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Liberation of Earth, Worlds, and Planets - What does the Taygetan/Swaruu Team have to say?
Swaruu X (Athena): This is not incorrect. It's distorted, and it's not new. That alliance they are talking about is, at least to what concerns us, decades old, and is what we as a group have been telling you about, as in the reason why there are so many starseeds on Earth nowadays. Knowing that most incarnate there using Immersion Pod technology, but not only, as many Step-Downs and Walk-ins and Source-born souls incarnate there with the agenda of awakening humanity and "liberating" it from oppression. But it's not as in direct intervention. As we've been saying for some time now, starseeds are the cavalry. It is still done from within.
Gosia: Yes. Understood. Another thing. The Cabal is still in Mars and Venus... and the beliefs circulate out there that those have been liberated.

Swaruu X (Athena): There is nothing to liberate there. Mars is divided into 3 sectors: human-reptilian SSP/Mantis/Maitré. You'd say, Maitré is regressive. Yes they are, but they have a treaty with Mantis and with Reptilians so legally they cannot be booted from there. So that is a big legal problem.

Gosia: Why can´t they be booted legally?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because it goes against Federation Space Law.

In the end it doesn't really matter if the Solar System is liberated or not, because on the ground level on Earth nothing in favor of humanity is seen. Again, we say the same thing, we need to see results, not empty promises. And empty promises they are! And one of my largest objections to all what they say is that it is perfectly coordinated with what QAnon and all those say. Empty promises and empty words. But, even QAnon caused good things, as many people, especially in the US, awoke to the fact that their government is a farse! White hats are basically QAnon. White hats are Illuminati balancing Karma, as seen in the game of chess and in the checkers and in so many other places.