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And I sure as shit never heard of any sane person ever claim anything even remotely like "guys who don't feel entitled to women don't feel bad about not being in a relationship" which is fucking crazy.

Are you kidding? "Be happy with yourself." "You have to love yourself before someone can love you." "You have to be okay alone before you'll be okay with someone else." We're basically educated from birth that we're somehow broken if we're genuinely unhappy when we're not with someone. This has been extrapolated into the concept that if you're not okay with being alone, that it's because of mental deficiency, and in men whenever mental deficiency is mentioned, accusations of misogyny follow.

This is not made-up straw men. This is reality. Don't think so? Go to /r/relationships with a sockpuppet, make a post about how you've been repeatedly rejected, and how it makes you feel worthless as a person. Make sure to identify as a guy. Don't say they caused your pain, don't say you deserve them, nothing like that. Do talk about how your negative opinion of who she did choose causes you to doubt your self worth. Do talk about how much it hurts to try so hard to be a good person and be unappreciated. Watch those "entitlement" comments start rolling in.

Generally speaking, I cannot stand romanticism with people without "problems"I have tried to be with girls who were just too much psychological baggage for me, but those are extreme rare cases. In general, I tend to find someone's "problems" attractive qualities. Are they insecure about their appearance? Sexy. Do they feel a need to constantly remind me that they care about me, and be reminded back? Good, maybe I'll finally not feel apprehensive about expressing myself. Does the frustration of everyday life sometimes make her feel helpless? Great, maybe when I feel this way she won't treat me like I'm worthless. My problem is, I find all these qualities attractive which are considered "Mental Problems", and have aspects of my personality deemed to be problematic that I adore. It took me a long time to figure out that I love myself, for my own mental "problems", and don't want to "fix" them. But because of one-size-fits-all "wisdom", people like myself, who do not fit common mental ideals, are considered by many not only untouchable personally, but as someone who should not be engaging in romanticism at all and will warn their acquaintances against people like myself.



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