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A South Dakota Teacher Told Students He Wanted to “Rescue” Them From Being Trans

High school students in South Dakota were stunned earlier this week when a teacher handed out letters to transgender students misgendering them and saying they needed to be “rescued” from transitioning.

On Monday, at least four students at Watertown High School, most of them transmasculine, said that they were given a letter by the school’s German teacher, Calvin Hillesland, as the Watertown Public Opinion first reported. A copy of the letter was posted to Twitter the next day by Lee Bruns, a local writer…

“When you asked me to call your friends by masculine names and I started trying to do that, I was wrong. It was a lie,” Hillesland wrote, comparing his failure to “rescue” the students from being trans to a failure to save them from a burning home or rattlesnake bite.

“[F]eelings are like a mirage,” he continued. “You don’t dare trust in them to guide you. They’re not an accurate reflection of reality.” What is real, Hillesland contended, is that the transmasculine students are “female — feminine. That’s the bilogical [sic] truth.”

The letter also references an enclosed piece of candy — “a symbol of the sweetness I hope and pray you’ll discover” — and an unnamed DVD that Hillesland claimed would explain “the spiritual as well as the scientific facts.”…

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Excerpt from the article:

"Hi, this evening your Asian anchor mentioned something about being Asian, and Asian people eat dumplings on New Year's Day. And I kind of take offense to that because what if one of your white anchors said, 'Well White people eat this on New Year's Day'. I don't think it was very appropriate that she said that, and she was being very Asian. I don't know. She can keep her Korean to herself," the caller said on the voice message.
"Alright, sorry. It was annoying. Because, if a White person would say that, they would get fired (chuckles). So, say something about what White people eat. Alright, thank you," the caller added.

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Who are we?

The Birds Aren't Real movement has been active since 1976. Once a preventative cause, our initial goal was to stop the genocide of real birds. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful, and the government has since replaced every living bird with robotic replicas. Now our movement's prerogative is to make everyone aware of this fact…

(This is followed by a bunch of videos)

We are the voice brave enough to cry out. We are the storm thundering across the horizon. We are the candle in the dark room. We are the only hope this country has left.

For years, your rights have been violated. We care about that. We care that the government watches you drive to work, eat, and sleep. They see everything from above, without an ounce of consent from their own citizens.

The government should not exist as a separate entity from the citizens- that is what a democracy is all about. We need to take this country back. You don't have to be a brainwashed sheep. Through the simple act of understanding that Bird-Drone surveillance is happening on a mass level, we slowly become human again.

In our movement, there are beacons of light who run their own state-categorized chapters. They have taken the responsibility of assurance the continuation of activism in their communities. We call them "The Bird Brigade"…

list of names

As a decentralized movement, there are many different community staples who mean a great deal to us. One of whom is an activist named Kendrick Smith- who created & popularized the movement mantra "The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie".

Kendrick, in addition to being a Bird Truther, is a talented filmmaker & storyteller. His work can be found at @KillMyDogProd on Twitter! His Twitter and TikTok are @KendoMakesFilms. We formally thank Kendrick for his phenomenal contribution to the movement.

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Panel 1: two white duck-people, one wearing light blue and one wearing purple, look at the Mona Lisa.

Panel 2: purple-wearing duck-person turns to the other duck-person and says, “but did the artist have the right opinions?”

Panel 3: just a shot of the Mona Lisa

Panel 4: Mona Lisa being carried out by a duck-person in a janitorial outfit in a wheeled trash can.


Alt-text: “There’s a reason you don’t see right-wing art, and it isn’t because right-wingers aren’t making art.”

Speaking of cancelling art, it would seem the wild success of the Flurks NFT has caused quite a stir. So much in fact, the art was de-listed on NFT markets OpenSea and Rarible without explanation.

Thankfully the story has gotten picked up by news outlets. In fact, if you or someone you know would like to publish this story, hit me up.

Alternatively, if you or someone you know works at OpenSea/Rarible, let’s talk. I’ve been trying to for a week.

@Bitcoin News (@BTCTN)

The artist behind Stonetoss Comics, a series of political cartoons, has been censored by two very prominent #NFT marketplaces — Opensea and Rarible. https://t.co/yBvDNZGNT2

Stonetoss #racist #wingnut stonetoss.com

First Panel:

Brown duck-person in sombrero looks over shoulder and says, “What’s wrong? Don’t like Mexican people?”

Second Panel:

White duck-person in border patrol outfit stares and says nothing.

Third Panel:

Brown duck-person in sombrero stares and says nothing.

Fourth Panel:

White duck-person in border patrol outfit says, “You didn’t.”


Lauren Boebert, US Representative for CO District 3 #fundie #wingnut #racist twitter.com

(Submitter’s note: this is in response to an article with the headline: “California to spend $28M to help arriving asylum-seekers”)

If blue states would stop wasting taxpayer dollars providing lavish lifestyles to illegal aliens, they wouldn’t need bailouts from the federal government.

No more money should go to states who spend our hard-earned cash on non-citizens.