Copexodius Maximus #racist #sexist

Racepilled so bad that I’m on verge of suicide

If you aren’t white, you are pretty much like being born as a homo habilis and thinking you are equal to a homo sapiens.

Whites literally mog deathnics in every single aspect in life in every way possible.

Firstly, we already know that white males have a huge advantage in dating and that women want to fuck white men the most.

Second, whites literally invented almost everything in the last millennium. Everything deathnics use that makes society different from shit hole villages is made by white people.

Third, they literally conquered and won the game of empires and all deathnics are alive cause whites spared our ancestors. People complain about whites being oppressors and such, but they literally gave deathnic countries the ability to use their technology and didn’t just genocide them and replace their entire populations with white people. Deathnics are sore defeated loser races, and us being kept alive is like if homo sapiens kept the homo erectus alive.

Fourth, whites have the most diversity of all races in terms of appearance. Literally the only race with people with different hair colours and different eye colours. This one trait of having light is so sexually attractive that it spread all over Europe because of how attractive it is. Just look at blue eyes, they look like cosmic nebula.

As a Jew who’s people have gotten genocided by whites, it’s a brutal reality to accept. Deathnics are just bearing witness to the world whites are building, and that we are no more than monkey and apes that watch them build the world, while deathnic whores all want to fuck the white males as well.

It’s absolutely over, racepill has completely destroyed me. How can I cope knowing that I’m not the main race? What’s the point of being the secondary ape character other than being a laughing stock and humiliation of this world. If a deathnic had any dignity, they wouldn’t be able to continue on living as such a lowly being.



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