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( @EB_ )

spoilerUniversal suffrage is a very silly
way to choose the direction &
leadership of the worlds most
powerful country.
Half of people donlt even pay
taxes. Millions canlt speak
English. IDs are unnecessary. And
everyone but White people just
vote with their race.
What a joke.

( @LurkingTachyon )
@EB_ By design universal suffrage is a terrible idea. It's why it was exclude from our system.

White males pay > 80% of all taxes. We make up roughly 30% of the population. Adjusted for those who pay taxes, that's roughly 20% of the population.

What is taxation without representation? If you're a white male your taxes are stolen and you are not represented. This is a illegal and unconstitutional even according to our laws.

Universal suffrage is enslavement of white men. Anyone supporting it supports our enslavement.

( @CharitySlaughter )
@EB_ i agree with all except - taxation is THEFT. Of ALL the times the people should stop paying taxes - its NOW.
Don't say "don't even pay taxes" like it's a bad thing.

( @UsernameTaken__000 )
@CharitySlaughter I think the “don’t even pay taxes” bit in the statement is a qualifier of who should and should not be able to vote. I agree that taxation is theft. A better way to state it should be landowners not taxpayers because property tax is a pyramid scheme theft as well

( @ShelbyD22 )
@EB_ When I was working with a friend of mine he went around and asked all the black people in the warehouse specifically why they voted for Barack Obama and none of them could give an actual specific reason why except one honest black guy that immediately said "because he's black."

( @LordVince )
@EB_ it’s not a joke, it’s a Jewish con. Democracy was always a method for manipulating the system in a systematic and even more efficient manner, it’s essentially the most effective form of tyranny once you have it properly calibrated and programmed to where the slaves perpetuate the self-enslavement, largely because they have been so brain fucked that they have no clue they are slaves. That likely also applies to you if you don’t understand that taxation is not theft, it’s fractional slavery.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Exit polls from last night's election.

There can be no unity between White people and non-whites. We are completely incompatible with one another. And non-whites are incompatible with White society and White culture.

We're divided by DNA. We were never meant to be united. We were always meant to be separated. And because we've rejected the natural order of racial separation, our once great country is dying.

Make America White again. Or prepare for America's funeral.

( @alexpulse231 )
@Nature_and_Race I wish all white people would stop lying to themselves and accept that racial integration is never going to work. I wish everyone sees that diversity is not our strength, but our destruction. If you decide to undo God's natural order, it's going to fail miserably, and that's what we're seeing today. After all, white people didn't want forced integration, it has been imposed on them by the Jewish subversive press that has made it palatable.

( @CharlesPNW )
@alexpulse231 @Nature_and_Race

Integration was never about it working.

It was never about progress.

It was never about justice or equality.

It was ALWAYS about genocide.

( @MCharlton )
@Nature_and_Race We had different languages for a reason. Different languages kept people separate. Different languages are a barrier to racemixing. There is no more subversive act than teaching nonwhite people to speak the language of England.

Yet for many years the right has aggressively pushed for nonwhites to speak English… which puts them in our government, enables them to deliver our news, enables them to teach White children, enables Jewish propaganda to mix them with White women and creates the conditions for replacement.

( @SenileBiden )

Only property owners should vote as intended by the founders
The rest are parasites voting to take your property

( @PRUST )
@SenileBiden It's beyond that - it's about RACE.


( @Libertarian_Pill )
@PRUST @SenileBiden @Nature_and_Race and gender? Childless women tend to be parasitical in nature.

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( @namelessone11 )

spoilerToday Republican voters and
leadership will now spend the
afternoon and subsequent weeks
blaming one another and President
Trump for various issues and
outcomes for why the red wave didn't
materialize, while ignoring the

( @jeffthetroll51 )
@namelessone11 Republican voters understand voter fraud. Republican leadership couldn't care less. They'll just slink back to the swamp and enjoy "business as usual." Ditch the GOP.

( @GabbieJohnson )
@jeffthetroll51 @namelessone11 #TRUMP SHOULD RUN INDEPENDENT MAKE IT HARDER FOR THE SKANKS TO #CHEAT 🫵🫵🏿🫵🏻🫵🏾🫵🏼🫵🏽🫵🫵🏿

( @jeffthetroll51 )
@GabbieJohnson @namelessone11 Trump, Desantis, MTG, Kristi Noem, Lauren Boebert, and anybody who really cares about this country should tell the RNC to take a fucking hike. Start the Patriot party, and watch millions join up, and actually reclaim our "turf".

( @geartards )
@namelessone11 They have always cheated. This is not new. It won't be fixed until people get angry enough to kill the cheaters and reform the system so it cannot ever be gamed again.

( @Dot0422 )
@namelessone11 yep! Hahaha they just laugh. Dopes are we. They did exactly what the planned. Cheated in Pennsylvania people in that state are brain dead along with the psycho claiming he won.

( @rollypolly )
@namelessone11 the republicans can blame no one but themselves for the election outcome.

( @PaulBaterProdesign )
@namelessone11 oh, but don't you know? 75 percent of fed up Americans changed their minds just when they got to the polls. The machines aren't lying! Maybe high crime and economic destruction looked more palatable when people were finally voting...yeah right.

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( @PatriotsDotWin )
This is why we said fix 2020 first.

( @kijo )
@PatriotsDotWin I will never vote again.

( @fight4freedom1 )
@kijo @PatriotsDotWin ...You wont be able to, They will have a dictator installed. Say Good By to the America we grew up in. FORCED EVERYTHING IS NEXT!

( @LiveFreeOrDieFightingEvil )
@kijo @PatriotsDotWin automatic dem win (same result anyway)

( @TLP57 )
@PatriotsDotWin the states that were cheated in 2020 were cheated in 2022

( @brextremist )
@PatriotsDotWin If America is to have any hope of fair elections going forward, you need to get rid of all the niggers and jews first.

( @Volcanic84 )
@PatriotsDotWin The Sanatists in control were never going to allow that. The machines were created for the very purpose of installing people not electing them.

( @Karkess )
@PatriotsDotWin I live in Michigan and a proposal making it easier to cheat passed. I'm not even going to waste my time voting anymore! I'm just going to stock up, arm up and wait for the collapse!! Just hope age gets me before it all goes to Hell!

( @FalloutGuy2k21 )

People tried to legally correct 2020, but were thwarted at every turn by the established criminals.

When does lawfare run it's course of remedy?

( @whyserenity )
@FalloutGuy2k21 @PatriotsDotWin did they? I don’t think they even tried. Just like Republicans ceded all of the media and entertainment to democrats and are surprised they can’t get their message out.

( @point3 )
@FalloutGuy2k21 @PatriotsDotWin

When do we get to use our guns ?

( @B_E_Atles )
@PatriotsDotWin Voting with the same broken shit and expecting honest results.

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( @Apolitical )
Asking White people to choose between democrats and republicans is asking them to chose between an enemy and a traitor.

These are not viable options

( @brextremist )
@Apolitical Democrats will punch you in the face, republicans will stab you in the back.

( @PatriotsQuick )
Left wing,right wing of the same parasite.

( @GreatWhite96 )

( @Anne_Fallible )
@Apolitical We need an Anti-Mason Party.

( @gyrfalcon )

( @John_Madison )
@Apolitical The red Tidal wave turned into a kitty pool wave As I knew it would and didn’t waste my time voting in an anti-White system.

( @funbobby51 )
@Apolitical but in reality it's pretty easy to choose when one side is openly promoting evil and destruction and the other only tacitly approves.

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@funbobby51 @Apolitical That is by design of the system, all the more easier to fool you into false hope.

( @funbobby51 )
@Rabbi_Spacelaser @Apolitical
Hold on, when did I say anything about "hope"?
A number of places have recently banned child castration and mutilation. While the elections are rigged not voting doesn't help. That makes it easier for them to cheat and less likely to get caught.

( @Mallard_ )
@Apolitical White nationalism must replace conservatism

( @Maxximum )
@Apolitical read my pinned posts for jew hate of whites. Its genocide but if you cant call out the jew, you are weak. Please share.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Thank you Georgia’s 14th district for putting your faith in me to be your voice and your representative in Washington.

It’s my privilege and my honor.

Thank you to all who support me. I am 100% dedicated to fight for America and the American people. I’m looking forward to it.

( @BearAryan )
I'm sure you'll be great for juden & israel!

( @The_Righteous_0ne )
@BearAryan @repmtg i feel sorry for those who think thats a woman.

( @Johnny_Eights )

You are a LIAR! IF you were 100% dedicated to fight for America and the American "People" you would name the JEW!

( @johngraham365 )
@Johnny_Eights @repmtg she works for the Jew

( @TheLugenpresse )
@repmtg You're a zionist chump who puts Israel first. Nice one tricking your 40 IQ supporters cunt.

( @SouthUpRising_TX )
@repmtg get fucked not one word on the voter fraud all around you but celebrate your win with a hat you disgraceful piece of shit! Not one fucking word on the nationwide steals!

( @DaGoyimKnows )
@repmtg In a country living under communist rule and rigged voting systems, you have to wonder why someone like you is re-elected.

You controlled opposition, Babylonian whore.

( @KnoxvilleKC )
@repmtg Great news! Glad you will be in the new congress fighting for our rights.

( @NordicWolf )
@KnoxvilleKC "fighting for Israelis rights"

( @johngraham365 )
@NordicWolf @KnoxvilleKC @repmtg and black folks. She wants us to forget her Juneteenth vote

( @NordicWolf )
@johngraham365 @KnoxvilleKC @repmtg
jews do love to keep their plantation niggers fighting against White folks.

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( @NelaVesely )


( @Trumpdawg692002 )
@NelaVesely ! It's called We The People rising up and overthrowing athe corrupt government

( @jacqueline-64 )
@Trumpdawg692002 @NelaVesely WHEN?

( @Trumpdawg692002 )
@jacqueline-64 @NelaVesely! In my opinion I see it happening sooner than later. Everyone I have talked with and from all over the US are ready but just don't know when? Soon is all I can say

( @jacqueline-64 )
@Trumpdawg692002 @NelaVesely I hope so because things will continue to get worse. Complacency or unexpressed inaction will lead to greater health & economic issues. The anger of knowing that a Satanic #NWO deep state cabal has been INSTALLED in the White House in order to destroy the free world needs to lead to positive action & change & sooner rather than later. The mid-terms have proven that the radical Left will continue to cheat & rig elections in their favor because THEY CAN & they KNOW they get away with it. Nothing will change from the traitorous RINOs in government. The people have the power & they MUST use it before it's too late.

( @Magaknight21 )
@NelaVesely Our founding fathers were pretty damn smart to include the 2nd amendment in our constitution

( @spuriousoffspring )
@NelaVesely With the Second Amendment

( @Willy_d420 )
@NelaVesely by picking up arms

( @patmo13 )
@NelaVesely Its called revolution!!!!

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( @MarkCollett )
Anyone find it strange that when a white person does as little as utter a 'racial slur', it often gets more news coverage than when a black person murders a white person?
We live in an anti-white world where the media is the primary tool used to attack people of European descent.

( @SickoftheBSguy83 )
@MarkCollett This just in...student calls black student nigger! *abc news reports this as breaking news*
Meanwhile a nigger rapes and murders a white woman and kills her 3 month old baby after breaking into her home but the news refuses to report on that. This is why i dont watch tv as much anymore. By watching that garbage of lies you are supporting the filth they produce for you to watch. Stop supporting the lies.

( @RabidNationalist )
@MarkCollett Who runs the media again?

( @Sanyo4080 )
@RabidNationalist @MarkCollett

( @Kidbrightwillow )

FACT - Black Americans, per capita, are exceedingly violent.

Violent crimes per million population in 2018:

Violent crimes per million population in 2019:

Citations below spreadsheet.

( @Tetragrammatron )
@Kidbrightwillow @MarkCollett Multiculturalism via forced association IS PRISON. A prison where the Jew is the warden.

( @jh71 )
@Kidbrightwillow @MarkCollett between niggers and Democrats ..if we get rid of both it could be a real nice country.

( @johannbraun2005 )
@MarkCollett most news organizations are controlled by jews. That may have something to do with the unbalanced coverage of events.

( @Randallz )
@MarkCollett niggerniggerniggernigger kike👍

( @Randallz )
@MarkCollett kikekikekikekikekike gooknigger

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( @Nature_and_Race )
This is a dumb argument.

Participation in the system means you approve of said system.

I don't approve of this anti-White theater, so I refuse to participate in it.

@PiratesNFlowers no vote then no bitching.




( @DouglasBelmore )
You're phony controlled opposition!

( @RamboBear )
@DouglasBelmore @Nature_and_Race you seen the demographic breakdown of the election? No amount of "muh based Cubans in Miami" is ever going to rewrite reality. White decline is death of the Republic.

( @grizzlywhisker )
@Nature_and_Race yeah I feel like the less people participating and perpetuating this system, the better. Like if nobody showed up to vote and nobody paid taxes, we’d be in a better position.

( @nibblets509 )
@Nature_and_Race They all hate me because I’m white so none of them get my vote

( @SocalRight )
@Nature_and_Race All the candidates have signed their "Pledge to Israel" and are compromised assets. For this they receive funding to advertise and the blessing of jews required for their advertising to air on jew controlled media.

( @MCharlton )
@Nature_and_Race If non-participation means 40 million new brown people colonizing the interior of the United States, I’m participating. Owe it to future White kids whose lives will bear the brunt of inaction, brown majorities and White genocide.

( @IllinoisValleyMale )
@MCharlton @Nature_and_Race So when Bush and Trump were in office they ended the migration problem?

Its a 2 party system, 2 wolves and a sheep voting what's for dinner, and buddy you are a fucking sheep

( @MCharlton )
@IllinoisValleyMale 2 million brown people or 40 million brown people. This isn’t hard. Not voting gets us 40 million brown people with a deliberate policy re-settling tens of millions of nonwhites in the interior of the United States for the purposes of White genocide.

The Jews who trick people into not voting have pulled a masterful psyop because “your grandchildren gonna be brown.”

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( @Trouble_Man )

spoilerWhen a country's demographics
changes abruptly in the span of 2
If the country was originally brown:
this is ethnic cleansing/genocide
If the country was originally
white: desirable unavoidable
multiculturalization resulting
from progress

( @MarkLuth1 )
@Trouble_Man It’s our nation. Not the JWOs or third worlders! We built it.

( @HeroicSpud )
Only Israel is allowed their ethno-state.

( @1488Mussolini )
@Trouble_Man ....and never forget (((who))) you have to thank fir that...👇

( @BostonPaul )
@Trouble_Man has their ever been a stronger nation/empire as easily conquered as the USA was?

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
We need to restore election integrity.
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar


( @RoK77 )
@DrPaulGosar I would predict that upon the first televised public hanging
the speed of vote counting and accuracy would miraculously accelerate

( @Vegasmar6 )
@DrPaulGosar Ever since this insane country elected Hussein the fraud and Biden this shit started. I’ve been voting since 1976 and only once was there a problem in 2000 with Bush/Gore hanging chad! One day to vote in person with ID.

( @Chesterfield444 )
@DrPaulGosar counting the votes only took days after Election Day once they started to lose

( @thesadshow )
@DrPaulGosar Election integrity is restored with a revolution, not with another vote.

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( @McKennzo )
Conspiracy theorists are right about the voting machines just like they were right about the vaccine and pretty much everything else.

( @DoNotTellMeWhatToBelieve )

spoilerI no longer identify
as a "Conspiracy
You can now refer
to me as
"That Fucker that
was right all along."

( @Stevubert )
@McKennzo The words conspiracy theory and antisemitism are synonymous with The word truth

( @Begood )
But we're not "Conspiracy theorists ". That's an outdated fake psyop term. People who know the truth about things the bad guys want hidden, are simply researchers and rational thinkers.

( @Chicagogrl )
@Begood @McKennzo But I like to embrace the term Conspiracy Theorist. They want to make it seem like a bad thing to question the narrative. Let's embrace the term. Like we embraced the term deplorables. They can't sully us if we laugh in their faces.
Proud Conspiracy Theorist who questions everything.
When they come up with bogus conspiracy theories, we can debunk them too.
They think they debunk us just by saying, "Oh, that's been debunked."
But conspiracy theorists present evidence and dank arguments.

( @mathieucossettefreespeech )
@McKennzo I do not like when they refer to conspiracy theorists for uncovering the truth! We are journalists or truth warriors!

( @DarkStardust )
@McKennzo Firmly established fact is no longer considered to be theory.
The conspiracy is real, and applies everywhere.

( @MoonMan01 )
@McKennzo Well if we're right about those things then maybe, just maybe, we are right about the Holohoax.

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( @TommyRobinsonOfficial )
Anna Paulina Luna (R) wins her race in Florida's 13th Congressional District in first Republican flip of the night.

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@TommyRobinsonOfficial Oh great, another whore.

( @FabriceSchrkrortzt )
@TrueBonnieBlue But with guns, so she's a Republican!

( @brightwrite )
@TrueBonnieBlue @TommyRobinsonOfficial She's a machine installed RINO but a flipped seat is still a step in the right direction.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@brightwrite I don't know what direction you think you're being led because left or right they are both on the same path to a Jew World Order hell on earth.

@TrueBonnieBlue @TommyRobinsonOfficial

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@brightwrite @TommyRobinsonOfficial We have an antiwhite uniparty in this country and every other once-great White country. No matter who's in power, we continue toward the racial demographic cliff.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@TrueBonnieBlue Another controlled opposition ZOG whore, just like 👉@TommyRobinsonOfficial

( @RyanMessano1 )

You and her are both Zionist Republicans, owned by Jew bankers, lock, stock, and barrel.

Another win for MIGA (Make Israel Great Again)

( @Roxygirl800 )
@RyanMessano1 @TommyRobinsonOfficial I believe she also has jewish roots, what a surprise

( @Shturmovik )
@TommyRobinsonOfficial Why are there so many “rightwing” females taking over?

What controlled opposition bullshit is this?

( @GayleGergich )
@Shturmovik @TommyRobinsonOfficial and why are they all Mexican?

( @Shturmovik )
@GayleGergich @TommyRobinsonOfficial Controlled opposition, humiliation via female leadership, racial replacements and a zero percent chance of going rogue to the masters.


( @Julius_Caesar_Reigns )
@TommyRobinsonOfficial Gotta love all the simps who think this represents anything other than total cringe. She should be at home tending to her children and leaving this work to men.

( @PRUST )
@Julius_Caesar_Reigns *at home in Mexico


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( @Disspat )

spoilerKnow how I know this is fraud?
You don't win elections when gas
is $5, inflation is at a 40 year high,
and you want to chop kids body
parts off...


ever since the 2020 election was stolen I have been advocating that voting is NOT the answer to eliminate what is happening in our country. Lying, cheating, deceving, unconverted sinners are in control of these USA Territories, like rats carrying diseases and there is an investation........ they are eliminated by killing them. I am not advocating we fight them because we loose an election but because they are destroying our Republic , our freedoms and liberites.


( @tracythemighty )
@Disspat Or more Americans have chosen evil…just sayin’ 🤷‍♀️

( @Graphix )
@Disspat exactly. If 80% of the country is pissed at Biden, the democrats, and their covid, economic and crime disasters over the past two years that there's no possible way democrats "won" anything. THEY STOLE IT again.

( @fdwmale )
I don't want to believe most people are that stupid, but a solid 50%-90% (depending on which floor) of the people I work with are that stupid. And they are very proud of it.

Elections are obviously utterly corrupt. People are obviously really fucking stupid. It's an embrace the power of "and" moment. Also means that we all need our own place and self-government. I don't want to meet these corrupt idiots on a middle ground.

( @Grendahl )
@Disspat you do when Jews can buy and trade politicians the same way they buy and sell everything else, including the sale and rape of children at Epstein island

( @ScottVomit )
@Disspat yeah but you do when 99.9% of Conservatives are spineless faggots who wont do what is necessary to take America back R.I.P. USA

( @RobertBurrows )
They did it again. I for one have had enough. We need to organize the shooting war. Fuck the info war that's CRAP!!!!!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
There are some self-proclaimed Nationalists and White Nationalists that are promoting the idea of Europe and America falling under the rule of China.

They claim "White people would be treated far better under the Chinese Communist Party than under their current governments".

But these alleged Nationalists never once suggest that maybe, just maybe, White people would be best ruled by their own people. They present the false dichotomy "It's either Biden or China, you pick".

Anyone who tells you that White people should accept non-white rule is a subversive infiltrator. They're anti-White race traitors.

No one should ever rule over White people but White people. And not only White people in general, but specifically pro-White people.

( @UniversalDelirium )
@Nature_and_Race I'd honestly rather die than be ruled over by more human insects.

( @BrianBoro )
@Nature_and_Race guess those "Whites" never seen what the chinks do to dogs.

( @Sneaky_Bushf0x )
@Nature_and_Race it's simple, if you're White, never trust a non-White ruler and/or leader. Your intrests will simply be overlooked, every time this is especially true of the jews as we know, but applies equally to all other non-Whites just the same.

( @DSWilliams702 )
@Nature_and_Race Chinese people are animals. Disgusting pigs. Imagine anyone saying that we, who have always been compassionate and noble, often to our own ruin, should be ruled over by people who FORCE aborted 500 million of their own children....people who if a child is run over in the street will let the child lay there and get run over again and not help it because of their Godless, soulless policies.

( @DrPhate )
@Nature_and_Race White people need their own land. It was supposed to be America but the jew subverted that. Building on the lessons learned, a land for White people and only White people. No jews who will suddenly shapeshift White. And and anyone who starts preaching to let in mud and jews goes over the wall.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @PaxChristus )
People are trying to blame Trump for the poor GOP performance the last few years, but it's not even that. The reality is this - America has been heading in an extremely liberal direction for over 60 years. Our universities, media stations, and culture-creating outlets are something like 80% liberal, and even the self-identifying 'conservatives' in positions of power are old-style liberals.

The online right temporarily stopped this liberal shift in 2014-16 by blasting the truth into people's ears with the power of social media, but eventually got kneecapped with censorship.

I will re-iterate a core message of my work - we only change this with our own censorship and fundamentally changing America's institutions.

( @ZeezNuz )
@PaxChristus Um, claiming election fraud, doing nothing about it, and then asking for votes again certainly did NOT help. You can't scream the system is broken, not fix it, and ask people to participate in the system.

( @meanmark )
@PaxChristus Yeah, they played the long game by indoctrinating all the college students, and those people are now CEO's, teachers, doctors, scientists... It's only a matter of time before the commies control it all.

( @ILA1776 )
@meanmark @PaxChristus Agree. It is what the communist Chinese did to take control of China. They used clueless college kids and organized them. And the college kids were the ones who helped the communists turn the people into drones. Same thing is happening in America. our own kids are being used through the teaching of communist college professors to run America into the ground. Those kids will not understand what they have done until everyone becomes slaves of the communist elite.

( @Ge8sabb )
@PaxChristus democrats aren't winning. They are cheating. Wake up.

( @Johann_Sebastian )
@PaxChristus I'm surprised more Americans - across the nation - don't see the potential importance of Texit. That's the last resort if voting is hopelessly corrupt. Texas has the constitutional provisions to lead an exodus other states could join.

Even the strongest among us have difficulty recognizing how depraved the Democratic party and media have become. Zero conscience.

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
Looks like Frank Luntz’s stupid polls and messaging advice telling every GOP candidate to talk about nothing but the economy and high taxes didn’t land as well as McConnell expected it to.

Tackling social issues like immigration, anti-White racism, Vaccine Mandates, and the sexualizing of children motivates the base and wins elections.

A big wake up call for these Establishment hacks.

( @gre81 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Amazing how no one talked about the issues that matter

( @joe_norte )
@gre81 @LaurenWitzkeDE Because when we talk about the issues that matter we end up with

"It's the fucking jews"

( @TheRealN8errific1 )
It won’t be a wake up for them. They know what they are doing. The government is an AntiWhite Uniparty. Injection mandates, demonizing childrens natural identity and forcing them to embrace destructive, abnormal, and fake identities, any immigration are all tools of AntiWhitism.

( @Rightwinger1492 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE not doing anything about vote fraud doesn’t help either.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @Cynthia_Holt )
Notice how Florida magically became a deep red state after DeSantis banned Zuckerbucks, started arresting people for election fraud, and enacted safe guards.

Most of the country is actually deep red and we all know it.

( @Jhapster )
@Cynthia_Holt I agree that Fetterman and Hobs are the most suspicious for fraud but there are a bunch of 51% wins for the NWO deep state, I'm just not buying that abortion outweighed the laundry list of Biden regime disasters we live with. The y used the narrowest of margins to make it look plausible. The SCOTUS deliberately gave the leftist this issue to rally with, it's all they had, SCOTUS is in the NWO bag...

( @PatriotM1A777 )
@Jhapster @Cynthia_Holt @PatriotM1A 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇺🇸 @PatriotM1A777

Bearing False Witness is the Left’s Bread and Butter!!!


( @ZeezNuz )
@Jhapster @Cynthia_Holt Yep, yep. The nasty fake Christian judges that Trump put in made sure to make a abortion as issue before midterms.
The machines did a nice little even divide with numbers.
They've successfully locked up Congress for the next 2 years.

( @Engineerfortruth )
@Cynthia_Holt exactly, we are only getting strange results in states that have abondoned transparent elections.

( @vampire505 )
@Engineerfortruth @Cynthia_Holt Getting the same results from those states that cheating was high in the 2020 election. Voters should have demanded a change in the way they vote and call out those in the government who didn't allow it. Call out the poll workers by name who wouldn't allow correct voting procedures to happen in Republican base areas.

( @Retro_Fan )
@Cynthia_Holt thats why they cheat the votes so close, almost 50-50, because they want people to think at least half the country hates the other half. when in fact, it's most likely 75% right wing at this point.

( @aprilmay5877 )
@Cynthia_Holt Florida is red because theres no cheating allowed. Thats what happens when the real (and only real) votes are counted. The peoples voice .

( @Texplorable )
@Cynthia_Holt It's almost like draining the swamp actually requires that you have to take some action rather than just running around talking about it. Whoda thunk it?

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @Rasmussen_poll )

spoilerSo hacking these machines was "impossible" in 2020
when Biden won.
However, now that the Democrats are about to get
their butts kicked, it's magically possible for these
machines to be hacked & manipulated.
Got it.
Thanks for inadvertently confirming 2020 was rigged.

( @ChampKindSports )
@Rasmussen_poll the humiliation ritual will be when Dems actually put people in jail for it and most likely in short order and reclaim their seats where GOP did nothing for 2 years

( @sherrymarie70 )
@Rasmussen_poll Let's not forget that they said the machines were hackable in 2016 when Trump won.

( @brandoncobb )
@Rasmussen_poll I still say that there is no way Biden got mor votes than Obama. Obama had 95% of the black vote.
I’ve been calling bullshit and I’m still calling bullshit!

@Rasmussen_poll stop the cheating cheater abortion monger monster of inflation... remenber what biden did in Afganistan or ukraine .. democRats destroy countries

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Stanleymitchell90 )
I don’t want to sound anti-Semitic but maybe having our country ruled by people who want our genocide isn’t the best system.

( @CN32 )
@Stanleymitchell90 Jews are doing to the world what they did to Russia after WWI, what they did to Germany in the 20s until those 'evil Germans' stood up to them.

( @RageNFreedom )
@Stanleymitchell90 I don't want to sound antisemitic, but maybe we should stop buying their shit, watching their shit, and find a way to bank without them, and once they're broke, round them up and send them to their sand holes. That's just me though 🤷‍♂️

( @Based_Honkler )
@Stanleymitchell90 I don't want to sound antisemitic, but maybe having them in our country or Western Civilization at all is a really bad idea.

Siberia maybe?

( @Wondering_American )
@Stanleymitchell90 I'm pro American, that means I'm anti Talmudic people

( @PizzaJohns )
@Stanleymitchell90 until you are proud to be anti semitic, you're part of the problem

( @Jagdpanzer )
The amount of people that read this and didn't realize it was facetious, and that this dude gives zero shits if people call him "anti-Semitic"... lol


( @Grendahl )
@Stanleymitchell90 we also need to reject Jew mercantilism. American free enterprise was the peaceful solution the aggression and piracy of Jewish mercantilism

(corrected appreciatively)

( @Libzhaverabies )
@Stanleymitchell90 let’s make AMERICA 110

( @Trop68 )
@Libzhaverabies @Stanleymitchell90 112. They were expelled from a region in Guatemala a few years ago and they were expelled from Yemen more recently. They should be expelled from every White country.

( @Libzhaverabies )
@Trop68 @Stanleymitchell90 I’m good with 112😆

( @mostdefinitelyprobable )
@Stanleymitchell90 I'll be antisemitic for you!

Kabbalah is born of Satan!

( @robert1978bp )
@Stanleymitchell90 It's ok to be anti-semitic

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @MorpheusMAGA )

spoilerI'm not going to forget all of the
politicians, media figures,
celebrities, and everyday people
who supported and advocated for
the firing of thousands of
hardworking, decent people, and
who fomented discrimination and
segregation against those who
refused an injection.

( @MrsLiberty48 )
@MorpheusMAGA Even relatives who condemned you and called you “selfish“ when you tried to inform them that this jab was poison…our relationship is OVER! 🤨

( @Kathys212 )

( @Mr_Common_Sense )

( @TonyGFunderburk )
@MorpheusMAGA -NO AMNESTY, Nuremburg 2.0

@MorpheusMAGA The Hangings will Go On For Years !

( @Anti_Christ )
@MorpheusMAGA forced consent to rape by a needle with unknown potential toxins

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gab.com

( @MrJoePrich )
Are you prepared to storm the counting centers when/if they lock you out this time??

Will you again begrudgingly accept results you KNOW are fraudulent?!

You're never getting your country back, until you're willing to go farther and fight harder than the people that stole it from you

( @felis_concolor )
@MrJoePrich Go further than they can possibly imagine: make them wish you were only the monsters they make you out to be.

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - Isaac Asimov
"You're absolutely right: the competent don't wait that long." - Jerry Pournelle

( @Captian_Nemo )
@felis_concolor @MrJoePrich (((Isaac Asimov)))

( @1488Mussolini )
@MrJoePrich ...and that's gonna take a lot more than elections even if they're fair because we still have a UNI-PARTY, and we still have a firmly ensconced DEEP STATE.....👇

( @mprem777P )
@1488Mussolini @MrJoePrich are blood drinking child violators and cannibals civilized? there is only one solution... they are no longer human, if they ever were... they are evil

( @Bradypats12 )
@MrJoePrich No one will do shit until they’re staring at empty cupboards and hungry children.
“Only when we have nothing are we free to do anything.” -Tyler Durden

( @Gbimmer )
@Bradypats12 @MrJoePrich give it about 3-4 weeks. As soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers run out...

( @GE15 )
@MrJoePrich Joe, they are going to cheat, specifically in the Senate votes.

We should have at least a 54 - 46 advantage in the Senate and 40 plus gain of seats in the Congress. Somehow, they will brake 50 - 50 again.

It should not even be close.

They already cheated and did not get caught and they have nothing to lose.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Someone should get some cards printed up just for the Salvation Army buckets.

Have them say something like "I'm White. Sorry, not sorry" or "I will never apologize for being White".

Seeing as they said all White people need to apologize for their alleged "White privilege".

( @weigandvolk )
@Nature_and_Race Same thing with John Deere tractors. They gave millions and millions of dollars to BLM and the ADL. When is the last time you saw some black or Jew wearing a John Deere hat or driving a John Deere tractor plowing a field? 🙄

( @Scipio-Africanus )
@Nature_and_Race I tried that last year. The negress was watching the bucket closely and physically blocked me from dropping my card.

( @AngryWASP )
@Nature_and_Race I stopped my donations to Salvation Army when they decided to go Woke, jump on the anti-White movement and heard they've lost a lot of money!! Maybe someday they should make a movie (A Day Without White People) and see what it would be like for America (LOL)!!

( @SFGM )
@Nature_and_Race I printed and handed these out last year:


( @BGKB )
@Nature_and_Race "Someone should get some cards printed up just for the Salvation Army buckets.

Have them say something like "I'm White. Sorry, not sorry""

Left pic is what we posted last year. Shitlibs used to put in the ones on the right

( @Alien79 )
@Nature_and_Race Help only White People in your communities this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

( @quietus_mt )
I'll drop in some "It's Okay to be White" slips. Maybe I should make them up like ten dollar bills. 😀

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Nature_and_Race Another thing to do is to shame the person collecting for them, tell them they are complicit in anti-White hate and White genocide.

( @YiddishGypsies )
@Nature_and_Race As a courtesy, please, stop feeding the subsaharran african cannibals, thank you very much!

various commenters #wingnut #quack #racist gab.com

( @USCenturion )
I have no interest in listening to any politician who doesn't have the courage to mention how children are getting myocarditis from the covid shot.

( @Curtiss )
@USCenturion President Clot Shot refuses to admit there's a problem,
or "Shut It Down" The Goyim know Donnie Boy

( @pysek )
@USCenturion same but add that 2020 was stolen as well.

Every elected official from 2020 is complicit at the least by their silence.

( @EuropeanLuvesMatter )
@USCenturion i want explicit pro-white politicians, who speak against White Replacement and anti-white hate

( @Calipatriot8973 )
@USCenturion I have no interest in listening to any politician who doesn’t stand up for white people and condemn the jews flooding our countries to replace us.

( @DarenFromDelaware )

It's not just that brother, it's everything. They don't care about ANYTHING America or American, they definitely do Not care about anything White people..

( @Vonzander )
@USCenturion Well, here's the problem....

99% of Republicans went all in on the grift/hoax/Genocide shot...

So as much as we want the GOP to pretend they will hold people accountable, they absolutely wont...

Because anyone they throw under the bus...

Will name, names....

And guess which names will come up first?

( @SenHid )
@USCenturion And politicians who still won't mention their White voter base.

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia #homophobia gab.com

( @JohnVanderSchuit )
Was just suspended by Twitter algorithm about 10 seconds after saying "trans is mental illness"


( @Monoxoi )
@JohnVanderSchuit "Trans" is big business. Our USA fake doctors need more victims. Fools borrow 100,000's of dollars for surgeries they will regret. Then the victims become lifelong Big Pharma customers. USA "medicine" is a nonstop ripoff. We're the laughing stock of the civilized world.

( @MrFairdinkum )
You are right 100%

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@MrFairdinkum @JohnVanderSchuit It feels so free to be on Gab! Trannies are autogynephiliacs and there are only two genders!

( @Possumslurpie )
@JohnVanderSchuit Holy WOW! You got suspended for telling the TRUTH! That has become all too common these days since communists hate the truth.

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@Possumslurpie @JohnVanderSchuit We need to bring back mental institutions!

( @Possumslurpie )
@Lycaenops_Angusticeps @JohnVanderSchuit Amen, we have to have a place to house all the democrats.

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@Possumslurpie @JohnVanderSchuit Lock them all up and throw away the key!

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@JohnVanderSchuit I also got banned by calling trannies mentally ill. Kind of a badge of honor at this point!

( @FactoryDan )
@JohnVanderSchuit Hopefully that will be resolved soon. Trans is a mental Illness trying to push their agenda on our children.

( @AztecuahnayaM )
@JohnVanderSchuit Hmm.

Trans is a mental illness.

( @CholoatePoodle )
@JohnVanderSchuit So is Homosexuality

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Defending democracy is not having elections where mail-in ballots are still counted weeks after Election Day.

Or using hackable voting machines & when they break, new voting rules are made but voters (that pay for it) aren’t allowed to say anything.

That’s destroying democracy.

( @Prehistoric )
@repmtg. Why do you people keep saying democracy. It's the lefts word .how about you call America what it is , it's a Republic just say defending our Republic. it isn't that hard .

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Prehistoric It sure seems like "democracy" to these lying thieving UNITED STATES Inc. tools of the jew is just code for communism which is code for judasim. @repmtg

( @Unakceptabke_views )

( @Rakchazak33 )
@repmtg WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!!!!

( @Weosys )
@repmtg could you please try to remember we have a constitutional republic, not a true democracy. For hthe reason that a true republic usually crumbles into a dictatorship. Saying democracy repeatedly is what the democrats want to skew the general populations understanding of our government.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Weosys So you still haven't figured out yet that there is no democrat vs republican and that they both work for the same commie jew gangster banksters? @repmtg

( @Weosys )
@RealAnnyIrish @repmtg the core of this is the army of Satan. IT appears in many forms. The spiritual battle is real. Few can accept that fact. Just getting people to understand the basics of the framework we are supposed to have is essential to getting them to see how that has been perverted. Few can jump to the end successfully. Education to understanding is to the only way to organize a group that has any real strength.

( @TheEarlofDesmond )
@repmtg wtf kind of politician uses the other sides phony catch phrase? We live in a constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Democracy is what the democrats harp on... Why? Because any communist country can call itself a democratic peoples republic of.... This is what we are fighting. A complete change of the nation, to the left, for the worst. It must be stopped

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @PNN )

( @phlfie )
@PNN Everyone involved in the plandemic must be publicly executed for crimes against humanity along with all their co-conspirators!!!

( @TheLastRealMan )
@PNN Anyone who prides himself on compliance is an automatic fail on the Milgram test.

( @Dreamaholic )
@PNN I have yet to meet any vaxxers who have said anything like that. The ones I know are still arrogant pricks.

( @Abel_T )
@Dreamaholic @PNN - Yeah, agree. Even the ones who privately know they fell for it and took the kill shot and fully endorsed the authoritarian insanity, still can't look you in the eye.

They know innately that what they did was wrong, but they just can't bring themselves to admit to it.

Frankly, at this stage, I don't give a rat's arse what they think or do. I've completely disconnected from them over the last couple of years, including many friends and family, and I'm not going back. They showed their true colours, and I know I can never trust them again.

( @John_Madison )
@PNN I have no sympathy for any of the idiots that took the govt poison, and that includes my brother who's in a nursing home and my dead uncle. Both were warned and both listened to fox jews.

( @gthousandaire )
@PNN Ain't that the truth. My rat-bastard neighbor and former "amigo" tried to get the county to force me to comply with the vaccine mandate by ratting me out to them. When that didn't happen, he told people in the small community where I live that I was a "super spreader."
Now he's on, what? shot number 6 or 7? booster number 4? ...and the monkeypox shot because he's such a miserable faggot. WTF.

( @Bertadude41 )
@PNN leftys only actually humane when they feel weak. Never forget. Ask yourself where would unvaxxed be if we let them. That answer is scary as fuck.

( @253 )
@Bertadude41 @PNN history pretty much shows what would have happened and may still happen. They will murder as many bad thinkers as their blood lust allows and establish labor camps for the rest.

they can't be given amnesty, pardoned or excused. The kind of people that are still doing this are worse than cancer to the world.

various commenters #wingnut #quack #conspiracy gab.com

( @mconti77 )


( @jofortruth )

( @1Bird122691 )
@mconti77 I am living proof ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine work.

( @bigrig640 )
@mconti77 spray them down with hydrochloric acid

( @SeaJams )
@mconti77 And hydroxychloroquine.

( @Kelles )
@mconti77 all going to face trial for crimes against humanity

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( @WallStreetSilverOfficial )
get rekt

spoilerBREAKING: As the new Twitter Blue is
rolling out, some users are upset
When selecting your "sex" option in
the profile it only has "male, female, &
If a user selects "other
mental help" pop-up box appears &
the app makes them "auto-follow"

( @CoffeeObsessed )
@WallStreetSilverOfficial Well, I kind of doubt it’s true because Elon has a trans kid. But I’ve never been on Twitter.

( @jimdingo )

( @goneflat )
@WallStreetSilverOfficial I don't care what anyone else thinks - I grew up on a farm, and there were 'bulls and cows' (steers if the bulls were neutered, but they still weren't 'cows') and 'roosters and hens' and 'stallions and mares'... 'men and women', 'girls and boys'. It all worked out fine. Luckily we knew which was which and didn't try milking the bull.

( @Free_Talk )
@WallStreetSilverOfficial God made Man, then he made Woman. Those claiming to be something they are not, are victims of evil, they allowed evil into their lives and now they are guided by evil, how else could they be so blind to the truth, and so convinced they are what they are not.

( @orynx )
@WallStreetSilverOfficial Well, at least they are being honest about that. There ARE only two sexes. Anything else is just mental illness.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @RealSixMillion )
In other news, Kanye West and basketball superstar Kyrie Irving learned black lives matter less than Jewish feelings.

( @reneleea )
@RealSixMillion Wait until the Black community learns they were used like the Kamikaze pilots. There was no gain for the Blacks in all their BLM riots, they all lost and were played as pawns.

( @Macbell102 )
@reneleea @RealSixMillion it’s not just the jew, it’s also their own kind!

( @brextremist )
@RealSixMillion Sorry niggers, but jews are at the top of the victim hierarchy. You only come second.

( @HonklerBear )
@brextremist @RealSixMillion There is no 2nd.
There is a brownish sludge who hates Whitey serving the jew.

( @Mierscourt )

@RealSixMillion Maybe they should relocate to Africa and take all of their admirers with them.

( @Emmee83 )
@RealSixMillion It should be noted you can rape, murder, steal, loot and be an all around worthless human (George Floyd?) and your life will matter. However, if you step out of line and “say the wrong thing” it won’t.

( @FastCarsandBigGuns )

( @TakeTheTicket )
@RealSixMillion No. They learned that their fortune and fame was created by Jews. As soon as they pissed them off they tried to take it away. One plays a children's game for a living and the other makes shitty music that isn't music.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #fundie #racist gab.com

( Marjorie Taylor Greene )

spoilerJoin me in prayer to
end abortion in

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@RealMarjorieGreene how about you actually name the tribe promoting all this anti White rhetoric?

OH WAIT that's right you belong to that tribe so you never will

kikes like you are filth

( @Broadlick )
@bobthebuilder123 @RealMarjorieGreene but it's a jewish women's religious right! How dare you take away their satanic child sacrifice rituals!!!

( @DigitalYankee )
@RealMarjorieGreene Listen, Marjorie... It's a part of the Jewish agenda. It will never end so long as they have power.

The longer you side with Jews, the more babies that are going to continue being slaughtered.

( @brextremist )
@RealMarjorieGreene I will pray to end niggers and jews in America.

( @K_Hard_R_Jo )
@brextremist @RealMarjorieGreene all non Whites. Our most prevalent invaders are south of the border.

( @14W )
@RealMarjorieGreene Let's end antiwhitism too. You should be brave enough to say so.

( @LordHumungus )
@RealMarjorieGreene Only of White babies. I am pro-life except in the cases of rape, incest, retardation, race mixing, and muds.

If it’s White, it’s alright.
If it’s brown, flush it down.

( @lllll__ll_lll_lllllll_ll_llll )
@LordHumungus @RealMarjorieGreene And exactly what is wrong with a White child who is the product of rape or incest? NOTHING!!!

( @Vaxless90 )
@RealMarjorieGreene we can start by sending all the Jews back to Israel and cutting ties with them…

( @BatKun )
@RealMarjorieGreene Yaaaay, let's welcome 50 more million NIGGERS in US

( @Sticky25 )
@RealMarjorieGreene for sure just name the evil doing it

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @GSauce111 )
As per usual, it’s “antisemitic” and “hate,” but they never try to refute it

spoilerJewish students at the U. of Tennessee
Chattanooga (@UTChattanooga) woke up
today to find these vile antisemitic flyers
posted on campus
This is the EXACT hateful rhetoric that
Kyrie Irving help spread when promoting
the film "Hebrew to Negros: Wake Up
Black America"
At the height of
American slavery,
78% of slave owners
were ethnic jcws
40% of the jewish population
were slave owners,
while only 0.35% of white Americans
owned slaves

( @RockyBasterd )
@GSauce111 They never call us "liars", only call us "anti-semites"...
What does that tell you?

( @Honkiavelli )
@GSauce111 just wait until they find out how much the Sephardic jews were invested in the Barbary slave trade. They ran the sales and ransom demands from Algiers and Livorno Italy. They owned the means of transportation, the markets, the inventory and banking/exchange behind this industry. Then they tried to put it all on the Muslims and blame them.... The more one knows...

( @jbwilson24 )
@Honkiavelli @GSauce111 indeed. There are statues up to honor Sephardic slave traders in west Africa. Crickets from the mainstream Jewish press about all of this.

( @WilliamKoenig )
@GSauce111 Kanye seems to think "antisemitic" means "nigger", but most of the time what it means is "noticing an inconvenient truth".

( @Peepsight )
@GSauce111 Just wait till everybody understands Holocaust deaths are highly exaggerated

( @GSauce111 )
@Peepsight “Exaggerated” is being more generous than I would be😬

( @Plastic_Banana )
"Vile" to point out Jewish involvement in black slavery but not "vile" to constantly blame whites for slavery.

How did we get to a point of such double standards? And how do we stop the double standards?

( @CaptainMagenta )
@GSauce111 If the statistic is true how is it in any conceivable way racist? The Jew liars are being found out.

( @3Westies )
@GSauce111 Funny thing is most jews in the U.S. aren’t semitic; they’re ashkenazics descended from the sadistic, thieving, bloodthirsty khazarians. (((They))) would rather have you believe (((they’re))) semites.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
It shouldn't take days or weeks to count all legal votes in an election. It should take one day, and one day is all it took until very recently.

Do not let the Left gaslight you into forgetting when our country's elections were normal and fair.

@DrPaulGosar 👆👆👆
It DOES take days , or weeks , to COUNT ballots , when you intend to CHEAT .
And this is what the MARXIST
( Democrat ) party does .

( @bigrig640 )
@STEVEKESPO @DrPaulGosar bolshevik bastards. Filious nulious

( @Zander9899 )
@DrPaulGosar If you've figured out that 81,284,000 votes for Biden was mathematically impossible

Wait until you hear about the truth about the "Six Million" (for which we've all paid billions per year for 75 years....)

( @odysseus64 )
@Zander9899 @DrPaulGosar The smoking gun. Thanks.

( @Mojave_MGTOW )
@DrPaulGosar Well of course it is going to take many days to count the votes. The Democrats need to know how many fraudulent votes they need to enter into the system to flip the election results. That's how it works, especially in Phoenix, to flip the state from red to blue.

( @BenDown )
@DrPaulGosar You sir are correct, it DOES only take one day to count all LEGAL votes.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Jews: "Jewish control of the Federal Reserve is an anti-Semitic myth"

Also Jews: *brags about how Jews founded and run the Federal Reserve*

For those who don't know, the Federal Reserve bank is what controls almost all of the entire world's wealth. It's the single-most powerful institution on the planet, and the root of almost all of the world's evil.

( @FFG22 )
@Nature_and_Race End the “fed”, screw the Jew!

( @Professional_Noticer )
@Nature_and_Race only lazy low IQ fools believe Jewish control over the fed is a myth. It literally only takes a few seconds to look up who's been heading it since it's inception. I just want to shake them incessantly until they wake up!

( @David_Watson )
@Nature_and_Race The "Federal" Reserve is just a front organization for the Rothschild Dynasty.

( @Littletoad2020 )

( @xmax65 )
@Nature_and_Race You can be a massive anti-Islam bigot, but don't you dare whisper a negative word about Judaism.

( @rotifer1066 )
@xmax65 @Nature_and_Race
The Zionists did to Muslims what they do to kids in Western countries, just different specifics.
Indoctrinating younger generations into violent terrorist activities through wahhabism,
Like Western kids are indoctrinated with Marxism and Antifa/blm groups.
Then the Rothschild Zionist mafia and Israel uses the young islamist terrorists to destabilize countries so Israel can take them over and plunder them and kill their people.
And America pays for all of it!
Then the Zionist media tells Americans Muslim bad, while ZIONISTS destroy America.
The American military is still being used by the Zionists in the Middle East.
No one seems to wake up

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Russians sure love their Jewish Bolshevik Communist heroes.

Yet again, Russia erects statue of Vladimir Lenin, the first President of the Judeo-Bolshevik government (which gained power by violently slaughtering native Russians), in Ukraine.

Was this the purpose of their invasion all along, to spread Bolshevik Communism beyond Russian borders?

( @NSSAP )
@Nature_and_Race -- Judeo–Bolshevism has never really left Russia. It remains alive, both physically, and in spirit. It is an unfortunate fact, but that's Russia's identity.

( @VanCleef )
A Russian dissident once wrote that the ideology of the average Russian is that of the Staliban, a weird an aberrant hybrid of marxism and orthodoxy. The russian is truly a bizarre animal.

Despite of having been ruthlessly culled by jewish marxist psychopaths they jack off to their soviet past because of its militaristic goose stepping while “espousing” orthodoxy. They even simp for National Socialism while fighting it at the same time, they promote eurasianism etc. They’re just like the kookaburra bird, you can’t make them out.

( @Maverick042089 )
@Nature_and_Race If only 'Barbarossa' had succeeded. All that Bolshie excrement would.ve been relegated to 'the dustbin of history'. never to threaten the world again

( @Might_Is_Right )
@Nature_and_Race this is a big reason why I've supported Ukraine over Russia since the beginning. I still don't understand why it seems like the majority of WNs on here seem to favour Russia over Ukraine.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
The real extremists are those supporting puberty blockers and cutting off the genitals of children.

We must pass my Protect Children’s Innocence Act and just let kids be kids.

( @funbobby51 )


( @The_Nose )
@repmtg The real extremists are the jewish supremacists mutilating baby dicks and then sucking them.


( @ReneeRose )
@repmtg The first step to make kids believe they're not the sex they were born with takes flat-out child abuse. If a teacher tries to tell children that they may not be the sex they were born with, that teacher needs jail time. This ALL starts with child abuse. I don't think how much people realize how screwed up Jazz Jennings (TLC trans w/her own show) truly is. A perfect example of parents allowing this to happen before the age of 18.

( @titus310always )
@ReneeRose @repmtg A jew who was Harvard educated. Jazz is a gender dysphoric who wants you to believe this is the new normal.

( @Rikhan531 )
@titus310always @ReneeRose @repmtg If a person is so confused about reality that what is or isn't between their legs, or that it can be changed they need an Asylum with a rubber room.

( @Dexter_S_Huntsman )
@repmtg unless you cowards name the jew and stop the routine mutilation of boy s dicks at birth you will never be able to stop the jew from going ever further with it's perversions.

( @MasonCutlip )

( @Kidbrightwillow )

This claim is 100% factual.

Neither surgery not drugs can change the chromosomes you had at birth.

Surgically removing genitals or administering drugs to block naturally occurring hormones is child mutilation & the medical professional is making big bucks off these repugnant procedures.

variuos commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @MrJoePrich )
Full on open war between blacks and jews on twitter rn

"Free Kyrie Iriving" is trending and it's just an endless torrent of tweets about who owned the slave ships and what Micheal Jackson meant when he said "jew me sue me" etc

The golem has broken completely free of the leash and is now stalking the grounds hunting Master

Highly amusing to observe

( @DevonReyob )

(@Northern_Star )
@DevonReyob Who needs niggers? Nobody @MrJoePrich

( @Hangman88 )
@MrJoePrich Ex-NFL player mentioned the holohoax too


( @Northern_Star )
@Hangman88 All this proves is that the Jews are willing to allow niggers to get away with a lot more than everyone else because they don't ultimately perceive those dumb monkey animals as posing a legitimate threat to their agenda. And the Jews are correct as niggers are incapable of organizing against their tribe and only capable of indiscriminately attacking white people. @MrJoePrich

( @Warlord11 )
@MrJoePrich recent figures estimate that the use of the word “nigger” has increased among jews by 10,000%

( @jimwinter78 )
@MrJoePrich it would be wise for some GAB boys who still have accounts to get in there and stir shit further. Especially the jew slave owner angle.

( @americanpunk )
@MrJoePrich Our enemies have done more to awake our people in the last two weeks than we have been able to in two decades + .

It is amazing to watch.

( @jbwilson24 )
@americanpunk @MrJoePrich It's always a little bit nuanced. The only protests I have heard of in Europe over anti-Christian art exhibitions (Piss Christ, etc) are by Muslims. Whites are passive, white Christians are perhaps the most passive of all.

( @Pratgioln )
@jbwilson24 @americanpunk @MrJoePrich Would love to see an art gallery display a masterpiece showing a menora submerged in a boiling bath of piss and shit.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
“Jews own the media” is a statement of fact.
It is not a value judgement.
It is not saying it is a bad or good thing.
It is merely a statement of fact.

If you think it is incorrect you can disagree and correct it. But that isn’t what jews and their defenders do. They don’t correct the statement because they can’t. Jews own the media

( @Dey )
@Apolitical . ..for the most part, jew's owning the media in American is a fact.
And being a fact that it constantly pumps out filth, perversion and lies, that makes it a bad thing - and that's a fact!

( @temulentpolyglot )
@Apolitical Our language has been so completely subverted that it takes a whiteboard and a dictionary to even begin a conversation about true nationalism with the uninitiated. Without a visual aid the topic is constantly constipated by wordthink and quibbling to the point where obvious facts are buried beneath pseudo-morality.

( @Servant_of_Christ )
@temulentpolyglot @Apolitical somebody should run as a national socialist. I'd vite for them if I were american.

( @WhiskeyBeer )
@temulentpolyglot @Apolitical I usually just say the forefathers had more in common with Adolf Hitler than current Republicans and would consider reps Liberal and treasonous. They still cant see how far they are from “patriots” but larpers.

( @The_Nose )

( @Preussen )

( @Seanlayne )
@Apolitical correct. The fact that just pointing it out as fact, regardless of you saying it’s good or bad, should be a red flag that they don’t want us to know or talk about it, so a healthy level of discernment should show they’re hiding it, therefore it must be bad.

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
Trump said from the beginning of his 2016 campaign that when he won, he would select conservative Supreme Court Justices to put an end to Roe V. Wade. It was an EXTREMELY bold move to make at the time and could have lost him his election.. BUT Trump held strong and kept his word. Now, millions of babies will get a chance at life.

DeSantis on the other hand, has a conservative majority in his state AND the support to go through with it, but STILL has not moved to ban the cruel and evil practice of abortion. This is either because he thinks it either could cost him the election, or he just doesn't see abortion as an important enough issue for him to stir up the controversy that it would bring.

True bravery isn't letting small businesses, schools, and churches stay open during a fake "pandemic"- that should be the standard. True bravery is staring Satan in the face and taking down his most sacred ritual knowing that he will spend the rest of your life trying to destroy you for it.

( @Solos42 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Still a Trump butt kisser?
Amazing, since Trump shut down America and pushed his untested miracle jabs on the population, people are injured, people died, including children

( @CleftCrusty )
@LaurenWitzkeDE This is a bad construction of events. Trump was indeed bold to overturn Roe, but as you know that is not equivalent to a ban on abortion. To get a ban, DeSantis needs the FL legislature to introduce a bill that will pass. What will pass in FL? A total ban is unlikely, but regardless, DeSantis would sign a stronger limitation if it reached his desk, no? The calculus isn’t saving face to get elected necessarily but it might help the abortion ban cause if by keeping abortion on the lowdown until after the midterms he may just get more conservative state reps elected.

See what happens in FL after the new state congress is seated.

( @ThinkOnThis )
@LaurenWitzkeDE I won't participate in a "who's prettier" competition between Trump and DeSantis. There is room for both. Both have done amazing things, both have had tremendous failures.

They're among the best this shambles of a party has to offer.

To properly quote the President, there are fine people on both sides.

@icycalm , @Paul4the2A & @Taranis1114 #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @icycalm )

spoilerWhite people have a simple choice to
1. Be conquered, enslaved, raped and
genocided while being called "racist".
2. Reclaim our nations and our dignity
while being called "racist".
It's that simple.

( @Paul4the2A )
@icycalm I only noticed this the last couple of years, but the anti white woke racism is somehow even MORE mean, vicious and nasty than pretty much any type of previous racism. Even your klansmen and skinheads will admit, if only grudgingly, that black people can fry the hell out of some chicken and play basketball like no other group and that asians are good at math. Its crazy how out of their way anti white racists will go to make everything the fault of the dreaded white man

( @Taranis1114 )
@Paul4the2A @icycalm Racism from Whites is usually more logical. There's a logical a reason behind it. The KKK, as an example, hunted down and killed blacks in the south because after the Civil War ended, blacks began causing lots of crime in the south, just like they do today. Wherever blacks are the majority population, crime always follows.
Most "anti-White racists" are just jews. They're the one group of people who have more racial hatred than any other group of people. And they condition other races to be just as anti-White through their mainstream media and education system.

( @Paul4the2A )
@Taranis1114 @icycalm I get what you are saying. You arent gonna have a bunch of white people arming up, getting ready for riots and crime when asians, eastern euros or, honestly hispanic and african immigrants move into the neighborhood the way you will when the area starts getting to be majority American black.. until 2020 I owned a brake and muffler shop in a predominately black neighborhood, and I kept a gun on my desk, in my toolbox and on my person. I sold out and moved to a small west Texas town thats about half white and half hispanic, and I dont even feel the need to carry. And whats a trip is that my wife and I get less stares and rude behavior here. according to the mainstream, a white man married to an African woman would be in danger here, right?