The Distributist et al #dunning-kruger

The Distributist: “Force is more effective than voting” - FOR THE LEFT

None of my right wing friends should be under any illusion that they can get away with any amount of force or violence.

Settler's Lament: Force is effective when you have allies on the establishment who will protect or promote you.

Scholar-At-Arms: Force will only work for the Right if things come to an out-and-out civil war.

Davis M.J. Aurini: But if it gets to the point, you've got to ask yourself why the Cathedral sent a general to lead us.

Doc Yellow Pill: Antifa is the adjunct of the Cathedral.

Davis M.J. Aurini: Caveat: explicit, 'chimpout' violence only serves the left. My own people are famous worldwide for our far-right, religiously inspired shadow states.

Southern Daily News: Physical force absolutely not, however don't be afraid to be stern with your beliefs. To stand firm in the face of the anti-white narrative.

Iron (Ken): Voting is just the sanctification of force/initiating force by proxy. The Marxist left can't achieve their goals via legitimized force so they have specialized in alternatives out of necessity. The Right is generally intrinsically opposed to that mode of action.



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