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Christopher Columbus is a HERO!!!

People who hate him , are the typical dumb self-hating liberals . Without him the americas would have been barren lands inhabited by people using bronze age technology, look at the isolated tribes in brazil or peru who have no idea that europeans came , they still act like savages with arrow's in their hands and running naked and living in their huts .

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Columbus was a mass murdering tyrant

Ridiculous subject

Columbus was a man of the times. By today's standards he is everything you say. By the standards of the time he was just another explorer/conquistador.

His brutality has been greatly exaggerated by academics who must have as many evil white men to rage about as possible to assuage their liberal guilt. The very same people BTW who downplay the atrocities committed by such heroic (to liberals) figures like Stalin and Mao.

No one speaks about Alexander The Great like that. Imagine the number of people he killed. But alas, he was a man of the times as well.

Give it a break.