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[On comparing flight 93 to the Florida ValueJet crash]

dennis_in_nh, don't waste our time with this type of horse nonsense.
You can't even compare this with the so called flight 93 site.

I swear! There’re more stupid Americans then any other Country. Not even! Any common sense, none what so ever.

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Today one must confront the obvious fact that a cadre operating within the United States Government executed the attacks of September 11th. The media cannot blind everyone, nor can the socio-political “experts” completely saturate the collective consciousness with their armchair speculations. Crossing the Rubicon identified key suspects; Loose Change has examined the physical aspects of the collapse. It is up to each individual to discern the ulterior motives behind terrorism. I think that the pathology of the elites manifests itself in a ritualistic fashion, and the attacks have been planned to coincide with an occult belief system based on numbers.

What cannot be disputed is the fact that the attacks are part of a continuing chain of serial mass murders. Much like individual serial killers whose motives are consumed and driven by delusions and other forms of psychological dementia, the faction responsible for terrorism is similarly motivated. Practicing in an esoteric belief system based on occult numerology, they have hidden this numerology in the dates of the attacks. They have formed a sequence that ends on 12/21/12, an extremely important date within their beliefs. The rituals captured on film at Bohemian Grove are only the peripheral activites of this occult society.

The CIA/MI6 attacks we have seen are precursors to the release of a biological agent sometime during the year 2012 in accordance with a depopulation scheme. Depopulation has been widely accepted in elite circles as the only pragmatic solution to the human “problem”. The pathogen will likely be released on 6/6 2012, (12/12) around the time of the summer Olympics of that year.

In the following equation pairs of like numbers are strong and permanent, and therefore do not change when added together. The dates are listed sequentially, in the order they actually occurred.

9/11 (New York)
3/11+ (Madrid)

10/12+ (Bali)

Key points: 1.) 7/7 was executed one day after London won the 2012 Olympic games.

In occult circles 7/7 is a powerful number pair. It was used to “mark” London in preparation for 2012.

2.) 3/11 was executed 911 days after 9/11.

Today the outbreak of killer flu is advertised as inevitable. What is not mentioned is the fact that for over 50 years Western governments have developed animal viruses at biological weapons facilities such as Plum Island (read Lab 257) and other military installations. In 2002 the DHS took responsibility for the administration of these locations. When there is an outbreak it will be planned, but in accordance with what?

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oooh i understand :$

well why do u think ?? i think cuz all the major organizations like the FBI,CIA,FAA,MI5,NSA,NASA etc. are in control of the guys who did this ....

i know there's a scret organization running EVERYTHING... and bush just a puppet and if bush would do things that they didnt like they'd just eliminate him like they did with kenedy and 2pac or clinton... why do u think the guy who killed 2pac or kenedy was never found.. i mean YOU CAN FIND SOMEONE UNDER GROUND IN IRAK but u cant find the murderor who shot the greatest rapper ever.. in LAS VEGAS?!!! or the guy sho shot my fav president all these stories reeeaaalllyy stink!

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It's not a personal thing so don't mind us. But there are many here, like myself who have 'seen it all'. And we also know who to trust and who not to. So when you show links from the New York Times - the same people that are hiding the truth about 911, JFK, RFK, MLK and Iran/Contra - and so many other government sponsored crimes, we roll our eyes in bewilderment.

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Well what exactly do you want me to elaborate? Ive noticed too many people in the so called truth movement blame bush and the neocons for everything, even if their pizza is delivered late. They are nothing in the grand scheme of things, just public hate figures, but very few people question who leads the leaders. As for 9/11, my belief is that all major intelligence agencies colluded to bring about a fascist NWO by speeding up with the 9/11 black op. You think the US is the only country secretly run by hidden forces with hidden agendas? The agents and disinfo artists are designed to bring hate and blame against one group of people, eg. Muslims, Jews, Bush, Neocons....Its all about psychological operations and how they divide the truth movement into bite sized groups so they are easier to dismantle. As for the masons, they are heavily connected to the CIA and MI5 and other major intelligence agencies, you only need to look at their symbolism in their logo's to see the relation. They are just one arm of the NWO but as for the masons directly planning 9/11, why bother? They have their military slaves to do it for them. The current leaders are more scared of the people in the dark who give them their orders then they are of the public. Like I said in another post, the Republicans and Democrats are the same type of people, the Republicans want to build enough hate against Bush then in 2008 they will elect the Democrats who will carry out the same NWO agenda but with a sweeter taste, lets say Hilary 'the evil bitch' Clinton is looking like she will take it, its just fascism with a friendly female touch.

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"I've been discussing and explaining all this manipulation and the agenda to many people where I live and surprisingly, many of them actually listen and agree and seems to be awaken to the situation, yet I keep getting the same reaction "don't think about this stuff so much" and they continue down the road to enslavement.

"Yes I agree we have been decieved on an unimaginable scale, yes it is wrong, yes this is important to know... But whatever, I can't be bothered thinking about this stuff. Bye."

Anyone else experienced this? What do you make of this?"

[If this guy was my neighbor, I'd probably just smile and nod, too. I wouldn't want to get on his enemies list.]

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Have you found your plane yet?.....I did not think so

No luggage...no engines...no wings....no fusalodge....no cockpit....no bodies....no tail...no black boxes.......Where is all that stuff hell it only weighted 100 Tons..

These "terrorist" can barely blow up aroad side bomb ...let alone pull this "JOB" off...as far as you Artist renderings of the pentagon....looks like some of Colon Powels stuff...Remember the WMD Moblie"BIO" Trucks he showed us all at the UN.....looks like the same SH*T.

A 757 plane flys at 500mph at tree top level...weight 100 Tons...crashes into the side of the pentagon..flown by a wannabee pilots..fits through a mouse hole with no plane parts left out side...travels through three buildings and six walls and there is nothing left of the 757...Oh there was an Engine part at the site...but the 757 engine makers say that is none of there's...not sure what the F*CK it is..everybody on board is ID...there is no hanger filled with all the parts...even when they crash in the bottom of the Ocean....there are parts....OH and there is more three or four differant camers caught the crash on film...but that is a secret..TOP SECRET HANDS OFF B*TCH THAT IS OUR LIE!!

Man I have heard of door-to-door selling candy....or a used car sales man...but this guy is good at the sales pitch........A CLOSER HE IS NOT.

Did bush do it YES or No...it's OK still free speech do not be affraid...Hey Moto that is one Hard Sell....there is no plane there...

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Friend, I commend your idealism. But look here....

It is widely known and accepted now that Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor so as to shock the Americans into a war they didn't want to participate in before. Where is the outrage these days? No where. Americans don't even know about it, or they don't even care. Some even rationalize it by saying, "Well it was a war that we STILL should have been involved in regardless, so it doesn't matter if FDR knew! Hitler had to be stopped!" I bet some here on this site feel the same way.

Imagine 50 years from now, when the US is still battling the War on Terror and after countless of Americans have been killed by muslim extremists. Suppose the truth for 9/11 comes out then. Do you think Americans will care about the truth of 9/11 after all the bombings by muslim terrorists? Maybe even a nuclear or biological attack? They will probably rationalize it by saying, "Well 9/11 was neccessary to stir the nation into action because these muslim extremists are CRAZY, EVIL LUNATICS that need to be destroyed! It was the only way to get this country off it's ass!"

What about the truth of the JFK assasination? It's been 40 years, yet the battle for the truth of what happened to the man is still being fought. Despite all the independent research, nothing has become of it. Nobody has been charged for treason. Nobody ever will.

This is just how the masses are. You guys are noble in your search for the truth, but it isn't going to make much of a dent.

As I've said before, the only way true, meaningful change to occur is if the US economy collapses. We will all suffer horribly, many of us will starve, lose their homes, etc. but it is the only way this country will get pissed off enough.

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[re: The possibility that Oprah might do a 9/11 conspiracy show]

So... I would urge all of you to as calmly and non creepily as possible simply toss the idea her way. It's all about numbers. Just so you know, each e-mail or letter to ANY TV show is counted as some colossal multiple. I don't recall the actual number but it's something like 100,000. That's how Nielsen ratings are done as well. So, no need to butter her ass with talk of her being the second coming. Just a concise and well written note is all it takes.

The chances of it working are slim, but I would say that that's really our only hope.

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some speculate that it was jesuits behind the protocols. that it is the jesuit general (black pope) who have, through the centuries, been the head of the one world government. that they have written the protocals but made it look like the jews wrote the protocol. their motive for the destruction of the twin towers is that america would go to war in the middle east and things would be thrown in chaos and like the domino effect america would have to go into afghanastin, iraq, iran, syria, and hopefully a ww 111 would begin. why? so that the third temple would be buildt. either because of a peace settlement or that the dome of the rock would be bombed or both. the jesuits want the third temple buildt- solomon's temple and have a Pope or black Pope of their choosing (anti christ) rule from that location.

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Many people question the Pentagon eyewitnesses yet only a few question the photographic evidence from the 2nd tower 'plane strike'. I find this highly illogical.

The perps had to had spent MILLIONS on planting demo charges in 2 towers and WTC7, rigging explosives/plane/missle/whatever for the pentagon, shipped the steel from the towers to China, fake Osama and Zarqawi videos and on and on.....

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[About the airliners used on 9/11]

It's little more than a foil-wrapped kite without a string, that meeting an immovable object would crumple as an accordian , as would a car hitting a large tree.--not FLOAT thru walls like a DOOM video game...

Not only that, but it would change speed substantially, not break the laws of Physics by maintaining the same speed as before impact!

I should have seen it the first time, why didn't any of us catch it right away? Frankly, I think we all should have caught it from the beginning.

I mean, it's not like it's hidden or anything--it is JUST IMPOSSIBLE-I think I must have fallen in love with the pod or something, or more likely it's possible that we were all under some sort of mind control ---we were "told" what we were seeing--so our brains made corrections, ALLOWANCES--maybe we are far more suggestible than we are aware of.

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My wife gives me "the look" once in a while.. But admits that it isn't that she doesn't believe me.. She doesn't WANT to believe me.. So what she doesn't see won't hurt her.. I tell her she's wrong.. But hey.. whatever.. When we're both in line together waiting at the gates of the concentration camp for me being part of this forum, I'll have the satisfaction of giving her a little friendly nudge and saying told ya so...

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I usually get mixed reactions. Normally, offline, people are complete idiots who don't even bother to listen to the facts.

Like when I was at my friend's Grandpa's house during Mid-Winter Break

Arcterus: *explains most of the points commonly brought up with 9/11 conspiracy theories* So anyway, that's why I think it was a conspiracy.
Mr.Wheeler: That's outlandish?
Arcterus: Huh?
Mr.Wheeler: It's more than outlandish, it's hilarious.
Arcterus: Great, then you can counter all the points I just brought up!
Mr.Wheeler: .........It's just crazy.
Arcterus: Well I guess that just settles the whole thing doesn't it? If you're going to deny my beliefs, at least provide evidence.

NOTE:His real name is not Mr.Wheeler. I have no idea what his last name is, so I called him that.

But even on the internet, I'll meet the occasional dumbass.

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Now before you censor me, hear me out. And no, I'm not anti-Jew or anti any religon for that matter, hell, just look at insane Christian Bush who is ruining this country.

Everytime I research 911 I keep coming up with Jews in key positions involving 911. We all know the Jews have a vested interest in the War on Terror for obvious reasons, and 911 was the reason we went to war in the first place.

We also know that 90% of PNAC are Jews like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, William Kristol and good old Mr. Chertoff of Homeland Security is a dual citizen Jew. Then we got Silverstein the lease holder, he a Jew and Bush too?

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God did not make it logical that there is no God, how can that be?
Ever thought of how information, brain ideas and knowledge came to be?
Everything on earth points to divine creation. And tell me, why would God say in his own bible that he created earth, and then make it logical that there is no God?
Not possible.

e-dog #fundie s15.invisionfree.com

u know what? GOD had to do something with the all 9/11 stuff.. there were just SO much "miracles" happening that day... vanishing planes, never found bodies, more ten 10 ppl calling from 30.000 feet with a successrate of 0,006%
200 gram bandana fresh from the store found at the crashtite while a 100.000.000 gram plane vanished (guess god forgot to miracilously vanish that one), pentagon lawn untouched y the 100 ton plane that crashed into it (guess god tought the lawn was too beutifull, so he restored it)
just thinking about al those "miracles" gives me a warm feeling inside

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We've already lost one city: New Orleans. And I think one of the reasons we lost that city is because those who really pull the strings wanted to see precisely what would happen when a sizeable urban population found themselves under extreme conditions of duress for a period of time. In other words, they recognized that the aftermath of Katrina was an opportunity to conduct a psychological test of an entire subject population.

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[Why Bill Maher will never support the 9/11 Truth Movement]
Bill Maher is jewish. I am not anti-semitic at all, as I have many friends that are jewish, arab, etc. His being jewish will show some biases, and after all, the majority of the media and entertainment have prominent jewish people. Also, another note to its semitic origin is that in 'arabic, maher means marriage dowry.

Therefore...how can he not support the official version of the story.

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[about the role of Zionists in the 9/11 attacks]

Personally, I don't have a problem the Judicial.biz site. There is some stories that are speculative and could use additional sources for confirmation but most of their articles are to shed shed light on stories we should know much more about.

For example, if the Columbine kid shooters were Muslim do you think the current press which is Zionist controlled hesitate to exploit it to the fullest? Do you think it not interesting and important to learn that Kleibold and Harris were in fact Jewish? Do you think that the American population would view our middle-east policies differently if they knew the truth of the Columbine shootings, the owner of WTC7 and the WTC complex and who stole over 1.5 trillion dollars from the Pentgaon?

Now, does this mean that Zionist extremists were alone in these incidents and 911? No. But unless we know the COMPLETE truth, how can we possibly deal with what we do not understand?

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[on photos of FBI agents combing for evidence]

After seeing the pentagon research site, i noticed it spoke of a C130 possibly dropping planted debris-- ala Northwoods fake debris release scenario.


longshot theory: the FBI agents combing the area FAR from the pentagon were 'collecting' any faked, dropped, plane parts that might have been damning -- if someone else found them -- photographed them -- or maybe covering evidence regarding light-pole shenanigans.

it appears that the consistent job performed by the FBI was to suppress evidence - so this would be in keeping.

I welcome any other theories to explain what FBI agents were doing out there with paper bags.

bingo #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

In reviewing eyewitness accounts of what occurred in New York on 9/11, I realized how many accounts were influenced or 'contaminated' by media coverage. Subsequently I discovered that a set of Port Authority police transcripts had recently been released to the New York Times.

These transcripts can be found at:

What better eyewitnesses are there than TRAINED POLICE OFFICERS MAKING REAL-TIME OBSERVATIONS AND REPORTS IN THE FIELD? After all, these kind of witnesses are ordinarily considered to be the most credible in ordinary court cases.

At the website there is a section called '9/11 Transcripts' which contain 50 transcripts (1,594 pages) from the Port Authority police. I methodically combed through all these transcripts, ignoring opinions from desk sergeants and all influences from media reports.

The following facts emerged:

1. No credible observations of airplanes in the air are contained in these transcripts.
2. No credible observations of engine noise are found.
3. No reports of separate impact sounds are found.
4. One secondhand report of plane debris was found.
5. No reports of plane holes are found.
6. All observations and reports of plane crashes into either tower, are contradicted by other observations and reports of missiles or other objects impacting the towers, or simply explosions.

A reasonable and disinterested reader of these transcripts, using only the reports listed in the transcripts, would come to the following conclusions:

1. An explosion occurred in Tower One which ignited jet fuel planted in the building.
2. Tower One was then struck by a missile fired from the roof of the Woolworth Building.
3. Multiple explosives were then detonated in Tower One, including at the B-4 level and near the PATH platform.
4. Tower Two was then struck by a missile fired from the roof of the Woolworth Building.
5. Multiple explosives were then detonated in Tower Two.

Any questions?

Didga1133 #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

It is now interesting to note that the WTC complex stored $160 billion of gold and precious metals. Thats a lot of metal, dump trucks worth of gold. In fact a dump truck full of gold was found by the teams at ground zero. Where on earth did this truck come from? Did someone in all the confusion decide to grab a dump truck and somehow manage to fill it with gold before driving off (to under building 5). Out of the $160 billion of gold and precious metals stored only $430 was recovered. I would speculate that tunnel access was organised for the CD team and dump trucks full of explosives were driven in underground over the weekend. Then after the first tower was hit and certain explosions were set off in the basement these very same dump trucks rolled in via the tunnel access to fill up with gold and drive off under building five to who knows? One dump truck was slow or got held up on the way out and the guys driving it bailed out, upwards away from the huge underground charges timed to blow when the south tower collapsed. Sounds like the plot of a James Bond film but the evidence supports it.

BigAl #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

Do you guys think a deranged fan shot former Beatles singer John Lennon?

I don't think so.

Call me crazy and paranoid (Like most of us lol) but I think either an undercover agent or a person that was pro-war killed him.

He was strongly against war, and his lyrics and songs moved America and the entire world in a way never before, and the government was terrified of this.

So, could it have been a undercover agent?

I think so.

moya fia #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

just spread the word...i say this alot in here because i know not everyone sees it, so i'll say it again because its a good idea..


its their weapon against us, so might as well use their own weapon against them

bingo #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

[on the 100+ eyewitnesses of the Pentagon crash]

Many or most of the "eyewitnesses" were employed by the media or military. The photographic evidence proves there was no plane.

The idea that a plane crashed into the Pentagon is as absurd as the idea that the two towers collapsed due to plane crashes.

JFK #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

[On 9/11 destruction of WTC]

There was not 1 reason for this, but many.
Starting with the most simple motives - the asbsetos, the insurance, the lack of tennants ( income ), the aging and corrosion problems ( aluminum clad steel ).
To the political - the taliban walking out on the talks on the oil pipeline thru Afghanistan, Sadam talking about converting his economy to the Euro, etc.
To the unimaginable - do a google search on the " Georgia Guidestones " and you will soon realize what I mean. Keep in mind the current global population is ~6.5 Billion. Then think about the timeline of the erection of this monument and the "discovery" of many of our modern "diseases".

Other reasons would be the silencing of certain individuals who "knew too much".
Do some research on the backgrounds of the victims.

TheQuest #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

Why do you continue to say 'blue screeners' = 'no planners'? Have you considered that maybe a plane did hit but you haven't seen the REAL plane because fake evidence has put forth by our cia infested media. Or have you considered that a plane flew by the towers but did not strike them as IOK suggested and once again video/photographic trickery was put forth to make it look like a plane hit the tower?

In my estimation, none of these theories should be ridiculed given the available evidence.

Ike Ono Klast #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

Only south tower "impact" footage taken from the west, that I know of, is a low-res clip supposedly taken by a Japanese tourist. Typically, it is posted with a comment like "Is this a UFO taking off to the left, in the middle of the clip?" - to which the obvious response is "no, it's just a bird" - but NO ONE EVER ASKS "is the impact real?" "could this clip have been altered to erase the plane that really flew off to the left?" "Where is the 'third plane' that can be seen in a CameraPlanet clip, emerging on a north course from behind the north tower?" "are the perps providing clips with SOME reality and SOME fakery, and setting up 'straw man' debates to obscure the REAL 9/11 hoax?"...you know, stuff like that!

cam #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

Why can the public not all we get is someone tell us what is on the flight record? Is there a web site that as this tape. I would like to hear it myself, why is that only plople in the courtroom. No one know who is on the jury. The only preson the media the I have see looks like his readed a script. No one as said nothing about the crash site why is they no plane what so ever there.

LondonEye #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

[On debris blowing in front of WTC 2]
My guess is that the target is being "painted with a laser".

This technology is common with the precision smart bombs used over the last decade.

I have seen this many times and each time I watch it, can find no other explanation.

I do not believe it is faked.

Airbis #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com


Well I feel the two planes that hit the world trade center did not contain any passengers; they were remote;

as far as 93, which landed in Cleveland. They interrogated the people, recording 10 minutes of voice, got their information.

made the fake calls, and plated the fake black box...

then executed them; If you noticed they were the only people who got a "hero" story; they were "heroes" who took down the terrorist.

I think that hero story was made up to honor their names; after being executed.

and the families received money as well.

TheQuest #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

Now, take control of the video progress button and make the plane go in and out of the tower slowly several times and then quickly, all the while paying attention to the relative distance between the main wingtips and the tail wingtips. You'll notice that the distance between the 2 sets of wingtips never changes as the plane enters the tower even thought the wingroots which hold the wings in place have long since been destroyed in the tower. This is an absolute impossibility. This 'collision' or entry into the tower looks totally photoshopped.

FinalStrike #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

ok if possible can we get a list of people who knew before or on the day this was an inside job or it was let happen..

the jews in the WTC

and mciheal c ruppert CIA whistle blower- he held the truth and lies of 9/11 conference 2 months after 9/11- he didnt even need physical evidence and provides the lead up events and the warning before it happend- all properly sourced. an independant investigation as presented as if it were brought before the supreme court of justice.[...]

jdolam #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

[On the 4 hijacked flights, 9/11]

more obfuscation and let;s roll! mythology.

so much smoke.
Real phone calls? maybe, some....

real flight 93? a plane, indeed, seemd to have fallen out of sky in pennsylvania -- or at least plane PARTS fell out of sky -- but at indian lake, not shanksville crater.

I do particularly like the idea of one 'real' hijacking perpetrated in order to 'sell' an america-fights-back story..... and as far as phone calls go, you have to break them down one by one for analysis. do not simply say 'either they were all faked, or all true' --- too simplistic.

Given that there were terror drill war games happening on 9/11, it is entirely possible that part of those flight 93 phone calls, and plane movements, were part of a simple drill and script. from WHERE calls were made unclear. Where 93, or it's double, went also unclear.

Look up the great stuff at team8plus on flight 93 -- I have not seen better!

Sanders #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

[On the theory that one or more of the 9/11 airliners had an underbelly missile "pod."]

I started to take this theory seiously when it became clear to me that they wouldv'e needed a sure fire way to ignite all that jet fuel - ( there was a myth-busters episode on Discovery once where they tried to blow up a tank of gas by shooting at it, and couldn't do it, not even with phosporous tipped tracer-bullets. They decided that the myth that you can blow up a fleeing car by shooting at the gas tank is bunk.)

A "pod" was probably overkill (you don't need a cruise missile to light a cigarette) , but I'm beginning to believe it. They wanted to make sure all that fuel got lit before it spilled all over the place and evaporated.

BoneZ #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

That is unequivocally the sun shining on the chopper like i've stated every other time. If you can't see that that is the sun, then you should really get your eyes checked or get a different monitor. Chopper 4 is ABOVE the towers and the sun is shining directly on that side of the chopper.

To say that those sunlight reflections are weapons, static electricity, laser beams is like saying that the WTC buildings weren't controlled demolitioned when we know for an absolute certainty that they were.

Disinfo agents try to spread incredible theories like flashing wings, green screens, sunlight flashes being static or laser beams. Just the exact stuff to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement.

jackchit #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

my wife has insisted that i see a shrink since i have been posting in this forum... i resisted until now. today was my first session and i think i have fooked the shrink up..i gave him a copy of [Loose Change 2nd Edition] and disscussed issues it raises. at the end he couldn't say i was insane.. so next week when he has watched the dvd i think i will be able to send him round the twist.. ha ha ha

cheansaw #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

[Re the FSTDT Conspiracy Project]

This is uh...interesting to say this least. Wish they would have quoted me once but they just took anything that could be taken out of context.

cheers to this

people will do anything to think we are whack jobs. Too bad most of them are gonna really hate themselves one day.

Bulldog #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

Some people (like me) are shocked, stunned, angry, and resentful... Totally stunned that ANY government could stage such an event [9/11] - and get away with it!

Others...... just couldn't give a sh!t. And, by saying 'others,' in my view, that means about 70% of those people to whom I try to convert.

I'm not particularly religous, but I think I now understand how those evangalests out there feel!

FinalStrike #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

i support a global powerdown,

people would just move out into the country- continue to consume current crop production turn over- and maybe an amature ration system run by government remnants,

move back to agri labour- rebuild trade slowly and reclaim the cities after.

build a new government from the ashes built on founding farthers principals wholeheartedly.

we have enough accumulated resources to set something up- we dont need more crap to make its way into america to pull it off- its not about pulling it off, but using the media to mobilise or rally- like the land army- if you want food- return to the soil, and then make a new trade system- a powered down trade system that ifs not for the soul purpose of inflation.

everyone can have their own self sustainable permaculture set-up using existing materials from gigantic american houses, and make smaller livable premises.

all extra investment or labour can put put into developing fuel cells and solar manufactoring.

if iran can build their own airforce, on f16 replicas then i'm sure producing panals for electricity aint that hard.

compost waste, or use for nutes

suburbia can grow plants in their gardens to last them for years for their whole family.

establish local trading.

then regional- abolish national trading. keep it stable and local.

and have a state wide transit system, medicare and professionals can come from europe if oil trading switches to euros to exclude american dollar-

the japs rebuilt in 30 years- america with a new humble beginning will be strong- poeple pulling together,

japan has the world best fuel efficiency- they will provide expertise and products for redevelopment. remember they will be immune to a dollar crash through energy self sustainability.

ke Ono Klast #conspiracy s15.invisionfree.com

The most accurate characterization of my position is "the plane missed the south tower". I have offered evidence to support it. Is there "evidence" to the contrary? Yes. Could it be bogus? Yes. With total control of the MSM, wouldn't it be cheaper and more reliable to create the fiction that the plane hit the south tower, rather than risk flying a 767-type drone into NYC? I believe so.

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[If there were no passengers on the 4 9/11 flights...]

Hypothetically, it is not unreasonable to ASSUME that these people were actually involved in the events of that day and they were either silenced, or , my pet THEORY, taken to an underground city/lab. ( Too many valuable credentials combined to be coincidence )
Do some research on Denver international airport and you will get my drift.
( the most popular of many )

BTW, are you aware of the report of flight 93 landing in Cleveland that morning ?

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heres a good campaign- convert ten of your immediate naibours to the truth and get all ten to put placards outside thier house-

people will question it- want answers and accountability- they learn the truth- their kids spread it to other families-- their parents get angry- come over and see the placards- want accountability of unpatriotic stance- get converted, 30 houses gain lots of attention from other 30 houses- a street screening is held- whole street is converted- all have placards- repeat process.

street by street- community by community- the objectors will be crushed by popular public opinion and crate a polarisation of rediculousness and provide the platform to full informatioon awareness.

get %50 of america and automatically the rest follow. and impeach the entire corporatocracy and move to new constitution with extra amendments to ensure this can never happen again with full guidelenes to ensure that forieign buisness gives a fair deal to poor countries and start financial help programs and kick start an energy efficiency program in america and include in the constitution stark environmental properties to ensure our kids have a future world to live in-

get %50 of a state with placards local news will take explicit notice

they dont deserve it- especially having ignorant ass parents and forefathers

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I'm of the opinion that it's possible that both a small plane AND a missile hit the building, not just one or the other. Think of the planes that hit the twin towers, and the flashes that occured before they hit. A missile or some sort of incendiary device/weapon was launched/detonated beforehand--before the plane hit.

I think it's entirely possible that the same tactic was used here. Missile hits building, small plane hits shortly after. The "missile" could have opened a hole into the building so that the "plane" or whatever could enter without leaving much wreckage on the outside. This would explain why the video shows no plane (perhaps it came after those five frames?) and would also explain the cordite smell.

It would also explain any objects hit along the path. In my mind, a missile would have a hard time maneuvering on its own to hit the Pentagon at the angle it hit. It would have to be guided somehow, and specifically, it would have to be carried by something to achieve the reported trajectory.

This also validates eye-witness reports that a plane--not a lone missile--hit the building.

While it's still doubtful that a 757 could have possibly crashed into the building, a smaller plane with a "pod" attached, or perhaps some sort of military plane still could have. The ideas that a small plane or a missile hit are not mutually exclusive. I think they're simultaneously possible, and judging by what we've seen of the other attacks, probable. Let me know what you think.

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[On 9/11 flight 93]

Is it even physically possible that a plane travelling hundreds of mph will hit sand and "tunnel right in" without leaving any debris above ground? If a plane crashes on the soft beach sand, does it "tunnel in", or does it break into pieces?

I think that can ruled out.

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The fact that the FBI seized all recovered aircaft debris of the planes said to have been hijacked on 9/11 and all ivestigative powers from the National Transportion Saftey Board (who normally utilize a process of serial number identification to formally identify crahsed aircraft) strongly suggests that a cover-up aimed at concealing the real identities of the planes said to be hijacked on 9/11 is underway.

Why the seizure of this debris?

Why the continued avoidance of a process that would genuinely identify this debris - a process that has been standard operating procedure for years?

Whats the matter U.S. government?

Are you afraid that an identification process would reveal that the planes were remote controlled drones?

After all, the people you identified as hijackers couldn't fly airplanes - period.

One 9/11 cover-up after another:

Cover-up of the energy policy meeting content 2 days after Bush took office that many say covered an invasion of Iraq and seizure of it's oil fields

Attempts to cover-up the NY Times oral histories that revealed eyewitness testimony of bombs in the buildings.

Cover-up of 9/11 Pentagon video's.

And on and on and on ...

Attention U.S. Government:

Why The Secrecy?

What Are You Afraid Of?

What Do You Have To Hide?

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I don't know if you have heard or not, but universal studios are releasing a movie "dedicated" to the passenger of flight 93. And how they "Overthrew the hijackers and managed to save hundreds of people by crash landing".


Watching the trailer try and make all this sound serious and truthfull is pathetic, and is probably encouraged by the government :/

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hi i remember reading an article awhile ago about the reoccuring number "11" surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Numerology is highly valued in Freemasonry which President Bush admitted he was a member of. Many presidents in the past were also firm believers in Numerology. Do you think this is the reason, or is it all just one big coincidence? I got this list from http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/wtc/index02.htm

WTC Facts:

* The date of the attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11.

* Each building had *11*0 stories.

* After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.

* September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11.

* 119 is the area code for Iraq/Iran. 1 + 1 + 9 = 11, 911 - 119 are opposites - enemies?
11 11 polarity.

* Twin Towers - standing side by side, looks like the number 11.

* The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11.

* State of New York - The 11th State added to the Union.

* "New York City" has 11 letters.

* "Afghanistan" - 11 letters.

* "The Pentagon" - 11 letters.

* "Ramzi Yousef" - 11 letters (convicted of orchestrating the attack on the WTC in 1993).

* Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11.

* Flight 11 had 11 crew members onboard.

* Flight 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11.

I also remember reading somewhere that there was 911 days between the 9/11 attacks and the Madrid bombings, not sure if thats true or not.

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