maintenance, which is frequently true.

( woman_be_free )
I was 100% thinking the same thing. ‘Healthcare professionals are more biased against trans ppl than the higher population and nurses are the highest of healthcare prof’.

And I wonder why that is .

Nurses who along with care assistants have the most patient time and so are exposed most to TIPs and everything they… err… ‘bring’ with them to the table. Seriously, I would love to know what is said privately in some healthcare professionals conversations. I reckon a good amount of them are GC based on their interactions with TIPs

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RE: Thoughts on the effects of Tims in wlw spaces

( notsofreshfeeling )
I think men who make an effort to infiltrate WLW spaces are absolutely untrustworthy. Even if he hasn't creeped on anyone physically, he is collecting "intel" and studying the women like insects.

( Laurel )
Even if he's not studying how to do femininity better, he has no right to be there and he knows it. He is untrustworthy for that alone.

( mathlover )
They get off on being there. They are looking at us to see what they can try to (always ultimately unsuccessfully) imitate. But they also bring the male gaze and everything they see is masturbation material for later on.They get off on being there and forcing women to go along with the fantasy.

( dragonheart )
This! I feel like we don't talk about this enough. They come into these spaces to observe and as somebody who has been on the receiving end of it, it was so uncomfortable. The worst part is, if you dare call it out, you risk looking like the unreasonable one?

( woman_be_free )
Yeah 100% can relate to this. They observe. I had a TIM sit next to me sat night in a pub (he joined a meet up my friend ran so it gave him that permission to join our group). I noticed him in my space all night. Never spoke to me just stood there listening to our conversation. If that was a woman or a normal bloke I would have either included them or asked them to leave me alone. The problem is TIMs act like they have a mandate now as so many idiot handmaiden lesbian and bi women fawn over them. You’re entirely right - if you challenged their presence or behaviour (I.e . His staring) you would immediately be labelled transphobic. I’m always alert for them to start touching. TIMs behaviour usually worsens over time so I think their boundaries will too… I think it won’t be long before we start to see frequent episodes of TIMs touching women in bars. Sadly. Hopefully if that does happen, society is willing to accept it is assualt and a line will finally be drawn.

I’m always alert to potential touching, pls take care of yourself when very near a TIM

( shveya )
Yes, they change the entire vibe of the event because nobody can relax with porn-addled men making everyone walk on egg shells for them.

( TisTheSeason )
He was a man invading the space, whether he's friends with many of you or appears "fem" doesn't change that his action is hostile and you definitely register it as such.

VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I just realized - violent TRAs are basically the Big Bad Wolf

I am beginning to wonder if ALL fairytales with wolves in them from the European culture are actually about AGP TIMs.

There's the wolf and the three little pigs (don't know if that's an old fairy tale or of later origin?), there's Little Red Riding Hood, and there's the one about the wolf and the seven goat kids, in which the wolf pretends to be the mother goat.

I mean, they obviously are all about predatory males (Germans hated wolves, historically, hunted them to extinction, so the comparison to predatory males was one people would have felt fitting) but it does stand out that the wolves pretend to be female so often.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Why do "transbians" tend to keep their penises? The answer from top experts, men who pretend to be women, may shock you!

( OwnLyingEyes )
Maybe because same sex attracted men tend to try to adapt to attempt to be attractive to other men, while opposite-sex attracted men can always fall back on manipulating, coercing, and bullying women into being sexually available to them despite being unattractive/repulsive.

( VestalVirgin )
Because they want to rape lesbians, duh.

Not much point in invading womens' spaces if you cannot rape, is there?

(Plus, AGPs tend to trans older, so they know what castration means and that they won't have much sexual enjoyment afterwards. Only effeminate boys who are transed by their Munchhausen parents or young gay men who are very naive think they will have a fullfilling sex life after having their dick cut off. Which neatly explains which ones keep their penises.)

( Unicorn )
A "trans lesbian" is a man who claims to be a woman, who is attracted to women. Apparently they are known to keep their genitalia more often than "straight trans women," which are men who claim to be women, who are attracted to men.

Why would a man who has sex with women want to keep his male genitalia in-tact even while he pretends to be a woman..? Hmm... Big mysteries. 🤔

Never fear, Tumblr transbians are here to educate us with their facts and male logic.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
Well, it's like this....

When you remove the "natal genitals" how will this TIM continue to stroke off to the idea of being a woman?

( mathlover )
"Transbians" generally keep their penises because they are heterosexual men who want to be with women sexually. And het men get off on sticking their dicks into women.

"Straight transwomen" are gay men who want straight men to have sex with them as though they were actually women.

There. That was easy.

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TIM fails to understand actual woman


( shewolfoffrance )
He was wearing clothes in the women's locker room because he doesn't feel comfortable changing clothes in the women's locker room.

So, why was he even in the women's locker room?

(I know, he was probably just lurking and staring.)

( IrishTheFrenchie )

I don't feel comfortable changing clothes in the locker area

Yet you expect women to feel comfortable with YOU in there watching them change THEIR clothes. Fucking pervert.

( notsofreshfeeling )
This post is really all about bragging that he invaded a female space today. He's posting to earn street cred from his fellow male fetishists.

( SummerGrl )

I don't completely pass yet.

I love how these guys think they're going to get to this ✨magical✨ passing stage where they suddenly turn into a woman and nobody would ever know they were men. Like, it's not gonna happen dude. You're a man. You're male. You have testes, you have male bone structure. Your chromosomes are XY. You can't change those. 😂 It's such a delusional way of thinking. You're never gonna "pass" because you're male!! XY don't lie!

( notsofreshfeeling )
He knows he will never pass. They talk like this because it is a way of signaling to other fetishists. Transgenderism is their little clubhouse and using the cult language is a way to wink-wink-nudge-nudge at each other.

( hellamomzilla )
Awwww, did the creepy asshole perv feel bad when an actual woman pointed out that he’s a man? Maybe you should reflect on that, SIR.

I’m also amused that this idiotic perv can’t parse this situation. Show me that you’re not a woman while claiming that you are a woman from the top of your 6 foot 3 head to your size 14 canoes. SIR.

( Edelgard )
The delusion LMAO. Some women don't care about sharing their locker rooms with men, others would rather not but are resigned to it. The world isn't nicely separated between delusional handmaidens and hardcore feminists.

( AadirMorgendorfer )
Exactly, and some know that directly challenging a man who has already breached women's boundaries is not likely to go well for them. He knows he doesn't pass and yet is still so unembarrassed about being in a space where women are trying to change.

[Deleted] #transphobia ovarit.com

A TRA argument I never really understood

A common form of TRA propoganda is to insist that wanting to keep intimate public spaces single sex harms masculine/gender-nonconforming women, because it's easy for them to be mistakenly clocked as male. Seems like every time I venture out of Radtwt, there's some viral tweet making the rounds about someone's 'cis woman friend' who was humiliated in a washroom when someone assumed that she was a man and freaked out. The tweet usually concludes with some sanctimonious fingerwagging about how "this is how you know terfs don't reeeaaallly care about safeguarding! Their harmful rhetoric harms cis women, too!"

First of all, if women are becoming hypervigilant about potential men in their spaces, it's because of the self-ID policies YA'LL have been promoting. Not because of GC women's objections to it.

Second of all, while I don't deny the existence of women who are wary of gender-non conforming women, and don't feel comfortable sharing an intimate space together, associating masculinity with maleness and fearing it even in other women, to the point where said fear overrides your capacity for sex recognition seems like a trauma response more than anything else. And if these masculine-phobic women are in fact, as common as the TRAs would have me believe, it might have something to do with the widespread nature of male violence- which female only spaces serve as a refuge for.

And honestly, TRAs, if your first instinct when faced with such a woman ISN'T to feel heartbroken over what she must have endured at the hands of men to the point where (even in the only public spaces where she WOULD be objectively safe from male violence) she STILL doesn't feel feel safe if around other women who remind her of them, - and instead you use her as a pawn to advocate for the elimination of said spaces because 'she's too stupid to know who's really a man anyways'... you're a sociopath. You just are.

So yeah, fear of masculine women is largely irrational in a way that female fear of men is not. And whenever TRAs use it to champion self-ID, it makes me think of their other arguments like 'black women are women therefore natal men are women' or 'you don't have any problem taking your clothes off around lesbians, so you have no reason to deny that right to men'

Roxxy #transphobia ovarit.com

When TRAs tell you to "educate yourself"

I started off being fully in favour of trans people but there's only so many creeps, incidents, absurd beliefs and poorly written articles people can take before trust is simply eroded.

It's so hard to support them because 90% of it is absolute shite. You want to change your name and live like a woman? Ok... But is that even what the conversation is about anymore? Change your name, that's not illegal. Find love, grow old in a body you feel alright in. But fuck off with the twisted, obsessive, perverted and casually abusive to children nonsense that makes up the majority of this movement.

Their arguments are just a band-aid over the gaping wound of the problems they caused for themselves! "Women aren't real, but men are women, which aren't real, cus the men say so." Alright, neat. Going to stop lobbing off girl's breasts now? Nah, just crying that they're not allowed to play as gendercloud Pikachu in Smash Bros. Oh, get bent. Sigh.

GraceHoward1729, pegasusknight & samsdat #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I'm not a TERF because...

( GraceHoward1729 )
I am a TERF. Trangenderism-exclusionary, as I know transgenderism to be antithetical to feminism. Just as prostitution is, as surrogacy is, as pornography is, and as the criminalisation of safe abortion for all women is. All these being antithetical to feminism does not mean that feminism does not include prostituted women, women in surrogacy camps who have had their baby taken from them, women exploited in pornography, and women held hostage by the cult of transgenderism. In fact, you could argue that feminism is for them.

Feminism isn't a club where a group of people can choose who is 'deserving' of freedom and who to exclude and include. All women are included in feminism by virtue of it being feminism, regardless of what nonsensical name they call themselves.

But feminism does not promote transgenderism, as feminism is for gender abolition, not imprisoning people for not believing in a pink soul.

( pegasusknight )
I don’t think TERFs are anti-trans. Most (all?) people here don’t want harm to come to them and want them to be able to live their lives in peace. The problem is when they encroach on the rights and safety of women and children.

( samsdat )
I’m not anti-people - I want trans-identified people to have the same rights we all do - but I am absolutely anti-trans-ideology.

The idea that “liking pink” or “being sensitive” or fapping to the idea of yourself as a woman makes you a woman or that “not feeling like all those other girls” or preferring pants over skirts makes you a man is abhorrent to me. The entire ideology is rooted in deep misogyny in both directions, and I am anti-misogyny, therefore I am anti-trans-ideology.

I don’t want to control what people wear or what they masturbate to or what they do in private with other consenting adults, even if I find it misogynist or loathsome, but I absolutely am against the fact that people twisting reality based on their emotions and “gender feels” have so much power over law and society today.

I am a free speech absolutist*, because I believe that abhorrent ideas can only be countered if they’re out in the open, but that means I get the right to argue against those ideas. And if there are going to be laws on speech, they should come down on the side of objective reality, but they should still be minimal.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( FeminismIs4Women )
I'm not a TERF because...
Transmen are women and feminism is for them too. They deserve to be free from the patriarchy just like all the other women and girls of the world.

( harum-scarum )
I believe TiFs have been screwed over by men and the shitty patriarchal world. I am a terf because TiFs may be women, but they aren't feminists.

( hard_headed_woman )
I'm a full flown terf. I don't want transwomen or transmen around my grandchildren. I don't want them in my grandchildren's spaces, and I certainly don't want a TIF teaching and influencing my grandchildren anymore than I want a TIM. I don't want their fucked up lives messing with my children's lives.

Brutal? Yes.

The truth. Yes.

I've already dealt with that cult trying to get one of my children, and they aren't getting my grandchildren. It was TIFs who tried to get my daughter.

Enough said.

( sensusquaeram )
I hear you. I've also dealt with this personally, lost an adult family member to it years ago, and have zero illusions about how this ideology works.

( VestalVirgin )
I'm not a terf because simply, I refuse to be named anything whatsoever by men who hate me.

They might call me a terf, but I know I am a feminist, plain and simple.

That feminism excludes men from female spaces need not be mentioned, it is implied in the word. Women who want men in womens' spaces are not feminists. (I may refer to them as "libfems" for simplicity's sake, but in truth, they are no kind of feminist)

( WasItSomethingISaid )
I think when women here refer to themselves as "terfs," it is tongue-in-cheek and they are using it in the same way that TPAs do, which is to mean that we naturally exclude TIMs (and all men) from our sex class advocacy. TPAs don't care about TIFs as much as they care about TIMs, so they're always failing to consider them when they come up with these terms. Talk about exclusionary. It's ironic like everything else in their ideology. It seems that most of us don't want to exclude TIFs from women's spaces or from our advocacy.

( Peppermint )
Trans is a made up word to describe people who want to change sex but can't. As you said, TIFs are women. Nothing they can do will ever make them actual men.

( hellamomzilla )
Sorry — women are women. Stop playing the linguistic games.

I AM a TERF because trans is a religion I do not recognize and women who pretend to be men belong to that religion.

BellaBlue, crodish & pennygadget #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: India decides Trans and Queer rights more important than LGB- headed the Iran way.

( BellaBlue )
I read comments over on r/IndiaSpeaks and the commenters there were saying "We saw what America is like with their trans bullshit and we don't want that here. It started with gay marriage, and now look at the state of the U.S."

( crodish )
I hate this so much. That it always, ALWAYS goes back to, "we gave them gay marriage, and look what happened. We warned you this would be a slippery slope."

Except the people fucking up that "slippery slope" are the TQ. They are the ones "turning our kids queer", they are the ones "who want pedophilia and beastiality and necrophilia to be legalized next", they are the ones who are "coming after our children". And as much as I LOVE to pin it 100% on the TQ, I also know there are also genuine LGB people in the LGBTQ who believe and vocally support that shit. So I can't even "the LGB want none of this", because CLEARLY, some do.

I hate this SO much. That sexuality apparently IS "choice" now. That sexuality "can" be changed. That "we just want to live our lives" has been so completely bastardized. That the rainbow flag and its ever changing variants evokes such visceral disgust and anger in me nowadays instead of hope.

( pennygadget )
I blame organizations like GLAAD. They just had to find a way to keep donations flowing after gay marriage was legalized federally and most of the country became tolerant of homosexuality. They had to find a new victim group to raise money for. Enter the trans and the "queers"

It also served to bolster their ranks. You can't just make new gays and lesbians. But any person with a mental illness and/or a fetish (or just a bad haircut) can become trans and/or queer

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: To those who peaked - do you think you could have been prevented from peaking?

( GenderHeretic )
No, it was a matter of when, not if. Even if all the misogyny and homophobia and predation on kids that I could not ignore didn't happen or wasn't visible, trans ideology in the first place is simply not true. Pity can only take you so far.

( Carrots90 )
What would have kept me from peaking?

NOT listening to trans people would have kept me on the polite lie trans train

When my friends daughter told me she was trans and ‘always knew’ because when she was young she wondered why she couldn’t go into the boys restroom, I tried to be open minded. Seemed to be an odd reason to cut one’s breasts off, but I tried not to let my ‘limitations on understanding’ be a problem

Non-binary unawareness would have helped keep me from peaking

As would Transbian invisibility

‘Gender Non-Conforming, butch TransWomen’ who ‘don’t owe anyone feminity’ should have been kept in purdah

( Unicorn )
I think maybe the only thing that could have kept me from peaking would have been if all TIMs were like old school transsexuals who were not disillusioned about not being actual women, or like Kim Petras.

Or if trans was just "some adults want to look like the opposite sex via surgeries and hormones" and there was no forcing taxpayers to pay for their cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic desires, and biological sex was still acknowledged.

The issue is Kim Petras was transed as a child, and I think that would have still caused questions about "how do we know if a child is trans?" And the concerns over the concept of people not wanting to conform to their birth sex's gender stereotypes = a need to medicalize the body into mimicking the opposite sex.

So... I'm not sure if anything could have fully stopped peaking, but some things might have severely delayed the process.

( Pointer )
Nothing. Once I realized they were actually seriously claiming that wanting to wear dresses and get your nails done had ANYTHING to do with being a woman, it was GAME ON. I was never going to be on board with such a profoundly sexist ideology, and more than that, I was going to have to take a stand against it. I would not be able to sit by while people spouted such stupid claptrap.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Handmaidens are defending Hunter Schafer as Carrie WHY ARE THEY SO GLIB WHEN IT COMES TO FEMALE ERASURE?

( the_empress )

This is similar to trend of remaking shows and movies but with brown people instead of white. It’s so incredibly lazy and stupid.

It doesn’t make anything fair or fix any actual issues- like racism. And in the case of men taking everything pertaining to biological women, it’s just more of the same except we’re expected to call it feminism. 🤬

( vulvapeople )
It’s actually sort of hilarious to imagine the shower scene as the girls getting angry that a penis haver is showering with them. Only a TRA would think that’s sympathetic to the TIM.

I hated the bullies in the original Carrie, but if Carrie’s a TIM violating their boundaries? I’m rooting for them. Way to make the story about girls being punished for standing up for their safety and dignity.

( VestalVirgin )
A male going on a murdering rampage in revenge to girls objecting to him sexually harrassing them is much more realistic than a girl murdering her bullies, tho. I mean, really. One happens way more often than the other.

You might think a girl taking revenge on bullies makes more sense, but girls and women are typically not that violent. Not even with good reason.

( pennygadget )
In the new TIM version of Carrie, Carrie gets doused with blood on stage and immediately starts masturbating because that's his fetish. 🤣

In the shower scene, he cries because there is no blood despite the fact that he's on hormones (and the reddit mod he bought them from told him that titty skittles cause AMABs to get a period)

Carrie's mother is evil because she didn't sign off on him getting hormones and surgeries. And she keeps repeating TERF lies about estrogen being bad for male bodies and continues to refer to him as her son

Feel free to add to the list, ladies! 🤣

( eyeswideopen )
I almost hope he gets cast because the mockery and jokes will be epic.

( VestalVirgin )
Perhaps seeing him in that shower scene would finally convince my parents and other normies that yes TRAs totally intend to put boys in the girls' changing rooms AND showers, no ifs or buts about it.

(Although if they make the girls mock him for his penis instead of ... screaming and running out once they see it, that'd be weird. But perhaps they will try and portray screaming and fleeing as bullying.)

BlackCirce #transphobia ovarit.com

He is a man
He is a man.

But what if he says he’s a woman?
He is a man.

But what if he says he’ll kill himself?
He is a man.

But what if he says his pronouns are she/her? Or she/they? Or they/them? He is a man.

But what if he has a female name?
He is a man.

But what if he had his documents changed?
He is a man.

But what if he liked Barbie and sparkles and mermaids as a child?
He is a man.

But what if he has feminine mannerisms?
He is a man.

But what if he hates his penis?
He is a man.

But what if his circumcision was botched?
He is a man.

But what if he’s in danger in the men’s room?
He is a man.

But what if he takes estrogen?
He is a man.

But what if he has breasts?
He is a man.

But what if he had facial feminization surgery?
He is a man.

But what if he took puberty blockers? He is a man.

But what if he’s taking testosterone blockers and lowered his levels to an “acceptable range”?
He is a man.

But what if he had a false vagina created out of his genital and intestinal tissue?
He is a man.

But what if his testicles are undescended?
He is a man.

But what if he dieted himself down to BMI 19?
He is a man.

But what if he used coke and meth to get that down to BMI 16?
He is a man.

But what if lots and lots of people are fooled by his disguise and call him ma’am?
He is a man.

But what if he’s just too effeminate to attract the kind of men he wants to have sex with?
He is a man.

But what if lots of women accept him as a woman?
He is a man.

But what if he loves thinking of himself as a woman?
He is a man.

But what if the leading sexologists say he is a woman?
He is a man.

But what if he admits he’s male and only identifies as a woman socially? He is a man.

But what if he’s not hurting anyone?
He is a man.

But what if he threatens to punch, stab, shoot, hang or rape you?
He is a man.

He is a man. 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️

BlackCirce & OMalley #transphobia ovarit.com

Interesting post on the concept of "forced teaming" used by TRAs on the LGB community
( BlackCirce )
They also don’t explain how denying sex is real helps women or lesbians in the cause against social conservatism.

The way I think of it is imagine there is an enslaved man and a slaver. A third man comes along. The enslaved man says please help me in the cause of freedom.

And the third man says, “certainly, I’ll help free you. Slavery is a mental condition. All you have to do to be free is know you are free in your heart and the slaver can’t hold you anymore.” The third man walks away leaving the enslaved man to get his foot chopped off or his tongue cut out.

ETA ⬇️:

It’s not only that we have no common cause with T, but T actively works against our causes making the “they’re coming for you next” threat meaningless. Conservatives didn’t take away women’s rights to sex segregated bathrooms and prisons: progressives did in the name of trans. Conservatives didn’t take away gay and lesbian rights to affinity groups and spaces: progressives did in the name of trans. Gutting the concepts of sex and sexual orientation so that women and LGB cannot politically advocate for ourselves means that when the time comes for conservatives to overturn big ticket items like gay marriage and women’s suffrage, it will be that much easier.

( OMalley )

We've known since the beginning that the T community is pulled by male narcissism and manipulation, this just puts it together with a shiny red bow on top,

They KNOW they wouldn't be able to get away with half their bullshit if they didn't use the gays as a shield. We know it too, hence their hellbent fury to claim we're one big happy family.

Their manipulation doesn't end there, they undermine the foundations of homosexuality (alongside other letters contrary to the irony), as gender and sexuality cannot exist side-by-side. Their ideology is in conflict with homosexuality, hence the desperation to redefine stagnant orientations to better validate themselves.

Sorry Jessica, you dating a TiM does not make you a lesbian.

Sorry Matthew, you putting on a floral pattern and rocking a bullring doesn't make you a lesbian.

It's disgusting, and the amount of contempt I hold for them is unfathomable.

The gays need to leave, we are taking too much damage from the latter half of the community, they're a liability.

proudcatlady #sexist ovarit.com

RE: My university's gender-based sexual violence class is hosted by a TIM

Once you get that sexually abusing women is the entire purpose of college for men, you understand that these seminars are designed to promote this. The men learn useless highly specific definitions of consent (consent culture is bullshit and male serving) and women learn never to say no.

Jellyfishes, SecondSkin & VestalVirgin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Do you think male children who are being raised "as girls" due to pro-trans parents are getting female or male socialization?

( Jellyfishes )
Like the others said, he will receive an even stronger male socialization. Pro-trans parents worship males as much as trad conservatives. They will treat him as the most specialest kid, tell him he's better than the girls, that he can do anything he wants and shit on all kids who don't want to play along. Even if they say they are treating him like a girl, it's an absolute lie, they would never do this for a girl.

( SecondSkin )
Hyper-male socialisation.

Taught their needs come before everyone and that everyone must celebrate them every second or genociding.

They don’t pass. They aren’t treated like girls are. And they are well aware they are more powerful than girl, their aggression and violence is on full display all the time.

TIFs aren’t being socialised as male are they? Their voices aren’t centred and their male vaginas catered to above everything else, are they? Yeah some are obnoxious and entitled, but unless they are being paraded round for male pregnancy they are basically just shoved off to the back.

( VestalVirgin )
IF a boy was raised as girl and the parents pretended to him and others that he IS a girl (not an extra-special transgirl), then he miiiight get a little bit of female socialisation before puberty, assuming he passed.

Being ignored by teachers, being told to be quiet, being told to be nice.

But he would only get that from people other than his parents, so it wouldn't be as strong.

The time when peers start to be more important than parents is puberty, and he would cease passing then.

He would also be taught to worship penis, because that's part of female socialisation, and that would backfire and make him extra chauvinistic once he realizes he's male.

I recall meeting a man on an internet forum ages ago who claimed his mother forced him to wear girl dresses. If he was telling the truth, his mother was one very messed up woman. And he, well ... he was the most misogynist arsehole ever, carrying the delusion that women were oppressing men. (Which might be explained by his childhood, if he wasn't an AGP who was lying, which is entirely possible)

One thing's for sure and that is that nothing good comes from raising boys "as girl". [...]

various commenters #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

RE: This is petty but wow, do I hate how one actor’s “identity” can derail so many discussions about a show

( woman_be_free )
Lol. If you google her wiki page it just says ‘D'Arcy is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns’ under personal life. Because that’s what happens when you identity with a gender 😂😂 it becomes the whole point of you. Your existence amounts to where you are in the gingerbread man.

Another idiot on the idiot train.

( Arenlaef )
She wore a suit and skirt get up to the Emmys one year and was like "See, I'm very non-binary." Basically implying that the suit was the boy part and the skirt was the girl part. Groundbreaking.

Also, I enjoyed HOTD but them casting that Philosophy Tube guy to play a female character has me rethinking my interest. His fans are excited that he might get to be a noblewoman and it's just too hard for me to picture. I find that Hunter whatever hard to swallow and at least he usually plays transwomen.

I'm not going to be able to sit back while PT prances in with his biological children he gave birth to and everyone gushing about how he's the most beautiful woman at court. I hope they intend to put him in the background.

( vulvapeople )
TIPs being cast as their pretend sex is my limit in tolerance. Anytime I encounter that in a movie or show, I stop watching.

( pennygadget )
Gender-special actors ruin their characters because, once they "come out", then the clock starts ticking on when the character they were playing has to come out as well. Most notable example being Ellen Page in Umbrella Academy. The show initially said her character would continue being female. But, of course, Princess Ellen's dysphoria mandated that the character become a trans-man just like her (and that all the other characters mindlessly applaud her transition and don't question it at all)

( MadSea )
Don’t worry, it gets worse. This season they cast a TIM that’s playing what was a very masculine woman who, if I recall correctly, was in a same sex relationship (I may be wrong about the second bit, been a while since I read it).

( no- )
There’s nothing more frustrating than fictional “lesbian” relationships played by a TIM and a woman.

Saoirse #transphobia ovarit.com

Fury as woke council flushes the word 'mothers' from its guidance on 'new and expectant parents' for staff who have given birth or are breastfeeding... 'including transgender people' | Daily Mail Online

At this point I feel like we are on the way to create a society where females are these subhuman creatures whose bodies are used for baby making and sexual "needs". "Woman" is meaningless, everyone can be a woman. Magazines, fashion shows, advertisments, beauty contests, woman of the year, they all full of TIM, and they are much better women than these inferior females!

"Menstruators", "people with vagina", "cervix havers", "uterus carriers", "non-prostate owners", "birthing people", this has a meaning. They are not women. They are subhuman females. Such inferior creatures can elevate to human, though, if they identify as men or non-binary. Then it's a "pregnant man", not "pregnant person" or "birthing person".

But then how do you distinguish between these inferior females and these superior females who have human status? Well, first, you don't call them females. This is dehumanising. Second, they do not have female parts. They do not have vagina, this is a front hole or a bonus hole. Don't say they have uterus, cervix, volva. That's extremely offensive. Even if they carry a baby, don't say they have uterus. How dare you. And they are not breastfeeding, they are chestfeeding.

I can't forget that TIF Syven who had two babies (one was a surprise) and said the following:

'You're a pregnant man sitting around a whole bunch of females, looking at you like "no, it can't be," or "why?" Or "is it possible you're faking?"' he explained.

(She is talking about waiting in the waiting room for the OB-GYN while being a pregnant TIF who looks like a man, and in this waiting room were other pregnant women, who looked at her in a WTF kind of way because she is visibly pregnant but also looks like a man.)

A whole bunch of females. Bunch of bred female animals. She is a "pregnant man", but these females? They are inferior. They are just females. Bunch of them.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: A TRA argument I never really understood

( Lipsy )
Makes about as much sense as their other absolutely brilliant argument, i.e., "Making laws/rules against men entering Women's spaces won't stop anything, because men who want to rape/assault Women will just go in there anws"—which, by logical extension, becomes an argument against criminalizing anything. (Burglars will just break into your house anws, so what's the point in making breaking and entering a crime? Criminalizing murder won't stop people from killing each other, so why bother making murder a crime?)

( RusticTroglodyte )
They block you as soon as you dare to mention the fact that when ZERO men are allowed in the bathroom, when we see one, we instantly know there's a problem.

As it stands now, how do we tell who's a good guy and who isn't? We can talk about changing shit like this the second men stop committing 90% of violent crime and 99% of sexual crime. Call me as soon as that happens, TRAs. Fucking morons lol

( shewolfoffrance )
A very stupid argument because all but the dumbest of sexual predators have a sophisticated enough understanding of safeguarding rules and norms to worm their way into fuzzy, gray boundary areas where they have plausible deniability, if they're ever actually held to account for inappropriate behavior.

( shewolfoffrance )
Men who get mad about safeguarding guidelines are always suspect to me. There's no way they don't secretly want to commit some kind of abuse, or are at least sympathetic to men who do. Think about it: how would people react to a Scout Master who got mad that he could share a tent with the boys? Glinner is right, and TiMs are the new priestly caste.

( m0RT_1 )
This is it. "What about GNC women" is just being loaded onto the catapult as part of an ongoing siege on women's boundaries.

They 1000% don't give a shit about GNC women or lesbians. The ultimate goal is males' unfettered colonization of women's spaces. They hate women who say NO and want to destroy anywhere a woman can be free.

( shewolfoffrance )
One thing I've learned from following this issue is that a certain proportion of men, which is more of them than most people want to admit, don't have a moral framework more sophisticated than "does it make my dick happy? does it make the concept of dick happy?"

And that doesn't differ greatly between left-leaning and right-leaning men.

ElectricBlue, BlackCirce & RisingUp #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: DO you believe that female handmaids will change their minds someday and join us?

( ElectricBlue )
Yes, I think they will end up seeing through the TRA fad. However, I think the majority of them will just move on to other fashionable ways to worship men. Being concerned about the "mental health" of violent men seems to be gathering steam.

I believe that eventually TERFS will be seen how the Suffragettes are seen now. They are so universally considered right in our era, that people hardly remember how viciously they were treated at the time. One day, people will memory hole the TRA thing apart from occasional documentaries of people wringing their hands and saying it wasn't their fault, they were just following orders from a few high up doctors. In the annals of history, the TRA era will be very short and very niche, even if living through it has not been.

I predict that in 30 years it will be like Thalidomide or lobotomies. Occasionally you'll hear someone say, "I had an aunt who had all that transgender surgery and she took hormones to grow a beard. Then she died in her 30s from a heart attack caused by the testosterone." And other than that, people will forget it ever existed, and handmaidens will find other ways to worship men in the mistaken belief that this will save them from misogyny.

( BlackCirce )
I don’t know if transactivists will change their minds or not, but what I do know is no matter what happens, we (rfs) will be blamed for it. There won’t be any mass joining of radical feminism, there won’t be a big “wow you were right, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you.” If people defect from trans they will blame radical feminism for both causing them to trans themselves if they identified as trans and they will also blame us for transgenderism existing.

( RisingUp )
I think genderism is soon going to become a massive widespread object of contempt and scorn. The “pronouns in bio” scorn it already gets from the right is going to spread. So I think people will be rowing back from it as quietly as they can. Especially once today’s teenagers are in the workforce.

jelliknight, NastasyaFillipovna & OwnLyingEyes #interphobia #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Gender Ideology should be questioned in every court case with questions about the 2 types of gametes in reproduction.

( jelliknight )
Exactly. The bottom line is anyone who has ever produced a single sperm IS MALE and anyone who has ever produced a single ovum IS FEMALE. No exceptions.

"Sex its complicated... something about mushrooms ...intersex... etc"

Sex can be complicated, but its also extremely simple and verifiable in 99.9% of humans. Have you ever menstruated out of your vagina? Youre female. Ever ejaculated out of your penis? Youre male. Made it to sexual maturity without doing either? You have some kind of condition and need to see a doctor for further testing (where they will, almost every time, be able to tell you for certain if you are male or female).

There are a few cases where an individual does fall into a grey zone, e.g. Turner Syndrome […] who could technically be said to be of neither sex. But thats absolutely irrelevant to transgenderism. Everyone else, DSD or not, is either on the Y chromosome/teste/sperm side or the X chromosome/ovary/ovum side.

"Oh but hormones... micropenis... something about social category"

Irrelevant. Sex only exists in the context of sexual reproduction, which in humans has exactly two roles; big gamete and small gamete. Thats reality. No amount of negotiation or external factors can change that.

( NastasyaFillipovna )
Till last year or so, they were conceding the point that there is a difference between Sex and Gender, ie, a Woman, and a female. But now, they have gone full unhinged into claiming that they are females.

So whatever rational arguments you present, its not gonna matter. The previous generation had it right in te first place, that these guys have a Mental disorder, like they show in the movie "Silence of the Lambs".

It should be categorized as such again, and provide them the mental care they need, not the "Surgical care". We don't say an alcoholic that they need the better tasting alcohol, we cut out their suppl/y

( OwnLyingEyes )
Agreed. Not only that, gametes are literally the definitive difference in how the sexes are classified, so the constant attempts to side-step that fact and be all 'but chromosomes sometimes have extra Xs!' or fixating on secondary sex characteristics are a pretty glaringly obvious attempt at sleight of hand.

BehindtheCurtain, BondiBlue & Omina_Sentenziosa #transphobia ovarit.com

The Far Left Only Tolerates Trans Because It is a Force for Destabilization

( BehindtheCurtain )
I think they support both TIM and radical Islam because they are both male supremacy movements

( BondiBlue )
Those TIMs who get off on being “submissive Muslima brides” donning the burqa as fetish gear are among the most grotesque things the male animal has come up with.

And yet even ISIS finds “trans harem girls” to be repulsive. They sure as hell know what a woman is when they’re raping her. But our ostensibly liberal politicians consider this perversity stunning and brave.

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
The far left doesn' t tolerate trans, it fully embraces it. They share the same core values, starting with the position of women and men.

This explains why the radical left, despite claiming to be feminist, has absolutely zero problem with tossing women to the wolves

This is something I have seen often: how is possible that so-called feminists are throwing women under the bus? Simple, because they are not feminists. That word has been twisted like many others and bastardized so much that it means something completely different, even though they worked hard at mantaining a working cover so that the most naive people could still be drawn by its original meaning.

It' s like wondering how TIMs can be so hateful of women despite claiming to be women. They are not women, and them claiming to be is proof number one that they hate women. Far leftists and so-called feminists are doing the same thing.

( BondiBlue )
The Spectator has a very intriguing article which argues that the “Palestine project” as we know it today was a Soviet/KGB creation intended to sow discord in the West.


Same thing with the movement for “queerness,” as James Lindsay and others have explored: it’s a “culturally Marxist” weaponization of dogmatic religiosity, aimed at destruction under the guise of “liberation.”

Except instead of liberating from capital exploitation, these nihilistic projects are just enriching pharma and the war machine, while leaving dead and mutilated women and children in their wake.

Revolutions always devour the young.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Majority the Trans supporting comments on reddit are from either TiMs themselves, or bot accounts

( Calidris )
I realized the grasp the TIMs have on reddit is thin as fuck when super straight became a thing. There has rarely been a subreddit that ballooned that fast, was that active, AND that civil. For the short time it existed I experienced almost no sexism there, while TIMs are basically misogynistic whenever they open their mouths. Most normies on reddit are secretly sick of the transgender movement, several subs discuss the topic with emojis such as 🚂 because they get banned less fast.

Also whenever a trans subject comes into the more mainstream subs, the normies are falling over themselves saying they would never date a trans person, to the chagrin of TIMs and TIFs.


( Alalies )
We should start our own bots! One of the early comments on Reddit that got me thinking was that TIMs maintain male pattern criminality post-transition. I really think data like that should be more well-known.

( RusticTroglodyte )
At the risk of sounding mean,I don't understand how anyone could not know that or be surprised by it. It makes no sense that just saying "I'm a lady hehe" somehow changes male pattern criminality. I know we need studies like that for rabid TRAs but they seem so pointless.

( VestalVirgin )
Well, they're men.

You really need to be extremely brainwashed to think that men who demand access to womens' private spaces might be less dangerous than men who don't do that.

( Sheva )
That’s the thing. Usually you spot a bot straight away when they harp on about only one thing and nothing else. However, with TIMs, being a TIM is literally their whole existence for most of them. This makes it MUCH easier for the bots to hide in plain sight too. It’s literally so easy to mimic a TIM accurately. Ironic because they struggle so hard trying to mimic us.

( drdeeisback )
That's really interesting - I wonder who thinks it's worthwhile to spend money on bots amplifying gender ideology?

MaryDyer #transphobia ovarit.com

If we don’t put an end to this madness, the generations that come after this one will have to relearn what young millennials and gen z willingly unlearned about the nature of crime and why we segregate males from females in intimate settings.

100 years from now they’ll be reviewing compiled crime statistics and they’ll notice something:

Investigator 1: “Hey, you know what I’ve noticed, Bobbert?”

Investigator 2: “What, Tavariousness Rex?”

Investigator 1: “Well, you know how women are sexually assaulting other women like, every day?”

Investigator 2: “Yeah? Those wily women.”

Investigator 1: “Well according to the prison records, almost all of those women are AMAB. Like…99% of them.”

Investigator 2: “Yeah, you know, I read a recent study out of the UK that found the same thing. Crazy, right?”

Investigator 1: “It makes me wonder if there’s some sort of…link…between AMABs and sexual violence against women.”

Investigator 2: “Well if there’s a link, what do we do about it?”

Investigator 1: “Well first we need more data to confirm the link, but if it’s true, we could start by giving the AFABs their own spaces in which to feel safe. You know, intimate spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms and stuff like that. They’d be AFAB-only; No AMAB allowed in.”

Investigator 2: “My grand-birthing-person once told me that they used to do that. It was like, standard practice all over the world.”

Investigator 1: “SHHHH! We don’t talk about the Before Times. We don’t know who’s listening…”

Wrenn #transphobia #dunning-kruger ovarit.com

RE: Need help with Pie analogy

The “rights aren’t pie” mantra originally was used in the cause for gay marriage rights. And the way your friend was using it isn’t even close to how it is intended.

Basically, it was to say that straight people weren’t losing a piece of their “pie” by the legalization of gay marriage. It was a good analogy for that specifically, because the visual was that “marriage” was supposed to be a whole pie - belonging entirely to heterosexuals - and those who opposed gay marriage believed that they were having to cut a slice off and give it to “the gays”, thereby diminishing their pie. But the whole point was that rights aren’t pie. Straight couples lost nothing by allowing two men or two women to walk into a courthouse and obtain a marriage certificate, and have all the legal protections that go along with heterosexual marriage. There was absolutely no change to the legality, status, or validity of heterosexual marriages.

But in the case of “trans rights” - these people are arguing for special changes to rights they already have. They have the right to use the restroom in public, they have the right to play sports in school, they have the right to marry. They aren’t happy with the terms of those rights, while everyone else is. So unlike in the case of gay marriage - where a person had zero legal access to something that others did, on the sole basis of their sexual orientation - trans people already have the rights they demand changes to. And those changes actually do take something away from other people (women and girls). They take away our right to segregation by sex in areas where not being segregated puts as at a disadvantage, in the sole basis of our sex.

If we really want to go back to pie - everyone has pie, and are regularly served enough to eat forever. Trans people demand a different flavor of pie be served to them every minute, which ends up meaning the baker doesn’t have enough time to bake all the other pies anymore, and a lot of people go hungry as a result.

But if it was my friend, I would remind her that rights are not food, nuance is imperative, and complex ideas cannot be boiled down to a third grade reading level. Oh and that men’s rights end where mine begin.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( spw )
"The real threat to women is 'cis' men, not transwomen"
It really annoys me when people say this. TRAs say things like "the real threats to women's sports are misogyny and lack of opportunities for girls/women, not transwomen." Yes it may be true that this is a bigger problem. But there is no easy solution to this. We've made a lot of progress recently but any progress has been slow and gradual over a long period of time. There is so much progress that needs to be made, but unfortunately there is nothing that could be done tomorrow that would fix all of these issues.

However there is an easy solution to TIMs in women's sports. It would take one small bit of legislation banning them, that could be done tomorrow and it would be sorted. It's just absurd that it's even a problem. So yes there are bigger problems, but this one is a big problem and can be fixed so easily

Same with when they say "the real threat to women is abusive men, not TIMs." Yes but there is no easy solution to that but it should be so easy to just ban TIMs from women's spaces now

( Women1st )
TIMs are male. Males are the problem. An identity doesn’t change the rotten core

( OwnLyingEyes )
The real threat to women is the collective decision being made over and over again on a government level that women's rights, safety, opportunities, wellbeing, boundaries/consent, and lives don't matter, many of which are currently being made by demand of TIMs. Women are under siege behind our barricades. TIMs are manning the battering ram knocking all of that down. Yes, there's a far larger horde of dangerous men outside of those gates, but that doesn't mean the battering ram brigade isn't the immediate threat in this situation (only magnifies the threat they represent to us), because they're the ones throwing their all into breaching our defenses and once breached we're vulnerable to the whole damn horde.

And plenty of TIMs are abusive men, they are misogynists, they're the same damn picture.

( RusticTroglodyte )
There is no such thing as "cis". "Transwomen" is just a name pornsick men with fetishes use to describe themselves.

It is baffling to me that ppl think a male simply saying, "I'm a woman" magically removes him from the class of ppl who commit 90% of violent crime and 99% of sexual assault. It is totally nonsensical and requires a belief in magic gender souls

various commenters #homophobia #kinkshaming #sexist ovarit.com

RE: The number of gay men defending porn is disturbing.

( Artemis_Lives )
Being exploitative and predatory is a fixture of male sexuality, gay or straight. The sex industry only exists because men in general create the demand.

( Unicorn )
To be honest, I'm not surprised, gay men are still men. Males are the group of people who overwhelmingly watch and are addicted to porn. I'm sure gay porn is just as harmful to a healthy sexuality as the porn aimed at heterosexual males, so yeah, "my porn only objectifies and dehumanizes men" isn't the great argument they think it is.

( sanitycheck )
Men are who they are. And who they are is largely testosterone-driven great apes with terrible socialization that encourages them to be selfish and repress any emotions. I think its a straight womans fantasy that gay men will somehow understand or care about our oppression. Gay men are still men, they can be misogynistic and awful, and they can believe that women would think it is their biological destiny to be oversexed dolls for men to play with. Watch ru pauls drag race if you dont believe me.

Not all gay men are like this- but I think youd set yourself up to fail if you start off expecting them to be wonderful like Kurt from Glee or Mitch and Cam character from Modern Family.

( Philogynist )
Yes, they aren't all like this in my experience but they aren't all wonderful. I've spoken to many gay men who are now "identifying as asexual" simply because they don't fit in with the hypersexualized gay male culture and have normal, healthy boundaries. And there are many disconnected from mainstream gay male/"LGBT" culture who don't fit in with the focus on gay porn, the flamboyant misogyny disguised as jokes, or the stereotypes.

However, I can no longer stand to socialize with any gay or bisexual men who can be found around gay bars, gay events, or parties. And I've worked with many in jobs even outside of these places who are just terrible people and have regretted assuming they were more trustworthy than heterosexual men. I think how "plugged into" mainstream "LGBTQ" culture, drag, and the gay party scene they are makes a huge difference.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why do trans "women" think they look convincing as women?

( SummerGrl )
It's a mental illness. They are not connected with reality. Delusional beliefs. I think it's cruel that society is lying to these men because it just pushes them further into their delusions and if anything breaks them from that, they can't handle it. That's why they get so overly aggressive and violent by things as simple as misgendering. Their overblown reactions do not match the perceived slight.

( mathlover )
Because people use the phony pronouns.

At work, people are forced to because otherwise the TIMs get people fired.

Everywhere else people are afraid of these mentally unstable men lashing out verbally; making a scene; yelling; and, especially for women, becoming violent. So they use the phony pronouns.

There should be clear and concise stickers EVERYWHERE - millions of them - stating that nobody actually believes the phony pronouns and that when these men hear "she/her" they should hear he/him because that's what we all really mean. They should have to see, everywhere they look, that no one actually believes they are women.

( no- )
That’s the problem with “true trans”. “Truscum” think men who pass as women are the only ones who should be allowed to colonize female only spaces because they’re properly transitioning, not the “fake transes” who make them look bad. But here’s the thing: every single “true trans” thinks he passes, every single one of them perceives himself as non-threatening and doing the trans thing right. They’re delusional. Blaire White doesn’t pass, he only happens to be easier on the eyes than an AGP crossdresser. Everything is always self-ID with these people, including the dysphoria diagnoses they easily get by lying to their doctors, who are afraid to challenge them regardless. They’re unreliable narrators, so why should they be trusted to decide that reality doesn’t apply to them because they believe their own charade? Nonsense.

( hard_headed_woman )
As long as people contribute to the delusion, TIMs can pretend they pass. Deep down, they know they don't. Just like deep down, they know they will never, ever be women despite some of these idiots thinking that surgery and hormones make them an actual woman.