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here's more proof:

Do girls like virgin men? What Are Your Thoughts On Virginity?

look at these videos. in the first video, some blonde foid says "ewww no i can't think of anything worse". so you can't think of domestic abusers, date rapists, cheaters, verbally abusive guys, etc? fuck you!

and in the second video, some blonde stacy says "if you're 20 and still a virgin there's something wrong with you". hey Regina George, stfu. you fucking cunt. and then some black haired tan skin foid (who also admitted to being a junior high teacher JFL) says "no i won't date a virgin if a guy is 27 (presumably her age) and a virgin i won't date him". well guess what? i bet you like taking the virginity of your students you fucking retard. fuck you!

In many threads on forums, while some women were willing to date virgins, there were also some who didn't want to. On r/AskWomen, in some threads, when asked what age being a virgin becomes a red flag, many women would say 22 or 23, some would say 24 or 25 or older 20s. Many people will wonder why you're still a virgin. They'll assume you're either super religious or that you're weird or awkward or there's a reason women didn't want you, and thus they should avoid you. There's threads online where men and women who are still virgins spoke about being rejected when their partner found out they're a virgin. Some of these virgins were as young as 19 or 20 years old. So even on forums, many women said they won't date virgins (although some said they will). I've even seen guys in their 20s say that women dumped them for being a virgin.



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