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The whole rise of the modern “boyfriend and girlfriend” thing is not healthy for society. It allows women to engage in the practice of “serial monogamy,” which is their preferred method of realizing their hypergamous sexual strategy. It also prevents normal family life, because formal marriage implies a commitment to a shared household, unlike bf/gf-ism. Feminists want to prevent normal family life from being the norm in society, because they want women engage in careerism, which is also why Feminists advocate so strongly for prolonged ‘education’ for the females; what the Feminists seek is to destroy the family for the purpose of making society a more “comfortable place” for their mutant androgenized-dyke lifestyles. Therefore, Feminists are very fine indeed with the modern situation of widespread bf/gf-ism. These female mutants hate the formal institution of marriage for a reason.

(In a previous post I wrote that I don’t seek to de-humanize the Feminists, but you know what? I’m gonna de-humanize the shit out of them)

While there is no reason to be principally opposed to all bf/gf situations, and while bf/gf situations in some cases may lead to marriage, the truth of the matter is that a strong marriage culture is vastly superior to the current state of affairs. In a society where formal marriage is the norm, we know which woman belongs to which man, and so women can’t play their manipulative tricks on society – their power is diminished when sexual anarcho-tyranny of gynoicentrism is replaced with a pro-male sexual order. Formal sexual order in the form of marriage cuts through the bullshit of women, whereas the informal bf/gf-ism situation with which we are now dealing makes it all too easy for women to determine how the sexual landscape would look like; the results are not pretty, to say the least, with widespread involuntary celibacy, skyrocketing divorce rates when marriage does occur, and an overall feeling of sex-based antagonism between men and women – a “sex war” by any other name. I believe that to win the sex war, we men must institute a formal sexual order in lieu of the current sexual anarcho-tyranny, and that means that marriage — be it monogamous or polygamous — must become the norm.

I consider monogamy to be vastly superior to polygamy, because in a monogamy each man gets laid, while in a polygamy only some men get laid. And monogamy has to be Patriarchal, which means that — essentially — women must be made to serve men, the heads of the household; it is men who organize society itself, because we are capable of doing that while women aren’t, and we certainly should be the organizers of our own families. And additionally, marriage has to be young; I think that the average age of marriage should be 10, meaning that many marriages will occur at considerably younger ages than that. A society with young, Patriarchal, and monogamous marriage as the norm is infinitely superior to the current situation of old, non-Patriarchal, and “serially monogamous” (not actually monogamous) bf/gf-ism being the norm.

Women should by-and-large be married and thus propertized, and the minority of chronically un-married women should serve as concubines, harlots, and pornstars, contributing in this way their services to us. Of course, some wives may also do prostitution and porn, with permission from their husbands. That’s not really advisable, because cuckoldry is something that most of us are upset about, and so child prostitution and child porn — occurring in before marriage, which, again, will be at a young age — may become more prevalent. A 7-year-old un-married pornography slut may get some hot jizz on her face in front of the camera, then settle down at the age of 10 as a housewife, and from then onward only ride her husband’s cock. I support that.


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