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Upon the conclusion of the second world war, all Eurocentric civilizations made a silent agreement: white Europeans will cease their attempts at manifesting their destiny so that all other cultures can be equivalent to them and live together next to each other, in equal opportunity. Whites decided to lay down their arms and to not oppose this new world order led by America so long as this silent social contract was upkept.

And just in the past decade alone all of that was torn apart in the most passive-aggressive anti-white manner conceivable. By le nazi boogeyman who wants to install a fascist government? No. By marxist jews, anti-white jews, neocon jews and all the mystery meat around them.

In such a turn of events, the role of the white European is to no longer simp for this social contract that does not exist. It's to aggressively seize his own possessions, that being the civilization that he is inheriting, before the aggressor in front of him does. And that aggressor has already parasitized every institution in every European nation and is fighting an information warfare with billions in annual funding extending to actual kindergartens.


and of course here's the anti-white kikes understanding the entirety of this post and distorting it to fit their hostile views

This idiotic CNN take is that we whites never signed up for equality, but "pay back time shitlord" unfair equity. That's the distortion that they want to push now. The progenitor of the modern world, the nuremberg trials and muh holocaust, was not done to settle equality. It was to make whitey pay. This is the corruption that they're now trying to push.

And you come here and ask us, "but how come you abandoned this social contract anons? what happened why are you all nazis now???". The answer is simple. I no longer give a fuck about the rights of minorities and fag talk about egalitarianism. Why? Because the other side doesn't either.



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