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RE: Child notices that the Emporer has no clothes (says her Dad will never be a real girl)


They shouldn’t be sharing their fetishes with children. These men shouldn’t be allowed around children.


Yep, especially considering how most TIMs are pedophiles.



Users here say “feminists aren’t advocating for trans people to be harmed or lose their jobs or whatever” and most are not, but I absolutely want all male “transitioners” to be removed from society. They are all fetishists, all dangerous to women and most of them are, as you said, paedophiles. Parading a fetish should be cause for dismissal or not hiring and it should mean never being allowed near children again.


Same!!! Totally agree with you.

That recent Supreme Court decision about employers not being allowed to fire people for being trans is bullshit. Especially since the case involved a TIM being fired from a funeral home because he wanted to wear women’s dresses and heels there. That’s the last thing people need/want to see while mourning, & the people had every right to fire his ass. Now TIMs can get away with anything they want, basically.


“TIM” + “funeral home” = “necrophiliac waiting for his opportunity” in my book.

There is no field they should be allowed into, or to remain in, imo.



Same goes for all rapists and pedophiles, and any male degenerates in general. Add porn addicts and misogynists to that list, too. None are fit for society.


Exactly. They belong in solitary confinement. No internet, either.

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RE: Gay men discussing "getting over" their transphobia to sleep with Transmen

Weird, because it doesn't sound like men at all to question their own sexual preferences. If the Law of the Penis states that another dick must be present, then so be it. If the Law of the Penis states that there must be a receiving end for one's desire to inflinct violence, then so be it. Questioning the things men need to get off is the biggest taboo, especially in woke culture. Maybe these "gay men" were trans themselves? I usually only see women obsessing and self-flagellating over their "transphobia" (because they are the ones who are being targeted by accusations of transphobia 99% of the time).

gay males, especially younger ones are the hyper focus for some of this stuff and being painted as evil. I think you're confusing heterosexual men with homosexuals. One sort of killed and murdered the other for fun for over 2000 years and begrudgingly resents the other for being slowly recognized as human. Your analysis might be a little off.

I truly didn't know gay men were targeted for "transphobia" that much. I stand corrected in my assumption that women are targeted "99% of the time". It's obviously not as clear-cut. However, pressuring women into accepting dicks inside their bodies seems more rapey than women trying to convince gay men of pussy. It's the same homophobia, but one group actually has physical power over the other and regularly threatens the other with sexual violence / sees sex as a punishment for dissenting women ("choke on my girld*ck" and such). Still doesn't make it okay that gay men are told to "overcome their pussyphobia" and such nonsense and I apologize for trivializing the way gay men are targeted.

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Woke people who think they live in a matriarchy

I’m still mad about that stupid “Cooking with Trans Women of Color,” mostly about the Colombian dish that stated families ate it under “matriarchal leadership.” In other words Mom telling everyone that dinner is ready. Every culture in the world has mothers that tell you to sit down and eat your damn spaghetti. This is a common pattern I see with woke people. They claim most other cultures are matriarchal. They claim their own are, or their families are. If Colombia were a matriarchy it wouldn’t have a high femicide rate. Or rape. It's such a great way for men to absolve themselves of any responsibility to try to do better. They'll take this one sliver of benefit of colonization- they can blame someone else for their own misogyny.

You’re right. My tribal group actually did afford legal rights to women, BUT, that did not mean they had actual power, or even much agency in their lives. “Woke” people just make up histories of nations and cultures of which they really know nothing, even if they have ancestral connections to them. I’ve seen this in my own cultural group. It’s bizarre and ridiculous. They create some mythological “monster” - Colonialism, for example - before which they theorize everything was wonderful and equal between the different groups of people, and of course there were no binary sex categories and distinctions, etc., etc.

Sometimes I honestly wonder whether it’s because a lot of these people live too much online, and this has distorted their sense of what real life is, especially for women in poor countries in the global south. I’ve lived in both kinds of societies, and the sheer cluelessness of “woke” people is unbelievable.

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Here's the thing--if they can say matriarchy exists in places that aren't colonized by white people, then they can deduce misogyny is just a side effect of white supremacy. It isn't men who are the problem around the globe--it's white people.

⬆️ why i don't bother with black nationalism and allying with black men on the issue of race. ill take my chances with women tyvm ⬆️ there are black men who say these exact sentences over and over ⬆️ like bruh what is stopping you from treating women like human beings today? what does colonialism have to do with you?

This is a perfect point. What racist made you hit your girlfriend?

I rather liked your idea of female nationalism. Men will take any excuse to avoid confronting their own supremacy. It's why so much of male 'feminism' is somehow all about ensuring male sexual access to women.

This is why so many of my black sisters are divesting from black men. They want racial unity to fight white supremacy but that’s not possible when they keep treating women like sex objects.

It infuriates me to see women accused of bigotry for calling out sexism in minority communities, even if they're a member of those communities themselves. They're shamed into staying silent because you want to present a united front against the oppressor, don't you? It's very abusive to the women in those communities.

I’ve also seen it argued that people from traditionally oppressed groups don’t have to bother with any other social justice, environmental or other ethical issues. Somehow that argument never applies to women though.

Well obviously not, because women are the fucking helpmeets of the entire goddamn world.

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Yeah I've heard the "HRT makes the penis small, soft and flaccid" tidbit that's supposed to make it sound less threatening to have sex with a TiM. Like, wow, that sounds like something any woman would love. What a sales pitch. Ugh.

That moment when these men already know that women don't want them and therefore try to verbally minimize the turn-offs. They're merely asking for an exception to be made for them personally, while admitting that generally, lesbians don't want men (and most straight and bi women wouldn't want a TiM either). That's rape culture. They know women's boundaries would exclude them but they're trying to lower them anyways, instead of doing what a truly non-threatening person would do, which is backing off. It reminds me of this old joke: "My girlfriend says a small penis is not a problem in a relationship... I'd still prefer it if she didn't have one."

And viagra fixes all that in less than an hour.

For supposedly hating their male bodies so much and feeling intense dysphoria over their genitals, they sure love to make use of those genitals to have "traditional" hetero sex. Having sex "as a man" / in the typical man's role should give them endless dysphoria by their own logic. But of course, dysphoria is a flexible enough concept to exclude one's preferred method of achieving orgasm. How convenient.

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(Probably) Unpopular Opinion: Men Should Not Be Allowed to Use/Possess Guns

99% of men’s gun use is not in self-defense, and they use them to commit homicides and mass murders frequently. When women use guns, it is most often in self defense. How many women mass shooters are there, compared to men? How many gun homicides are caused by men, compared to women? Men have unchecked rage & refuse to control themselves. Most sociopaths (people with antisocial personality disorder, of which the criteria are violence, and complete lack of empathy, guilt or remorse) and psychopaths are men.

i absolutely agree. Men have dominated women because they evolve to be physically stronger. We can erase that difference if we only allow women to control weapons. All Kind of weapons on earth. No scrote allowed in the vicinity of anything explosive or dangerous. "Billy, don't play with swords and guns, that's what girls do. Here is your toy sweeper!" That would be wonderful 🙂

I’m all for this. Just look at statistics. It’s for the best. We are essentially relegated to mothering the entire world because most men don’t grow up emotionally, sometimes ever.

It also evens the playing field so that their strength and our relative weakness cannot be weaponized

Here are some hard numbers for anyone who wants to see the breakdown:

Since 1982, an astonishing 118 mass shootings have been carried out in the United States by male shooters. In contrast, only three mass shootings have been carried out by women

Interestingly, there was recently a school shooting in Idaho from a girl. She shot three people before a teacher disarmed her, and no one died

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By the virtue of them being men, even if larger breasts run in their family they can't really get that big and what with their overall chest and shoulder size it doesn't look that much different. But still this shit shouldn't be covered by women's money. Women don't get to pick and choose their beast size this is so stupid.

And the implants look ridiculous on them anyway.

dude so do the fake hormone tiddies. they look so weird. and like... I'm sorry. attraction to a man is attraction to a stereotypical fit male body usually. attraction to a fit and healthy female body is that. like... it's REALLY REALLY weird seeing boobs on my male friend. it doesn't make him look female. just like someone with a hormone problem.

They don’t look attractive at all. With their broad rib cages and shoulders the implants are pointing at different latitudes, ffs!

It looks and I hesitate to even say this, freakish. Like some sick science experiment. I don’t want to think about people this way, but I can’t help it. I know there are men who think ‘chicks with dicks’ are hot but I doubt any women do. It’s just gross. Like making my stomach queasy gross. Even the ones who aren’t greasy haired behemoths still look like science gone wrong.

I’m amazed any women date them. That’s why they try so hard to trap women and kick so hard against the spousal exit clause. Waiting until they’ve got kids and are middle aged so the women can’t leave. They’re only attractive to other pornsick men. It’s really disturbing.

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Like others have said, not all trans females are predatory males

ALL trans males are predators.

A fox in a henhouse is a predator even if it never touches any of the chickens. The fox never belongs in the henhouse; it is a predator just by being where it will never belong.

Men never belong in womens spaces no matter how they "identify" or what they do, or don't do, to their bodies. They are always predators just by being - even just by wanting to be - where they will never belong.

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RE: Gender Ideology and the belief in 'souls'

The reason why trans has spread so effectively is because it covers both bases. The divide is between thinking sex stereotypical behavior is learned or innate. Those who believe sex stereotypical behavior is innate are more likely to believe in genderism, regardless of spirituality.

For people who are prone to believing in dualism there is the idea of “gender identity” which is essentially a soul or private mental state that dictates behavior and makes one truly the opposite sex.

But science minded people don’t have to buy that if they don’t want to. Many, if not most, atheists already believe in sexed brains. From there it’s just a short step to believing in utero cross sex hormonal exposures cause some male fetuses to have female brains and vice versa.

The people most resistant to the ideology are people who are social constructionists who believe sex stereotypical behavior is learned. That group includes most radical feminists and many social conservatives. That’s what causes the strange bedfellows affect.

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RE: Is there any comparable social movement to this?

Most of the comparisons I come up with are of very dark periods/events. Such as

-The Spanish Inquisition
-The Salem witch trials and persecution of women generally for centuries in the Middle Ages and early Modern period
-The Reign of Terror orchestrated by the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution, including the instability & culture shock caused by rapidly dethroning the old orthodoxy (the hegemony of the monarchy, aristocracy, the Roman Catholic Church & the RC clergy who controlled much of civic & moral life at the town/parish level)
-Lysenkoism in the USSR
-The Great Leap forward in China under Mao that led to the insanity of the Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards
-What happened under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the mid-late 1970s: […]
-what happened in the UK, Northern Ireland particularly but also extending to England, during "the troubles," the armed occupation by British troops and the time of IRA/Sinn Fein terror
-All the prosecutions for satanic ritual child abuse in preschools like what happened at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, CA. As documented in the excellent 1995 movie, Indictment https://youtu.be/79LWVaymJi0
-Iran, 1979-80 and ever since
-the Rwanda genocide
-what happened in the territories of the former Yugoslavia (now the separate countries called Bosnia &Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Serbia; and Slovenia) after the fall of the Iron Curtain, disintegration of the USSR
Tulip Mania in the Netherlands; the glass delusion in Europe

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Women transition to escape the trauma men inflicted upon them. Men transition to escape responsibility for the trauma they inflicted upon women.

I know others have noticed this same general trend. It seems that most FtMs suffered some horrible abuse in their formative years. In contrast many of these disgusting Reddit MtF mods seem to have charnel houses' worth of skeletons in their closets. Everyone knows you're watching this site, Bardfinn. Maybe you should get a fucking job and pay off your child support obligations.


Another way of thinking about this: men transition in an attempt to leave the oppressor class; women transition in an attempt to join the oppressor class. Neither attempt works because no one seriously views the individual as part of the class s/he is seeking to join.

I think some men "transition" because they live in a delusional Pornhub/ Tumblr/ Reddit cyber bubble, believing that 1) Woman = nubile young human female ONLY (most other women...more mature, older women) are irrelevant, an annoyance, or an impediment to their fulilling their sexual fantasies; 2) women's lives are easier and that women are able to manipulate men into doing what they want; 3) Man = responsible, accountable, and downtrodden by the female sex, and they're sick of it; and 4) if they transition, they'll have more access to sex.

I think some women "transition" because they live in a delusional Pornhub/ Tumblr/ Reddit cyber bubble, believing that 1) Woman = object to be sexually objectified, humiliated, and assaulted by men...to be choked. spat upon, raped, etc; 2) women's lives are only about maintaining their sexual allure for men (even outside porn, ubiquitous, relentless advertising tells girls and women that their skin is too hairy, too wrinkly, too "crepy"; their bodies are too fat or too muscular; etc.); and, 3) Man = responsible, revered, the creator of civilization (despite men's depraved behavior these women encounter in porn).

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This movement is strangely oversexed and anti-sex. It is anti-human sexuality: saying gays & lesbians have "genital fetishes"; claiming people are not sexually attracted to any particular type of sexed body; loads and loads of teenagers who make identity decisions (and will fight you to the death about them) without having even kissed another human; an obsession with asexuals and non-binaries (people who claim not to be sexed?). It's like...they are obsessed with sex but hate human sexual reality at the same time. It's bizarre.


They're against people having sex with not-them. Ever noticed how every anti-sex dude is someone nobody wants to fuck?

Incel to transcel, less a pipeline than a half-millimetre shuffle.

I wish all the “trans” would fuck off and fuck or not fuck each other.

They talk about sex, but they never have it. Nobody wants to have sex with them, and they don't enjoy the sex they have with each other.

Literally no-one with eyes and self-respect go near these people. Pretty much every survey/study on dating shows transwomen are excluded from their dating pool. They won’t even fuck each other. Hence the constant posts about ‘discrimination’.

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RE: China censors feminist groups after drop in marriage and birth rate

Communist men are exactly the same as capitalist men who are exactly the same as every other type of man

So the problem is men and not communism. I truly believe any government 100% run by women will be successful.

I don't. Women are just as capable of corruption and incompetence as any male politician. Just look at all the handmaidens in government and organizations like the ACLU gleefully selling us out to the trans cult

They're doing it to appease the men higher up in government. If men weren't in charge there would be no reason to cater to them like this.

Women don't naturally just despise each other. It takes the pressure and influence of men to force women to turn on each other.

Every woman in my life who has harmed me has done it for the sake of a man.

Edit: You literally said it yourself— handmaidens. They do everything for the pursuit of approval from men in power. If no men are in power, who are they trying to please?

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RE: What TIMs need to hear



One notable thing about TiFs is they don't blame men for their trans related problems and cry about them gatekeeping manhood. They 100% know they are a GUEST and own nothing

Because TIFs don't have male privilege or toxic masculinity. They KNOW they won't be listened to. Men on the other hand, DEMAND to be listened to.

It used to be like that, but recently I have started seeing more and more "gay" TIFs who complain and cry about gay men not being interested about their female anatomy and calling those men slurs.

And here’s another thing they might need to hear, as unpleasant as it may sound: even those who very politely play along, and act in the most supportive manner, use your preferred pronouns and chant TWAW... still see you as males. It’s always on the back of their minds. It’s something very visible and you cannot command your eyes to deny reality that’s in front of you.

Just the other day I was at a bakery and this guy was serving me, huuuge guy, built like a brick shithouse, easily 6"3' and generally extremely masculine... but then I realized he had breasts and was wearing makeup and fake nails and long hair etc.

Cool. I get it, you want to present and be seen like a woman, but no amount of makeup will make me see you as one and, frankly, if I were in a changeroom with this person I would be so uncomfortable and (even if they won't admit it) so would most women no matter how much they claim to be pro-trans.

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For the past 8 months my college has been allowing men to just use the women's shower whenever they feel like it, which forces me to wait until almost 1.30-2.00am to avoid them, or use my friend's private room. Most of the time they are just in there "hanging out what's the big deal I'm gender neutral I swear". I've repeatedly complained to community living and title IX but all that happened is I was required to meet with the equal opportunity advisor about how I should be more inclusive. I can't do it anymore and I'm actively pursuing how to live off campus next year as a sophmore, but I'm afraid I won't be able to.

TIMs and Libfems think we live in the era of Starship Troopers or Aliens movies, where men and women can be in communal showers without men getting erection or staring at women's breast as they talk to each other.

Days Whithout Male\Libfem Nonsense:0

Any man pretending this is a good thing for "equality" knows damn fucking well how dangerous it is. He knows because he wants the exact same thing as the overt perverts: access to naked and vulnerable women and girls. He's just pissed off other men don't realize this as well and ruin it for the rest of them.

It's the same thing with the proganda and Gaslighting about Female Erasure. If we assert that women are just persons and human beings, Patriarichy and it's foundation of Misogyny will just disappear, because we will no longer identify into Victimhood. It's very tiresome to see the Truth that the Trans Liberation Movement is actually a Men's Rights Movement.

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Could Caitlyn Jenner running for governor actually be in our favour?

There is so much material to besmirch his character with that is tied to his AGP. If the Democrats use that material, it will cause a chain reaction. Buddy was wearing his young daughters’ clothes. When they were, like, 10. That should be a great thing to use, or... they lose the election. So what is the point of pleasing the TRAs? Once that tidbit is brought to greater attention, people might start second guessing this ideology, or looking further into what it means.

Yes this could be very interesting. We now have a crossdressing male killer (the most oppressed class of humans) who is running for office against the Democrats. The party can try to keep their hands clean but I think a media company is going to break ranks and call it out. It’s too ripe of a press opportunity with the so called gender critical movement burgeoning under their noses.

Edit: I didn’t realize that OP was suggesting California women vote for him. No I don’t think that is a good idea at all. Voting for men is a huge mistake, if the man is in a dress multiply by 1000

I didn’t mean vote for him for real, I want him to be the nominee, but lose. I want him to get just far enough to have all his shit be plastered all over the place so people start to think. Of course, there is the danger of trotting out the few non-creepy transwomen, or TIFs, to use as human shields and for credibility to make it seem like just a Bruce Jenner thing, not an underlying theme in the trans movement.

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I can't get over our tax dollars paying for TIM breast implants.

In Canada, several provinces provide tax-funded breast augmentations for TIMs. I cannot get over the fact that my hard-earned money is being used to pay for a MAN to feel sexy with big tits because according to the law, this is his human right. This is just confirming the that a woman is just seen as a pair of tits. Everyone I mention this to is also outraged. Why weren't people made aware of this?

We can't even get our teeth cleanings covered but TIMs get free boobs. Unreal. Canada's level of wokeism honestly disgusts me. It's not even wokeism at this point, it's just virtue signaling.

This just reaffirms what we already knew: they don't want to be REAL women, they want to be fantasy anime/hentai women with K sized boobs. Millions of women are flat chested or have mismatched boobs, and these women will never be offered free cosmetic surgery for their breasts even if it causes them body dysmorphia and they threaten suicide. The male privilege is gross and I’m disgusted at the double standard here. A flat chested women needs to sue these bastards for blatant sexism in the medical system.

( Ravenclaw_Feminist)
The idea that any mental condition can be cured with cosmetic surgery is beyond disgusting and it disturbs me that any feminist can support it. Suddenly all critique of beauty standards goes down the drain all because a bunch of horny men with AGP want to turn themselves into sex dolls. I've spent my entire life with small breasts and I have zero sympathy for narcissistic men who claim they need boob jobs to prevent mental suffering and suicide. They do not. They are just high on male entitlement.

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That's what kills me the most about TIMs. They think that if they "become lesbians" it will just be a 24/7 orgy with a bunch of hot girls. It shows they are living in their Pornhub fantasy and are mired in delusions of actually becoming women.

Because 1) they can never be women or anything other than pornsick straight dudes in dresses who no lesbian will ever want and 2) lesbian dating is NOT easy and lesbian women are not rolling in V unless they're athletes or super stars or something.

Being a lesbian is fucking lonely. Every time a woman likes me, I don't like her back, and vice versa. We're a tiny population, so finding someone you click with can be difficult, especially if you live in an area with a small lesbian community. I fully expect to die alone at this point. Yet men think we just go around having constant orgies and sex parties . . . Maybe in New York or San Francisco.

This is what porn does to men's brains.

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RE: I recorded a full intake with a gender identity clinic posing a 13-year-old, I got testosterone and a letter for double mastectomy

Every damn media outlet should be doing "undercover reports" on the sexual child abuse going on in these "gender clinics" -- but not a single one is. Normally they LIKE "scare" stories, yet they are ignoring this truly terrifying trend entirely. In fact, they are running interference for it. "Bigoted Republicans push bill to strip transchildren of their rights! Right-wing extremists call for vulnerable transchildren to be banned from receiving education." Where is the media cry of "Mentally ill mothers are having their children sexually mutilated and it's all legal!" Where's that????


Shit. When it DOES start coming out, they are totally going to blame the mothers, aren't they?

Yep. There'll be no recognition that male childhood transition so often seems to be a mother's response to her own inability to stop her husband (and other boys, and patriarchal society) from harming her son with their intractable illusions of masculinity. And if that is acknowledged, she'll be blamed for choosing the husband over the son, every time.

why don't men stop relentlessly threatening girls (children) with sexual and physical violence, and then girls wouldn't want to chop their breasts of


Pretending to be a child? But what if she's trans-age?

HAH! That's phenomenal. I keep forgetting transracial is a thing or that perves like the transage pervert who says he's a "little" and is little 5 year old girl exists. Maybe it's my mind trying to protect me from these abhorrent men.

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RE: Julia Long's awesome quote


You can pretend to be us. You can put it into law that your paperwork says that you are us. You can force apologies, through gritted teeth, from people that may or may not have said that you are not us, depending on your own idiosyncratic interpretation of their words. You can take our places in universities and jobs. But you will never be us. Deep down, you know that, and that’s why you keep pushing. You keep wishing that someday, if you push enough, if you get enough people to be your yes-men, if you get enough people to kowtow, then you will be us. But you also know that that’s not going to happen. You will never be us. It’s impossible. It cannot happen. That’s why you’re so angry and frustrated - because no matter how much you achieve, it never will be enough.

So true. I’m heterosexual and struggle to form wide-ranging friendships because 1) re men, how do you befriend men genuinely? Never occurred to me and 2) I’m very much a “this is what I think” person which turns off a lot of women who are conditioned to always hype up the other person and not express unpleasant opinions unapologetically. Still, I’ve been the few close friends type of person and I’ve been madly in love with a couple of men, one man who knew me for over half of my life and there is STILL something about sitting next to a woman you adore that brings a feeling of comfort and ease that no man in my life has ever. Is it the same intensity and being in love for years? Well, no. Is it something else entirely that has somehow it’s own special, greater trust and feeling of being safe? Yes. Do I think a biological male is capable of feeling this toward a woman? No.

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RE: Billie Eilish Vogue Cover

I remember reading about stuff like this on conspiracy theory forums and how female pop stars follow such a familiar heterosexual pattern. I believe it was called Sex Kitten Programming, a form of trauma based programming. Same sexy poses, same Marilyn Monroe hair, same "empowerment" speech. I should look into this.

I've read about that too. I think that regardless of if it's an actual conspiracy (handlers, brain washing through traumatic experiences, etc) I think that our culture has a specific iconography around sexuality that many people reference as they explore their own. Blonde-ness is sexualized, Marilyn Monroe is seen as an icon still of a very specific sexual archetype.

Ew, in one of the photos she is wearing latex stockings and gloves and it looks like she's wearing condoms. Echoing what other people have said, no wonder young women are opting out of womanhood and deciding they must be non binary. She turns blond and 'feels' more like a woman? Fucking really? And call me cynical, but this move to a blond bombshell temptress was probably planned from the start. Oh, we'll have a few years where she is famous for her signature baggy clothes and grungy green hair ("she made a mystery of her body"), and then when she hits a socially accepted fuckable age we will generate a lot of attention by turning her into a sexpot. Her new album will be incredibly sexy...look out for videos that make WAP look like footage from an old folk's home on a Sunday.

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RE: Female Tik Tok bites back at notion that TIMs are prettier than women.

Seriously. I look like a woman with no makeup on. And I’ll say so myself- I look like a stereotypically attractive woman with no makeup on. I have a stereotypically feminine face, which I’d actually prefer not to have because it’s coded as “sweet” rather than tough. My looks- the very feminine face, with high neoteny- are extremely common, in women of all races. I see women who look like me all the time. We are typically considered pretty or even beautiful by those who admire the super feminine babyface look. Personally, since the grass is always greener, I prefer women with a sharper face.

I see tons of women with sharper features who nonetheless look exactly like women, and many of them are very beautiful. They don’t need makeup at all for people to know instantly they’re women. Can these men who have gone through male puberty say the same? The trend for natural beauty is competing with and IMO will overtake the trend for the fake face now so popular on Instagram. What will they do then?

This is why they push for childhood transition. Some misbegotten wish that they wouldn’t need so much surgery to actually look feminine. Of course they don’t think about or give a shit about unnecessarily medicalized, sterilized and mutilated children. I remember talking to a TiM on the debate sub on Reddit some years ago. He reminded me of an incel who told me his lack of sex was worse than my repeated experiences of assault and rape.

He said that it didn’t matter if 80+% of trans-identifying kids grew out of it. He said it was more important that the 10-20% of kids who didn’t got to have early transition. He literally didn’t care about sacrificing the health and well-being of the majority. At all. If they’re so much better-looking than us, why do so many of them feel that way? Hmm?

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This is exactly what it is. Heterosexual, upper middle class, white men pissed they're not getting any special treatment. Just like "queer" is a label taken by them to get special treatment.

Gotta respect their hussle though. Literally, white, upper class men who wanked themselves pornsick made themselves be regarded as more oppressed than even the poorest most disenfranchised people, they've got actually oppressed women, lesbians, gays, people of color kissing their white, straight asses. Absolutely insane

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of male privilege.

Killer_Danish #sexist ovarit.com

Men are the rats at the feeder bar pushing a button for food pellets, damaging their dopamine reward system in the process with ever-increasing levels of hardcore pornography.

How can men be responsible towards women when:

-they won't admit porn is addictive?

-they won't admit it harms women inside/outside of porn?

-they won't admit that the women on the other side of the screen are real and suffer physical/emotional consequences from the extreme sexual acts they portray?

-they won't admit that the violent, degrading acts they learn from porn make them terrible lovers to women?

-they won't admit that the rise in erectile dysfunction among young men is correlated to pornography use?

-they won't admit that porn poisons their relationships with women?

I doubt men as a group will ever admit any fault since apologizing is still very much in the female domain... Our years living side-by-side with men who repeatedly view our dehumanization as a hobby will no doubt cause many years of bad blood—though expect all the newspapers and scholars to find a way to blame it all on women!

Various TERFs #moonbat #sexist ovarit.com

RE: "If your feminism doesn't include men, it's not real feminism!!"


Libfems are the "All Lives Matter" sect of feminism and that's the best description I have.

Sometimes I feel like these women are traitors. I feel bad because I know they're probably misguided, but how can you be so eager to please men at the expense of women?

Because how will they get that fuckboy to marry them if they keep harping on about ridiculous notions such as equality, women only spaces, and misogyny? Much better to kid themselves that porn keeps men from committing sexual violence, that sex work is in fact empowering women, and that white man in a wig who will threaten rape and murder if she uses the wrong pronouns IS a woman, and she has cis privilege and should apologise for it profusely. Sounds exhausting.

female socialization is so difficult to rebel against. we're trained to please men everywhere and even in a women's movement it's difficult for many to unlearn what they were wired to do as young girls. a lot of it is hilarious primarily because women's problems range from outright violence to dehumanizing conditioning and men's problems are "society won't let me paint my nails this is so sad"

They are indeed traitors to their sex.

It just kinda scares me that they haven't really thought about it, like how does it make any sense at all to include males in feminism? What do they think feminism is exactly?

PattyBouvier #crackpot #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Girls = dumb


Do they all have a humiliation fetish? How else to explain their incredible contempt for women, combined with their frantic desire to be women?

It is hard to get into the heads of these men but my theory is as follows: Man X is sexually attracted to women. Man X grows up in a society where men are encouraged to feel entitled to women. Man X is not successful with women for whatever reason and rather than work on himself, develops a deep loathing for women (as is encouraged by society) which is connected to a deeper self-loathing. Man X begins to correlate sexual desire, jealousy of others, hatred of women and hatred of himself. He develops kinks of self degradation, acting out a stereotype of the 2D ‘bimbo slut’ - a fantasy Man X has created through his own thwarted desires, misogyny and self hatred. This can end up with him not wanting to fuck women any more and be ‘used’ by men - it’s a warped revenge of sorts. (Man X alternatively goes down the transbian path of forcing women to partake in his misogynistic humiliation fetish, or sometimes he will end up doing both)

Only_Women_Are_Women & Calico #dunning-kruger #moonbat #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: What lessons have you learned from the transgender craze?


people can be dumber than you'd think physically possible

THIS! "Sex is a spectrum" !?!?!?!

"There's no way to tell men and women apart"???

"Some people are born in the opposite sex body" !?!?!?!

And that's coming out of the mouths of people in leadership and educational positions. That's not 4th graders on the playground. That's people with M.D. after their names.

That porn is irredeemably harmful, and this is still true even if every performer was a consenting adult with no trauma or poverty pushing them into it (which will never be the case in reality).

That society is not only NOT past outdated gender roles, we’re clinging onto them harder than we have in decades. Transgenderism is what you get when you take the assumption that gender stereotypes are real to its logical extreme.

That female separatism to at least some degree is necessary for women to be able to thrive. Sex-segregated spaces are mandatory. Men are not only dangerous, they vastly decrease our quality of life on even a mundane level. They are so astoundingly selfish and entitled even a deeply cynical person like myself finds it hard to believe sometimes. They really do believe that women exist to serve them and have no reason to exist otherwise. They really do believe that their opinions are objective facts and their own narrow perspective, no matter how delusional, is reality. And women have to fall in line because we have no right to personal autonomy.

Various TERFs #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

An experiment proving that pronouns are Rohypnol

This is an excellent piece. I have thought a lot about how obfuscating male criminals' sex could distort statistics, but I have thought less about how it distorts public opinion in the news in this way. I'm more convinced than ever that we need to hold our ground on the pronouns issue.


I have read parts of it aloud, switching the reported sex (female) of this person to the actual sex (male) and restoring Watkins' original name, and it is remarkable what effect the different readings have on my feelings about him. Try it yourself, and compare

I've been doing this, using the correct prounouns when reading any thing now, even a tweet. This made me understand the amount of gaslighting we are expected to accept. Also how media is a key factor in this attack on girls and women's rights.

I've been doing this so long.. But it is a real problem. I get very frustrated in those situations where I simply can't figure out what has actually happened - when they use female pronouns but you can't help wondering if they are talking about a male, and sometimes even when there are pictures they're too blurry or far away or just borderline and you start to feel bad that you might be questioning whether a woman is a man just because she's sort of funny looking and did something criminal... Ugh. I just wish the news would stop being deceitful.

Excellent line about "women being saddled with a reputation for violence men have earned for themselves." That's one of the biggest reasons so many men love this ideology. This is DARVO's best friend.

hmimperialtortie & ShingleShake #moonbat #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I was a far-right TIF

Thanks for posting this. It’s most interesting and I couldn’t agree more that this allegedly leftist movement is completely right wing- not conservative, but reactionary.

But the important thing was that my brain is male. The body will just catch up somehow.

You summed up how ridiculous the idea is. One organ out of all of them somehow belongs to the other sex?

The fact that my brutally, uncompromisingly far-right, misogynistic worldview was completely consistent with gender ideology and transgenderism seems to show that far from being a "revolutionary" or "feminist" breakaway from gender norms, the transgender movement seems to be little more than a repackaging of old, patriarchal thinking. I don't believe the argument that trans people are helping us move away from regressive gender norms. I'm convinced that transgenderism does nothing but affirm them.

They want everyone forced into far more rigid sex stereotypes than already exist, so they (the AGPs) can get their boners by forcing their fetishes on everyone else.

Wow, that was a bit like looking into a mirror of my past (I'm also 5'4", the heck). It's amazing to notice the patterns of how trans ideology rhetoric is consistently parroted through pretty much everyone that believes in it. They never veer far from the script. I'm pretty sure if anyone bothered to ask me at the time if I was just being sexist and lumping men and women into two rigid categories and living my life through that lens that I would've said no - but it was absolute obsession that overtook all my thoughts. Men are this, women are that, therefore I'm a man. Can only lay in a web of lies for so long until it starts falling apart from how fragile it is.

Various TERFs #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

My half-baked theory is that it's because Japanese people are better at shame than we are. There's a whole thing about shame-based vs guilt-based cultures though it's probably very outdated and simplistic. It does seem to me that a lot of TIMs and the more obnoxious variety of TIFs have a pathological absence of shame. Or given the relationship with narcissism, maybe they in fact have a lot of shame which they are incapable of handling so they dissociate into their trans personas.

I think there’s a racism element to it, like it tends to be white weebs who think anime is a factual representation of Asian women: big boobs and doe eyes, at once hypersexual, childlike, and submissive. Other racial minorities in the west probably at least have an idea “the people of my race on TV don’t necessarily act like me so this is probably not a true reflection of how Asian women are” as pornsick white guys think this is a realistic transition goal.

maybe because the majority of characters - if not all - in hentai and anime ARE white? makes it easier for lonely losers to indentify with and create an escapist fantasy.

They're not. It is usually made explicit when a character is supposed to be white because the character will have a weird mix of caucasian stereotypes, possibly speak Japanese with an accent, and everyone will acknowledge that this is a foreigner. White weebs know anime isn't white, that's why they are known for behaving in fetishistic ways towards asian women.

have you watched hentai? or even anime in general. they are white. historically, they all been EXTREMELY white passing. so no. get that discussion elsewhere, the point here was figuring out why so many white people get influenced by hentai in such an awful way, not if the cleary white passing characters are supposed to be white people or not.

Various TERFs #sexist #wingnut ovarit.com

RE: this is how I became a radfem 🤓


I had radical feminism beliefs when I was like 15/16 without knowing what radical feminism was. Like I didn't buy that women being half naked was empowering but kept hearing how it was a woman's choice lol. Mainstream liberal "feminism" is so heavily pushed it's easy feel like you are wrong especially if you are young.

I’m middle aged and didn’t know I was a radfem. I thought the beliefs I had was feminism. I was confused by what I call slut walk feminism and wondered what on earth had happened. Was so grateful to find that real feminism still existed.

That and the constant defence of abuse in immigrant communities being defended with cultural relativism and liberals who are more concerned about a "racist" image than the safety of women and girls.

I had no idea there were different feminist groups and just called myself a "feminist". I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with woke feminism which seemed to do a lot of virtue signalling and not really do anything to actually liberate women. As soon as I discovered radical feminism I realized this fit exactly what I'd believed all along. I had no idea what the basic beliefs of radical feminism were, I'd just thought about various topics and come to the same conclusions.

girl_pash #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

The non passing trans selfies are peaking our sisters

Someone peaked on /LesbianActually a few minutes ago and of course her post was swiftly removed before anyone could comment or agree with her. I screenshotted it and will share it here because I think her voice deserves to be heard somewhere. The OP was brave for posting but I'm sure she's banned now. Here it is (I added a little more punctuation than the original):

Title: Ridiculousness on this sub

Catfishing is outta control and the mods don't do shit. Now the trans lesbians are saying they don't feel included or appreciated. Boo fucking hoo.

As a lesbian I am sick of men and bullshit controlling my life. I don't give a fuck if you're trans, if you're a lesbian, guess what we take a lot of shit and you have to deal with it like the rest of us. You were a man where you didn't have to deal with all this shit and now you're a female. Guess what IT COMES AS A PACKAGE. No one is going to coddle you and say yas queen. If you can't handle the hate then leave.

Trans lesbians bitch CONSTANTLY. You know why because they didn't grow up as women, constantly being harrassed and degraded. Now they come into being a woman and are like "WOW people are mean and I don't deserve to be told anything but that I'm a queen and beautiful! You guys should support me blah blah blah" Guess what as a man you didn't have to deal with it, and now you do. This is every day. No one is being transphobic or mean, it's just life as a woman.


kopfinhand #moonbat #transphobia ovarit.com

Parallels Between TIMs and Police (and Priests Too)

1. Maleness and power are worshipped and are seen as one
2. Women suffer at the hands of these men, but things only get done when another man is affected.
3. They are above the law.
4. When they commit crimes, they are not punished but shuffled into obscurity.
5. They cannot be questioned lest you be deemed TERF, anti-country, heretic.

If you have anymore examples, please add.

aloe_vera #moonbat #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

What lessons have you learned from the transgender craze?

Ever since I have peaked and discovered radical feminism, I feel like I have found a community of women that I can actually agree with. My negative feelings in regards to feminism in general was born out of my disgust in how the liberal feminists were selling out fellow women and convincing us that being reduced to sex objects is empowering. I am thankful for the feminists who fought for single sex spaces. I had never thought about how valuable our bathrooms are, how much impact single sex spaces have in women's safety.

I feel sad that our voices are being silenced and that little by little they are taking our rights away, but I have hope that eventually the gender bubble will burst. I believe that people will see through the farce and will be horrified that we let things get so far. The medical institutions, the corporations, the government and the media will have to answer for their crimes against children, women and detransitioners.

Personally, I have learned that:

Feminism is not a dirty word, it has just been bastardized.
Women need their single sex spaces. It's imperative to be overprotective of them.
Laws and rules made to keep women safe should not be abolished to protect men's feelings.
Kink-shaming can be useful and actually good.
Things can get out of control very quickly when no one puts a boundary.
We should not enable mental illness and delusions.
We should not censor someone just for having a "wrong" opinion. As long as they are able to discuss it respectfully, we should let them participate. If someone is censoring people who disagree with them, it means that the opposition may have good arguments that they don't want you to hear.

Various TERFs #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Transsexualism is the only group of the LGBT that needs a medical diagnosis and life long medical treatment


They want to be medicated without the diagnosis.

Yeah. Thats the most baffling and frustrating part. They don't want dysphoria or being trans to be considered a mental illness, but then they claim they need a lifetime of expensive medications/surgeries and the whole world to play make-believe with them or else they'll commit suicide! You cannot claim to have a condition that makes you 41% more likely to kill yourself while also saying "its totally not a mental illness". Homosexuality was removed from the DSM list of mental illnesses because its not a pathology. Homosexuals don't need expensive medications and elaborate LARPs in order to transition from straight to gay. The fact that gays & lesbians are lumped in with trans people is both inaccurate and insulting

Trangenderism is always about a lie, whether by the individual about themselves or by TRAs in trying to force other people to validate the false reality/fetish that transgender people are a different sex. That, more than anything else, is why I think the cult will eventually fail. It's based on a lie. And a "reality" constructed on lies is inherently unstable.

That’s the elephant in the room. They also campaign to get it removed as a medical condition, while at the same time campaigning to have immediate and free medical treatment for it?? It’s so nonsensical

[Deleted] #crackpot #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

"Silicone Angel". Every time I think they can't come up with worse stripper names or delude themselves further... "I'll have tits when I'm dead" We don't fucking care, honey. We're secure enough with our bodies.

the things that they care about, and the things that they think we care about...it's insane.

and honestly, the way they go on about real women shows how profoundly not at peace they are. Being a woman, to them, is a fetish. Being a female human, to us, is our existence coupled with all the violation that trying to exist alongside males deranged by the last 10k years of animal herding has draped and smeared all over us.

One of my pet theories is domestication of animals dumbed down the human race because males began literally imitating the behaviors of lower order animals and bringing them into human relations. They began to act like the ungulates they herded (I believe it was the psychopathically cruel practices of culling, castrating etc that created toxic masculinity). Traumatizing infants into mental illness in early childhood has led to the almost certain doom of our species. Forcing children to witness cruelty to animals on a regular basis in animal husbandry doesn't help either. Also there is a documented period of brain shrinkage in humans over the last 10k years that coincides with the advent of animal husbandry and the cessation of gatherer/hunter cultures.

Also didn't help in terms of the land ownership required to own herds which meant the most psychopathic and dishonest males climbed to the top of society. I'm sure it was all probably inevitable due to human population explosion, but it truly has been hell on earth for females. The more I research the more I'm convinced that culture prior to animal herding cults was matrilineal, with some remnant cultures like the Basques, the Picts, and the Mosuo of Lugu Lake. Animal herding cults have made humanity irredeemably stupid and and with the proliferation of islam it's about to get a whole lot worse.

Various TERFs #crackpot #transphobia ovarit.com

Some thoughts on TIFs

I am reminded of the main character of the novel The Bluest Eye, who grew up in a deeply racist society and internalized racist ideas. She constantly prays for even just one blue eye, to prove her whiteness. After suffering from a series of sexual abuses, she eventually becomes delusional and believes she has attained blue eyes. The motivations are to escape the racism by identifying into the privileged group.

There are parallels to a lot of stories from detransitioned TIFs. Many of them experienced the trauma of sexual assault. The TRA movement feeds into the delusion, instead of advocating for genuine help such as therapy for their trauma. Again, the motivations are to escape the sexism by identifying into the privileged group.

That fucking book, man. So horrifying and so beautiful. Haunting.

It's crazy how there are parallels between race and trans but they aren't those that libfems and TRAs point out.

I try to be calm and reasonable when I think about TIFs, for just the reasons you've outlined.

But then there's Strangio and I want to punch that asshat right in the mouth.

This is a spot on comparison and it gives me chills to think about it.

In essence, these are delusional beliefs that maladaptively keep women from confronting—and coming to terms with—the pain within.

pennygadget #transphobia ovarit.com

About TIFs and trans activsim...

I noticed something during discussions with other people here that I thought warranted it's own post:

The Trans Rights movement didn't take off after the rape & murder of Teena Brandon. Nor did it take off in the wake of the movie about her life/death winning a ton of awards.Contrast this with how the gay rights movement got a jumpstart after the murder of Matthew Shepherd

The trans rights movement didn't take off when that bearded lady went on Oprah multiple times claiming to be "The First Pregnant Man". Nor did any other pregnant TIFs trigger any significant change.

The trans movement didn't take off when Chastity Bono declared herself a man. People only cared about her transition because her mother is an iconic celebrity. Its also important to note that the press treated Chastity like shit when she identified as a lesbian by mocking her appearance and constantly comparing Chastity to her sex symbol mother (even though Cher is more botox than human at this point). But, the moment Chastity became a man named Chaz, suddenly everyone had only nice things to say about her and didn't constantly tell her how fat and ugly she was.

NONE of those big news events triggered this wave of trans activism and trans inclusive laws that we see today. Nobody cared about Teena Brandon once the hype from the movie was over. The big event that finally got the ball rolling was..... Bruce Jenner posing in lingerie on a magazine cover. After that, he literally got trophies for being "The Greatest Woman Ever"! And laws rapidly began to change after he became a media darling in 2015

levitation #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

Why do anime and hentai turn so many white people trans?

Anime is popular with all races. It's a worldwide phenomenon at this point. So why the fuck are the overwhelming majority of weebs that try to literally become underage anime characters of the opposite sex the white ones?? No other demographic allows hentai to warp their brains to this extent.

It's seriously ridiculous. Almost every white TIM wears thigh highs and cat ears and talks about literally being a teenage anime girl. A majority of white TIFs had a yaoi phase that never ended, and fetishize kpop boys like they're their favorite anime characters.

I'm white so this might be just my experience, but I've noticed that a majority of trans people with anime obsessions and a hentai addiction are white. Of course any person who watches a lot of hentai is highly likely to be a perverted weirdo, but it's not like hikikomori Japanese men are turning TIM at such high rates or citing the cat boy from Re:Zero as their transition goals. Am I going crazy or is this as weird as I think it is?

I think it's the fact that white-people-culture is so tremendously individualistic and self-focussed. They're looking at content that's often created for escapism. People who are well-integrated into their communities and families know how to balance the occasional escapist fantasy with the demands of living within the social order. Western weebs who spend all their time in front of a screen, immersing themselves in escapist and sexual content to the point of obsession, well, not so much.

That makes a lot of sense. I've also noticed that not many socially well-adjusted people transition, except in cases of group contagion with teenage girls.

rezkidsinlove #moonbat #transphobia ovarit.com

They need to hear that some cultures having special roles for gender-non-conforming people does not mean people didn’t know what male and female were. I hear the Two-Spirit identity used soooo much in this discourse, especially in Canada

It really is ridiculous.

TRAs/libfems'll say things like 'Native American cultures were so enlightened! They worshipped two-spirits! They were largely matriarchal, they respected women, women were so precious to the tribes!'

And like - that point is debatable, but have you thought WHY they might have held women in such high esteem?

Because women were the ones that gave birth and created life, you absolute morons! Native women weren't celebrated (if they were celebrated) because some 'uwu so girly, so soft' aesthetic. It was because they were able to carry children and give birth. If there WAS such a high prevalence of two-spirit-ism as they say there was, certainly those two-spirit people weren't treated 'the exact same as women!'

Like, just thinking pragmatically. An enemy tribe is attacking your village -- you have a woman able to help birth new members of the tribe, vs some mentally ill man who wears womens clothes. WHO ARE YOU SAVING?

(Likewise, a woman who thinks herself a man decides she wants to join the war party -- you think the men are going to entertain this idea, when she's one of a handful of women of child bearing age in the tribe? You think they're going to risk it? Theres a reason two-spirit was mostly a male thing.)

It really is a breathtaking lack of thinking critically, 'if X is true, then therefore Y...' They really think all native tribes lived in harmony in teepees, smoking weed, making flower crowns, and not knowing a penis from a vagina up until Christopher Columbus landed on our shores.

Various TERFs #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: If your body is unsalvageable and gets clocked instantly, isn't HRT kinda like self harm? : honesttransgender

If I remember correctly even feminine HSTS used to be denied medical transition back when gatekeeping existed if they had no chance of passing. Medical transition was used as a type of treatment for gender dysphoria but it's a treatment that definitely can not work if the person is unable to move in society being perceived as a real woman. Now medical transition is all about living your authentic self or some bullshit and even sentient brick houses like Hannah Mouncey are allowed medical transition.

Current-day TRAs decry that old policy claiming it was policing TIMs for being "ugly". Meanwhile, trans orgs' own data show that non-passing TIMs have the worst outcomes of all transitioners. TRAs' "solution" is to force everyone to play along. You can't control 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time, and even nice people will eventually let it slip that they know TIMs are men.


I bet you he doesn’t pass as well as he thinks he does. They almost never do, especially irl.

Yeah, there's a difference between "I can see this person wants to be a woman, so I should use female pronouns" and "this is a woman". Sorry dudes, go test yourself in a 3rd world country or deeply rural area. Then come back and tell us how much you actually pass 🙄

I know one TIM who went on HRT and it softened some of his features, but he was still undeniably male and got clocked every time. It's been 12 years post-HRT and the pandemic only further shows how male he is when he wears his mask because all you can see are his deep-set eyes, brow ridge, and super hairy male eyebrows.

Various TERFs #conspiracy #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: People in this comments section aren't holding back



The individuals in the screenshot are in the Chinese Women's 400m Relay Team.

China used underage gymnasts in the 2008 Olympics. They will absolutely use TiMs in the next one. I think the Olympics could be a mass-peaking event.

I feel terrible for all the female Olympians who are about to have so many years of dreams and hard work completely destroyed for no good reason. And Russia will do this too if they are allowed to compete-- not sure if they are back in after their last scandal.


Why even bother using any women

They won't. I remember reading that there was a "professional" Quiddich league and they require a certain number of male and female players on each team. The Italian team replaced all their women with trannies and beat the hell out of everyone. It was so bad even a cheating transwoman on another team said it wasn't fair. 🤣🤣🤣

But seriously. Men will replace us everywhere if we don't stop this.

A friend of mine who I love dearly actually BELIEVED the CCP's statement that these were all natural, "cis" women. They even posted a "stupid terfs mistaking butch women for men" joke. Here's the thing- if they are "cis" women, they are "cis" women in the way the East German swim team was. As in, they're taking so much T they look unrecognizable as women and are cheating. These guys look like dudes to me. And even if they weren't, they're so fucking altered that all other women will have to do major damage to their bodies just to have a hope in hell of winning.

Various TERFs #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Top post on r/honesttransgender is MTF observing that self absorbed MTFs ruin lesbian spaces & create more terfs


Rant over. Us trans women belong in these spaces, but we need to be respectful and mindful of what we’re doing and saying.

No you don’t. Imagine thinking you’re “one of the good transbians” just because you don’t screech at lesbian women to take your girldick. You still do not belong in lesbian spaces, male.

THERES FUCKING TRANS MEN ON THERE TOO!! why the HELL would they need to be there aren't they MEN?!?!? Like just fess up and admit that you want every female space to just be a trans space.

That whole post is one massive Poe's Law. From the guy who cant understand why non-binary females and TIFs are even in lesbian spaces, to the guy saying that the TIMs are adding "fuel to the TERF fire" because they behave exactly as we say they do.

The absolute audacity of a TiM to ask why a biological woman would be in a lesbian space. I like the comment pointing out how TiMs used to still consider themselves gay men, and it only changed when people like Bruce Jenner started announcing themselves as trans and not fitting in with the existing LGBT groups. That also coincided with all the male invasion of female spaces. What a coincidence.

Various TERFs #transphobia ovarit.com

I've recently seen a wave of GC women in my twitter bubble start to ease their positions slightly, praise 'ally' TIMs and claim it's perfectly ok for a passing TIM to use the women's bathroom. I honestly don't know what's going on. I don't care if a TIM has a full beard & broad chest or if he looks mostly female, it's still a man and I don't want a man in my bathroom and I don't want another GC woman to claim it's ok.

The thing is, in practice if a TIM did pass, he could just use the womens room. The RULE needs to say "no men" so that if he's creepy he can be kicked out, and so non-passing ones get stopped at the door, but in reality no one is suggesting DNA checks to get in. The hypothetical passing TIM can just skate in under the radar as long as he's not acting weird. But in reality TIMs almost never pass anyway.

In person, they pass rarely. On the internet it gets MUCH harder to tell because camera angles and flattering clothing can hide a lot about the would-be-female form. It's usually their height, the way they walk (they either try to swing their hips too much, which is a tell, or they CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP like Clydesdales or Door #3 they scuff their feet as they walk), the stupid falsetto they all have in person. Thin, reedy fake-as-fuck voices.

Right, but we know they're delusional to begin with, and they spend hours and hours on the internet with people telling them how gorgeous they are and much they "pass" and how any lesbian would be so lucky to date them. So of course then they feel empowered to trot their way into women's spaces, because they think they pass.

A lot of non-passing TIMs seem to think they pass, so it's a stupid standard anyway.

Luckystar #moonbat #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Polling from 13 States Reveals Widespread Disapproval of “Gender Identity” Policies

Even in California people are not buying this crap

Putting female prisoners -- economically vulnerable, disproportionately women of color, an overwhelming majority of whom have already been victims of sexual violence -- at risk of being retraumatized, assaulted, raped, and impregnated by male sexual predators is NOT "progressive".

It is being framed as such by fauxgressive misogynists, who are bankrolled by big pharma and/or jumping on the latest fashionable bandwagon for latte liberals.

We are seeing some common ground between the left and right here because being anti-rape is one of those common sense policies that shouldn't be political. We see radical feminists speaking at the Heritage Foundation, not because they are secret alt-right neonazi Bible hugging conservative bigots, but because the policies the Democrats are putting forth right now are genuinely horrible.

You have people like me, San Francisco liberals who voted Democrat their whole lives, have been huge LGBT allies their whole lives, who no longer feel comfortable voting for Democrats. That's not because I suddenly support Republicans. It is because both parties have abandoned women. I'm just praying American women can have at least one party that supports their basic human rights. Abortion isn't enough, Democrats. We deserve the right to not get raped in the first place.

Various TERFs #crackpot #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: I've discovered a new goldmine: searching /r/asklesbians for the word "trans"


have you all seen his post history? of course he's AGP😔

If they're men they're always AGP deep down. The women transitioned are usually sexual assault victims,mentally ill and are trying to opt out of sex based discrimination.

I think some of the guys are just feminine gay/bi men with internalized homophobia. But of the ones that like women, yeah, definitely AGP.

The lack of replies is incredibly telling, but not of the bigotry they're imagining. I read that sub sometimes and there is no shortage of libfems that post there. No, the reason they're actually not getting any replies is because even the libfems don't know how to give sex tips to a man with a neovagina because they don't have sex with men with neovaginas. Or men with dicks. Or... Men. You can give transbians lip service about how valid they are all day long, but when it comes right down to it, even the libfems aren't fucking these guys, and don't want to think about or discuss it.

There are so many posts on these subs detailing their "lesbian" sexual experiences, but only one sex partner ever seems to be a trans lesbian. 🤔 If trans women are women, I would fully expect r/asklesbians, r/actuallesbians, etc. to have more posts talking about the girly fun slumber party tee hee lesbian experiences of playing with each others' balls.

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RE: A nice illustration of physiologic and interpersonal AGP, misogyny, and libfem idiocy.



Enjoy the door holding and catcalls. That's what feminism is based on, for you to be you.>

they're rewriting feminism history under our own eyes

"Imma get a pussy, sum tiddies, hips, an ass..."

At the end of the day, this is how men see us. To them we're just a walking set of holes and fleshy body parts. "Transwomen" are no different to normal men.


And no girl, feeling happy about getting catcalled isn't weird at all. And if it is, we're both weird then. I'm honestly looking forward to getting catcalled one day as it would just validate me that much more. Even if it is pretty annoying XD.

I want to leave this planet

I had to step away from the computer.

These men see the worst parts of womanhood as sexually arousing and fun. There's no getting to them.

I'm at the point where I don't believe any of those commenters are actually women. When I read, "As a cis woman, ...." I see "As a TIM who is even more smugly delusional than OP, ..."

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RE: Cochrane review of evidence for hormonal transition ... no evidence exists.

Recapping some developments from the last few months:

No evidence of benefits from cross-sex hormones (Cochrane)
No evidence of benefits from puberty blockers (NICE)
No evidence of benefits from transgender surgeries (American Journal of Psychiatry, not a meta-analysis but that study that used dodgy analysis to find some benefits and then was forced to recant.)
Why are governments/health plans paying for ANY of this again?

Men’s feelings >>>>>

We all know that if gender dysphoria only ever affected women that not a single surgery would have ever been covered.

I'm a layman and even I can tell "transgender studies" are BS. I read every study that is thown to me by a TRA during an argument, and there is NEVER any concrete evidence or result from those so-called research. It's very refreshing to see an organization like this is putting out no-bullshit fact-based review of the gendercult.

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"You are not attracted to someone's DNA" - but you kind of are, actually

DNA largely determines how people look. Personality is even partially genetically determined! One could make an argument that if you have injuries resulting from specific attitudes, those were influenced by genetics (e.g. high risk taking). The idea that genes are something that is just there is another dumb transhumanist take. Sorry TRAs, you are "attracted to someone's genes" because you cannot unlink genotype and phenotype.


I'd like to see a good feminist takedown of transhumanism.

Not the eloquent refute you asked for but we are "still only" at the level where we can give medication and cut and sew back together. Nothing of that makes us transcend humanity, as much as it doesn't transform a man into a woman. We give them pills so they develop gynecomastia which is a condition only men can have, and this is supposed to mimic female breasts - which is insulting on so many levels but also just ends up making them look grotesque in combination with their male chest and wide shoulders. Once the treatment stops they develop completely back to a normal man. We can give them a hole in their abdomen by reshaping the penis, which is supposed to be a "vagina" but the only thing it has in common with a vagina is that it is "fuckable". By men.

Every cell in their body has XY chromosomes. If future scientists were to find their bones they'd immediately recognize them as men. Hell, even with gruesome beauty surgeries including shaving the chin bone, only a tiny amount passes to men and virtually zero pass to women.

It's all so superficial, only focused on looks. We are giving little boys horrible drugs so they can be pretty (the girls too but to the trans they're really an afterthought).