FinalStrike #conspiracy

heres a good campaign- convert ten of your immediate naibours to the truth and get all ten to put placards outside thier house-

people will question it- want answers and accountability- they learn the truth- their kids spread it to other families-- their parents get angry- come over and see the placards- want accountability of unpatriotic stance- get converted, 30 houses gain lots of attention from other 30 houses- a street screening is held- whole street is converted- all have placards- repeat process.

street by street- community by community- the objectors will be crushed by popular public opinion and crate a polarisation of rediculousness and provide the platform to full informatioon awareness.

get %50 of america and automatically the rest follow. and impeach the entire corporatocracy and move to new constitution with extra amendments to ensure this can never happen again with full guidelenes to ensure that forieign buisness gives a fair deal to poor countries and start financial help programs and kick start an energy efficiency program in america and include in the constitution stark environmental properties to ensure our kids have a future world to live in-

get %50 of a state with placards local news will take explicit notice

they dont deserve it- especially having ignorant ass parents and forefathers



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