SubhumanAbomination #racist

Serious Do Asians suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and slave mentality?

Asians are dogs to the White master while hatimg other races. The irony in this, is that Whites tormented them the most out of all other races. In fact, the others races never had any conflict with Asia that i can think of. But Whites, on the other hand, colonized them for decades; killing and raping them while stealing their resources. I mean they literally nuked them less than a century ago lmao, but they still think that Whites like or care about them and other races are dangerous and bad :feelshaha:

"White master race" is altright cope when you are are ugly incel and no one wants you. Incels have to stick together regardless of race unless you are a fakecel. You are oversimplifying everything and mocking ricecels as usual. Japan give the same poltards all the anime and severe yellow fever on the same coin and these poltards simp for twitch noodlewhores and onlyfans kek

I'm not saying Whites are masterrace, i'm saying that Asians lick the average White's shoes just for existing.

Historically whites got cucked by gooks. This is simply the white race seeking revenge.

Never happened, why are you trying to justify colonization for the White race by saying gooks started it? Who gives a fuck about gooks anyway? I'm happy that Whites tormented those stockholm syndrome rats



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