Monk of Failure #sexist #crackpot

[Hypocrisy] Holes don't care about their orgasm and show hypocrisy before non chad when it comes to orgasm.

Holes often complain about the issue of not getting orgasm, when they're in relationship with normie as girlfriend or with betacuck as wife and often cite it their reason for cheating or breakup. Interestingly, however, just 1 out of 10 f*males are able to orgasm in ONS(One Night Stands), nonetheless, they continue to do take part in countless ONS. If holes really care of orgasm and the so called "emotionally connected sex", why do they do engage in these ONS, when they evidently know they won't get orgasm and instead are more likely to get from masturbation? Holes actually don't care of their orgasm , as sex for them is to get Chad orgasm. That's enough. When they see naked normie or betacuck, it disgusts them and since they have to give sex to normie or betacuck for relationship once in a while, they think that sex as masturbation but in this masturbation they don't get orgasm due to the disgust.



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