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A well written rant, Mr. Hood, and as eminently readable as all your essays. However, by posting it here at Amren you are guaranteed to receive numerous irrational and unrelated responses. Engelman will post about his wonderful Asian friends and how they are even better at civilization building than Whites. Others will respond with stories about their IKAGO friends, their Vietnamese wives, their Polynesian brother-in-law, and how they all, too, deserve to live with White people because being near Whites is their inherent right and, by golly, they're 'nice' people. Besides, people here are extremely quick to proclaim they're not irrational haters - it's merely certain people's behavior they don't condone. Otherwise they'd be just happy as a clam with a Nigerian son-in-law, because if blacks were to behave like Whites in black skins they'd be hunky dory. And so on ad infinitum. Well, I'm perfectly fine with saying I want my grandchildren to look like their White ancestors. I want a White community with opportunities for White people to achieve their best. Regardless of behavior, I will never condone someone forking his White genetic line. I don't care how hot you think your Asian wife is, or how your sub-con neighbor is really into guns and the 2nd amendment. Go off on your own and don't darken my doorstep with your irrational, contradictory and ultimately self-defeating mishmash of beliefs. White people build the best societies for other White people to live in. No exceptions. Full stop.



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