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[JFL] This is the person calling you an Inkwellerino

image[Reddit user profile of “fREEEEcel”: “Late bloomer virgin til mid 20s- in relationship since. Thinks Pills are dumb.”]

Dude missed out on both highschool and college sex and now he has some sort of Messiah Complex and thinks he can save other inkwells from misogyny by leading them towards the path of betabuxxing second-hand grannies instead.

I'll never get tired of looking through Cucktear profiles just to see what kind of freaks I can find. There's trannies, there's whores in abusive relationships but this is one of the more interesting ones. Imagine a dude that was subhuman enough to almost become a wizard posting on REDDIT, thinking he's a part of the cool boys club now because he did something that most people do for the first time when they're 16.



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