Dean Saxton #sexist #psycho

My name is Brother Dean Saxton. You might have heard about me for telling campus harlots that they deserve to be raped. My message is simple: women are property. When a woman mouths off, a man needs to beat her senseless until she shuts up. And, when harlots engage in promiscuity and other sinful behaviors, they need to be corrected with rape. That's why I'm happy to declare that I have joined the new Philosophy of Rape movement. The Philosophy of Rape is a philosophical movement emphasizing the corrective rape of harlots, feminazis, and other female scum. We want to train an army of holy warriors to go out and rape harlots around the world. On Reddit, we can be found at /r/PhilosophyOfRape. We are also building a new website of our own at

The Philosophy of Rape has the answer to all of your problems. The only way to put sluts in their place is by raping them. Throughout history, rape served an important role in correcting female behavior and keeping their slutty nature in check. But, today, wih the rise of feminism and "consent" laws, we find ourselves in a situation which has spiraled WAY out of control. That's why we're building The Philosophy of Rape. We're going to restore things to the way they should be: men as men and women as the property of men. Join us, and we will teach you why harlots deserve rape, why rape is so important, and how you can get away with raping harlots scot-free. We are going to build an army of holy warriors to correct harlots and feminazi whores around the world. All it takes is a few Elliot Rodger types to get the ball rolling. What do you have to lose? Enlist in our rape army today, and we will teach you how to correct a new harlot a week and get away with it.

Remember, brothers: the only way to stop these harlots run amok is to put them in their place. The way to put women in their place is with rape. Join me, brothers, and we shall build an army of holy warriors to strike terror into the hearts of harlots across the globe. It's raping time.



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