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As a detransitioner, I hope this movement helps prevent more people from making the same mistakes I did.

I used to identify as trans and this is something the trans community will never admit: there are people who realize that transitioning doesn't work and quit. They are trying their to get /r/detrans banned because they don't want to admit that we exist. They tell everyone that that place is full of TERFs and needs to go.

They don't want to admit that there are studies that show that most children with gender dysphoria grow out of it. An often quoted study about transitioning helping mental health has been corrected to say that surgery doesn't actually help mental health. Gender dysphoria is basically body dysmorphia. And it can be treated the same way. Identifying as trans made it WORSE.

For every one of me, there's a bunch more kids who are being put on puberty blockers, many of which have dangerous effects. Then there's the issue with going straight into cross-sex hormones, which effectively sterilizes people.

I could go on and on. Nobody wants to admit is that transitioning doesn't really work. Aou're often left with so many reminders of that (especially women, who often get "top surgery" and have lowered voices for the rest of their lives, and often facial hair). It's harder to come out as a detransitioner than it is to come out of trans. The second you detransition, you lose EVERYBODY. I had people block me because of it. I hope somebody reads this subreddit and gives a second thought to going on hormones or surgeries. Because it often isn't worth it.



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