Andrea Ostrov Letania #fundie

So, Trump has the guts to say ‘radical Muslims’.

Does he have the courage to say ‘Anglo-Zionist Supremacists’ and ‘Homo-Imperialists’ who destroyed Western borders & immigration policy, subverted Western values and spirituality(by making the worship of homos and trannies to be the new religion), and formulated the foreign policy of destroying secular-modern Arab states and creating a vacuum to be filled by ragtag Jihadis.

That would be real courage.

Homo Imperialists are the main allies of the Jews. Look at the Jewish War on Russia over issues of Gay Might.

Homos worked with Jews to smash Libya and Syria.

trump’s pandering to homos is sick, sick, sick.

Even stupid Sharia is better than Gayria.

And even if we end Muslim immigration, we have Mexican, African, and Asian immigration that are bigger and just as anti-white.

Also, even without a single Muslim in America, we have Jews, homos, and Negroes waging cultural terrorism on whites with gangster rap, homo propaganda, pornification of pop music and TV, and promotion of drugs.

And the worst Americans are black citizens who turned Detroit into something worse than a war zone without tanks and bombs.
Blacks have terrorism in their genes.



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