The Abyss & N-Digger #sexist

(The Abyss)

[Blackpill] One little change of circumstances

If tomorrow everyone woke up & strength levels were swapped between males & females you would see the following:

Women openly insulting & ridiculing (to extreme levels) ugly, short or bald men.
Foids beating guys up left & right.
Sexual harassment by foids grabbing guys crotch.
Guys they don't like would receive a cock knocker slap to the Johnson followed by a remark like baby dick.
Any men defending themselves would still get jumped by cucks & have the book thrown at them in court.
A new type of prison/torture chambers.
Battle royale (Jap movie) type events.


It's a good thing that nature made the eviler sex the weakest. In times past they acted well because their survival depended on men, they had no choice but to please them and they were rewarded in doing so. But now as they become increasingly independent they show their true nature.



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