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The RELIGION of Atheism Explained

What if I told you there was a group of humans in the 21st century that still believe in miracles? 

They will tell you with a straight face ... they are enlightened and don’t believe fairy tales and myths. ...

... only in that which they can touch, taste, hear, smell and see. It must be measurable and quantifiable and testable, observable and repeatable. 

And their genesis story goes like this: In the beginning there was NOTHING!!!!!! And it blew up! 

… Nothing blew up once, and made everything. Atheists believe that inorganic non-living material can resurrect from the dead and become alive to begin to evolve and through struggle and difficulty become more advanced with the hope that someday we will live forever. They believe in morals coming from nature and instilling in us the need to be nice to each other and help each other even to our detriment in order to save the world and become enlightened beings whose good works will last eternally. They even believe there are other life forms out there that are always more advanced than us. Always more moral and altruistic. They will come here someday to teach us how to become saved from ourselves through their superior knowledge, wisdom and gifts to us where someday mankind will lie down with the lion and the lamb and all will be redeemed. 

... atheists have to mimic and counterfeit the reality that is God’s revelation to man and his salvation through His Son in order to make their belief system coherent, livable , purposeful and meaningful. 

Atheism is simply the religion of the proud who refuse to acknowledge their Creator, but manage to craft their own idols out of fantasy and wishful thinking all the while attacking and demeaning Christians who, though not perfect, do have the one thing they long for: The actual answer to the question they have no way to answer. 

Why are we here? 

Because your Creator said so. 

Maybe it’s time you abandon your fairy tale and join us, the water’s fine!



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