Cybersex is our hope #sexist

[Serious] Why do foids even commit crimes against us

In every single aspect of life, in every country, in every era, the most desired group is the one that is more at risk of being robbed/attacked/hated. Just think at the relations between very poor people and very rich people.
Considering that how is even possible that every year foids do actually rape/murder/isolate/ push to suicide men? If men do the same it's most of the time because of the fucking gigantic difference in intrinsic sexual market value between men and women but foids?What kind of justification can they have for committing such crimes? There should be fucking 0 crimes committed by foids against us since they can get everything they need from men legally and in a very pleasurable way. TBH foids who rape men should get much harsher punishment than men who rape foids (in the same way a rich man robbing a poor guy should be punished more than a poor starving guy who steals money from a rich man)



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