Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Americans are forced to choose between paying for rent, food, or gas while Congress is focused on giving infinite blank checks to Ukraine whenever Zelensky asks.

This madness must end.

Who's really in charge of our country?

@DrPaulGosar jews, both Ukranian jews and US jews.

@Commiesaresatan @DrPaulGosar so basically jews

@DrPaulGosar Hey Paul. What's Zelensky's ethnicity?

@DrPaulGosar >Who's really in charge of our country?
The same shylocks that are in charge of the countries that use to be England and France. Hope this helps.

P.S. Try to poke the king of what use to be England on the chest and see what happens to you.

@DrPaulGosar Obama tells Biden what to do. Soros tells Obama what to do. The Rothschild family and the WEF tell Soros what to do.

@DrPaulGosar Your masters, the filthy jews.

@DrPaulGosar A) Khazarian Jews

@DrPaulGosar ....Who's really in charge?? You mean you really don't know???.....👇

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The January 6th Committee voting to subpoena President Trump was an unacceptable redline until now.

When we take back the House, expect us to follow the new rules.

@DrPaulGosar Dear Dr. Gosar,
They will steal this election too. There was no prosecution or overturned result of the last election. Their fraud machine is even better organized now. They will steal it in plain daylight knowing full well that ALL the GOP can do is write 'strongly worded letters' with which the Democrats can wipe their backsides. I hope you guys have a plan... If they steal it, and they will, I don't want to hear more baloney moving of goalposts to vote in the 2024 corrupt election.

@thedarthvader @DrPaulGosar If it's blatantly stolen again, there will be an actual insurrection; the ones that have guns.

@PassDaSoup @DrPaulGosar
We will see. TBH I thought the red line was when they molested our kids with their transsexuals... but we did nothing... so I'm not holding my breath.

@DrPaulGosar Politicians are even quieter...🤔

spoilerHear that??
That's the defending sound
of silence from the MSM
as they completely ignore
the confession from Pfizer
that they NEVER TESTED
the VAXXX for Transmissability

@DrPaulGosar Abolish the FBI

@DrPaulGosar J6th committee? That's still a thing? Thought those losers folded when it was shown they were full of shit

@DrPaulGosar you won’t take back shit. And if you do, all the Globalist JEW hack RINO’s will do absolutely NOTHING.

@DrPaulGosar there are no rules for the democrats stop following them when you go after them. go harder they are trying to destroy us don’t play paddy cakes when its your turn at bat.

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China currently has in excess of 1.4 BILLION people.

They could sacrifice 200 million of their best looking women, sending them to the US to steal White men from White women, and they'd still have over 1.2 BILLION Chinese citizens left in the homeland.

There are only about 750 MILLION White people worldwide, and China is currently wiping out White people in every White country in the world through this very process.

@Nature_and_Race Look at the smile at the end. This is an ugly whore who spends two hours daily to look like a 5.

My wife wakes up after a restless sleep looking like an 8.

Good luck, rice taco.

@Nature_and_Race Whites are dying. Don't race mix.

“I will pass on this hair, this eyes….”

Yeah Bitch just wait until they mass import niggers into China & other Asian countries ❤️

@MageofSolitude @Nature_and_Race
Totally same here! I love Japanese but I think the rest Asians are basically worthless.

@LupinIV @Nature_and_Race agreed. the only thing I like the Chinese for is the north east Americanized Chinese food, however, we can get the recipes and keep them open after deportations. the japanese have such a beautiful culture and country (they seem the closest to us but we should still be allies in seperate countries). They also sided with hitler so...

@Nature_and_Race well, looks like it's butthole only for Asian women. glad to know this, thanks for sharing.

@Scott786 Sodomites like you are never welcome among Whites.

@Nature_and_Race only low value men find Asian women attractive.

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Most Whites are perfectly willing to use violence to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.

The problem, however, is that the anti-White system won't let them.

The anti-White system has made it illegal for White people to do what is necessary to make society safe and peaceful. And that is the real problem - the powers-that-be, not White people.

Yes. Many Arab countries, alongside China have blacks living in them. But blacks never behave as violently there as they do in White countries. That's because the Arabs and Chinese are very harsh in their punishment towards blacks. Obviously though, deporting all Blacks back to Africa would be the best solution.

@Nature_and_Race -- I agree. White people who lived in the past prove this to be correct. White societies will never be free again until The Judeo, anti-White system is completely destroyed by White people.

@Nature_and_Race Until we make the police afraid to stop us. The persecution will continue.

@Ovenkeeper2025 @Nature_and_Race jury nullification, whites need to understand it and use it

@Nature_and_Race That's the only way it can even appear to function. Separate and unequal. We're in charge, you're along for the ride to enjoy the fruits of what we do. You're welcome. Mind your p's and q's, or you will feel the pain.

Then at some point the question is, why are they here in the first place? They bring nothing to the table and just amount to a population you have to constantly keep your eye on. We're better off by ourselves, not babysitting every other humanoid just so they can suckle the teat.

@Nature_and_Race they threw the White guy in jail for burning a cross in his own fucking yard to deal w nigger neighbors. much less, violence. fucking anti White system.

@Nature_and_Race The problem is the Matrix is still intact.

Intact but cracks are starting to appear.

If this winter is as bad as its currently being predicted, and people can't afford food or fuel.

Watch how quick that domestic White man turns into a beast.

@Nature_and_Race Niggers are well behaved when they have something to fear. They only understand violence.

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It's a turning point when you realize that most of your favorite, childhood music artists & actors were leftists & fags.


Or just straight up jews.

@FreakSpeely @ElfReich most hollywood actors are crypto Jews.

@ElfReich the jews have ruined Nashville too.

@RememberSamDavis @ElfReich no mass media is immune, Dolly Parton was denigrating White people on her social media account during the height of the BLM riots, Charlie Daniels went to Israel and did the herky-jerky in front of the wailing wall, etc, they are all sell outs.

@ElfReich Indeed. Or worse than that. Jews! Oh my!
Ha Ha, makes me feel bad for KISS fans. A little.

Or that the good time rock-n-roll music that you thought was rather simple is actually all a tool of Satan. Watch the 2004 version of "They Sold Their Souls For Rock-N-Roll".

@ElfReich All of it is degenerate, corrupt and rooted and a product of sodom and gommorah. We can simply erase all western culture since 1945 for sure, probably even all the way back to 1910.

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We defeated them once, we will do it again.

@CNofUSA Throughout my schooling, my history teachers never taught the true story about pre-colonial America... romanticizing the Natives. But the truth is, the natives were brutal; and the Christian Spaniards were simply doing what our patriarchs in the Old Testament have historically done to protect the faith.

@mrsnyamajor @CNofUSA whatever, sheboon

@Wendigo2007 @mrsnyamajor @CNofUSA You can be racist and also agree when a black says something correct lol

@mrsnyamajor @CNofUSA You are correct. The Natives weren't Dances with Wolves. People have enjoyed pretending they were completely abused. Columbus ordered the Natives to stop cannibalizing their enemies. They captured some of his men and roasted them alive. The whole night the party was forced to listen to the taunting of the Natives and the toucher of their companions. It didn't end well for the Natives.

@CNofUSA dont foeget the hundreds of millions of human sacrifices in wars for the jews


@CNofUSA Better not stop the blacks from doing it, or we'll be overrun with them. And sleep easy, they're not human anyways

@becky21k @CNofUSA your not human.

@Dawnfreedom @CNofUSA *you're

Niggers will kill you for saying "nigger" and think it justified. That's not human.


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I never thought Sandy Hook was a hoax until they started fining people a billion dollars for saying Sandy Hook was a hoax. So now I feel comfortable saying, without any lingering doubts, that the Sandy Hook school shootings was a government created, funded, and directed hoax designed to scare and shame Americans into handing their guns over


This is why they're going hard on Jones. Not because he's wrong about Sandy Hook, but because he's right.

@MrJoePrich For starters, the SandyHook school had already been closed for 4 years because of asbestos and the children attended a different elementary school in the area. Aerial shots of the day showed them shuffling lines of kids in one door and immediately out another door. It was a planned crisis event, photo evidence of the sign-up area for ‘actors’ as well as several crisis actors documented from other planned crisis events. Yes, laughing and joking around, not just by ‘parents’ but by participants in the crowd. I say this because SandyHook was my wake-up call. And I scoured the internet for all info on it... at the time, quite a bit available. Most notably in my mind are the photographs of the abandoned school site and news article published about the asbestos, years before the crisis event occurred. So so so all dem peeple lied? The ones interviewed were paid. The rest had to have signed non-disclosure agreements for some form of compensation, yes I believe that could easily happen, maybe throw a threat behind it. And of course our very favortie: cgi. I went into my personal investgation of that event, expecting to uncover a bunch of whack-a-do conspiracy theorists and came out of it thinking holy crap, please don’t tell me there is more of this going on in our country.
Surprise. Suprise.

@MrJoePrich my Father told me he saw the parents laughing and talking with the news crew, right before they went on camera to weep about their loss. Fishy.

@MrJoePrich I suspect that this is all a charade and that Alex Jones will not pay a penny. He's very likely in on the hoax. But I'm a cynic at heart when it comes to politics. I'm always suspicious of the kike mainstream narrative.

Apolitical #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut gab.com

Why you have to believe in the holocaust:

If you don’t believe in the holocaust, you can’t argue Hitler was the most evil human to ever exist.

If Hitler isn’t the most evil human ever, there is no reason not to look into fascism and National Socialism as plausible ideologies.

If you look into fascism and National Socialism as plausible ideologies, you might find they had similar complaints to yours today.

If you find similarities between their complaints and yours, you might find similarities in who is causing the problems.

Which is why you have to believe in the holocaust as the underpinning of morality for our entire society

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

The fact that the State did not pursue Federal hate-crimes charges tells you everything you need to know about the "justice system".

White people don't matter to our courts.

If you're White, and a black subhuman savage slaughters you and/or your children, the court will not acknowledge that there was a racial dynamic to the crime.

Waukesha Christmas parade anti-White mass murder trial

LIVE --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ehby11IuE

@Nature_and_Race The justice system is Jewish


We absolutely have to form up groups who are willing to mete out real justice to these animals.

FINE gab... in minecraft, ffs.

"Real justice" isn't fed poasty.
"We should form up groups to hang these niggers from trees by the neck until dead" would be fed poasty

See? marked difference in the examples.

@Nature_and_Race The "justice" system is riddled with antiwhitism and only serves the antiwhite agenda. We need a total purge of basically every major institution... it's riddled with vermin.

@Nature_and_Race If Federal hate-crime charges weren't filed in such a clear cut case, no amount of Whites being slaughtered will cause the Feds to care.

@Nature_and_Race Wow, this is insane. If a White person so much as says the "wrong" thing to a non-White, federal charges will be filed at lightning speed.

@StarHorizon In order to find a pretext to try the McMichaels case as a hate crime, they subpoenaed ALL of their communications for all time and fished through it until they found a text from A DECADE AGO in which one of them remarked that blacks bring crime to a neighborhood.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com


spoilerYou can't impeach Biden & Kamala, because
they weren't duly elected. You can however
charge them with treason & sentence them
to death.

Then DO IT!

@MichaelArchangel The 2020 Election was RIGGED.

@MichaelArchangel exactly! Why give them credibility by utilizing the official & legitimate procedural process of impeachment as the method of removing illegitimate occupiers from the White House.

Herein lies the problem though, and more than likely the cause for the GOP's urgency to silence any and all talk of a stolen election, as the chances are very high that the GOP also has illegitimate members still holding office as we speak. If not current posers, they definitely have posers who benefitted from the same type of theft & "scam running" from the not so distant past.

@MichaelArchangel I'll go for that!

@MichaelArchangel I’m cool with that

@MichaelArchangel That sounds nice.


I like it !

@MichaelArchangel I like the sound of that.

@MichaelArchangel the only justice. they're not in there legally they were installed so there's no need to wait for them to cheat again & win which they will , they decided that the first time they got away with it. get them out now. we have the right to overthrow a corrupt government

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Under the Biden admin, the cartels are in control of our southern border.

The highest amount of human & drug trafficking in US history is being allowed by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkis and many people are dying every day.

We will impeach Mayorkis.

@repmtg Mayorkis believes in a 27' tall concrete wall patrolled by armed guards for his country but not for the United States.

@Zander9899 @repmtg OUTLAW dual citizenship for ANY government positions!!! Whether it is political, post office or even a janitor! Dual citizenship equals dual alliance! It is a conflict of interest!!!!!!!

@Zander9899 @repmtg Name the jew Blame the jew Expose the jew Expel the jew

@repmtg bahaha you fuckers don't do shit. You talk talk talk that's fucking it. Fuck every one of you scumbags. You pretend to be a republican , then get elected, then the fuckery begins.

@repmtg and you do nothing but virtue signal. You are a rino and have done absolutely nothing but help the Biden administration make this country worse. You will be exposed and tried for treason. War is coming.

Love you MTG! But you have to get out of this "impeachment" thing. There needs to be substantial prison time. Just ask any J6 rioter who got suckered in on the fedsurection!

@repmtg do better

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
And she's not the only one!
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar


@DrPaulGosar she's in the WEF sir, respectfully.


@DrPaulGosar Fuck her!... She helped put them in power... What the fuck is wrong people... You're all so desperate to have Liberal validate you pathetic stance, you'll hold them up as some kind of savior to the party.

@DrPaulGosar if you watched her speak about it, it is completely robotic and scripted. You are being played by the Globosatanists. The most vile, corrupt and evil Democrats are masquerading as Republicans. Crenshaw, Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Cheney and the other fake Reublicans are just Globosatanist boot lickers.

@DrPaulGosar good, now make her sign a loyalty statement in writing, on paper, she’s a democratic ploy. A Trojan horse.

@DrPaulGosar She proved who she backs by voting with all of the policies that have got us where we are today, the only change is she no longer has the backing to stay in office so she is abandoning ship

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@The_Nose add in the culture, I utterly and completely hate black culture.

@VictoryValhalla @The_Nose what culture? Run around with pants to your knees, listening to unintelligible babble coming from a speaker, fuck anything with a hole big enough, all be bi and spread aids with their 62 IQ?
Yes, black men age 15 to 45 that make up less than 3% of the population account for over 48% of all new hiv cases in America every single year.
That comes from the government and medical sites directly.... I know, I am just using their own math against them....
If you know a woman that has allowed a coon to breed her, shun her as the filthy, disease filled cum rag that she has made herself into!

@The_Nose A lot of jews are nasty and stinky. It had to be Said.

@McCarthyIsLaughing @The_Nose both jew, nigger and sand niggers have a smell to them that never goes away. We got stuck renting to them and even new paint and carpet can not get rid of the stench.
Little advice, never own apartments as an investment, only go actual homes. They will get the feds on you if you do not rent an apartment to them. Niggers are like roaches, once you have one, you are infested and you are never truly rid of them short of burning the place to the ground

@The_Nose Jews like being Jews. Blacks dislike being blacks. Both of those traits cause the behaviors which people despise.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

Dear Democrats …

Roe vs Wade was overturned and you’re still going to lose huge in the midterms - and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but cry. 😂

@Catturd They’re cheating again, count on it. We did nothing the last time so why should they not do it again?

@Catturd You know they are going to steal it? We didn't fix the last theft, why would anything change?

@Catturd The communists are relying on massive voter fraud.


Just a heads up. Biden just wrote an executive order giving him powers to spy on Americans and nations. I just heard that polling places are hiring alot of security bullet proof glass and metal detectors. The leftists are planning something so be very aware of your surrounding , vote early in the morning on voting day not before. Don't give them time to rigg the numbers again.
Be vigilant the Biden Democrat fascists are in the death rattles of their power and they will do anything to stop us from taking back law and order in our nations

They can cheat. And they will.

@Catturd dont count your votes to soon. The evil people running the country, have a plan. They will not go quietly into the night

@Wildgator @Catturd realistically we wont get rid of all the vermin but hoping we get rid of enough of them to cause the tears to flow & scare the rest of them into looking at what the american people want (& it has nothing to do with pronouns)

@damato @Catturd pronouns? You do not have enough votes to get rid of the rinos. In fact there is two or three places that are getting ready to vote in more of them and not only that there are several that are running for re-election that will be elected. The real enemy is not the Democrats. The real enemy is the rinos.

@Catturd Are they using the same voting machines that are Internet-accessible?

@Catturd I really hope so but the smugness of many of these Democrats suggest to me that they have something up their sleeves....AGAIN! 😢🙏

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

If White people are to survive this violently anti-White era,

They're going to have to become DANGEROUSLY pro-White.

@Nature_and_Race Working on it!

@Nature_and_Race *Current feels when I hear "Dangerously Pro-White"

@Nature_and_Race We've never been backed into a corner like this as a whole in all of history. Although it's reassuring the gears are turning to get things moving to the pro White end. All these WN groups that have popped up all over the nation. The jew terrified of the GDL flier compaign. This Kanye shit calling out the jew and getting people talking. It's going to be a game of inches, but White's inevitably are going to get back on top. Even normies notice White replacement.

White people must become conquerors once more!

@Nature_and_Race Every white person should be preparing for war right now as our enemy has been waging war against us for decades and their intention is to destroy us.

@Nature_and_Race Become the Nazi they fear.

Be the beast they are terrified of in fact.

@Nature_and_Race I've said it to my friends and family. If white people are going to survive what's coming we're going to have to come together as a cohesive and racially conscious unit.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #elitist #conspiracy gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Vladimir Putin didn't triple your gas prices.

@DrPaulGosar He also doesn't confiscate 50% of my income in "taxes" to redistribute to lazy ass slugs that will not work themselves!

@DrPaulGosar White supremacists didn't triple your gas prices.

@DrPaulGosar Ukraine has caused most our problems. Democrats trying to hide their bio labs and money laundering schemes there

@DrPaulGosar Sometimes...I think the US Government is my enemy and wants to harm me.....No..just kidding...I always think that

@DrPaulGosar Nope. The retard in the White House did. 👍

@DrPaulGosar Why are the only representatives that give a crap about the January 6th detainees, yourself and MTG? Where the hell are the other Republicans? Are they all compromised?

@DrPaulGosar The Pedo Fake President and his boy Buckwheat in the basement did.

@DrPaulGosar I would swap out OUR current so-called president for Putin in a heartbeat!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

People don't hate blacks because of their skin color and people don't hate jews because of their religion. Its their behavior that's the problem.

@The_Nose Black "people" are nothing more than savage, subhuman primates who are utterly incapable of conducting themselves in a manner befitting of a civilised society. Their "skin colour" is just a useful indicator of that fact.

Anyone with half a brain knows that race is much more than just skin colour. The poor behaviour often exhibited by blacks is hard-wired into their DNA. No amount of education or wealth distribution will ever bring them up to our standard.

@brextremist @The_Nose

spoilerHey Niggers! Happiness doesn't come from extracting coerced
confessions of imaginary racism from shell-shocked Whites who
are too busy carrying you so as not to let you expose yourselves for
the unproductive, lazy, thieving, promiscuous primates you are.
The truth is, most Whites don't even have the time or energy for
what you perceive as 'racism.' Every time you think you detect
'racism,' what you're actually seeing are glimpses of the residue of
your own pitiful failings after Whites have exhausted their extra
resources trying to drag you up to human levels.

@The_Nose We just notice the bad behavior and subversive behavior seems to be coming (mostly) from those two groups of "people" They just love playing the victim and never want to be held accountable for their behavior.

@CN32 @The_Nose yep... this is the problem with niggers. they cry victim and liberals believe them every time.

@NIGGER_DESTROYER @The_Nose If you remove the incentives for their behavior and remove the collective guilt and fear of speaking up Whites have, they would behave and shape up real quickly. (They'd be forced to)

@The_Nose Nobody judges anybody by their skin color. It's always about behavior. Always has been. They hate white people because white people are the most successful people on the planet.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

"Nazis" are literally the only people on this planet who are trying to end the radical Liberal extremism that's overtaken Western Civilization.

We're the only ones trying to end the homosexual campaign to sexualize and sexually mutilate our children.

We're the only ones trying to end the Marxist/Bolshevik Antifa-BLM war on White people.

You may not like this fact, but your emotions don't change the fact that it IS a fact: the "Nazis" are the good guys.

@Nature_and_Race Nazis stopped their children from getting their genitals mutilated by satanic demons. Nazis built safer and more homogenous communities. Nazi’s turned their degenerate government around from marxist genderfluid broke hyperinflation, into a traditional, robust, rich, homogenous community. I’m not seeing anything wrong here, and in fact, I want what they had.

@Nature_and_Race NSDAP also turned a bankrupt and destroyed nation into a super power that was able to fight head to head against two of the most powerful regimes on earth all at the same time. And they weren't far from winning.

@Nature_and_Race ANTIFA are Nazis, that double flag symbol they have is an original NAZI symbol. No body with a brain attached buys this shit with you attempting to garner support for your left wing radical agenda and I pray for those that do. If you are a real person and you actually believe this than you know nothing about the top of the NAZI pyramid. NAZIs are controlled by the Zionists. WW2 was one giant cluster fuck of false flags and lies.


"ohhh emmm geee I h8 nazi scum!!!"

"But you hate tranny crap for kids, right? And you like the idea of a strong family, in which one parent - ideally, the father - can be the breadwinner while the other nurtures the children? And you like the idea of being independent of foreign influences on our political and societal structure, right? And you like.... (ad nauseum)"

"yeah, those things all sound good... why do you ask?"

"Well, there was this one movement in recent history that supported all sorts of things like that..."

@Nature_and_Race Damn dude. I must be a nazi, b/c I'm sick of groomers abusing children.

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

(Lauren Witzke)
I’m so proud of us ❤️

spoilerNo one.
Not a single one of us.
Regrets not taking it.

@LaurenWitzkeDE Those of us who held the line should be extremely proud that we didn't buckle to this coercion.

@LaurenWitzkeDE Need to make a dating app for the unvaccinated. Pure blood offspring are going to be critical to humanity's survival.

@Jbaker Doesn't change the current state of things, whether they're pureblood or not..
Are they pure of STDs?
Are they pure of spirit and virtue?

Pandemic didn't change anything in that department. They're all hoes and dating these days is about hooking up for sex, not finding a mate.

@Jbaker @LaurenWitzkeDE there’s a site called http://Unjected.com that was supposed to be a Pureblood dating site. It’s become more of a general meetup place to share info, from what I understand.

@Celtic67 @LaurenWitzkeDE I bet that was setup by Fauci's friends to find the resistance during the pandemic.

@LaurenWitzkeDE I'm still a Pureblood!

@LaurenWitzkeDE Now we have to be careful of blood transfusions


I am worried about these seasonal flu shots that medical facilities want staff to get. I do not trust it.


@Haegiff @LaurenWitzkeDE wouldn't take anything at this point when you know they are trying to cull the herd

@LaurenWitzkeDE …and just think, we were labeled “superspreaders” and “unclean” by the establishment news lemmings.

@LaurenWitzkeDE and that is a FACT! My poor vaccinated friends are getting Covid over and over

The people I know who got vaccinate even report that they got Covid over and over again..
Not sure why they were so open with saying so, as doing so would make them look like idiots..
but they just fall back on 'Well the shots are to lessen my symptoms"... as they spend a week in bed 'sick with the Covidz'.

Or perhaps they are just lying to get some time of work like any other liar would.

various commenters #wingnut #quack #conspiracy gab.com


spoilerWhen a package of lettuce makes three
people sick, there's a nationwide recall.
When vaccines maim and murder
tens of thousands, they just
mandate you take even more.

@MorpheusMAGA Isn't Gates growing lettuce with the MRNA BS in it? I'm avoiding all lettuce.

@MorpheusMAGA A few years back California banned straws because there was ONE photo of ONE turtle with a straw stuck up its nose. Meanwhile our oceans are covered with floating face masks. CLOWN WORLD.

lettuce is not a biological depopulation weapon

@MorpheusMAGA shut up GOY..TAKE THE Russian Roulette poison shot. It's good for you we must have vaccinate you from the face of the Earth I mean vaccinate you from viruses

various commenters #wingnut #fundie gab.com


spoilerDecades ago
when the Bible &
prayer were
banned from
schools many
wondered what
would become of
our society
Now we know.

@SeekUFind no God no God given rights

@SeekUFind What is even worse, when God was kicked out of the churches, for the pastors started preaching fables that they are told to preach over the truth of God's word. Then people wonder why there is so much separation in the church.

Sad how when one shows scriptures that the Holy Spirit is not the restrainer that goes away, exposes 6 fables the churches teach. For without truth, they live in lies and do not have God or Jesus and are not saved.

@SeekUFind It's hard to teach socialism with the Bible in the way!

Society isn't screwed up because of the removal of Christianity. It's screwed up because of what they replaced it with - holocaustianity and jewish secularism.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist #conspiracy gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Tulsi Gabbard has left the Democratic party, calling out rampant anti-White racism and the elitist warmongering cabal that now controls the party.

But she's not the only one.

The Democrat platform has simply become too extreme for America.

I commend @TulsiGabbard's courage.

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard

Tulsi cannot be trusted.
Anyone associated with the WEF,

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard still a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'!! #WEF #SorosGirl

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard is it courage or self preservation? A lot of them are running now because its apparent the gallows are drawing closer every day.

@DrPaulGosar please do not promote her. This is the biggest case of a wolf in sheeps clothing I have ever seen. She will run third party and enough Rs will vote for her to split the vote

@RightWingNutSquads @DrPaulGosar good. Imagine simping for a party that hates you. At least she acknowledges anti-white racism exists, Republicans won't even admit that whites exist.

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard I too commend her, but that doesn't mean I trust her.... she's a Christ denier!!
Prayin' for her!! ✝️🤲🏾🙏🏾🛐

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Among the several million illegals that have invaded our country in just two years are terrorists, robbers, rapists, murderers, cartelists, child molesters, and other lawbreakers.

The Biden Regime has abdicated its duty to stop this invasion - brave governors MUST.

We shouldn't need the approval of the Biden Regime to deport illegals out of Arizona.

All we should need is a governor with the courage to do so.

That's why I've introduced the "Empowering States to Deport Illegal Aliens Act". Read it below:

@DrPaulGosar the governors are paid by the same jews as Biden's cabinet. They're not going to do anything either.

@DrPaulGosar Per state and federal constitutions all of you are in violation of TREASON and yall know it. Every law, every pay raise, illegal immigration, and basically everything all you corrupt piles of shit do is against the law of the land....we "elected" you clowns and I can't wait for the day you all face God's judgement which is coming soon upon his return! I don't see you not taking a pay raise...all guilty...yall could do something but nope keep the corruption rolling!


I truly believe there are far more illegal aliens in the country than anyone realizes. Dems and their open border policy are destroying America.

@DrPaulGosar perhaps we should just exercise our constitutional rights and dissolve the government. clean up the mess ourselves

@DrPaulGosar Doc, while I agree with the sentiment where is this bill really going to go??? Into the trash cause the republican party doesn't have the numbers.. or unfortunately the BACKBONE yet, but is it not the states rights to do this anyway? Isn't the federal government suppose to answer to the states and they to the people of the state they represent??? When did we forget who really has the power in this country? Thoughts?!?

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The left is panicking over the idea of restoring freedom of speech online.

They attacked Gab, now they attack Elon Musk.

Without total control over the distribution of information, they will lose and they know it.

@DrPaulGosar Woke is just the application of civil rights "harassment" precedents. To restore freedom of speech requires repealing the civil rights act of 1964


who owns the media?

@rippline @DrPaulGosar (🇮🇱'👃'🇮🇱)'' OY VEY, SHUT IT DOWN!


@DrPaulGosar When (((the left))) is no longer able to censor you, will you name the jew?

@RandolfoCalzonian @DrPaulGosar Non-Jew socialists are far more zealous and dedicated to socialism than any church goer I have ever met. Get rid of the Jews and you still have these crazy fuckers so nothing changes.

@Capitalist1776 Jews are behind every problem we have today. They are the ringleaders of communism, anti-Whitism, globalism, racial conflict, perversion, transgenderism, usury, endless war for profit, open borders, dumb-down schools, you name it. Get rid of them and most of our problems will disappear. @DrPaulGosar

@Derrick_L Jews are not a religion. They are a hostile foreign tribe that has taken over the West through murder and deceit. Through usury, they own the money supply, all major corporations, all social media, all Western mainstream media, control the school curriculums and major publishing houses -- and you're blaming the victims. @Capitalist1776 @DrPaulGosar

@Derrick_L @RandolfoCalzonian @Capitalist1776 @DrPaulGosar Simply read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and you will know the details of their "religion".

@DrPaulGosar Come on Paul, we know why people are being attacked, if you name the jew and tell people what they are doing to white America they will silence you.

That is why you never name them.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The Biden Regime refuses to secure our border. As a direct result, deadly fentanyl flooding into our country from Mexico took the lives of over 100,000 Americans last year.

Never forget the lives that have been lost because of their malfeasance.

@DrPaulGosar We’re aware. What has the Republican Party done about it other than remain complicit in it?

What are you republicans plan to do about it?
Complain and grift off of it til kingdom come.


What have the Republicans done. Never forget the white jobs lost to illegal browns that the Republicans want to make legal here. White kids going without because of brown skins. They absorb fuel and food etc that could be better used on white people


@jake69b4u @DrPaulGosar

@DrPaulGosar Reasons our rulers like mass turd world immigration:
1. Cheap labor, pushed wages down
2. Generates votes for the regime
3. Creates discord and a lack of unity within the populace, the same as tyrants in ancient Greece would import and create mixed polities to maintain their rule

@DrPaulGosar one world government
One world currency
One world forced religion
Coming to a city near you.

Revelation 13

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #homophobia #transphobia gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
America must be put FIRST again.


@DrPaulGosar White people are sick of being erased.

@DrPaulGosar Call out the Jew and stick up for Whites and THEN you have our support.

@DrPaulGosar I am sicker of the Jews destroying it with their open borders policy, homosexuality, trannies, pornography, child sacrifice, etc.

@DrPaulGosar A special tax should be levied on whoever is found to be in support of this--AND the illegal invasion! You voted for it, you buy it!

@DrPaulGosar it's the Jews. If you go to the root, all signs lead to Judeaism

@Joyjoythedestroyer @DrPaulGosar Yes, but it is also Satan. The Jews would have no power in Christian America if “Christians” would have really been Christians and followed Jesus Christ who called the followers of the traditions of men, aka the Talmud, the devil’s children. Instead they let these people have power over our money, our government, our corporations, our media and our schools. No wonder America is being destroyed, so-called “Christians” let the devil’s children control everything even remotely important in this nation. Until and unless this is rectified America will continue to be destroyed. Already it is probably too late for this nation to survive.

@DrPaulGosar America, a soup of non-White alien invaders who leech off of and ruin everything White people created.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar


@DrPaulGosar It's not anti-Christian. It's antiwhite.

@NoWhiteGuiltClips @DrPaulGosar I am a Christian and I agree. Antiwhites hate White Christians above all, but they hate all Whites and won't stop until every one of us is erased from existence.

@DrPaulGosar ---> Dr. Gosar,

Atheist, racist, marxist junta is more accurate to describe the current "Administration".

RINOs in the Republican party are the silent enemy from within. They aid and abet the junta. RINOs must be defeated in order to at least have an America Last agenda, as opposed to the current America Never agenda.

We also have to stop sending tens of billions of dollars to ISIS Europe aka Ukraine.

Having said that, you are one of the best Members of Congress, and I pray that you succeed 🙏🏼

Thank you for reading.

@Derrick_L @DrPaulGosar ISIS Ukraine??? Hardly! Ukraine (aka Khazaria) is controlled by the kikes, just like virtually every other European nation and the U.S.

@DrPaulGosar America first is just another Jew psyop

@FinlessDolphin @DrPaulGosar the Jew always plays both sides...and the midwit goy always fall for it.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com


spoilerLife begins at conception
The simple explanation:
Nothings grows if it is not living



@Kriger1488 @kpeters59 They are working tirelessly to build their New World Zionist Order, an order where they are on top and everyone else is on the bottom. God didn't overthrow the Roman Empire so they're going to build one of their own without God. Everyone will take the mark on their forehead or hand and won't be able participate in the economy without the mark. Those who refuse will be murdered.


@pedrodtandocjr1 @kpeters59
but there's so much money to be made from killing babies and selling their organa, directly and indirectly

@kpeters59 i chuckle at their “cluster of cells” defense. Everything/ everyone is a cluster of cells. Chemically speaking we are mostly water with a bit carbon.
Now we just have to educate them that the 10’s of thousands of genetic code exchanged at conception and the neurological brain activity is what the scientific explanation of the soul is.
They know they are losing the argument. Imaging has gotten much better since 1970. We just gotta stick with the facts. Ultrasounds have saved lives, when people see what that “cluster” is.
We will never win them all over, but we can win enough of them 1 at a time.
First we win their hearts and minds, then we can get the laws passed. But the laws passed stop nothing until they are convinced abortion is murder.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

The Anti-White Defamation League (@AWDL) will be as large or small as you make it.

It has an immense amount of potential, but it cannot reach that potential without you guys in the pro-White community.

The Anti-White Defamation League is a legitimate and legal entity, and it has serious aims of taking legal action against the ongoing war against White people in the media, universities, and government.

We are the Anti-White Defamation League.
You can learn more about us a http://AWDL.us
There you can also donate to help get this ad aired on major media outlets.
Please feel free to download and repost this video.
Thank you.

@AWDL @Nature_and_Race What exactly are three mamzers, a jew, a negro and a ??? going to do for me?

@YahEternal @Nature_and_Race that is a panel of professional internet liberals, not the AWDL. The use of that clip was meant to convey that even e-celeb libs can't ignore the rise in anti-White hatred.

@Nature_and_Race @AWDL

Blackwashing White culture …is a hate crime…

Struggle sessions for White school children where they are accused for things that happened (or not)
hundreds of years before their birth… is a hate crime

Affirming less qualified students of color before qualified motivated White student is a hate crime

Diversity hiring less qualified people with no other merits than melanin content … is a hate crime…

Don’t accept hate and resentment for yourself or your kids … you where not put on this earth to be a parent or an ATM machine for low achieving POCs

They must learn to sink or swimm… like the rest of us
The infantile notion that they are owed stuff they don’t work for and they are entitled to stuff you work for …is a dead end… they must build their own Wakanda… you can’t do it for them…

If you don’t give away wealth to POCs they hate you and think you have stolen it from them…
If you DO give away your hard earned wealth to POCs
They hate you “White savior” complex and think that if you give something away… you must have stolen it from them in the first place… and they will loot and burn to they get the rest…

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

California just became the first state in the nation to mandate that all children take mRNA vaccines in order to attend school.

Florida, on the other hand, now recommends against the mRNA vaccines for males ages 18-39 years old.

Florida follows the science, California does not.

@DrSimoneGold I disagree completely that FL follows the science. If they were following the science they would not recommend that ANYONE take this poison. In fact, they would be rounding up and arresting those still lying about and promoting the death shots.

@Late4theSky @DrSimoneGold Modern republicans are just progressives driving the speed limit

@DrSimoneGold Want to get rich? Start a casket business in CA.

@Doobie1057 @DrSimoneGold the way kids are being taught in CA, maybe its best they dont reproduce anyway.


They've got to de-populate California to make room for the 100 million communist Chinese that will be coming.

@OKAmerika @DrSimoneGold California becomes the first state to announce plans to require student vaccinations – adding the COVID-19 vaccine to list of vaccinations required for school, such as the vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella

@Pink_Ocommie @OKAmerika @DrSimoneGold look on the bright side they love abortions so much they can sterilize and kill there kids too and intelligent people that arent commies will not let there kids be vaccinated and the gene pool will be better for it. I'd rather a generation of leftists communists be wiped out like the dodo bird while right wing stops vaccinationing and does homeschooling and private institutions.

@DrSimoneGold ?? FL recommends males age 18-39 not get it? What about children ages 6months-17 yo? What about them? Imo, no one, absolutely no one person should get any of these. So take that to the bank.

@Forever_Hitler_1488 #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

(Submitters note: profile of gab-user "@Forever_Hitler_1488")

I am a female Canadian National Socialist who will always fight for her Race from those who want to kill us Whites. I am a proud Pagan.

1. I am not a Trump, Biden or Trudeau Supporter
2. I hate niggers, Kikes and faggots
3. I love George Rockwell and Hitler
4. I follow the Laws of National Socialism
5. I block Flat Earthers!



various commenters #wingnut #homophobia #racist gab.com

We are the ones you couldn't teach to hate their ancestors.

We are the ones you couldn't teach to hate themselves.

We are the ones you couldn't teach to work against the interests of their children.

We are the ones you couldn't teach to celebrate faggotry and degeneracy.

And we are the ones that are going to teach you a lesson.


@Apophis22 @RealSixMillion Tick, tick, tick. Tock.


@RealSixMillion we are the few, the chosen, the frens.

@Irish_American_Patriot @RealSixMillion and we are the incorruptible purebloods 🤍

@RealSixMillion #WhiteLivesMatter

( @Lord_Timothy_the_Patriot )
@RealSixMillion Then let's bloody get to it then! All this talk and no action. Let's light this candle and get this civil war bloody started already! I've no plans to make it back, but damn it my kids deserve to grow up without fags and tranny trying to rape them, without paying 1/3 of their salary in taxes, etc.

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Donald J Trump)
On top of the lost "Clinton Hard Drive," there are also tapes from the George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan Administrations which were lost AFTER having been ordered preserved by a Federal Judge. Some hard drives were even "damaged by sloppy handling in the transfer"! The National Archivist actually gave George H.W. Bush "exclusive legal control over all Presidential information." Compare that to how unfairly and illegally the 45th President, me, has been treated!

@realdonaldtrump Let's talk about this and hurricanes, shall we?

@PresidentElectKraken @realdonaldtrump has anyone consider that these chemtrails are causing drought?
They justify they help rain. But are they destroying the atmosphere?

@MonicaTowne @realdonaldtrump These chemtrails, along with Haarp, doppler radar, nexrad, and other devices cause all rain, hail, droughts, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. They are 100 years in on this crime and all weather is now at their bidding. As far as the atmosphere, I don't believe in their so-called "layers" as presented to us by NASA (SATAN t minus) as it is false just like the spinning ball where water is forced down by gravity but a tiny fly can break free and fly. The space between us and the dome is destroyed by their evil. http://geoengineeringwatch.org has tons of information and footage.

@realdonaldtrump I'll care about as much as you did on Jan 6th. #Fuckoffalready


@realdonaldtrump Trump Won 2020

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

White people,

If you haven't already, buy a reliable firearm. Take a fighting pistol and/or fighting rifle course with a trained professional. Go to the range at least once a month to practice what you learned in class. Dry-fire practice at home every single day.

Get a quality holster and a light. Carry your firearm whenever you leave your house, FOR WHATEVER REASON.

America has become a warzone. Act accordingly. Don't wait for tragedy to strike before you make significant lifestyle changes. MAKE ALL NECESSARY CHANGES IMMEDIATELY.

Chicago, IL

@Nature_and_Race I would also recommend that you DO NOT post pictures of your weapons on social media and pay in cash. Because the anti-White regime will use what ever means they can to track you down.

@StoppAntiHvitismen @Nature_and_Race Get a 3d printer, and print your frame. Buy the rest of the parts in cash at a local store.

@Nature_and_Race was hoping this was going end up with the nigger shooting himself

@Nature_and_Race If white guys posted videos like this, FBIATFDOJ would be on them like white on rice.

@Nature_and_Race I'm willing to bet the ATF isn't going to be raiding his house any time soon. Too busy threatening white guys who buy solvent traps.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

Here's an idea: Somebody needs to start vaccine free blood donation centers.

@bradnjones We need to start all new medical systems away from BigGov hands on it . Can’t even trust my own doctor anymore.

@bradnjones Would have to be folks with a high trust factor- and users would have to be jab free. No sheep getting the blood of lions. People also need to be aware that if they have a procedure scheduled, they can bank their own blood in advance.

The only problem is the hospitals would probably destroy it.....like the governments destroying food....

@Lisabemo1 we need new hospitals too

@bradnjones @Lisabemo1 and a new government!

Fuck it. Burn it all down, move all the jabbed lepers to their own colony, and start over from scratch.

@bradnjones I saw somewhere where the Red Cross was mixing contaminated blood when pure blood

@JWoody technically speaking you're not allowed to donate blood if you have had a vaccine that isn't fully authorized (i.e. that is emergency authorized). I've heard that they aren't checking those who've had the COVID vaccine.

@bradnjones @JWoody that’s also a good way for the ‘people in charge’ to find out who is vaccinated and who is not by their blood donation records. Such an evil system in place.

@bradnjones @JWoody they're not checking. They'll just pump you full of clotblood.

@michaelsebastiaan @bradnjones @JWoody Vaxxed blood is visibly different than unvaxxed blood. That’s why they’re cutting all the unvaxxed blood with vaxxed blood. It’s worse than just them not checking. They’re actively mixing it.

@michaelsebastiaan @bradnjones @JWoody Even if they did check, I’m not trusting any of them ever again. If pure blood is more expensive, suddenly their whole supply is pure! How do they know you didn’t get the vax anyway? Can they test your blood for it like they do aids? 🤔

@bradnjones Yes, sooner the better. Surgery patients at the small hospital where I work are turning down ALL blood products rather than risk getting vaccinated blood. This is a life and death decision they are forced to make in the face of unavoidable surgical procedures.

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

It's a big first step. Thank you, Governor.

spoilerI just signed SB3 to prevent gender
transition services for minors at
Oklahoma Children's Hospital at OU
This is just the first step.
I am calling on the Legislature to ban all
irreversible gender transition surgeries
and hormone therapies on minors

@sethdillon Great. Step two, start making arrests.

@sethdillon final step is outlawing it for all people. We don’t let schizos dig the illuminati tracking chip out of their heads, so why do we allow “transgenders” to mutilate their genitals?

It should be considered Child Abuse and you should go to prison for at least twenty years for each child you abused.

@sethdillon Just the first step to ban "transition" bodily mutilation for everyone. People with mental illness need a therapist, not a surgeon.

@sethdillon Can we also get the medical licenses of all medical workers participating in 'transistioning' revoked? Let them go to another country and practice what they call 'medicine'.

@sethdillon It just seems eminently reasonable to wait untl kids are at least 21 and can make a really informed consent first...

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

White people know they are under attack. They can feel it.

They are being murdered by minorities every day. They are being replaced by minorities through mass immigration. They are discriminated against legally by their government. They are passed over for jobs and promotions. They are told they are privileged and responsible for all the worlds evils. They are told they have no culture.

Race matters and you are under attack for yours


spoilerFrom Rome to Russia, empires have
fallen and yet Jews have persisted.
Why? Because they are racist. It is
precisely for this reason that they have
stigmatized racism in our minds they
know it's the best survival strategy.
Their position in our societies is a
testament to this.

@Apolitical And they have the GOP telling them that some violent negro who hates them is actually their savior.

@Apolitical 10-14% of earths population is white. The true minority. Gimme my reparations !😆🤣😂

@Apolitical They are not "minorities"... we're being invaded by global majorities...if they were minorities they wouldn't be coming here. Whites only make up 10% of the global population.

@Apolitical and yet ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

@whfla @Apolitical I love being White. It's a hard job though.

@Apolitical And everywhere there are more darkies everywhere, milling about talking their strange languages.

Who the fuck invited these people into my country?

It sure wasn't me.

I was never asked.

@hamburgertoday @Apolitical your elitest white brothers wish to replace you because you make piss poor slaves

@clarkmorehouse The Whites are all patsies and sycophants. The engine of global migration from the South to the North is Jews.

No Jews.

No mass immigration.


various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

👱‍♀️ Noble Aryan Woman About White Replacement

What a woman! Give her a like! 👍👍👍

ℹ️ Unfortnately, it seems as if she has disappeared, nobody knows what happened. This video is perfect for family members, friends or acquaintances who have not yet seen the truth. You will have a feel-good moment when watching this noble, Aryan woman, Lauren Rose, speak the truth. Finally, the world is waking up. The Aryan is no longer silent.

It should come as no surprise that Jews are the behind the replacement of Aryans. Both in Europe, North America and in Australia.

🔗 The death of America was enacted in 1965 with the signing of the Open Immigration Law Of 1965: https://www.realjewnews.com/?p=50

Red pilling videos in the comment sections of these links

🔗 Jews (1st Archive): https://gab.com/BlackScorpionNationalists/posts/107033325064007306
🔗 Jews (2nd Archive): https://gab.com/BlackScorpionNationalists/posts/107648515577080118
🔗 Jews (3rd Archive): https://gab.com/BlackScorpionNationalists/posts/10819

@BlackScorpionNationalists Know who the real enemy is that promote the hatred of whites.

@BlackScorpionNationalists If this is truth, Its time for all Jews to move to Israel!

@forgottenshirt Yes, we are Zionists. We want all Jews to move there. 😂

@BlackScorpionNationalists Dad because of the border situation . I could not find a white man to try to date. And when I went on a white dating site I was called a racist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Marjorie Taylor Greene)

spoilerJoin me in prayer
to end abortion in

@RealMarjorieGreene I just had a epiphany as I stopped scrolling to contemplate the lefts come back as to there argument about the world and over population and how abortion is good.

Instead of killing babies.

Save the unborn

Execute Treasonous Traitors and spys
Execute the murders on death row
Execute the Pedophiles
Execute Evil

This will bring balance back.

@RealMarjorieGreene Black lives matter, white lives matter, how about the UNBORN LIVES MATTER?

@RealMarjorieGreene At the moment of conception; a soul of God has been born. May parents start to educate their children to respect each other and to be disciplined. Children should be taught to wait for marriage. This will also protect them from unwanted pregnancies as well as deadly pathogens such as hepatitis, herpes, aids. Keep your children spiritually healthy. Teach them to follow God's commandments. Be persistent with them as they grow up and do not send them to public schools where they are being exposed to the social ills of our society. Their neurons are not developed and that is why God created parents. God bless America, and protect Americans from foreign abortionists who believe sucking a soul out of a babies womb is culturally acceptable practice. These guys should do no harm, ever.

Congresswoman Porno Bitch wants you all to pray for more niggers bloodsucking the treasury.

fuck this stupid cunt🖕

@VanCleef @RealMarjorieGreene that can't be emphasized enough. The overturning of Roe versus Wade will have far more dire consequences than anything good it supposedly will do. The percentage of s*** skin babies being born will skyrocket with our ethnic replacement happening sooner than expected. These tradcons aren't about conserving what's left of the greatness of our society and are just as destructive to our well-being as the Democrats.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

The F***!?

What a disgusting thing to say.

Her kids deserves better and I hope they never see this.

spoilerBeing a mom is the hardest job
I'll ever have. No one should
be forced to be a parent.

@thelaurenchen No one really is forced to be a parent. Adoption and foster care prove this. Such an attitude reeks of laziness, self-centeredness and narcissism and worse.

@thelaurenchen 98% of abortions are due to personal convenience. Nobody is forcing women to have consensual unprotected sex with one or more partners. The argument boils down to this: you like being sexually immoral, but you don’t like the consequences of those actions, so you murder your children. Pure satanism.

@thelaurenchen They perform the ONE act that was specifically designed to cause procreation, then they're shocked and dismayed when they get pregnant. 🤦‍♂️

@perezoso @thelaurenchen Abortion is Birth control for the LAZY worthless Humans !!!

Some people should probably be sterilized at birth.
Her, for instance.

@thelaurenchen Wearing a mask in her profile picture. Automatic 50 point deduction in IQ points.

@thelaurenchen "No one should be forced to be a parent" -- Except in the infinitesimally small percentage of pregnancies due to rape, NO ONE is FORCED to be a parent. A completely disingenuous skank and typical leftist that promotes irresponsibility and no accountability. FIRST DEGREE MURDER IS NOT HEALTH CARE, you evil scumbag!🔥

@thelaurenchen ... just like no one should be forced to have a DNA altering, myocardial inducing, genocidal Covid-19 shot either.