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(Submitter Note: This aged well)

The "both sides" false equivalence, the cry of the centrist. Oh wait, you had nothing to say about the US' bellicosity, in this case via sanctions (siege warfare) & via media misinformation (psychological warfare). This is more of a business strategy than a war. Eliminating competition.
There is literally no evidence of Bernie Sanders' claims about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. He might as well say that Germany is poised to invade Austria, it'd be just as fabricated.
He keeps talking about a war. What war? No matter how rabid the NATO NeoNazis get they're not going to attack Russia, so there is no motivation for Russia to retaliate. Russia knows who their enemy is: the US. Any campaign in that line could only end at best in a pyrrhic victory & both sides know that.
This disinformation is about stabotaging diplomacy & trade agreements between Russia & Europe, & re-invigorating support for NATO. Simple. Any leftist who can't bring themselves to say that is either a victim of propaganda, or a tool of it. Which are you, person reading this reply?



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