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( @UniversalDelirium )
They omit race when White people are murdered and victimized by non-whites because they want everyone to see race except for you, White folks.

( @Halp )
@UniversalDelirium I wouldn’t expect anything less from Fox Jews

( @Tetragrammatron )
@UniversalDelirium More journalists need their throats slit in my opinion.

( @Adrianthehistorian )
@UniversalDelirium In the Service of Israel, Jews gathered all those Groups in America that Hated/Envied the White Man and called it the Civil Rights Movement. $$$$$ had less to do with it than HATRED as this aspect of Humanity is a Much More Powerful Driving Force!

The Civil Rights Movement was Not about giving ‘Freedoms’ to a ‘Minority’ group (14%, Blacks).
It was all about the ‘Majority’ (78%, AKA: The Civil Rights Coalition), which was made up of Women, Blacks, Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, etc. destroying the Freedoms and Political/Economic Powers of a minority group, (22%, AKA: Straight, White, Male, Protestants).
Freedoms and Political/Economic Powers that got in the Majorities way of gaining vast Wealth, Special Powers and Special Privileges for themselves.
Draconian Powers that had never before been seen on American soil.
Example: …. “Equality?”
White People Never had the government-backed 'Right'
to Force a business to Hire him.
To Force a business to Serve him.
To Force a homeowner to sell him their Home.
To Force a college to accept them!
But ALL other people and races have this Special Power.
This 5,000 black race riot imposed, ''Black Supremacy'! Black Aristocracy!

( @Carbon_Organism )

Do you what to know what the sickest part of this story is?
The boys "Dad" is concerned for the souls of the feral back sub-humans that did this.

""I hope there’s a way they can find forgiveness in their heart and find a way to be able to come to terms with what they’ve done".

The weakness and sick minds of so many atomised and deracinated White people is putting us all of us at risk.

These types of Whites are helping destroy our Race and Nations.



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