soundlessdragon #homophobia

(On whether homosexuality is natural)

titankillinglongtermbootycall: Wishing pedophilia into the lgbt community is absolutely disgusting. Wishing pedophilia onto any child is horrifying and awful and most importantly, a GARBAGE representation of the Jesus you claim to serve. He hung out with tax collectors and whores, the people society said were sinning scum not worthy of breathing the same air. But instead He loved them, and treated them with the basic decency you are supposed to give human beings. You should try it sometime. Love wins.

Soundlessdragon: First off - wherrrrre did anyone wish pedophilia on anyone else?? If you really need to make up crap to support your argument, you’ve got no chance of success…
Secondly, say you consider humans animals. Alright. Say you use that to justify homosexuality, since it is a practice that has been observed in animals in the wild. Cool. So you also support humans who practice cannibalism, incest, filicide, etc? I mean animals do all that very frequently, and humans are animals, so it must be morally correct, right? It’s been given the stamp of approval by Mother Nature herself, just like homosexuality.



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