Students from University of Cape Town #fundie

[Apologies if the dialogue was not transcribed properly, as they often speak quickly. A few phrases had to be omitted.]

Speaker in Yellow Sweater: Science as a whole is a product of western modernity; the whole thing should be scratched off, especially in Africa. So if you want practical solutions to decolonize science, we must restart science from an African perspective, from our perspective. For instance there's a place, and they believe that through the magic, the black magic, that you are able to send lightning to strike someone. So, can you explain that scientifically, because it's something that happens....

Audience Member: It's not true.

At this point, many in the audience start laughing.

Speaker in Gray: Sorry. Sorry.

Order is restored, everyone quiets down.

Speaker in Gray: Sorry, I need to address you directly. When we started this, we agreed on certain house rules.

Audience Member: Sorry.

Speaker in Gray: While you are doing that, you are disrespecting the sacredness of this space. And so, I'd like to ask you to first, please apologize.....

Audience Member: Sorry.

Speaker in Gray: to the panel directly, and number two, understand the rules that we went by in this space, because this is not an antagonizing space, and what you're trying to do is collapse the space and make it antagonizing, which we will not allow. This is a progressive space for people to say their opinions.


Speaker in Yellow: See, that very response is the reason I am not in the science faculty, I took science throughout my high school years, and there's a lot of things that I just, um, yeah. But Western modernity is the direct antagonistic factor to decolonization, because Western knowledge is totalizing. They say that it was Newton and only Newton who knew or saw an apple and then out of nowhere decided that gravity existed and created an equation and that is it. And whether people knew Newton or not and whatever happens in Western Africa or Northern Africa, that thing is the only way to explain gravity is through Newton who sat under a tree and saw an apple fall. So Western modernity is the problem that decolonization directly deals with, to say that we are going to decolonize by saying that we are going to be having knowledge that is produced by us that speaks to us and that is able to accommodate knowledge from our perspective. So if you're saying that you disagree with her approach, it means that you are vested in the Western and Eurocentric way of understanding which means you yourself still need to go back, internally, decolonize your mind, and say how can I relook at what I've been studying all these years, because Western knowledge is very pervasive to say the least....... So, decolonizing the sciences would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it. Thank you.



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