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RE: Poor Whites Don’t Benefit From a ‘Support Industry’

(John Daniels)

Jared Taylor and his co-host marvel at a British government commission’s conclusion that poor non-whites are lathered with care while poor whites are told they have “white privilege.”

Have you looked at the critical race theory pyramid showing what there teaching children now color blindness as well as every other opinion radical or moderate is listed as covert white supremacy on the pyramid? Lol Hey GOP!!! You can’t bury your head in the sand anymore and mumble this isn’t what MLK wanted or I many have black Friends anymore!!!

The rac**t or being a White supremacist is a fluid subjective term it has multiple meanings contradictory and opposed to one another it’s impossible not to be one.

We need to say, "You are either pro white or anti white. There's no in between." The problem is so many of these white conservatives still buy into the 'colorblind' notion and 'I'm not taking sides!' and "don't engage in identity politics!" (while they get excited pointing out every nonwhite who is not 100% liberal) What I say to them is this "I do not think every black is a criminal nor do I think every white is an angel, but you need to look at demographics. Politically, nonwhites overwhelmingly vote Democrat and support big government. Overwhelmingly, you are safer being in a majority white setting than a majority nonwhite setting. You are safer being gay or being a minority, be it a racial or religious one, around whites than any other group of people."



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