Scott Lively #dunning-kruger #transphobia

The court’s normalization of transgender insanity was a foregone conclusion because 1) the global elites have long “owned” the swing voter on the Supreme Court (Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy and now Roberts) and 2) the “sexual revolution,” of which the LGBT agenda is the point of the spear, is the elites’ primary weapon to dismantle the natural-family-based societal foundation which has always been the Achilles Heel of Marxist totalitarian systems. (History shows that if you leave the family fabric of society intact, the people will always eventually overthrow you, so eliminating the natural family is the real key to ultimate Marxist victory.)

Those shocked by the reframing of an obvious behavioral disorder into a fundamental constitutional right deserving of legal protections SUPERIOR to those actually enumerated in the First Amendment just haven’t been paying attention. We lost this battle a long time ago, and SCOTUS is simply aligning itself with the culture that is already imposing LGBT dogma upon us.



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