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As The Phantom put it further below, a priest was stabbed in the middle of mass in the biggest Catholic church in his country, and there’s no news or reports of the perp. It’s like they’re suddenly cracking down on any mention of Muslim atrocity anywhere.

I’m not in the LEAST bit sympathetic to the Rohingya. Frankly, I’m of the opinion they pushed the Buddhists too far, and now the Buddhists are no longer willing to listen to reason and are hell bent on genocide.

And frankly, since that’s what the Muslims generally go for once they reach a certain percentage of population in a country as religiously mandated protocol I don’t feel that the response they’ve gotten is unjustified

I used to write about this regularly back in my Livejournal days (I’m sure Foxfier and Mary remember ’em… How often would I do a round-up? Almost daily?) and stopped because it got to a point where I felt that warning the West / Dar al-Harb again and again and again was pointless, and it’d simply going to be a matter of waiting until the scales were tipped and crashed on the ground. Because things like this ‘happened over there’, it was easy to dismiss that things like this even happened at all, there was a constant sense of ‘but our governments won’t let that happen; our police will protect us, our military will defend us…’

And we’re seeing exactly how ‘defended’ the people are in Germany, in Europe, in Canada. Short of One Nation suddenly getting more power than ever before, I doubt Australia will survive either, but likely will fracture into individual states.

So yeah, while the media may have gotten ‘what they wanted’ in the NZ shooter, and are happy to play the pawns to what he wanted, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t paying attention. And frankly, since the media/Left haven’t gotten more of what they wanted, they’re pushing a crackdown on civil rights for non-Leftists everywhere… like he wanted…

So I guess is, what do we do now? I’m of the opinion, frankly that there’ll be more of the same ‘massaging’ of content that we’ve seen in FB and Twitter and other net-hosting. There’ll be more muzzling of conservatives and alternatives to ‘approved’ media and discussion places.

I guess there’s always the Dark Web – for now- but that would require building a place for discussion there.

But what do I know? I’m just someone out the back of beyond, borderline conspiracy theorist, not liking what she’s seeing (things are escalating, every warning of ‘not safe not safe’ going off…)



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