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[Blackpill] By 18, its kinda obvious to see if you have any future or not. Brutal youthpill

A lot of people try and cope by saying when I was 17/18, I sucked ass at everything but thats ok, a man can change. Sorry but for most people you're fucked.

Wanna take the career path?

Then at 18, it determines what uni, what major, what connections, what first jobs etc you get. That pretty much determines if you have a good career or not.

Another thing to consider if 18 is your prime age pretty much. For most people you have been given all the time in the world to study. If you can't do well when there aren't many restrictions then how are you going to be any better when you have more responsibilities to deal with later in life? How are you gonna beat the others who already proven they were better than you when everyone were under the same rules in high school?

I couldn't beat my mates from high school in career progression coz they don't stay static. They also improve just like me. But they improve more because they are simply better just like they were back in high school. This isn't some fucking video game where only you level up. Other people level up too and they probably level up even faster than you.

In Sports, you already see people getting recruited into the pro leagues at a very young age. If again you can't show yourself to be the best in your age prime, then when are you going to?

In music, acting etc, how often do you see old farts over 30? By then they already proven themselves in their 20s.

No wonder anime always focused on Teens before they turn 18. Once its after 18, they know their destiny is set and they have no future.

Exceptions don't mean anything. Maybe you can be Steve Jobs who wasn't exceptional and became a Billionaire. But even he founded Apple in his early 20s....



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