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The evil demoniac Karl Marx has made his mark! Marx's expressed desire and goal to "dethrone God" is now being manifested. We are witnessing quite an ironic time in Christendom.

The demonism of Marxism is subtly replacing the sufficiency of the cross. The foundation of Marxism is atheism.
Has "carrying water" for the Marx/Marxist sentiment helped spread the gospel? Societal chaos, racial animus, hatred, distrust and an unparalleled record of death and destruction are confirmed Marxist outcomes. None of these comport with the outcomes Jesus promises—no surprise—because Marxism is demonism.
After stewing in academia and the radical fringes, "progressive theology," "social justice," Liberation Theology, CRT and Marxism (generally) are making significant negative impacts on the body of Christ. Many religious leaders now rely more on the immediacy of the Marx-inspired activism and less on Jesus' inerrant gospel.
Simply stated, syncretism is the melding or comingling outside religious ideas, theories and precepts with the purity of the gospel message. The melding of Marxism with biblical tenets through Liberation Theology is an example of syncretism.
Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) comprises ministers and laypeople, all unapologetically committed to upholding the sufficiency of the cross, purity of the gospel and unwavering Lordship of Christ. We help confront and combat the trajectory of a Marxist, demonic paradigm. EBLM's Remnant Rising workshops are designed to combat the gamut of Marx's 'woke' machinations, including CRT, Liberation Theology and 'social justice.'
EBLM recognizes we are in this battle together, and we all unite at the cross, never at the altar of our increasingly demonic culture. Therefore, if you desire to renounce carrying water for Marx, and are determined to pick up and carry the Jesus' cross, let us help you unite and fight in this effort.



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