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The foremost symptoms of the relationship crisis are these: a low marriage rate, people getting married later, a low birth rate, people questioning whether or not having children is even a good thing, an open hatred of women by men in male discourse, an open disdain of men by women in mainstream culture, and a culture where it is considered “realistic” to not believe in true love.

Traditionalism attempts to solve the problem in a very allopathic way, for lack of a better word, because it addresses the symptoms rather than truly understanding the root cause.
Human beings comprise both bestial and angelic qualities. This means we have bestial instincts, but we also have rationalism that permits us to make conscious decisions and understand the world through logic.

Being too aware of yourself, and in the wrong context, is called neuroticism. Neuroticism, insofar as it is a hyperawareness of the self, is a form of narcissism. This narcissism is at the core of all of the problems that inhere in the relationship crisis.
Young people are now confused about what sex they are because they’re spending time thinking about it at all. Have your ancestors expended any energy at all on such an absurd question as “am I really a girl?” Young men think far too much about how and where they should flirt with a girl, and this is why they solicit the help of “gurus” to help them. They spend their time trying to construct a feminine appearance through cosmetics and surgeries (not unlike trans “women”). They are effortlessly pretty and sweet and don’t have neurotic Type A plans about when they want to find their serious boyfriend, finish “building their career” and then get off birth control to have their first child. Even girls snapping out of the feminism bubble are still buying type A guides on “how to be more feminine,” completely missing the point that they need to think less not more.