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Give me a link to a post that literally says "lesbians HAVE to have sex with trans women" nothing implied. Literally stated that lesbians must have sex with trans women.

this really is idiotic. saying that bigotry isn’t real unless it’s stated in a very specific way is absurd. it’s like saying it’s not homophobia unless you say “gay men MUST date women”, or it’s not racism unless you say “black people are now ALLOWED to be black”.

Insisting that lesbians “date” trans women is no more acceptable than demanding that they have sex with them. a lesbian forced into marriage with a man is not somehow spared sex with him. Even if someone claims that lesbians don’t have to have sex with trans women, just date them, they are already making it extremely clear that they want lesbians to engage in romantic and physical intimacy with a person they are not attracted to. and these same people repeatedly ask lesbians to “critically examine” why they don’t like penises in a community where believing in innate homosexuality is not an option. you can see examples of this all over our blog. this is manipulation. it is outright homophobia and attempted conversion therapy.

Denying that this is hate speech against lesbians is, to me, literally like saying “god hates fags” isn’t homophobic because nobody directly mentioned gay men. we know exactly who these people are talking about – women who aren’t into dicks, who aren’t attracted to males, and who consequently would not date trans women, and who have also been known for hundreds of years as homosexuals or lesbians. these are threats. lesbian women who will not date or sleep with trans women are branded “terfs”, and consequently, become the subject of all of the above threats.