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Common IT arguments addressed (#1)

"You blame women for your inability to get laid"

We blame our genetics and the objectively unattractive combination of physical features they encode for, as the reason we are sexually unattractive to females. In the eyes of all females, our physical form doesn't invoke a desire to procreate with. Out of the hundreds of females in our proximity post-puberty, not a single one addressed a desire to have sex with us. We are angry and sad that we must rely on transactions for the potential to experience a minimum amount of fake sexual intercourse with a female not attracted to us; many of us lack the means to pay for these transactions due to its extremely high cost and unreliability. It is perfectly rational to be frustrated over being permanently unable to satiate a biologically driven desire without relying on unconventional, expensive, and humiliating means that are inferior imitations and aberrations of actual sex.



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