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This is Media Matters quoting from Prager’s video
By the way, if you talk about Islamic slavery – which was considerably more barbaric – and, believe me, there was barbarity in our slavery. But most slaves could actually have children, for example. And on more than a few occasions, they were separated from their parents. Horrible, truly horrible. But the Black slave population increased tremendously because they could have families in so many cases. Under Islam, that was not possible, the men were castrated. And they weren't castrated with an anesthetic, shall we say. The agony is indescribable, and so many of them died just because of the barbarity of being castrated.

The left hates America because they have nothing going on in their lives that gives them meaning. The inferior always hates the superior. The left is morally inferior to the United States and its founders and the Judeo-Christian system. The inferior morally hate the morally superior. The left has always been morally inferior from Lenin to today.

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"In places like Washington D.C.," fetuses are "burned to power the light's of the city's homes and streets," claimed Catherine Glenn Foster, who had, just minutes before, sworn not to lie under oath. The GOP-summoned witness let loose the wild and utterly false accusation that municipal electrical companies are powered by incinerated fetuses.