BasedRedPillZeus #sexist

No amount of proselytizing or social conditioning will erase what God and evolution hard-coded into our collective biopsychological desires and behaviors

Women don’t want a man who will “do everything she says.” Why would that indicate anything more than insecurity and lack of confidence? Women want to be told “NO” and constantly test a man’s resolve to say this to her (a.k.a. shit testing) in order to affirm that she’s made the right choice (even in marriage) of a guy who will put his sexual impulses (knowing full well how powerful it is with men) on hold to stick to his own self interests, beliefs and ambitions. What this does is covertly communicates to the woman that his goals and determination Trump her one real power over him - her sexuality. THAT is the man who is the prize, the ‘great catch’, the make to be competed for with other women.



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