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as for the rest, it is my personal view of the Desert Faith called Christianity, as for the term surrender monkey's, take a look around at the Christian Church, is there any strong pro-white Leadership from either Canterbury or Rome?? Obviously not, it has already been mentioned, Christianity is a Globalist Religion, much like Islam, where it seeks a Universal human brotherhood, therefore, the Tribe, or Nation or Ethnic Identity has to be subsumed or completely killed off to accumplish that Universal brotherhood of Man, and that is the crux of my ill feeling, or emotional argument with Christianity, if you think its aimed at you personally, you'd be mistaken, its aimed at the very idea of Universalism, which in itself is Globalism, both aim to kill off the very human idea of Tribe, Nation, Ethnic Identity and everything that is Natural in the Human animal, in short individualism, seperatism, deference, against Globalism/Universalism, which is same, indiferent, one Identity, One Tribe, Human Tribe, in short, the 'Brotherhood' of man syndrome!!

As for the English, converting for political reasons, then the Earl, Lord didn't convert for the good of the Tribe, but for his own personal reasons, If you are saying that Jesus is some sort of Worthy Lord to swear an Oath to, you'd be barking up the wrong tree, at the time, as now, the English were very Tribal, the Travaling Christians selling the word of the Desert God, did use emblishments, lies and other forms including adoption of Native Heathen Practices and Festivals such as Easter and so on to ease Conversion, by adding a made up Christian Spin to it..

I'm sorry if my view on the Christian Faith offends you, but I didn't begin this thread, I am simply posting my views on the Desert Faith, Jesus was not English or Germanic, he was a Jew, therefore why should a Tribe of Germanic Origins swear any Oath to a Forigner??

My Native Gods do not expect me to bend the knee or bow to them when making my offerings, or looking to them for wisdom, help, and encauragement, as the Christian God does..

If you are content to follow a Forigen Religion then that is your road, it is not mine, I have returned to my Native/Tribal Beliefs and ways, that is my road, and I am happy with that!!

BTW, Neopagenism, I, we are not Pagens, Pagen is something invented by Hippies, and Academics of the Classical World, I/we follow the Elder Ways which are Earthen/Harth = Heathen, we are apart of Nature, and the Natural Cicle of things, we are of Nature hence Heathen, not pagen!!



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