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( Carrots90 )
New words for the GC dictionary, feel free to add

deGENDERate ‘non-binary’ males who feel entitled to use women’s spaces but don’t even pretend to think they are themselves women

duTIFul when TIFs cape for TIMs because TIFs have ‘male privilege’ and don’t suffer ‘transmisogyny’

feMENism libfemmery. Women centering men in their activism and labors

foresPEAK when someone is on the path to seeing how insane trans ideology is, but they are trying very hard not to see it

inFETISHtation the condition of being overrun with any type of perverted pestilence. eg “Reddit is now infetished with TIMs on all sites”

inTERFace the device or system everyone has to utilize when working with mentally stunted wokesters to prevent meltdowns, drama, and work stoppages

inTRANSigence the ability to steadfastly defend trans ideology despite facts, history, reason, common sense, etc

les-bane anyone who is a bane to lesbians. Any person who is not a woman exclusively attracted to women but claims the name, spaces, compliance, etc of lesbians

male-icious how uniquely horrible TransWomen treat women, friend or foe

masTERFul JKR dealing with TRA crybabies

overesTIMate how TIMs rate their passability/looks/personality

queersling from quisling. actual gay people who sell out the LGB for the TQIAA+++ headpats

subTERFuge undercover GC work. I’m convinced at least some of the ‘handmaidens’ are double agents. Pretending to be selling out the sistershood but doing the goddesses work. “You should definitely say that/wear that/post that” etc

suPERVise when TIMS invade lesbian spaces to look for wrongthink, and to perv

( RighteousIndignation )
Spatch-cocked when a man gets his penis turned inside out and shoved into a hole drilled thru his pelvis.

(courtesy of another ovarit user who's name I don't know).

( Spencer_Shayy )
These are hilarious! I think "les-bane" is my favorite. "Queersling" is good, too, but I prefer "Vichy Gay/Lesbian".

( Carrots90 )
I love Vichy Gay/Lesbian too!!

Someone dared to call Mr Menno that When he opposed trans lunacy. Which is rich, considering that the TQ is imho, the worst thing to happen to the LGB community in the West since HIV crisis

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Skinwalker Tony's U.S. Genocide Coloring Page (a/k/a "Erin's 2024 Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map")

( Carrots90 )
I am disappointed and angry that my state looks welcoming

We do not want to encourage this

My hate should be enough to turn it Florida Black

( asmahan )
With the "do not travel" and such I think he's channeling the green book and probably compiling the map gave him the euphoria boner he always wanted from being oppressed, by appropriating the trappings of the American black experience.

( Spencer_Shayy )
Feeling so blessed that my state is not a safe place for these perverts.

"Every day, I’ve gotten messages from worried people wondering how they are supposed to assess their risk of staying in their home state."

White and straight people, rejoice! You, too, can now get on the oppression bandwagon and pretend that the public not validating the gender you picked from someone's Tumblr blog puts you on the same level as an actual oppressed person!

"The messages range from parents of trans youth wondering if their children will be taken from them"

Oh, they should. If you "trans" your child, you are abusive, dangerous, and that child should be given to a family who will accept them for who they are.

"trans teachers wondering if their jobs will be safe in coming years."

God, I hope not. Even if the "trans" teachers aren't perverts or deranged activists, do we really want someone who believes children can be born in the wrong body, and require unethical medical interventions to "fix" them, around kids?

"Sometimes people just want to know if there is a safer state they can move to nearby."

Keep in mind, these people aren't in any actual danger. They want to know which states uphold their ideology. That's it.

"Now more than ever, it is a question that needs answering for so many transgender people facing forced medical detransition,"

OK, that is not happening. At all. Detrainsitioners are choosing to do so because they've wised up and realized this "transgender" bullshit is just that - bullshit. No doctor is forcing someone to detransition. But hey, whatever gets you hard, Tony.


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>Ask for the literal impossible >Whine on Reddit about how impossible things are impossible. ⚠️KEEP HIM AWAY FROM CHILDREN⚠️

( Re-enacterf )
I have no sympathy for a male who destroys his strength, health, and fertility for a fetish. None. Suck it up there bud

And yeah, he's probably a pedophile, who just wants an excuse to be around children.

( Lipsy )
Maybe someday this dude will identify as a mermaid and will become SUPER dysphoric about not being able to breathe oxygenated water through gills. "Well, I COULD keep breathing through my lungs landgills, but wink wink, we all know why I'd be doing that." And that'd be all he wrote 🧜🏿.

( legopants )
If this was an actual woman who genuinely wanted to be a mother, like the child was the actual focused, fostering or adopting would be fine.

Instead, it's a man who fetishizes something he'll never be able to do and likely gets off when he imagined it breastfeeding

( SamanthaK )
This is how kids go missing and then end up dead.

( Carrots90 )
Dude. Definitely don’t have kids

He doesn’t want kids, which is fine,

he just wants to be pregnant….which is creepy

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Man charged with killing transgender woman following argument in Harford County

( Sheva )
And no women were harmed. That sits just fine with me.

( legopants )
Just wait till this is posted by even one tra on Twitter. Women will be blamed immediately

( Sheva )
Women will be blamed regardless of the situation or the outcome. That’s what men do, especially TiMs

( dasehe )
I've hit the point I can't be arsed about what Twitter TRAs are going to do. TIMs are just gonna TIM. I only care that it isn't weaponised in legislation against women. I'm not an optimist about that point, but that's still a fight that has to be taken on.

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"misgendering is the exact same as being called the n-word"

( DietCokeAddict )
Lol I’m not deciding it doesn’t offend them, I just don’t care if it does. If they’re offended by correct pronouns that’s not my problem.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Great point. When ppl are offended by literal reality, who gives a shit about sparing their feelings?

( Spencer_Shayy )
See, that's the thing. When bigotry becomes subjective, it means nothing. That's why this creepy perverted man has the confidence to say that calling him by his birth name is akin to a racial slur.

( TheKnitta )
Get Mr I’m The Biggest Victim over here. Racism, apartheid? Nothing compared to what he’s been through trying to get people not to laugh at him for wearing frilly knickers.

Truly stunning and brave (and absolutely tone deaf).

( pennygadget )
"Martin Luther King Jr thought he had it rough! But MY oppression is even worse! My grandmother still calls me 'Steven' and Twitter trolls call me 'dude' every day!! Its worse than a thousand Holocausts!!!" 😭

( pennygadget )
Once again, these scrotes appropriate the struggles of people who are ACTUALLY oppressed in order to prop up their bullshit fantasy life.

Black Civil Rights leaders never asked the rest of us to swallow lies. Calling a man "Steve" instead of his chosen name of "Violet VonGlittercunt" is not the same as calling a Black person the n-word. These men are so entitled because current leftist spaces coddle this nonsense

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RE: Gender Ideology, Queer Theory, and Identity Politics are based on Post-Modernism not Liberalism

( BlackCirce )
Yeah I kinda bristle at the usage of liberal feminist to mean transfeminists or “intersectional” feminists or postmodern feminists. I’m not really sure what they should be called but they are definitely not liberal and the ones I know personally openly despise liberals. I usually say social justice (sj) feminists. It’s hard to even call them feminists because their stated goal is making everyone equal / liberated which doesn’t have anything to do specifically with women. I’ve also toyed with the idea of calling it post-feminism since if women don’t really exist, feminism is not necessary.

( TheKnitta )
That’s a good point. I’m quick to yell when people blame genderwoo on ‘the left’ that it’s not the real left, but I’m very guilty of using ‘liberal feminism’. The very term ‘liberal’ has been as mangled and perverted as the term ‘feminism’ in the current world we inhabit, and neither mean what the dictionary says.

‘Faux-feminists’ works well enough, although it’s very negative.

songoftheworms & Ava #transphobia ovarit.com

Yeah, and no need to define “liberty” either. Liberty can include shackles, what even are words, now shut up

( songoftheworms )

More like, we're passionately telling you that in order for "women" to have liberation, "women" needs to first be defined. And defining women in terms of a discrete biological group is not only more accurate in terms of observable reality and the almighty lived experience, but also in pinpointing the axis by which our subjugation is enacted: Sex is why; gender is how. Who benefits by denying sex and embracing gender? Not women.

How often do you hear a newly minted "trans woman" talking about how he's 100% totally a woman in every way [mumble] except for, like, having been sexualised basically from birth, experiencing female puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, sex-based violence, lower lifetime wages... you know, all the insignificant shit that's naturally dwarfed by the fact that he really likes the colour pink? Who benefits from the view of "women" as artifice, frivolity and aesthetic, rather than the female mammals we very simply are? Not women.

Better to acknowledge the primacy of our biology than our embrace or rejection of odious misogynist stereotypes, I think, given that we aren't oppressed for being innately or irrepressibly "feminine," but for being quite inescapably (yes, even if we cut off our tits and root out our reproductive organs and change our name to Chad - especially then) female. Or is MacKinnon suggesting that identifying out of being oppressed is women's best hope for "producing liberation"?

( Ava )
She's literally acknowledging that the oppressors define women as a discrete biological group. Doesn't she think it's important to have a word for the group that's being oppressed? 🤨

And then her completely misrepresenting that Simone de Beauvoir quote is the cherry on top. Simone de Beauvoir was describing female socialization, which only happens...to females.

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RE: Dylan Mulvaney gets his passport marked as 'female'. Takes to social media to smugly gloat

( Spencer_Shayy )
It's amazing how "trans" people can break the law and not suffer consequences for it.

Falsify federal documents? $5,000 fine or jailed for 5 years.

Dope up on drugs while playing sports? Suspension for two years.

Do any of that when you say you're "trans"? Not only are you allowed to get away with it, you're applauded for it.

What's the word for being able to get away with things others can't? Starts with a p...

( Carrots90 )
Very good point

Add voyeurism and exhibitionism to that list

( IrissaIridium )
That video. 🤣 Dylan believes that words are magical and can transmute his body's small gamete- producing reproductive pathway and all the primary and secondary sex characteristics that come along with that. 😂 In fact, he's so confident that the magical letter in his passport has made him a woman that he doesn't even worry about showing up on cam with full five o'clock shadow anymore.

Here are some more "magical" words for you, Dylan:

🎶🪄 Salaca doo 🧚‍♂️

🎶🪄 La menthicka boo 🧚‍♂️

🎶🪄 La bibbidi-bobbidi-boo 🧚‍♂️

🎶🪄 Put 'em together 🧚‍♂️

🎶🪄 And what have you got? 🧚‍♂️

🎶🪄 Still a bibbidi-bobbidi-tool. 🍆😂

( Women1st )
I’m surprised he didn’t throw a bit and demand it say “girl.” I saw the Eloise skit he did. WTF? He acts like a pedo.

( DaddysLittlePickMe )
Spicy take time: I legit do not trust homosexual males, even the ones who aren't TiMs who call themselves 'girls'. Even if they're doing so uNiRoNiCaLlY. Bonus points if they're obsessed with girlish crap like care bears and male popstars obviously targeted towards tweens. It's giving autopedophilia. I have NEVER seen a lesbian woman who calls herself a boy and is obsessed with pokemon and roblox

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RE: what's more important trans issues or abortion?

( Thelnebriati )
The trans issue is more important to women's rights. Laws depend on accurate definitions.

Being able to define ourselves as members of a recognised class is fundamental to all of our other legal rights.

( pennygadget )
Agreed. What's the point of keeping abortion legal if we lose every other sex based right? The current progressive/democrat platform seems to be: "We might be setting women and girls up to be raped in bathrooms, homeless shelters, prison cells, etc. But at least we'll graciously allow them to get abortions when those rapes get them pregnant! We're feminists!!"

Also, if the democrats remain slaves to gender ideology, I don't trust them not to outlaw abortion one day simply because Dylan Mulvaney marched into the White House and screeched, "ABORTION IS TRANSPHOBIC BECAUSE I CAN'T HAVE ONE!! MAKE IT GO AWAY, JOE BIDEN!!!"

( MiMi2013 )
Trans issues make women "non people" ; abortion, while important, is not as vital. How many times a day does a woman need to shit or piss or adjust her clothing-? How many times a day does she need to get an abortion-? I fear trans beliefs even more than anti choice shibboleths.

( Persimmon64 )
Trans ideology is a bigger priority for me. With abortion, only women and girls who are fertile and of childbearing age who do not want children and would choose to have an abortion are affected. There are other options such as adoption, and most states make concessions for abortions due to health complications. Unless I'm raped, I at least have control of the situation in whether I choose to use birth control or not or choose to have sex or not, knowing it could result in a pregnancy.

"Trans ideology" affects every single woman and girl on the planet, from the age of 1 to 90. It affects gay and autistic children, boys and girls, who are being medically abused. It affects families that are being torn apart. Women no longer have any protection in the law. Under trans ideology, women lose the ability to even recognize themselves apart from men. How can we fight for any women's issues, including abortion, when we can't even recognize who women are?

Persimmon64 #transphobia ovarit.com

"Gender affirming care" = going along with a child who pretends to be the opposite sex, forcing everyone in that child's life to pretend they are the opposite sex, and giving the child drugs that disrupt their healthy development so that they can better deceive others into thinking they are the opposite sex later in life so that men can violate women's boundaries (and men's sexual boundaries) without question.

How is it possible for the "science" to support this? What benefit do these kids get from this that can offset the violation of human rights they are commiting against others and the damage they are inducing in their own bodies?

How can slightly "improving" the self-esteem of one individual justify bodily harm, deception, and destruction of women's rights? Especially when that individual is a child who is still growing and maturing has other mental health issues they need to take care of, or hasn't yet gotten a grasp of their sexuality and might just be struggling with that?

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RE: "White women" and "cis women" being used interchangeably

( BlackCirce )
Their reasoning:

White people decided black people are more masculine than white people.

Thus black women are more masculine than white women.

Black women then, are a type of man because masculinity is a male trait.

If some women (black ones) are men, the reverse must also be true, some men are women.

For black women (men) to be recognized as women, we have to also recognize trans women (men) as women. That’s called intersectional feminism.

Addendum: women who disagree with this reasoning are white supremacists.

( hard_headed_woman )
This really is their logic.

"Well, if you can let black women into your spaces, then you can let transwomen in, too!"

( pennygadget )
And they never do this with other races. They never say, "if you let in a Japanese woman, you have to let in trans-women, too!". This trans movement is blatantly anti-Black

( HalfMentalAlchemist )
Half of TIMs want to be Japanese girls.

( ALoudMeow )
HALF? More like 99.99%

( HalfMentalAlchemist )
The other half want to be their wife or mum.

( NastasyaFillipovna )
OMG I have seen this argument soo many times on reddit, that trans women are just a "type" of women, like black women, or red-haired women.

( proudcatlady )
This makes sense to them because all of those things are porn categories

( labelle )
Personally, I haven't noticed this. I have seen many TIMs and TRA allies referring to black women as cis black women, but I do agree that it is less and less. I actually think this is happening because black women are constantly refusing to be described as cis. You saw this during the Jess hilarious situation, and even TS madison (a TIM) promised to no longer use cis when describing women or around women.

I think more white women need to boldly reject this, instead I see a lot of them adopting this ideology. CIS is a slur.

( pegasusknight )
I know this is old news, but TIMs hate women. More than frat boys. They use “cis” and “white” (and their trans identity) as a shield to say what they really think about women.

( Re-enacterf )
They just want to hate women and tell us to shut up, and this is their in.

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( keylime )
Sorry not sorry at all, but this is exactly why I refuse to befriend trans or anyone who is close with TiMs/TiFs. I would rather be completely isolated and friendless than have trans or handmaiden friends. They are too mentally ill, unstable, and untrustworthy. For such a small percentage of the general population, a huge percentage within their own have shown themselves to be violent, sadistic, psychopathic killers. This mentally ill demon of a woman did not just kill Nandhini, but deliberately planned to torture her and took pleasure in viewing her suffering. She should be condemned to a lake of fire.

However, I do not blame Nandhini (may her beautiful soul rest in peace) one bit for this tragic outcome. She is a victim of the brainwashing that so many women undergo. "Be nice to trans people! They are harmless and just want to live their authentic selves in peace!" NO. I will advocate for women to NOT be nice to these deranged people. Women are so often taught to ignore their gut instinct in favor of being nice and not hurting people's feelings. We must grey rock, isolate these people, and refuse to be nice and friendly with them, lest more women suffer the same fate.

( GreenBottle )
Congrats TIF, you did the most male thing imaginable, murdered and tortured a woman for saying no. Makes me wonder if she's on testosterone.

( Mignonette )
My thoughts exactly. She'll never be a man but unfortunately succeeded at acting like one when she refused to take no for an answer. I hope she's dealt with accordingly. Her poor victim must have suffered horrifically.

( Spencer_Shayy )
Why do TIFs always mimic the worst traits of men and never ones that are better to "pass"?

Men suck, yes, but they also have a history of encouraging things like chivalry, honor, intellectualism, etc. in each other. Where are the TIFs like that? Why are they always incredibly misogynistic and violent?

( momofreyrella )
Oh definitely

( GreenBottle )
Oh I know she is. Just wanted to point it out. I know technically these TIFs are women and "belong" in female sexed spaces but tbh I don't want them either if testosterone makes them as depraved and degenerate as the average scrote. The moment they take testosterone they should be banned from female sports obviously because that's doping, but idk if they belong in my locker room either.

IrissaIridium #transphobia ovarit.com

(On: Literally nothing this dude says is true or rational)


I'm entirely convinced that the "I'm so smol and vulnerable to abuse by the big mean terves" routine is part of their AGP larp. They see women expressing their natural, legitimate and historically born-out concern for their own safety and this translates into another way to skinwalk authentic women in their minds. "I'm so smol and vulnerable because am reel wommin and reel wommins is scared for safety UwU pwease u protec me from scawy phreatening terves 😟" Until a 70-year-old woman threatens their euphoria boner by merely hearing the truth that they're men, the mask drops and and it's all "HULK MAD! HULK SMASH! DIE CIS SCUM! FUCK TERFS! 💥👊💥" So smol and scared.

AGPs are so degenerate in their skinwalking they probably touch themselves while imagining being the real women who have been victims of physical violence by TRAs. Vicious perverts.

Spencer_Shayy & Riothamus #transphobia ovarit.com

450 Kappa Sorority Sisters Side With UW Women Against Transgender Member | Your Wyoming News Source

( Spencer_Shayy )
Wow, 450 women supporting their appeal, and WOLF too! I hope some real progress is finally made. Laramie and UW are such shit holes, but I feel for these women. They don't deserve this. No woman deserves to be stuck with a "transwoman" - not even the worst of handmaidens.

I like that last quote, because it's literally what "trans" people and their allies are demanding all women do - pretend that being female means nothing.

I'll say this over and over until the day I fucking die. It's NOT a coincidence that suddenly "woman" now means nothing after women were finally being heard and having our experiences represented and vocalized online and in media.

"Transgender" is patriarchal backlash to women's rights and gay rights. Nothing more.

( Riothamus )

I'll say this over and over until the day I fucking die. It's NOT a coincidence that suddenly "woman" now means nothing after women were finally being heard and having our experiences represented and vocalized online and in media

Just look at the BlackLivesMatter 2020 blowup. In late May black women came to the forefront of the movement and within days #BlackTransLivesMatter took over and dominated the messaging with all sorts of legacy media puff pieces. BLM failed to achieve anything of note beyond rioting after that.

There's no God damned way that wasn't divisive billionaire Astroturfing.

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white people you cannot be trans

( PresumedWoman )
God i wish this was real. I wish it would be considered bigoted in leftist spaces for white people to identify as trans. We could shut this whole site down and go home

( Spencer_Shayy )
Right? We'd see a serious reduction in "trans" people if white people weren't allowed to say they were "trans" 😂

( Clarus )
At this rate this would probably be a real thing eventually. There's so much in-fighting in the trans-community over types of stuff like this already.

( ElectricBlue )
Oh wow, please can someone spread this? They'd all go into meltdown, it would be hilarious.

Spencer_Shayy #transphobia ovarit.com

The myth of the ‘trans brain’ - spiked

There's nothing "cruel" about calling a bloke in a wig a bloke in a wig, let's get that out there right now. I'm tired of this "reminding "trans" people of reality hurts their feelings!" Crap even from those who are against gender ideology. I dont give a single fucking shit if someone who denies reality is upset by reality. I don't. And nobody else should care either.

"It's not as if political candidates have to undergo brain scans - a fact for which the Green Party should be eternally grateful."


It's so interesting to me that self-proclaimed advocates for women push the same old misogynistic pseudoscience, just with different packaging!

You're not a women's advocate if you believe in "gender identity". Period. No debate. The end.

I like the breakdown of the study "trans" people and their allies are always touting. The fact that the researchers were incredibly biased and it was influencing their work, the blatant homophobia of ignoring the fact that these "transsexuals" were clearly homosexuals when they brought their same sex partners to the clinic, not controlling for sexual orientation OR the long term effects of estrogen on a male body... it's all such bad science.


The Swedish assholes also didn't control for sexuality! They blew make pheromones over the "transwomen's" faces and some part of their brain lit up - they can't be homosexual and attracted to men like most women are, no, somehow, this means they're women inside men's bodies!

This blatant homophobia was used at Tavistock in 1997. It's the reason behind the Dutch protocol. It's the reason gay and gender non conforming kids are now being sterilized and mutilated in the name of "gender affirming care". The researchers even ADMIT (behind closed doors and only to medical experts) that the study is essentially meaningless and has never been replicated, but they'll still push it in public and rave that it's "proof" that "transgender" is real.


THIS is why there's no good intentions behind gender ideology. THIS is why there's no such thing as a good "trans" person. THIS is why nobody who supports the idea of "gender identity" is moral or decent.


notsofreshfeeling, BondiBlue & BlackCirce #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

Why Montana’s Two-Spirit people are challenging a state law that defines sex as binary

( notsofreshfeeling )
Holy fuck just wear whatever clothes and stop lying about your sex. It is not that hard. This is not oppression. Grow up.

( BondiBlue )
The woke version of the Indiana Pi Bill, where elected officials attempted to redefine the value of pi by legislative fiat. In this case attempting to redefine 2 as infinity in the letter of the law, because spirit animals or some such.

I'm sorry, but no. You can call yourself whatever you want, but don't get to mandate that everyone else is required to live under the auspices of your beliefs. And it is not "white supremacism" to say that. Whatever happened to "trust the science"?

( BlackCirce )
“Two-spirit,” in the same sense as transgender or transsexual cannot exist without binary sex. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth genders are created by humans for people who don’t fit the gender role that is assigned to their sex.

The project to expand “gender” always devolves into categorizing a rainbow of different human personalities and aesthetic and occupational preferences. Humans are one of, if not the, most behaviorally adaptive species. We change what behavior we do frequently, even generation to generation. Gender roles, gendered division of labor, aesthetics, those can and do change. What doesn’t change are sex roles: which sex ejaculates and which sex gestates and gives birth and breastfeeds. Don’t people get tired of playing stupid like this?

legopants #transphobia ovarit.com

We should start using the term "trans privilege" or at least way more often
Not only because it'll infuriate the extremists on the left and TRAs, but because it's true for TiMs. I know a lot is male privilege blended in too but adding a trans identity seems to get you more in certain situations.

Trans privilege is having your concerns about healthcare in America listened to by politicians and or professionals.

Trans privilege is being able to go online without seeing hatred in the form of jokes or memes or comments because it'll be immediately deleted or full of support in the replies.

Trans privilege is getting people banned for making you uncomfortable when misogynistic, racist, or homophobic people being reported stay.

Trans privilege is people agreeing the way you're fetishized in porn is disgusting and not right.

Trans privilege is having a double mastectomy covered by insurance when women with documented pain and discomfort can't get even reduction, or when women have to raise funds somehow to remove the literal cancer from her breast by mastectomy.

Trans privilege is being able to decide how people should think about you and view you when nobody in the world can.

Trans privilege is getting subreddits deleted from existence because you don't like it when rape subs and other abusive shit exists.

Trans privilege is avoiding jail time or getting a lesser punishment after a crime.

Trans privilege is being allowed to send violent rape and death threats to women and have it be justified by all.

Trans privilege is being able to claim a genocide despite literally nobody dying for their identity when the War on Women or femicide is deemed not happening or not important.

Trans privilege is deciding you're allowed in any group you want to be in regardless of if it's for something specific that you're not.

Trans privilege is being invited to speak to the president or interviewed by news stations about your "human rights" or whatever.

Trans privilege is getting away with gaslighting and abusing everyone you ever meet.

Trans privilege is the police taking you seriously when you say you feel unsafe because of someone and investigating them.

Trans privilege is demanding someone find you attractive and date you with people agreeing.

Trans privilege is being sympathized with when you shoot up an elementary school.


BondiBlue, sylviasmushrooms & IrissaIridium #transphobia ovarit.com

Results from the force-teaming of the TQ with LGB.

( BondiBlue )
It also obfuscates how TQ+ are homophobic oppressors. Lesbians face oppression from TIMs calling them "eliminationist Nazis" because they're repulsed by AGP gurldicks. T is medicalizing away the gay, which is why Iran is one of the most "trans-friendly" and homophobic places in the world. And then there's whatever else ends up in the grab bag of "Q+++++" that force-teams normal LGB with diaper fetishists and zoophiles and pedos and kink and polycules and necrophiles and etc. etc. etc. all under the banner of "queer".

( sylviasmushrooms )
I’m pissed off. On Facebook a post from the ACLU popped up today whinging about “LGBTQ+ trans kids” being outed by their schools. Predictably the comments section was full of live-and-let-live types who do not know what that means, and little else.

This conflation has people concerned that gay kids (and the really really gay kids, ie the trans ones) are getting beaten at home by their homophobic parents. In actuality the trans issue is something completely different; mostly straight and bi kids are being gently discouraged by their parents into transitioning when it could fuck up their whole lives, and many schools are actively fighting this outcome by letting the kids effectively diagnose themselves and choose their treatment. And yes, socially transitioning counts. The lovebombing and affirmation it results in is NOT “harmless.” It shows kids that this is how to stick it to their parents and rebel, while gaining the acceptance of their ingroup, only instead of a stupid haircut or unflattering jeans with chains on them or something, it’s medicalization and a new pseudo-religion that the government condones and upholds.

( IrissaIridium )
It also masks the fact that many people who claim a trans identity are dealing with internalized homophobia and homophobic pressures from their families or communities. They're transitioning in a desperate attempt to trans the gay away. In some cases, it should be LGBGay-BashedByTheMedicalEstablishment.

BlackCirce #transphobia ovarit.com

TERF isn’t a slur because something something nazis

operating out of seething hatred for a minority.

Men aren’t a power minority. They aren’t even a minority among the trans population, the heterosexual male portion outnumbers and is wealthier and more powerful than the female and gay male trans population. Heterosexual males, including the ones who wear dresses, are the power majority.

Yes I absolutely want men excluded from specific spaces where women get undressed and are vulnerable. These spaces (public restroooms, prisons, shelters and hospital wards) are also where women who are the most marginalized (poor, elderly, disabled) in society are frequently found. Those spaces need to be sex segregated for dignity, privacy and safety, because men are larger, stronger, more aggressive and sexually motivated towards women. This doesn’t mean men who identify as trans should die or shouldn’t have access to restrooms or shelters. They need to use ones that are not for women and respect women’s boundaries. But that’s the rub isn’t it? That no.

Men demanding access to women’s private, vulnerable spaces (NOT spaces of power like boardrooms and university offices that men would like to be male only) is an act of aggression and dominance. It is not the action of a power minority demanding equal access to spaces of power and privilege. It’s the master demanding to be “included” in the slaves quarters (and we all know what happened there).

All leftists know exactly what I am talking about but they have been taken over completely by deranged levels of male supremacy which starts with their porn obsession and indoctrination of hatred towards women and lesbians especially. How can you look at your lesbian friends and neighbors and comrades and say “you’re a fascist because you won’t suck dick”… how is that not a betrayal of every principle of equality, equality, liberty, liberation, solidarity, community? It’s rapist ethics, pure and simple.

pretending to be oppressed minorities

In every accusation an admission of guilt.

mathlover & RisingUp #transphobia ovarit.com

Gee, I can’t imagine how it must feel to have your words appropriated by people to whom they don’t apply…


( mathlover )
Every "trans" I've ever come across who claims they are "intersex" - aren't. When they describe their symptoms, physical findings, age at diagnosis, how they were diagnosed, and what effects they currently have, it is not consistent with any intersex condition they claim.

It's almost always a male (occasionally a female) who is trying to make a case that they are "really intersex" and it somehow has to do with them being the opposite sex.

( RisingUp )
100% fair and valid point but I would bet money that is actually a TIM LARPing as 'intersex' and getting his violation thrills from the audacity.

Reasons: people with real DSDs don't usually describe themselves as 'intersex'; the OP is hanging out on r/trans; there are 1000x more pervert LARPers than actual people with DSDs; and this smells similar to those maximal-projection posts where TIMs complain about stuff like men perving on them in the ladies' changing rooms.

shewolfoffrance, FeminismIs4Women & TheKnitta #transphobia ovarit.com

women in porn are considered more “worthwhile” than men

( shewolfoffrance )

they need guidance, help

I completely agree. And I propose that all young men considering "going girl" be sent to a lockdown facility for at least one year where they are cut off from internet access, video games, and porn (needless to say). Every day, they will be forced to complete moderate exercise, eat nutritious meals, and study a skilled trade. They will be taught basic life skills, such cooking and cleaning. Daily exposure to sunlight and fresh air is mandatory. If, at the end of one year, they still wish to transition, their balls will be cut off.

( FeminismIs4Women )
Except for the last part, this sounds like a high end service. Like rehab for losers.

( shewolfoffrance )
There's a cheaper service, but it's just hard labor.

They still get their balls cut off if they choose TiMfoolery.

( TheKnitta )
Of course they’re jealous of the women in porn. They only see them as fuckholes and the resultant orgasm. That’s why they trans and try to be those women, then get angry when actual women won’t play along with their fantasy.

It’s bullshit that’s making those men unhappy. Bullshit of their own making. Stop living online and watching porn 24/7 and you’ll be happier. Selfish assholes.

Unicorn #transphobia ovarit.com

Green Party split from group at centre of trans row
Mass consumption is like one of the core parts of transgenderism. How is a party that claims to be "green" for it?

Transgenderism is literally like, throw out your wardrobe and buy all new clothes that conform to the gender stereotypes of the opposite sex (or some random mishmash of clothes if one is "nonbinary"), buy binders, buy packers, buy silicone chests, buy makeup, buy wigs, buy puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, which produce more plastic waste from all their packaging, buy cosmetic surgeries, which fill one up with plastic and there is so many "one time use" plastics involved in surgeries to keep things sterile.

It doesn't make sense to me.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Some of the questions sent to the NB male invited to the École Polytechnique remembrance

( Kaboodle )
The question I would add, “how does the psychopathy of trans-identified males compare with the psychopathy of incel males who commit femicide?

( OneStarWolf )
I’m imagining a Venn diagram that overlaps in an almost perfect circle. That incel shooter would almost definitely identify as trans today if he could.

( Carrots90 )
When the murderous doucheLepine came in to ‘kill feminists’ the women explained they weren’t feminists

He killed them anyway

Sounds like they couldn’t identify out of violence against women and girls

Here are some of my questions for the gentleman speaking as a laydeee

-do you think he would have killed the man who said he wasn’t a man or the woman who said she wasn’t a woman?

-would it have been violence for the DoucheLepine to NOT attack a man wearing nail polish?

-if it was ‘gender’ based violence, and you can’t tell someone’s gender by looking at them, how did he know who to kill?

-if sex isn’t real, how did he happen to only kill the AFABs?

-why the fvck are you here? Why are you acting as anything other than a quiet supporter who is quiet and no talking and keeps his male mouth?

( NastasyaFillipovna )
So the event was to mourn women who died, and the best keynote speaker they could find was a male? WTF is wrong with Canadian Academia?

"Would you rather (a) be shot and killed in a femicide incel terrorist attack, as that would be gender affirming, or (b) have your life spared because clearly you are a man?"

LOL at the balding question.

The organizers of this event are the real villains though. What on earth were they thinking?! A complete insult to the memories and families of the murdered women.

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Transgender Debate: Phi Mu Sorority Punishing Alumni Who Believe Women Are Women

( Women1st )
Welcome to the new arm of the TRAs seeking to silence women, sororities. This is nuts, no pun intended. Why do we have sororities and a Supreme Court judge, and female politicians all claiming being a woman is an identity??? Wtf?

( MiMi2013 )
Because they're evil. PERIOD. Men and women who identify with men are weaponizing trans-shit against the 99% , to let the MEN of the 99% know they're too weak, too powerless, to protect their wives and daughters (the women who are actually being assaulted by these monsters are an afterthought). This is strictly political, and it's a group of people who think they're elite enjoying grinding the faces of everyone else into the dirt, for some ultimate motive of which we can only guess at this point.

( Iggyana )

That night, five Phi Mus were dismissed from membership. Another was put on probation and required to attend diversity, equity, and inclusion training; take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test; listen to certain podcast episodes for “reeducation,” and then write a reflection paper. After completing these tasks, the woman is still at risk of having her membership taken away.

I hope the 6th woman tells them to shower their membership up their arses. They're trying to humiliate her.

( SpicyPumpkin )
The word "reeducation" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I can't see it meaning anything other than brainwashing.

( Vasilisa )
Chairman Mao for the win 😬

( Novemberinthechair )
Yep. Maoist Communist China....Red Guard stuff.

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RE: Looking to share some stories here with peoples encounters with trans identified people

( Spencer_Shayy )
I'm very fortunate in that my personal experiences with "trans" people are limited. We have two "transwomen" at work who I do my best to avoid, as they're both extremely creepy. One is a young man, a skinny little white boy who seemed completely normal up until he announced he's "transitioning" and my boss began fawning over him and giving him special treatment. I'm still so embarrassed for her. I liked him before, but now I can't stand the little pervert, and I HATE being near him. To say these guys make me uncomfortable is a massive understatement - they're the embodiment of everything evil in this world. The second one is a middle-aged man who dresses like a grandma and speaks in a falsetto that sets off my fight or flight instinct. I don't see him nearly as much, thank god.

Every "transman" I've had the misfortune of knowing was an awkward fujoshi obsessed with anime and especially yaoi. They were so fucking embarrassing. I'll never get over one who was my friend (and I had a lot of respect for her until she declared herself "trans") changing her name to the one she gave her Hetalia OC, who was, of course, an anime boy she paired with another anime boy. Never understood how someone could be OK with being that cringey.

One of my exes is a "transman" now. She was a little bit fujoshi, but she was sexually assaulted in the past, and I felt bad for her. I figured her low self-esteem and body issues stemmed from that. Until one day she dropped me because I wouldn't be in a polyamorous relationship. Now, I feel nothing.

( keylime )
I'm so grateful that I've never had to work with a TiM or TiF. That sounds like a special kind of hell. TRAs sure, but the kind where this topic seldom comes up. In California, employees have to take a mandatory sexual harassment training course that outlines "respecting gender identity" and implies that not being a doormat "socially accommodating" to these clowns is included under the umbrella of workplace harassment. I guess I'd get fired real quick then.

I have had no significant relationships with TiPs. I've seen them at metal shows and they are always dressed in fetish-like clothing and have a really pungent, funky smell to them. Also the bad hair as you mentioned is definitely another common trait.


IrissaIridium #transphobia ovarit.com

"Safeguarding is a dogwhistle???????"

It's not a dogwhistle because there's absolutely nothing covert or bigoted about the explicit and realistic argument for the need to safeguard women in vulnerable spaces.

Men are overwhelmingly responsible for violent and sexual crimes. Those crimes are overwhelmingly committed against women. "Transwomen" are men. For the purposes of safeguarding women, it doesn't matter that #notallmen or that men can also be victims of other men; that last is a separate problem and not one that should ever be resolved by compromising women's safety and giving men free access to our vulnerable spaces. Women can't tell which men are or are not imminent threats just by looking at them. A rapist wearing a dress and garish makeup is still a rapist. Women also shouldn't have to run that calculus every time we find ourselves in a vulnerable space just because we want to go to the gym, change in our school's locker room or access crisis shelters. That's how you create a society of hypervigilant, terrorized women. Any society that values women's free and active participation in social life concedes the necessity of casting a wide net and excluding all men, including "transwomen," from these vulnerable spaces. A society that values women's participation in social life makes it illicit for even the smallest slice of predatory men to have the opportunity to menace women.

There's nothing covert or bigoted about recognizing and spelling out that reality, so there is no dogwhistle. The fact that women's reality makes men in dresses uncomfortable doesn't make it a dogwhistle (or any other form of bigotry, covert or overt) either. There is definitely something covert and misogynist about trying to reframe protests against the devaluation of women's safety as malignant bigotry just because it interferes with your euphoria boner though.

Spencer_Shayy #transphobia ovarit.com

Teachers saying they'd rather be fired than tell parents their children think they're trans should be sacked | The Sun (Julie Bindel)
These teachers really should. It's so creepy how cult-like these fake activist teachers are. Their obsession with "trans kids" is disturbing.

If you believe a child can be born in the wrong body, you aren't qualified to be a teacher. I don't care how experienced or educated you are.

What's worse is these freaks will pretend it's the same thing as outing a homosexual child... while actively encouraging said homosexual children to "transition".

The more I think of these self-proclaimed "educators" who push trans ideology onto students and families, the more disgusted by their blatant evil I become.

It is so OFFENSE to compare a child who's been brainwashed to believe he or she is "trans" to children born with an innate sexual orientation that's been persecuted and demonized for all of time. We are NOT the same.

"The teachers saying they would rather be fired than tell parents their children are presenting as the opposite sex at school consider themselves martyrs. But they are causing harm and should be sacked."

Normally, I hesitate about demanding someone be fired for their beliefs, as I think we all have a right to our own opinions, even if others don't like them, and I know how easily and quickly these punishments open the door for abuse, but in this case, the harm that trans activists are doing to so many people is too much to ignore. These teachers are a genuine danger to children. It'd be one thing if these pseudo religious lunatics just believed in the concept of "gender identity", but they don't. They always have to take it further. They force their ideology on kids, parents, and the rest of society, and ultimately lead some of those kids to cruel, unnecessary physical sterilization and mutilation.

All because THESE TEACHERS couldn't accept a child who didn't conform to rigid gender stereotypes.

100%. Like all other fascists, they seem to believe their evil is for the good of all.

Spencer_Shayy, Syndaballet & IrissaIridium #transphobia ovarit.com

Just steal some from a menopausal woman - it’s what you’ve been doing this entire time!

( Spencer_Shayy )
What do you do? You stop taking hormones you don't need, you selfish piece of shit.

( Syndaballet )
Women actually need HRT. These fetishists are so sick to take medication away from actual women.

( IrissaIridium )
"HRT"? It's not hormone replacement therapy for you, sir. Hormone replacement therapy is when you (wait for it) replace hormones that your body once naturally produced but no longer does for various developmental or medical reasons. You're cramming exogenous hormones into a body that isn't meant to receive them because the practice pops your euphoria boner. That's not HRT, that's just a hormone force-feeding fetish (HFFF). (Coincidentally, "HFFF" is exactly the sound I make when I see men, yet again, trying to snatch women's scarce resources for themselves).

various commenters #transphobia #kinkshaming ovarit.com

Pornhub Wants to Turn Straight Men Gay Says Michael Knowles - Metro Weekly

( Clarus )
Pornhub has been exposed pushing a lot of transgender content, even saying it can help people find their sexual identity.

Over time, we see more and more that most transgender individuals are just perverts created by mass porn-watching, who want to emulate what they see. Porn-addiction is a major factor in transitioning.

( Mandy )
And all of this has gone hand in hand with a societal push not to kink-shame.

I think we need more kink-shaming. Keep it in the bedroom, don't parade it around in public. Let the private stay private.

( Mandy )
Pretty sure it's not possible to "turn someone gay" unless they are that way inclined already.

AGP men are straight men obsessed with becoming the object of their own desires. Other TIMs are gays in denial.

In the same way, a lot of TIFs are yaoi-addled girls and women who yearn for that perfect gay relationship of two equal partners devoted to each other through thick and thin. Or lesbians in denial.

Hypno sissy porn has nothing to do with lesbians, just as yaoi is nothing to do with real gay sex and relationships.

( happy-harpy )
I think that men’s sexuality is more opportunistic than women’s. They famously stick their dicks in anything and prison gay is a thing and all that. Turning people gay is stupid, right-wing fear-mongering but it doesn’t surprise me that porn is warping the sexuality of men who watch it. It’s basically propaganda that you masturbate to.

MiMi2013 & phoenixia #transphobia ovarit.com

( MiMi2013 )
Trans woMEN are predatory heterosexual men, and they know it.

( phoenixia )
Your post is so right too. When I was less 'educated' on trans BS I was far more accommodating to the TiMs I knew irl and online because I was naive and didn't want to upset them. But I never for a second believed that they are actual women, every facet of their being screamed male. All the fawning I felt obliged to do felt violating in a way, trying to tell this tall man with a Peter Griffin chin that the spinny skirt is soooo cute on him. I do compliment my female friends that way, so it felt forced. He would notice if I compliment my other friends and not him. I felt bad for being unable to convince myself that they were women as they claim. Their creepy attempts to sound, appear and act like women made me SO uncomfortable, but I thought maybe I was just being mean and I needed to get over it.

The more you are around them the harder it gets to ignore the absolute madness of it all. Thanks to those TiMs in my life, I have been peaked by their actions and misogyny.

DoomedSibyl, pennygadget & MiMi2013 #transphobia ovarit.com

Senate fails to overturn Biden's plan to withhold lunch aid from schools that don't let boys use girls' bathrooms | The Post Millennial | thepostmillennial.com

( DoomedSibyl )
This is just a travesty. I have no idea how I’m going to vote in the next election. An Ovarit poster made an argument recently that reproductive freedom was of more immediate importance to women than the issues surrounding trans activism. I was pondering that because above all I want to do what is best for women as a class. But the TRAs are erasing women in language and in law too and that seems like a huge deal to me and one that affects our ability to fight for reproductive rights.

Now the supposed left is attacking children and their ability to eat. I can’t believe that this isn’t widely known. It’s demoralizing.

( pennygadget )
I believe the trans thing is a more immediate threat than reproductive rights. Like you said, if we cannot even legally define ourselves, how can we fight for abortion access and other female specific issues?

We're already seeing organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood change how they operate in order to serve TIPs. We saw Katanji Brown-Jackson (Biden's SCOTUS nominee) cower like a frightened animal when asked to define "woman" and to specify if abortion is a women's issue. I honestly believe that Biden would federally outlaw abortion tomorrow if a bunch of TIMs marched into his office and cried that abortion is transphobic because they can't have one.

If we don't nip this gender bullshit in the bud, abortion access will be the least of our problems

( MiMi2013 )
I saw that comment, and I one hundred percent disagree : How many times a day does a female need an abortion-? How many times a day does she need to piss or shit-? Putting predatory men in women's spaces puts women at perpetual, daily risk, to the point that I can imagine so many atrocities that eventually, women will feel they have no choice but decide to forego education and employment, which may be precisely why the One Percent is so eager to degrade the daughters of the 99 percent so viciously.

anxietyacct, Calidris & lilybriscoe #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: It’s funny how TRAs turn into transmedicalists when faced with any scrutiny

( anxietyacct )
They do the same thing with gender non-conformity. They claim to support in and even group in GNC people with trans people. But a closer look at their ideology shows that they actually don't believe in GNC people who aren't trans. Any real example of a GNC person (especially a bi one, in my experience) will instantly just be called trans or at least non-binary.

In their minds, being a masculine woman or a feminine man is aesthetically imperfect, so being trans would be the only way for them to be "complete".

( Calidris )
Some days I wake up and I just can't believe that this ever became anything. It's sooooooooo stupid. The whole idea is built on sand and just makes no fucking sense. Non binary is especially moronic, so much that it makes me angry actually.

And the so called transmedicalists are EVERY bit as stupid as their tucute nemesis. They talk about the same bullshit gender souls, they just want a tiny bit of gatekeeping but it's the same bullshit cult.

Oh a man is a woman if he says so? Then why need surgery at all??? A crippled, chemically castrated man is not a woman and you don't change sex by crippling a man BECAUSE WOMEN ARE NOT CRIPPLED MEN. If anything men are crippled, mutated women. Every species has females but not everyone has males, males are the aberration and female is the default.

And non braineries? You have the MALE FUCKING AUDACITY to tell me that you "have no sex" while you're standing there with cock and balls attached to your painfully obvious male body, are you trying to insult me?? Do you think IM BLIND???

Sorry but I ran out of fucks about a year ago, peaked for 5 years now and I AM FUCKING OVER THIS MALE BULLSHIT

( lilybriscoe )
trans cult do not make sense and will never make any sense. the thing with cults is that i usually feel bad for the people trapped in it. at worst they try to recruit me but the trans cult and the people in it are actively menacing to me and are destroying my mental health, my safety as a woman, and not to mention my relationships with people.

their language games and their logic make me sick.

NastasyaFillipovna & Persimmon64 #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

( NastasyaFillipovna )
TIL : There is a guy in Japan who thinks he is a dog, and spent around $14K to look like one.
He failed some agility test ( for dogs ) today, so it was all over news.

But, no one is changing the definition of Homo-sapiens to include dogs, are they? Where is the inclusive language? Why do we have to change everything women to include TiMs, but not everything Human to include Dogs ?

Whats the difference?

( Persimmon64 )
Oh, just give it time.

Animals don't have "human rights." Men weren't banging on about how they were women before women had the right to vote, own property, or be seen as people in society. Parents weren't claiming their little boys were girls when girls weren't allowed to go to school or get a job or were being married off at 12 to be raped for the rest of their lives.

We don't have "magic hormones" or surgeries yet to make people look more like animals. Men weren't claiming they'd be suicidal without estrogen before synthetic hormones were developed. Men and women weren't claiming they'd die or couldn't exist in the world without cosmetic surgeries before medicine offered them that possibility.

With each new development in medicine and drugs, the narrative changes and people become more deranged. The moment medicine develops a way to make a functioning gill or wings, if that ever happens, I guarantee a portion of society will come out as "trans birds," claiming they've always felt different than other people, pointing to Native American tribes that believed people had "spirit animals" or reincarnation as animals in India to claim "trans animals" have always existed, and demanding they get these procedures done or they will "literally die."

Opals, Persimmon64 & crodish #transphobia ovarit.com

LGB Alliance says that trans people shouldn't be oppressed under Putin's regime and there are a lot of angry replies.

( Opals )
LGB A aren’t hardline enough for me


( Persimmon64 )
My issue is that they used the word "trans" instead of "trans-identified." Trans is an ideological term and something that doesn't exist in the material world. There are only people who call themselves "trans."

And even "trans-identified" people are not actually distinguishable to non "trans-identified" people. There could be plenty of trans-identified males in "boy-mode" who face no persecution whatsoever. The only people who would actually be persecuted are crossdressers.

( crodish )

We are horrified by this latest example of Putin weaponising homophobia and transphobia to try to distract from his own failings. We stand in solidarity with the LGB and trans people of Russia who deserve equality under the law.

...wow, this is weird. On one hand I get that they don't want to say "we stand in solidarity with LGB people" and then get dogpiled on for agreeing to genocide The Twans by omission, but in the other hand, their entire fucking account has been specifically that - fighting for the rights of LGB people who have been drowned out by the T. To acknowlege "trans people" are a thing is to attack their own foundation. KJK's reply is an apt "what is transphobia?"

They also couldn't write "people" because that wouldn't address the issue that it is "LGBTQ" people being targeted. On the other hand Putin's policies "against twans people" was cutting them off from unneccessary surgery and hormones - something we've been advocating for all along.

They could have written "trans-identifying people", maybe? "Non-conforming people"? But even that doesn't make sense because to say that means you stand in solidarity with them and their rights to slice off their breasts and take titty skittles.

This is so weird coming from LGBA. I've unfollowed. Either they have a really woke ass new recruit, or they've fallen.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I'm tired of being asked to "show compassion" to AGPs

( Spencer_Shayy )
PREACH. I have NO compassion for autogynephiles/transwomen/whatever you want to call them. NONE. The world would be a better place WITHOUT them.

( GenderHeretic )

The world would be a better place WITHOUT them.

Objective fact.

( drdeeisback )
'My compassion for AGPs ends when they start asking me to ignore that they're male - excuse me, when they ask me to pretend to ignore that they're male.' It's been made so clear that the last thing they want is to actually be considered female and treated as such. No female person could possibly get away with the shit they pull; they're well aware that it's only male privilege that allows them to be utter failures and still win beauty contests, get the praise, attention and money otherwise reserved for actually skilled, talented and educated women, etc. etc.

( mathlover )
A group invades your country and proceeds to colonize it. They have their own country and it is way bigger and more privileged than yours. But they invade and take over yours. They rape the women who won't submit. They take your country's resources for their own use. They are fundamentally biologically different in ways that will mean they can never belong in your country, but they say they are the same as you. They crush any attempts at rebellion. They become increasingly threatening, and even violent. They enslave your people when possible. It gets worse and worse as the occupation of your country continues.

You do not feel compassion for such an enemy. Which is what they are. You fight them in every way you can.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Biden Rule Takes Lunch Money From Schools That Reject Progressive Agenda On Gender & Sexuality

( pennygadget )
The TRA crowd whines that we need to castrate GNC children otherwise they'll kill themselves. But you know what made me feel depressed and suicidal as a child? Being homeless and hungry. Sometimes my school lunch was the only hot meal I got in a day during the time my parents lost our house. Child hunger is a FAR more wide reaching and impactful problem than trans kids flinging themselves into traffic because they can't shit in their preferred toilet. But the left suddenly doesn't care about childhood depression and suicide when it comes to kids in poverty

( HomeschooledGNC )
What the fuck?? Besides this being evil, are they insane? Do they really think people will be on board with this? They're writing their own attack ads!

( legopants )
let's starve children who don't believe in our make believe delusions. this is the right side of history, fellas

( Intuiterf )
It's not based on the beliefs of children, it's just any child that happens to go to those schools. I hope the TRAs cheering for this ruling are happy starving kids who identify as trans too. But of course we already know they're happy sacrificing children on the alter of trans rights.

( girl_undone )
I don't know how many poor kids are being shuffled into trans shit. It's a bit hard to be medicalized for fake shit when your parents avoid taking you to the doctor for actual problems, a bit hard to be brainwashed by a crazy therapist when you can't afford therapy for serious issues, and it's a bit hard to get your parents to prioritize your made up identity issues when your family has real problems.

Trans seems to largely be an affliction of the affluent. Having a trans child is a status symbol for some wealthier progressives who want to differentiate themselves and their children.