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[Experiment] Late teens or early 20's, which age group of foids mogs the others?

Which age group is better for foids?
Late teens (15 to 19) Votes: 28 90.3%
Early 20's (20 to 24) Votes: 3 9.7%
Total voters 31

I'd say late teens (15 to 19) is prime age. Ephebophilia ftw

Going solely on looks (not the ability to use fakeup like most ""glowups"" tend to be) late teens mog hard, I know some of my old classmates who i really wanted to smash before looking like rotten early 30s women right now at 20 due to all the drinking, shitty sleep and lack of care

The prime age is around 14-16 imo.

Kys if you didn’t vote for the first option

What was the percentage of men that were indeed hephebophilic? 95%? More? Agecucks are a sad accident.

From a Biologically POV, 15-19 foids would be tighter. Also they look better tbh.



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