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Outer Secrets #crackpot #fundie #conspiracy outersecrets.com

Concerning this Web Site, the test is to see if you can read it all before you reach a conclusion, meaning, do you control your brain, or does Reality have complete control of you. This web site will also determine whether or not you are capable of seeing TRUTH, meaning, even though you claim not to, do you always judge a book by its cover, or are there at least brief moments when you give yourself permission to actually think, rather than just respond like a robot? By the way, "Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance." - Albert Einstein. A word has meaning, a sentence has a larger meaning, and a paragraph has an even larger meaning indeed, however, many a people believe that an entire web site can not have a greater meaning than that of any of its contents. They do not believe that it is necessary to view an entirety to be able to see an entirety. Thus they draw conclusions long before having seen its entirety. They therefore believe that the lessor is greater in scope than the greater. Thus in turn they have concluded that an entire web site is smaller in scale than merely a portion of it.

In short, they are claiming to be able to see the assembly of an entire jigsaw puzzle by simply looking at merely a few of the pieces of such a puzzle, and do so since to them these few pieces are larger in scale than the assembly of the entire jigsaw puzzle itself. This is why the bigger truth always sits far beyond the vision of such people.

BUT MOST OF ALL, this web site is written to save Millions of innocent lives now, and Billions of lives later, by clarifying the difference between fact and assumption, all done by making it clear to you that this reality came about by INTENTIONAL DESIGN, and that with this being the case, each and every thing you see around you, and each and every action you see occur around you, is part of that intentional design and intentional Plan. This therefore includes conformal behavior as a component of that design, conformal behavior which divides you from complete truth by imprisoning you within the walls of conformity. This web site clarifies exactly who it is who both destroys many innocent lives across this world, and then proceeds with the vicious murder of these victims. It reveals how reality is arranged such that the rest of mankind at the same time gives its complete but blind approval of such destruction. It also explains why it is that much of mankind proceeds to accidentally worship those who commit this murdering of the innocent.

In short, reality is designed to make much, out of very little. To do so, one starts with the big bang. Evolution then eventually produces mankind. Step two, is to go beyond normal evolution. If we just create man and then wait for man to evolve into something far greater, then it would require an extensive time period. Therefore a second big bang is required. The second big bang is focused at the center of truth. Destroy the center of truth by making it inaccessible. From here onwards, all remaining reality constantly expands and no longer has a central point holding it back by holding it together. Minds grow larger and larger and become much more complex. These minds, however, are absolutely horrible due to the fact that absolute truth has become inaccessible. These minds are composed of nothing but lies. Granted, once this is done, one can be very creative indeed. But unfortunately, the innocent and truthful amongst mankind, must therefore be left behind and buried with the truth, the truth that is never to be seen nor believed by those outside of it. Only the selected liars, the heartless, the self centered, and those who are willing to accept the imprisonment of the rest of mankind, will actually end up living for eternity.

Although, there can be an exception made to this rule. There are believers. Believers can not see the truth. Believers focus upon belief instead of focusing upon truth. And so by doing so they turn their backs towards the truth, meaning also that they will turn their backs towards the rest of mankind. In the end, the evil, the selfish, and the believers will survive. Much of the religious folk believe that all mankind were born as sinners. Because of this, those who are pure and truthful are therefore not believed by the religious folk, since many of these religious folk in particular believe that there are no pure and truthful people anywhere on this world to be speaking of any pure truths. To many of the religious folk, there was only one being who could and had spoken pure truth. All who are connected to truth, will therefore be imprisoned and rejected by believers.

To keep the plan on the go, the sane, those connected to truths, must be set up to appear to be the insane. The innocent must be set up to appear to be the guilty. With truth having been kept out of reach, this becomes an easy task. This is discussed thoroughly below. Anyone who attempts to expose the truth at this time, is also set up to appear to be anything from being an Anti-Christ figure to some, to an insane mentally limited person to the remainder. The job of ensuring onward success on the path of eternal lies, is then set towards a guaranteed success.

And of course not to forget about the picture projected into the minds of people across the globe, of Jesus extending his arms outward to protect and save ALL mankind, while in fact the plan of those from above who have forsaken Jesus Christ, is to save just a few. The one who truly does want to save ALL mankind, naturally is the one who is set up to be perceived as an Evil figure. This is the result of the "Great Accuser" at work, accusing the most innocent as being the most guilty. As I have said, those who know of the truth are to be perceived as being insane, and so the one who wishes to expose the truth is also set up to appear to be insane to the non-religious. This is the entire purpose of " Insanity " being included as a component of this reality that you know of.

That which mankind calls the " Evil ", will win to a certain degree, and do so because mankind can not break free from their programmed view of reality. Even the slightest suggestion of something that goes against general belief, will immediately be rejected. Fascinating predictable behaviour, isn't it ! But at least I can die knowing that I am off the hook. I can't be blamed. I actually have done everything that can be done to save the innocent ! If no one listens, then no one listens ! But at least those of you out there who are being destroyed, can now understand that you are being destroyed because you are an intelligent caring person who walks the path of truth rather than the path of belief. The ignorant believers will ignore the truth, and as the result of this, you, the innocent, will be condemned. I'm sorry, but I did do all that could be done to try and prevent it, but all attempts failed, since no one would listen. But on the other hand, on the grand scope of things, the truth has been successfully held onto by two powerful figures. This leads to a reality of a closed structure in which truth eventually comes full circle. Thus all the agony that those who rejected the truth thus allowed to occur to others, will eventually come full circle and hit them with full force. Meaning, those who reject the truth will learn of it in the most painful manner of which reality permits.

To understand it ALL, all you need is Prime Intellect, Non-Conformist reasoning, and the Capacity for Lateral Thinking.

In general, you focus upon one topic at a time. Lateral thinking, on the other hand, leads to viewing all topics at the same time and seeing how they are all connected as a larger ONE. This web site therefore covers many topics, but these topics are not focused upon individually, and therefore are not clearly indexed, but are simply meant to be the components that are to be completely assembled within your mind in the long run. The following topics are discussed. The Relativistic and Holistic Mechanics of reality, Mind Control, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Delusions, Hallucinations, Religion, Heaven - Hell, Miracles, Bible Codes, and the War between Power and Equality.

How and Why they are all connected is what is to be seriously noted.

This Web Site is also written in simple and plain English for all to understand. This site is not meant for mere browsers. Despite its simplicity, it still requires a significant study period. It is meant for those who are interested in a complete understanding of reality and also have an interest in what has kept such knowledge from being within reach for so long.

So grab a coffee, and read on.