Mark Carter #fundie

A day in the life of a gay.

(Is anyone else bothered by the phrase "a gay"?

7:00 Wake up

7:05 Look over at stranger next to him, cant remember his name.

7:06 Butt fuck him anyway

7:30 Dress in weird clothes

7:45 Walk to work among people pointing and saying things like: Look at that fag, its disgusting.

8:00 Get to work.

8:05 Listen to conversations about people living normal lifes (Married, kids etc)

8:10 - 12:59 Surf internet for disgusting gay porn.

13:00 Walk to gay restaurant among fag remarks on street.

13:15 Suck random fags cock in bathroom.

13:30 Get back to the office.

13:40 Boss calls in fag about shit work performance.

13:45 Gay pulls out the "discrimination against gay card"

13:50 Boss realises he can get into lots of trouble if he fires a fag.

14:00 Faggot leaves for gay pride parade.

14:15 - 17:00 Butt fucker walks in the most fucked up and weirdest parade among people shouting: DIe of aids fag!

17:15 Get back to house.

17:20 Eat a healthy vegetarian meal that taste like shit while watching Oprah.

18:00 Starts to get ready to go out.

20:00 Takes cab to gay bar.

20:15 - 22:00 Get drunk and high!

22:15 Cock suck stranger.

23:00 Butt fuck stranger.

24:00 Die of aids.



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