Bourbon #sexist

femoids have rights but apes don't? (femoids compared to apes, aka. why monkey primates are more intelligent)

why are these animals more intelligent than femoids?

1. they don't die like retards
2. no cultures like feminism
3. can use basic tools to survive eg. wooden sticks
4. self sustaining, doesn't need a mate to help

Femoids on the other hand

1. dying like idiots by attacking others
2. feminism
3. femoid would die if left alone in a forest because she won't get her highheels dirty
4. needs a male to function otherwise she dies

apes in places like tybet,nepal have literal gangs of thieves, aka a society that is self sustaining and thriving

femoids in the usa for example instead of working in any way strike for abortion rights and other irrelevant bullshit

So the question is. why do we give rights to something that is less intelligent than an ape?



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