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Imperialist lies and fairytales.

Radio Free Asia , which as every school student knows is a CIA fake news propaganda station , and a number of imperialist and mainstream media outlets have carried a story saying that the DPRK is "running out of money ". This is basically the old 'collapse of the DPRK ' fable recycled and served up as today's fake news. Back in the 1990s the imperialists used to say that the DPRK would collapse in 3 days, or 3 months or 3 years.

I can even remember looking at a copy of Newsweek magazine in September 1991 in W H Smiths , it claimed that the DPRK would not have enough food and fuel to last it the winter ! ,. Needless to say that the DPRK did not get its food and fuel from the USSR and Eastern Europe but was self-sufficient .26 years later the DPRK is still here. Similarly 1996 the imperialist spread the rumour that the DPRK would collapse in the spring , some so-called friends of the DPRK in the UK believed this , we did not ! 20 years the DPRK is still here and prospering !

The DPRK has a self-reliant economy , it has a planned economy and a balanced and controlled budget . There can be no such thing as "running out of money " or "collapse ". The DPRK will smash the imperialist sanctions with Juche and self-reliance !



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