SakuraBlossoms , GenderHeretic & Itzpapalotl #transphobia ovarit.com

“The pinnacle of progressivism”

( SakuraBlossoms )
The "4th step of genocide" is when you still can't take away everyone's freedom of speech to not call you by your delusions?

( GenderHeretic )
Genocide is when things don't go their way all the time. Whenever they reach into the cookie jar and there's none left because they ate them all, that's genocide. If it's raining when they wanted to go to the park, that's genocide. If they only got thirty-six presents for their birthday when last year, last year they had thirty-seven, that's genocide.

( Itzpapalotl )
My god. How fucking disrespectful these idiots are to survivors of actual genocide. Have these people never heard about what happened to people in Rwanda? In Armenia? In the holocaust?

They are appropriative, narcissistic, self centred, completely deluded pieces of human waste.

People not bowing to your every whim, not changing their language to adhere to your delusion, refusing to ignore reality in order to protect your feelings, women refusing to be redefined by men...that’s what they are calling genocide?

They’ve brought this backlash on themselves with their delusion, their misogyny, their homophobia, their predation and indoctrination of children. These entitled men are getting what they deserve. It’s not genocide but it’s a healthy and predictable pushback to a dangerous and twisted movement.

Edited to add. The Weimar Republic was a time of debauchery and rampant sexual assault/rape. It was good for men, not so good for women. These fools tell on themselves constantly.

( GenderHeretic )
It's true that they're treated with more hostility, disgust and hatred than they used to be. Because people used to give the benefit of the doubt and trust that trans was Gay Rights 2.0 and they "just wanted to pee", and now they can see that we're actually talking about a bunch of raving violent fetishists dismantling women's rights, banning free speech, banning all child safeguarding and trying to recruit as many children as possible into becoming elective lifelong medical patients.

various New York Post commenters #transphobia nypost.com

RE: NYC Instagram model Nikki Secondino killed dad, stabbed sister over laptop: DA

( Alec Berg )

Stop encouraging these people by playing along with their mental illness. He is a 22 year old man. Stop referring to him as she/her. It is an indisputable fact that a man cannot be changed into a woman and vice versa. Period!

( james halpert )

Can't we assume that all these gender confused individuals have mental issues?

( John Lap )

They are possessed...they use plurals as pronouns...she...they..indicating more than one...the demon is seeking recognition...in a way boasting...this one's mine..hence the confusion of who and what they truly are.

( FloridaFreedom )

That is not a she. That is an it.

( Branduhhhn Magoo )

hopefully they put the man in rikers with the rest of the men.

( DS )

If put in jail with the men. He/She would be popular I think.

( MakeitReal )

Stop referring to him as an Instagram model. First, that is not even a job. It is more likely that he was a male prostitute using Instagram to hook in straight men.

( Mr Coinblatt )

Straight? One look at that and you know it's a freak...

( NSamuelle )

Is it going to women’s prison?

( Nurse Ratchet )

Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes. There are many known cases now that “men are transitioning” to commit or right after committing crimes so they can get (what they feel will be) preferential treatment in prison. CRAZY WORLD!!!!!

( notforlong )

Great jugs, though ....

( Klammer )

This "manster" will be in the news again in a year from now for impregnating fellow female inmates at rikers. Your tax dollars at work.

( Ogie Ogilthorp )

The post needs to stop it with the trans freaks pronouns. That’s a guy and it and no other trans freakazoid will ever be a woman

( Mr Coinblatt )

Hopefully this hideous freak gets murdered in jail...

It probably has a pretty good beard by now...

( Concerned Canadian )

I think "model" means Instagram prostitute

( Chase )

The left considers all norms wrong and the mentally ill should be enabled. This is another example of how that's working out in this country. Keep voting Democrat until we have the luggage thief as President and jean Pierre as VP

( Banned Heretic )

Born with a penis: male

Born with a vagina: female

You people in the media need psychological help.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

Trans privilege. They are NOT marginalized and Vulnerable, and they know it.

The right to:
- choose your preferred prison estate
- lie about your sex on official identity documents - and compel officials to collaborate
- plastic surgery on demand, free, with unlimited revisions
- surgeons' rights to sell cosmetic procedures to children
- impose language reform on everyone, obfuscating reference to sex, enforced with "hate speech" policies
- men can evade sex-specific safeguarding restrictions with a declaration
- compulsory bisexuality for everyone
- flaunt fetishes in public, including at the workplace, with impunity

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

@The_Nose add in the culture, I utterly and completely hate black culture.

@VictoryValhalla @The_Nose what culture? Run around with pants to your knees, listening to unintelligible babble coming from a speaker, fuck anything with a hole big enough, all be bi and spread aids with their 62 IQ?
Yes, black men age 15 to 45 that make up less than 3% of the population account for over 48% of all new hiv cases in America every single year.
That comes from the government and medical sites directly.... I know, I am just using their own math against them....
If you know a woman that has allowed a coon to breed her, shun her as the filthy, disease filled cum rag that she has made herself into!

@The_Nose A lot of jews are nasty and stinky. It had to be Said.

@McCarthyIsLaughing @The_Nose both jew, nigger and sand niggers have a smell to them that never goes away. We got stuck renting to them and even new paint and carpet can not get rid of the stench.
Little advice, never own apartments as an investment, only go actual homes. They will get the feds on you if you do not rent an apartment to them. Niggers are like roaches, once you have one, you are infested and you are never truly rid of them short of burning the place to the ground

@The_Nose Jews like being Jews. Blacks dislike being blacks. Both of those traits cause the behaviors which people despise.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

People don't hate blacks because of their skin color and people don't hate jews because of their religion. Its their behavior that's the problem.

@The_Nose Black "people" are nothing more than savage, subhuman primates who are utterly incapable of conducting themselves in a manner befitting of a civilised society. Their "skin colour" is just a useful indicator of that fact.

Anyone with half a brain knows that race is much more than just skin colour. The poor behaviour often exhibited by blacks is hard-wired into their DNA. No amount of education or wealth distribution will ever bring them up to our standard.

@brextremist @The_Nose

spoilerHey Niggers! Happiness doesn't come from extracting coerced
confessions of imaginary racism from shell-shocked Whites who
are too busy carrying you so as not to let you expose yourselves for
the unproductive, lazy, thieving, promiscuous primates you are.
The truth is, most Whites don't even have the time or energy for
what you perceive as 'racism.' Every time you think you detect
'racism,' what you're actually seeing are glimpses of the residue of
your own pitiful failings after Whites have exhausted their extra
resources trying to drag you up to human levels.

@The_Nose We just notice the bad behavior and subversive behavior seems to be coming (mostly) from those two groups of "people" They just love playing the victim and never want to be held accountable for their behavior.

@CN32 @The_Nose yep... this is the problem with niggers. they cry victim and liberals believe them every time.

@NIGGER_DESTROYER @The_Nose If you remove the incentives for their behavior and remove the collective guilt and fear of speaking up Whites have, they would behave and shape up real quickly. (They'd be forced to)

@The_Nose Nobody judges anybody by their skin color. It's always about behavior. Always has been. They hate white people because white people are the most successful people on the planet.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

You Meet More Perverts When You're Poor

( Mapleshade )
And it’s disgusting TiMs act like they’re at risk because the perverts don’t want them. They want women - real women not males masquerading as women. The men who like raping and hurting women aren’t interested in males they want to hurt women. They want to rape and hurt females. For them to act like they have any idea of your pain and our pain is disgusting. They have nothing to fear because they’re male and other males can clock them.

( pennygadget )
If a TIM doesn't want that oppression, he can take the lady costume off. The rest of us don't have that luxury

( GCRadFem )
I only disagree with this statement:

But the girls who make the rules now, they don’t see any reason why a couple of “bad apples” should prevent poor suffering homosexual men from being able to live their true authentic life in the body they deserve.

It is not the”poor suffering homosexual men” wanting to live life in their “authentic body” it is the men with an AGP paraphilia. That is an important distinction. If a homosexual man is a drag queen (hate to even write it) he knows he is a gay man and he doesn’t live in his dress unless he is really an AGP.

( RisingUp )
I think the author knows that’s wrong. It’s supposed to be from the libfem POV.

It might be too generous to them though. Many of them know lots of TIMs are perverts, and simply don’t care about the lower class women they hurt.

@Bertie007 & @Belindatobin #transphobia gettr.com

( @Bertie007 )
Trans is an anti women movement, the absolute worst of the #mensrights movements, evil misogynist and any woman who supports them is a traitor to her sex, who will find out later on how much they despise her #menarenotwomen #womendonthavepenises

( @Belindatobin )
WOMEN who are not aware or just don't care are really beginning to piss me off 🙄

various commenters #wingnut #quack #conspiracy gab.com


spoilerWhen a package of lettuce makes three
people sick, there's a nationwide recall.
When vaccines maim and murder
tens of thousands, they just
mandate you take even more.

@MorpheusMAGA Isn't Gates growing lettuce with the MRNA BS in it? I'm avoiding all lettuce.

@MorpheusMAGA A few years back California banned straws because there was ONE photo of ONE turtle with a straw stuck up its nose. Meanwhile our oceans are covered with floating face masks. CLOWN WORLD.

lettuce is not a biological depopulation weapon

@MorpheusMAGA shut up GOY..TAKE THE Russian Roulette poison shot. It's good for you we must have vaccinate you from the face of the Earth I mean vaccinate you from viruses

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #elitist #conspiracy gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Vladimir Putin didn't triple your gas prices.

@DrPaulGosar He also doesn't confiscate 50% of my income in "taxes" to redistribute to lazy ass slugs that will not work themselves!

@DrPaulGosar White supremacists didn't triple your gas prices.

@DrPaulGosar Ukraine has caused most our problems. Democrats trying to hide their bio labs and money laundering schemes there

@DrPaulGosar Sometimes...I think the US Government is my enemy and wants to harm me.....No..just kidding...I always think that

@DrPaulGosar Nope. The retard in the White House did. 👍

@DrPaulGosar Why are the only representatives that give a crap about the January 6th detainees, yourself and MTG? Where the hell are the other Republicans? Are they all compromised?

@DrPaulGosar The Pedo Fake President and his boy Buckwheat in the basement did.

@DrPaulGosar I would swap out OUR current so-called president for Putin in a heartbeat!

Spencer Cox & other Utah republicans #transphobia axios.com

Utah becomes first state in 2023 to ban gender-affirming care for youth

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) signed a controversial bill Saturday that would ban gender-affirming health care and hormone therapy for transgender children.

The big picture: The move follows similar legislation enacted in other GOP-led states amid a larger wave of anti-trans bills, many of which target youth.

Details: SB16, introduced by state Sen. Michael Kennedy (R-Alpine), a family physician, would prohibit sex reassignment surgeries and puberty blockers for transgender minors.

- The bill is more restrictive than the one Kennedy first introduced on the Senate floor last week. The initial bill included a moratorium on puberty blockers.
- On Friday, Kennedy said there was a high likelihood the bill would face a legal challenge.
- "I'm afraid that I'm going to be working on this for the rest of my political life," he said on the Senate floor before it passed.
Meanwhile, the state Legislature is also taking up other bills targeting the rights of transgender youth, such as a bill that would prohibit minors from changing the sex on their birth certificates.

What they're saying: "While not a perfect bill, we are grateful for Sen. Kennedy's more nuanced and thoughtful approach to this terribly divisive issue," Cox said in a statement after signing the bill.

- "More and more experts, states and countries around the world are pausing these permanent and life-altering treatments for new patients until more and better research can help determine the long-term consequences."
- "We will continue to push the Legislature for additional resources to organizations that work to help this important Utah community," he added.


Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist #conspiracy gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Tulsi Gabbard has left the Democratic party, calling out rampant anti-White racism and the elitist warmongering cabal that now controls the party.

But she's not the only one.

The Democrat platform has simply become too extreme for America.

I commend @TulsiGabbard's courage.

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard

Tulsi cannot be trusted.
Anyone associated with the WEF,

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard still a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'!! #WEF #SorosGirl

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard is it courage or self preservation? A lot of them are running now because its apparent the gallows are drawing closer every day.

@DrPaulGosar please do not promote her. This is the biggest case of a wolf in sheeps clothing I have ever seen. She will run third party and enough Rs will vote for her to split the vote

@RightWingNutSquads @DrPaulGosar good. Imagine simping for a party that hates you. At least she acknowledges anti-white racism exists, Republicans won't even admit that whites exist.

@DrPaulGosar @TulsiGabbard I too commend her, but that doesn't mean I trust her.... she's a Christ denier!!
Prayin' for her!! ✝️🤲🏾🙏🏾🛐

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Among the several million illegals that have invaded our country in just two years are terrorists, robbers, rapists, murderers, cartelists, child molesters, and other lawbreakers.

The Biden Regime has abdicated its duty to stop this invasion - brave governors MUST.

We shouldn't need the approval of the Biden Regime to deport illegals out of Arizona.

All we should need is a governor with the courage to do so.

That's why I've introduced the "Empowering States to Deport Illegal Aliens Act". Read it below:

@DrPaulGosar the governors are paid by the same jews as Biden's cabinet. They're not going to do anything either.

@DrPaulGosar Per state and federal constitutions all of you are in violation of TREASON and yall know it. Every law, every pay raise, illegal immigration, and basically everything all you corrupt piles of shit do is against the law of the land....we "elected" you clowns and I can't wait for the day you all face God's judgement which is coming soon upon his return! I don't see you not taking a pay raise...all guilty...yall could do something but nope keep the corruption rolling!


I truly believe there are far more illegal aliens in the country than anyone realizes. Dems and their open border policy are destroying America.

@DrPaulGosar perhaps we should just exercise our constitutional rights and dissolve the government. clean up the mess ourselves

@DrPaulGosar Doc, while I agree with the sentiment where is this bill really going to go??? Into the trash cause the republican party doesn't have the numbers.. or unfortunately the BACKBONE yet, but is it not the states rights to do this anyway? Isn't the federal government suppose to answer to the states and they to the people of the state they represent??? When did we forget who really has the power in this country? Thoughts?!?

various commenters #transphobia #sexist ovarit.com

TIMs "attacked with misandry and transandrophobia"

( Hera )
Being a transwoman is always a red flag that the man in question probably isn't trustworthy and one should be very wary when interacting with him, but omg, if a man just flat out doesn't try to look like the opposite sex and still has gall to say "I'm a woman" that's not a red flag, that's a wholeass alarm bell and you run. He's a predator.

( ScaryHairyQuiteContrary )
If it’s not the testosterone, explain why men commit 99% of murders and sexual assaults.

Just because? That’s even worse. Did the male who wrote this even think this one through? (Clearly no lmao)

( nopenottoday )
That's a really good question that for all of my years in feminist circles I still don't have a good answer to. If it's not the testosterone that makes men so much more violent than what exactly is it? It MUST be the testosterone. In fact, isn't sociopathy linked to higher production of testosterone during the fetal stage? It's almost like the more "male" a man is the more violent and empathy-less he is.

Edit: I just looked it up again and apparently it's a relationship between both testosterone and cortisol. So high levels of both are needed for sociopathy to flourish in a person. So maybe that's why men who have higher than average testosterone that also grew up in stressful environments are the most likely candidates for extremely violent offenders, like serial killers. But I still think testosterone is to blame for a lot because plenty of average-testosterone men are still extremely violent.


( vampires_teabag )
I dont think its testosterone solely, although its effects mediate the reasons why males are the way they are, its a holistic fact of their differential investment in reproduction and their strategies they use to compete for mating, and acquire females for mating. You can get low testosterone males to become extremely violent in the right circumstances, if they feel insecure in this way, and high testosterone ones to be placated, if it is totally in their power. Women arent violent in the same way, even if on testosterone, since they have none of these motivations, and it doesnt benefit them reproductively, sexually or socially to act this way.

@RevoltNoir #racist #mammon gettr.com

United Against The Great Replacement | T-Shirt by RevoltNoir.com
“The Great Replacement” was coined by French author Renaud Camus to describe the demographic displacement of whites by non-whites taking place in Western Europe and North America. The #greatreplacement is a fact. It is the product of the policies adopted by the Western countries soon after the Second World War. Whether it is a result of a deliberate plan is another matter.

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gettr.com

( @harnwell )
The “Great Replacement” is not a conspiracy theory — it’s IN YOUR FACE.

You will be be replaced — and you will like it.


( @Charcy )
June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Vatican Embassy in NY has the LGBT Flag hanging. They are completely betraying the Sacred Heart, god Makes clear PRIDE goes before the FALL. Pray! it’s the weapons to defeat the satanic. Trust God. The Embassy should turn back to the GOSPEL while they have time. God comes like a theif in the night. 🙏🙏🙏

( @TCB1965 )
The solution as I say to this forced population/voting base shift by importing millions that do not belong here (unless thru legal immigration) is to WIN THE PRESIDENCY ala MAGA winning of Presidency and then mandate all federal law enforcement coming together under the umbrella of 'rid America of illegals Task Force" and then commence to round them all up city by city, state by state and transport their illegal asses back to their countries of origin in concert w/securing all our borders airtight. Concurrently, employ special ops to search and destroy cartels working w/ Mexico and other countries where the cartels operate. As far as China and fetanyl, if I had my way I would have nuked them 1st strike years ago.

( @brucekeeler )
There maybe individual countries worried about this but the whole green energy policy is to reduce population - the elite don’t want more population they want a smaller poorer population that can be controlled - higher energy cost crushes the middle class faster than any other approach - higher energy reduces availability food - as Joe said in his Asian tour - it will be painful - he meant for the middle class and poor - high energy cost forces migration to cities depopulating the rural areas - another environmental goal

( @WesternSky )
Definitely not a conspiracy. All you have to do is use your eyes and look around Paris, London, Brussels, etc.... today. Having been to these cities in the 80s and 90s the demographic changes are shocking. The globalist political elites could have aggressively capped non-European migrants DECADES ago. But they were too cowardly. Now its a mess.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The Biden Regime refuses to secure our border. As a direct result, deadly fentanyl flooding into our country from Mexico took the lives of over 100,000 Americans last year.

Never forget the lives that have been lost because of their malfeasance.

@DrPaulGosar We’re aware. What has the Republican Party done about it other than remain complicit in it?

What are you republicans plan to do about it?
Complain and grift off of it til kingdom come.


What have the Republicans done. Never forget the white jobs lost to illegal browns that the Republicans want to make legal here. White kids going without because of brown skins. They absorb fuel and food etc that could be better used on white people


@jake69b4u @DrPaulGosar

@DrPaulGosar Reasons our rulers like mass turd world immigration:
1. Cheap labor, pushed wages down
2. Generates votes for the regime
3. Creates discord and a lack of unity within the populace, the same as tyrants in ancient Greece would import and create mixed polities to maintain their rule

@DrPaulGosar one world government
One world currency
One world forced religion
Coming to a city near you.

Revelation 13

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #homophobia #transphobia gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
America must be put FIRST again.


@DrPaulGosar White people are sick of being erased.

@DrPaulGosar Call out the Jew and stick up for Whites and THEN you have our support.

@DrPaulGosar I am sicker of the Jews destroying it with their open borders policy, homosexuality, trannies, pornography, child sacrifice, etc.

@DrPaulGosar A special tax should be levied on whoever is found to be in support of this--AND the illegal invasion! You voted for it, you buy it!

@DrPaulGosar it's the Jews. If you go to the root, all signs lead to Judeaism

@Joyjoythedestroyer @DrPaulGosar Yes, but it is also Satan. The Jews would have no power in Christian America if “Christians” would have really been Christians and followed Jesus Christ who called the followers of the traditions of men, aka the Talmud, the devil’s children. Instead they let these people have power over our money, our government, our corporations, our media and our schools. No wonder America is being destroyed, so-called “Christians” let the devil’s children control everything even remotely important in this nation. Until and unless this is rectified America will continue to be destroyed. Already it is probably too late for this nation to survive.

@DrPaulGosar America, a soup of non-White alien invaders who leech off of and ruin everything White people created.

Utah republicans #transphobia sltrib.com

Utah step closer to banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors

A bill to prevent doctors from providing gender-affirming care to transgender youth has cruised through the state Senate and now goes to the Utah House for debate.

The Utah Senate gave final passage to a bill aiming to crack down on the ability of doctors to prescribe hormone therapy for minors who are transgender. The legislation, Senate Bill 16, would also enact an outright ban on body-altering surgeries, such as mastectomies, for transgender youth.

The bill has cruised through the Senate quickly during the first week of the 2023 general session.

State Sen. Mike Kennedy, R-Alpine, a physician by trade and the bill’s sponsor, said he understands some of his colleagues may disagree with his legislation.

“We all approach this with compassion, kindness and consideration. But we come to different conclusions. That’s the nature of different opinions, and it’s the nature of the political process,” Kennedy said.

In 2021, Kennedy wrote a letter to the editor published in The Salt Lake Tribune pushing back against COVID restrictions and vaccinations. In the letter, Kennedy argued that the government should not “usurp the power of parents” when deciding the best course of action for their children.

When asked about the 2021 letter during a news conference after the vote, Kennedy says his stances on parental rights and COVID restrictions are consistent with his policy goals contained in this year’s Transgender Medical Treatments and Procedures Amendments bill.

“When it comes to that, I do trust parents and taking care of their children. But there is no regulation right now in this area of transgender health care, and this bill does a great job bringing a regulatory framework so that our children are cared for in the safest, most effective fashion,” Kennedy said.


various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

The Anti-White Defamation League (@AWDL) will be as large or small as you make it.

It has an immense amount of potential, but it cannot reach that potential without you guys in the pro-White community.

The Anti-White Defamation League is a legitimate and legal entity, and it has serious aims of taking legal action against the ongoing war against White people in the media, universities, and government.

We are the Anti-White Defamation League.
You can learn more about us a http://AWDL.us
There you can also donate to help get this ad aired on major media outlets.
Please feel free to download and repost this video.
Thank you.

@AWDL @Nature_and_Race What exactly are three mamzers, a jew, a negro and a ??? going to do for me?

@YahEternal @Nature_and_Race that is a panel of professional internet liberals, not the AWDL. The use of that clip was meant to convey that even e-celeb libs can't ignore the rise in anti-White hatred.

@Nature_and_Race @AWDL

Blackwashing White culture …is a hate crime…

Struggle sessions for White school children where they are accused for things that happened (or not)
hundreds of years before their birth… is a hate crime

Affirming less qualified students of color before qualified motivated White student is a hate crime

Diversity hiring less qualified people with no other merits than melanin content … is a hate crime…

Don’t accept hate and resentment for yourself or your kids … you where not put on this earth to be a parent or an ATM machine for low achieving POCs

They must learn to sink or swimm… like the rest of us
The infantile notion that they are owed stuff they don’t work for and they are entitled to stuff you work for …is a dead end… they must build their own Wakanda… you can’t do it for them…

If you don’t give away wealth to POCs they hate you and think you have stolen it from them…
If you DO give away your hard earned wealth to POCs
They hate you “White savior” complex and think that if you give something away… you must have stolen it from them in the first place… and they will loot and burn to they get the rest…

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

"Nazis" are literally the only people on this planet who are trying to end the radical Liberal extremism that's overtaken Western Civilization.

We're the only ones trying to end the homosexual campaign to sexualize and sexually mutilate our children.

We're the only ones trying to end the Marxist/Bolshevik Antifa-BLM war on White people.

You may not like this fact, but your emotions don't change the fact that it IS a fact: the "Nazis" are the good guys.

@Nature_and_Race Nazis stopped their children from getting their genitals mutilated by satanic demons. Nazis built safer and more homogenous communities. Nazi’s turned their degenerate government around from marxist genderfluid broke hyperinflation, into a traditional, robust, rich, homogenous community. I’m not seeing anything wrong here, and in fact, I want what they had.

@Nature_and_Race NSDAP also turned a bankrupt and destroyed nation into a super power that was able to fight head to head against two of the most powerful regimes on earth all at the same time. And they weren't far from winning.

@Nature_and_Race ANTIFA are Nazis, that double flag symbol they have is an original NAZI symbol. No body with a brain attached buys this shit with you attempting to garner support for your left wing radical agenda and I pray for those that do. If you are a real person and you actually believe this than you know nothing about the top of the NAZI pyramid. NAZIs are controlled by the Zionists. WW2 was one giant cluster fuck of false flags and lies.


"ohhh emmm geee I h8 nazi scum!!!"

"But you hate tranny crap for kids, right? And you like the idea of a strong family, in which one parent - ideally, the father - can be the breadwinner while the other nurtures the children? And you like the idea of being independent of foreign influences on our political and societal structure, right? And you like.... (ad nauseum)"

"yeah, those things all sound good... why do you ask?"

"Well, there was this one movement in recent history that supported all sorts of things like that..."

@Nature_and_Race Damn dude. I must be a nazi, b/c I'm sick of groomers abusing children.

ProMoleratWaxer #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

"why aren't moderate incels working to disavow extreme incels"

because they are just various degrees of same hate movement, for example eli elrick is a violent serial rapist who confessed to ir and is still applauded and is doing some University of California Santa Cruz phd program while still interconnected with activism right now (btw TRAs bullied the victim into suicide allegedy), the tooth gap guy who i can't remember the name of has felony drug trafficking charges and is still trying to distribute drugs to kids.

They glofify the work of nazi genital transplant surgeons (which also catastrophically failed) who then went on to torture masses of jews to death in ww2. The founder of the gender identity sociology theory is someone who no consensually experimented on a male infant practiced on him infant cosmetic genital surgery and forced him to simulate sex acts on his also underage brother to make him a 'bottom'. Produced child porn of them under the gauze of 'genital inspections' and they both killed themselves compounded by these actions. You can watch the interview here where the victim asked whether he had to commit suicide for the experiments to be regarded as unsuccessful

it's not a bug its a feature even famous ones try to get child rapist + murderers leniency because they're the same religion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Marjorie Taylor Greene)

spoilerJoin me in prayer
to end abortion in

@RealMarjorieGreene I just had a epiphany as I stopped scrolling to contemplate the lefts come back as to there argument about the world and over population and how abortion is good.

Instead of killing babies.

Save the unborn

Execute Treasonous Traitors and spys
Execute the murders on death row
Execute the Pedophiles
Execute Evil

This will bring balance back.

@RealMarjorieGreene Black lives matter, white lives matter, how about the UNBORN LIVES MATTER?

@RealMarjorieGreene At the moment of conception; a soul of God has been born. May parents start to educate their children to respect each other and to be disciplined. Children should be taught to wait for marriage. This will also protect them from unwanted pregnancies as well as deadly pathogens such as hepatitis, herpes, aids. Keep your children spiritually healthy. Teach them to follow God's commandments. Be persistent with them as they grow up and do not send them to public schools where they are being exposed to the social ills of our society. Their neurons are not developed and that is why God created parents. God bless America, and protect Americans from foreign abortionists who believe sucking a soul out of a babies womb is culturally acceptable practice. These guys should do no harm, ever.

Congresswoman Porno Bitch wants you all to pray for more niggers bloodsucking the treasury.

fuck this stupid cunt🖕

@VanCleef @RealMarjorieGreene that can't be emphasized enough. The overturning of Roe versus Wade will have far more dire consequences than anything good it supposedly will do. The percentage of s*** skin babies being born will skyrocket with our ethnic replacement happening sooner than expected. These tradcons aren't about conserving what's left of the greatness of our society and are just as destructive to our well-being as the Democrats.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

The F***!?

What a disgusting thing to say.

Her kids deserves better and I hope they never see this.

spoilerBeing a mom is the hardest job
I'll ever have. No one should
be forced to be a parent.

@thelaurenchen No one really is forced to be a parent. Adoption and foster care prove this. Such an attitude reeks of laziness, self-centeredness and narcissism and worse.

@thelaurenchen 98% of abortions are due to personal convenience. Nobody is forcing women to have consensual unprotected sex with one or more partners. The argument boils down to this: you like being sexually immoral, but you don’t like the consequences of those actions, so you murder your children. Pure satanism.

@thelaurenchen They perform the ONE act that was specifically designed to cause procreation, then they're shocked and dismayed when they get pregnant. 🤦‍♂️

@perezoso @thelaurenchen Abortion is Birth control for the LAZY worthless Humans !!!

Some people should probably be sterilized at birth.
Her, for instance.

@thelaurenchen Wearing a mask in her profile picture. Automatic 50 point deduction in IQ points.

@thelaurenchen "No one should be forced to be a parent" -- Except in the infinitesimally small percentage of pregnancies due to rape, NO ONE is FORCED to be a parent. A completely disingenuous skank and typical leftist that promotes irresponsibility and no accountability. FIRST DEGREE MURDER IS NOT HEALTH CARE, you evil scumbag!🔥

@thelaurenchen ... just like no one should be forced to have a DNA altering, myocardial inducing, genocidal Covid-19 shot either.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( ProxyMusic )
Listen, I know most of us don’t believe in true trans and I’m not sure I do either, but how many TERFs started out fine with the idea of HSTS and then peaked because of depraved AGPs?

You're presuming an either/or categorization that I don't think exists. The fact is, AGPs can be and are just as much "true trans" as HSTSs. And plenty of HSTSs have AGP too. In fact, I believe that the vast majority of gay TIMs especially today have AGP.

As I see it, AGP is a sexualized expression of male narcissism driven by the male libido and male sexual fantasies inspired by pornography that can be found among self-absorbed, vain, preening, porn-consuming boys and men who are attracted to, enthralled by and/or aroused by the external trappings of "femininity" - regardless of their sexual orientation.

Those who believe in "true trans" say that to be legitimately "trans" requires having "gender dysphoria." But AGPs have just as much "gender dysphoria" as HSTS males who don't have AGP and TIFs do. In fact, sexologists like Blanchard and Bailey say, and some women acknowledge, that the erotically-driven "gender dysphoria" of men and adolescent boys with AGP is often the most painful, overwhelming, persistent and hard to bear and treat kind of "gender dysphoria" of all.

( Juniperius )
They're vastly outnumbered, and if they do try to push back against the agps they're called "truscum" and hounded out of the community for being transphobic.

( Kriegerin )
My guess is because most trans males are indeed AGP. I think it's something like 80%+ of trans identified men. The AGPs ARE the trans movement, at least by far the most visible transes. I can name Dick Levine, the creepy barbie pouch guy, Bruce Jenner, Tits McGee with the sex toy breasts, the creepy philosophy tube guys, the two German Parliament members, yaniv, ....

But hsts i only know the Blaire White dude.

( Tiramisuomi )
I feel like they feel an affinity to men no matter how much they claim to be women inside, and so they think even the worst among them deserves an outstretched hand to help them up.

They "escaped" the "prison" of being men and figured out a way to make otherwise "kill all men" women fawn over them, date them, and certainly no longer hold them in vitriolic regard. They want to help other men ascend.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( SecondSkin )
Why don’t decent men police and fix other men? Why don’t the good husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, ensure that other men aren’t raping, murdering and terrorising their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters?

It’s the same answer imho. Women and girls don’t matter enough to them. Even the decent men out there will believe they’ve done their bit by not treating us poorly, they won’t believe they have any responsibility for how other men treat us. At least not 99% of them. We can see the odd ‘true trans’ loudly speak up about the risk apg pose- Yardly did this, to the extent he had death threats, doxxed, dragged through court for ‘transphobia’. He was honest that TRAs were predator cultists grooming young lesbians, very vocally through the early years of this. One of Maya’s solicitors was a TiM who backed women all the way. There are a few rare men who can reflect on the power and privilege they have because of being male, and will use it to police other men’s behaviour towards women, even at cost to themselves. But these are the very very rare exceptions. 99.9% of men will not put themselves out for women (and I’m sure those who do have other flaws also).

( drdeeisback )
It's also the 'racket' that benefits the 'good men'. What worth is a 'good man' doing the minimum (not to say your examples are the 'minimum', the two you've mentioned do sound like they've honestly put their own reputations and peace of mind on the line to support women) if there aren't any 'bad men' to compare to? 'Aren't you lucky you have me around to protect you from them/aren't you lucky you've got me, one of the good ones? [even if I don't do my share of the housework/childcare and expect you to live up to standards I don't hold myself to]'

( DietCokeAddict )
If I’m wandering around in a cat costume pretending I’m a cat, the absolute last thing I should do is point out other people’s cat costumes and tell them they aren’t real cats. That’s the situation trans people are in - there’s no such thing as “true trans” because no human can or ever will change sex. Their only two options are to keep saying “no debate! No questions!” or admit that they’re all pretending and give up the whole charade.

( Inez )
You're asking why are men, acting like men. Because they're MEN.

Hadley Freeman #transphobia archive.is

What gives men the right to use gender activism as a cover for misogyny?

Gender activism has become the permissible face of misogyny for a certain kind of allegedly progressive man. It gives them latitude to call women derogatory names and make spittle-flecked videos, insisting that anyone who has a problem with male-born people in women-only spaces is on the wrong side of history. The effect is men’s-rights activism, but the energy is very incel — shorthand for people who are “involuntarily celibate”. Incels rage online about women who selfishly refuse to have sex with them; gender activists rage at women who won’t just bloody well shut up about their concerns about safety and say what the men tell them to say.
One of the sadder fallouts is the wedge it has driven between women and gay men. Once they were natural allies, not least during the Aids era, when so many women stepped in as caregivers to men with HIV. Gender is completely different from sexuality, yet because they are yoked together in the LGBT acronym, many gay men see anxieties about gender ideology as analogous to homophobia, hence, presumably, the “passion” of Russell-Moyle and Bradshaw, both of whom are gay.

Russell-Moyle has previously had to apologise to JK Rowling after accusing her of “using her own sexual assault as a justification for discriminating against a group of people who were not responsible for it”, ie trans women, ie male-born people. Perhaps he learnt something from that experience because he didn’t accuse Duffield — another survivor of male violence — of exploiting her own lived experience. But it’s a shame he is so unwilling, or maybe just unable, to understand no matter how passionately he shouts at women, he cannot make them believe something as undefined as “gender” renders all differences between the two sexes — males are stronger, males are more violent — irrelevant.


@rossr122 #wingnut gettr.com

The #J6Commission rats will hold years of useless hearings to trick the public into believing their false narrative. Then, they'll determine Trump lead an #insurrection, so #DemonRATS and their dirtbag lawyer Marc Elise can use the archaic Dem #Confederate insurrection law to stop Trump in 2024. Even though both the DOJ and FBI investigations found no one, not even Trump coordinated with others to take over a government that day.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

California just became the first state in the nation to mandate that all children take mRNA vaccines in order to attend school.

Florida, on the other hand, now recommends against the mRNA vaccines for males ages 18-39 years old.

Florida follows the science, California does not.

@DrSimoneGold I disagree completely that FL follows the science. If they were following the science they would not recommend that ANYONE take this poison. In fact, they would be rounding up and arresting those still lying about and promoting the death shots.

@Late4theSky @DrSimoneGold Modern republicans are just progressives driving the speed limit

@DrSimoneGold Want to get rich? Start a casket business in CA.

@Doobie1057 @DrSimoneGold the way kids are being taught in CA, maybe its best they dont reproduce anyway.


They've got to de-populate California to make room for the 100 million communist Chinese that will be coming.

@OKAmerika @DrSimoneGold California becomes the first state to announce plans to require student vaccinations – adding the COVID-19 vaccine to list of vaccinations required for school, such as the vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella

@Pink_Ocommie @OKAmerika @DrSimoneGold look on the bright side they love abortions so much they can sterilize and kill there kids too and intelligent people that arent commies will not let there kids be vaccinated and the gene pool will be better for it. I'd rather a generation of leftists communists be wiped out like the dodo bird while right wing stops vaccinationing and does homeschooling and private institutions.

@DrSimoneGold ?? FL recommends males age 18-39 not get it? What about children ages 6months-17 yo? What about them? Imo, no one, absolutely no one person should get any of these. So take that to the bank.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The left is panicking over the idea of restoring freedom of speech online.

They attacked Gab, now they attack Elon Musk.

Without total control over the distribution of information, they will lose and they know it.

@DrPaulGosar Woke is just the application of civil rights "harassment" precedents. To restore freedom of speech requires repealing the civil rights act of 1964


who owns the media?

@rippline @DrPaulGosar (🇮🇱'👃'🇮🇱)'' OY VEY, SHUT IT DOWN!


@DrPaulGosar When (((the left))) is no longer able to censor you, will you name the jew?

@RandolfoCalzonian @DrPaulGosar Non-Jew socialists are far more zealous and dedicated to socialism than any church goer I have ever met. Get rid of the Jews and you still have these crazy fuckers so nothing changes.

@Capitalist1776 Jews are behind every problem we have today. They are the ringleaders of communism, anti-Whitism, globalism, racial conflict, perversion, transgenderism, usury, endless war for profit, open borders, dumb-down schools, you name it. Get rid of them and most of our problems will disappear. @DrPaulGosar

@Derrick_L Jews are not a religion. They are a hostile foreign tribe that has taken over the West through murder and deceit. Through usury, they own the money supply, all major corporations, all social media, all Western mainstream media, control the school curriculums and major publishing houses -- and you're blaming the victims. @Capitalist1776 @DrPaulGosar

@Derrick_L @RandolfoCalzonian @Capitalist1776 @DrPaulGosar Simply read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and you will know the details of their "religion".

@DrPaulGosar Come on Paul, we know why people are being attacked, if you name the jew and tell people what they are doing to white America they will silence you.

That is why you never name them.

@HeadlineUSA #quack #wingnut gettr.com

The “health” officials should go to prison for at least manslaughter!
👌🗽for more independent liberty #news please follow 👉 @HeadlineUSA
“Results from this study strongly suggest that mask mandates actually caused about 1.5 times the number of deaths or ∼50% more deaths compared to no mask mandates”… Read the full article at https://headlineusa.com/study-mask-mandates-responsible-for-increased-covid-deaths/

#headlineusa #fjb #letsgobrandon #democratsdestroyamerica #SaveAmerica #impeachbiden #AmericaFirst #democrats #Fauci #WHO #mask #masks #vaccines #mandates #covid #masksdontwork #joerogan #ivermectin #hcq #scamdemic #conspiracy #NWO #covid19 #billgates #thegreatreset #Q #WeThePeople #DNC #congress #NIH #CDC #wearamask #maskmandate #maskmandates


The study, titled "The Foegen Effect: A Mechanism by Which
Facemasks Contribute to the COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate,
analyzed COVID fatality rates in the state of Kansas which
proved that mask mandates caused higher death rates.

@Women4Trump #wingnut gettr.com

Canada just fell and went 100% communism ..! To think
Our friendly neighbors are now under communism
Rule of law is unthinkable, I hope they stand up against this Tyranny!

BREAKING: Justin Trudeau announces a national freeze on handgun ownership. Acccording to Trudeau, it is now illegal to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns in Canada.

To think I vacationed in Canada every year my entire life (until 2020) and now I will never go back. So sad

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar


@DrPaulGosar It's not anti-Christian. It's antiwhite.

@NoWhiteGuiltClips @DrPaulGosar I am a Christian and I agree. Antiwhites hate White Christians above all, but they hate all Whites and won't stop until every one of us is erased from existence.

@DrPaulGosar ---> Dr. Gosar,

Atheist, racist, marxist junta is more accurate to describe the current "Administration".

RINOs in the Republican party are the silent enemy from within. They aid and abet the junta. RINOs must be defeated in order to at least have an America Last agenda, as opposed to the current America Never agenda.

We also have to stop sending tens of billions of dollars to ISIS Europe aka Ukraine.

Having said that, you are one of the best Members of Congress, and I pray that you succeed 🙏🏼

Thank you for reading.

@Derrick_L @DrPaulGosar ISIS Ukraine??? Hardly! Ukraine (aka Khazaria) is controlled by the kikes, just like virtually every other European nation and the U.S.

@DrPaulGosar America first is just another Jew psyop

@FinlessDolphin @DrPaulGosar the Jew always plays both sides...and the midwit goy always fall for it.

various commenters #wingnut #fundie gab.com


spoilerDecades ago
when the Bible &
prayer were
banned from
schools many
wondered what
would become of
our society
Now we know.

@SeekUFind no God no God given rights

@SeekUFind What is even worse, when God was kicked out of the churches, for the pastors started preaching fables that they are told to preach over the truth of God's word. Then people wonder why there is so much separation in the church.

Sad how when one shows scriptures that the Holy Spirit is not the restrainer that goes away, exposes 6 fables the churches teach. For without truth, they live in lies and do not have God or Jesus and are not saved.

@SeekUFind It's hard to teach socialism with the Bible in the way!

Society isn't screwed up because of the removal of Christianity. It's screwed up because of what they replaced it with - holocaustianity and jewish secularism.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
Those AGPs are the reason why tru trans got legal and political advancements. It was sexually abusive perverts who made trans a brand that got sold on social media and to the greater public.

Tru trans might be slightly saner than AGPs (highly debatable as far as I am concerned), but ultimately they are equally nonsensical and their ideology is based on the same "womanhood is a state of mind" mantra. Their position can be shredded to pieces just as easily as AGPs' s, so they need AGPs' s aggressiveness and their economical/social backing. AGPs are vindictive assholes, I don' t think it' s too farfetched that they might concoct a way to get their privileges while at the same time excluding their enemies, even when they are part of the same community.

So basically, going full force against them means that if tru trans are successfull, they get pushed back together with AGPs by society and the government, and if they fail, AGPs get their privileges and tru trans still get pushed away.

( Yemaya )
That’s a good point. So called true trans benefit from the rich AGP that can change laws and policy and make their surgeries easier to get so they sit back and don’t say anything.

And many “true trans” want to be “stealth” and then speaking out would ruin that.

( Hollyhock )
30 years ago the HSTS pretty much left women alone. They were gay men who primarily got boob jobs and dressed like drag queens. You'd encounter them in clubs and in very large cities but that's it. In fact, when the first bathroom bill thing happened in S. Carolina my first thought was, "is there even a single transvestite in the entire state?!?!?" I thought it was the GOP making a mountain over a single very mentally ill young girl.

The AGPs were monitored better by society.

Was I naive!

However, those HSTS weren't exactly allies to women. I remember them being jerks to women in clubs and grabbing us to try to see what real boobs felt like.

I just don't believe in the true trans vs. fakers...it's all some version of men trying to invade womanhood.

( pennygadget )
Part of the reason so many on the left support this shit is because they foolishly believe that all "trans-women" are harmless, twinky gay men. They're unaware of the tsunami of AGPs who make up 90% of the modern "trans-women" community

various commenters #wingnut reddit.com


Imagine traveling back in time and telling actual slaves that in 200 years, upper-class white women will be comparing the fact that they don't have free reign to have their children dismembered to literal slavery.

The more I think about it the more offensive it becomes lol like to have this much freedom and power and still think you're subjugated? Imo this is just straight up entitlement culture on steroids lol people need some fucking gratitude instead of demands

Pro-choicers: "You can't compare abortion to the Holocaust; it's offensive and exploitative."
Also pro-choicers: "Fetuses are rapists, and any restriction on abortion is slavery!!1!"

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Antinatalists love to hide behind rare exceptions like rape and incest in order to advocate for abortion at any time on demand.

Which is also a logical fallacy. Appealing to the exception, to argue for the norm.

It’s amazing how when you look up and study most common logical fallacies and then it’s all in the PC arguments

I'll never understand how anyone can think a healthy mother should be able to execute their healthy child because another woman was raped.

Lol it's unbelievable, like do people not hear themselves? Being this resistant to basic reality is going to spiral even harder than it already has lol

If you're not happy women carry babies, take your complaint up with God because nature doesn't give a fuck that you don't like it lol

Oh, they will take it up with God. It’s going to be an awkward conversation when they try to extort the creator of all of reality why the thought it was a good idea to sacrifice children to false idols and ignore all the things He explained.

Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own decisions.

To these people, apparently casual sex is more important than a human life.

Hadley Freeman #transphobia archive.is

What gives men the right to use gender activism as a cover for misogyny?

And lo, it has come to pass. The rise of gender ideology — which for too long was dismissed as too niche and irrelevant to discuss by those too sexist or just too cowardly to listen to women’s concerns — has now exploded into a constitutional showdown, with the UK government blocking Nicola Sturgeon’s wildly unpopular gender recognition reform bill.
For those of us who have been writing for years about the insanity of rewriting the law to accommodate something no one can even define (is gender a feeling? A soul? Simple masculinity or femininity?), this feels a bit like watching your local cult band play at Wembley. Or, to put it from the perspective of those who desperately tried to pretend no problems could possibly arise from a philosophy that tries to rewrite the human experience, insisting being a woman is a mere feeling rather than a fact, this is like having a stain on your ceiling which you tried to ignore, only for it to then cause your whole house to collapse.

It was inevitable the fantasies sold by gender activists would crash on the hard rocks of reality, and not just because of the endless internal contradictions (if gender is different from biological sex, and given that sport is segregated by sex, why are trans women now on women’s sports teams?). The movement is increasingly underpinned by a frothing misogyny that is becoming all too visible to even the most casual observers. Some insist it is impossible to engage rationally with this “debate” because, they say, “both sides are equally toxic”. Parliament last week gave lie to that. When Rosie Duffield spoke on Tuesday, calmly — and rightly — saying that Scotland’s bill “clearly conflicts with the Equality Act and would have repercussions for women across the UK”, she was jeered by men in her own party, most obviously Ben Bradshaw and Lloyd Russell-Moyle. After Conservative MP Miriam Cates spoke about the threats the bill poses to women’s “dignity and safety”, Russell-Moyle, pink with rage, called Cates’s speech “disgusting” and added, wagging his finger: “You should be ashamed!”


@Women4Trump & @RPMonteleone #wingnut #transphobia gettr.com

( @Women4Trump )
Biden administration announces K-12 schools must allow boys into girls' bathrooms in order to qualify for federal funds used to pay for school lunches.

Time to teach your girls what to do to boys that invade their private space .. 👊👊👊👊

( @RPMonteleone )
Chance to pick up 2 easy wins:

Don’t pander to trannies.

Cut government spending.


@Crimsonali11 #wingnut gettr.com

“Project 65” Seeks to Kill All the Trump Lawyers — By Canceling Them: The Progressive Left’s Latest Move to Destroy America

Get ready for the most "#spiteful set of #executiveorders, #legislative actions and #electionfraud campaigns ever seen. The #election in the fall intends to force #anarchy and/or #civilwar. The #uniparty and especially the DEMS do not intend to give up their #Reset. Don't rely on the Court's. Judges will be like water, take the course of least #resistance. Don't put all your hopes on #midterms. Any reliance on the midterm elections may be a #mirage. #covidhoax #electionfraud, #censorshipistyranny as history, ignored will be doomed to repeat.
@WarRoomProducer @WarRoom @SteveBannon @steve @stephenm @SteveDeaceShow @RealPNavarro @BorisEP @David_Bossie @JasonMillerinDC @Real_GlennBeck @TuckerCarlson @RevolverNews @EpochTimes @DailyNews @MonicaCrowley @molliehemingway

@Alaskanbear907 , @truthsaresimple & @AandP4USA #wingnut gettr.com

"And just to go on the record, there has been still no evidence or proof provided that there was any sort of fraud in that election."

Fox News Spews 'Absolutely False' Leftist Election Fraud Talking Point, Mo Brooks Shuts It Down [VIDEO]

( @Alaskanbear907 )

( @truthsaresimple )
America has had 45 Presidents…the 46th person occupying the White House he’s no president at all…The big lie is that Biden is President…Biden is not President…he wasn’t elected…he’s a Userper…his correct title is…Mr Userper Joe Biden…Trump is still President…biblical meaning of numbers…4 is the number for the world and 5 is the number for grace…45 is the number for grace in the world…Trump brought God’s grace to the world…6 is the number for spiritual imperfection…46 is the number for spiritual imperfection in the world…the Biden administration has brought spiritual imperfection to the world

( @AandP4USA )
No there couldn’t have been any evidence of fraud during the 2020 election. I just wonder why contested states were instantly recognized as being legitimate without any investigation. Why weren’t they withdrawn until proven legitimate? That is if they could ever be proven they were legitimate. Turn the tables and have them prove they were legitimate.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

Blacks commit 60% of the murders in this country.

Blacks make up 24% of the population in poverty.

Whites make up 42% of the population in poverty.

You’ll have to come up with another reason why these people are violent murders other than poverty.

@Apolitical The problem is nigger DNA. Black "people" are subhuman primates, which causes them to behave the way they do. No amount of education or wealth redistribution will ever change this. Sorry cuckservatives, but your mantra of "one race, the HUMAN race!" is a lie.

@brextremist @Apolitical how are we in a world that we even have to explain this to tens of millions of Whites?

Truly the most sophisticated and successful brainwashing operation in history was launched on our people post WW2

@BillyBravo @brextremist @Apolitical let the blacks loose in their neighborhoods. It’s the penultimate redpill having to live among them and experience their true nature. The ones that don’t die from natural selection.

@Apolitical I have it on high authority that jew bankers are the cause of black violence

@Apolitical the single highest correlating factor that predicts violent crime in a given city is how many blacks live there. Higher than any economic factor.


Don't northern blacks commit a lot more violence than southern blacks?

I wonder if that is due to northern blacks having vitamin d deficiency. Blacks need a lot more sun than whites to make the same amount of vitamin d, and they aren't evolved to live in places like New York.


@disavower @Apolitical They are actually the cause of the socioeconomic conditions they live in.

Crime causes poverty.

You can predict economic factors with race as well to some degree.

@Apolitical A frequent guest on Howard Stern in the early days had a theory; “Niggers are animals”
It appears substantiated.


Data from NYC really screams: “it’s the genes & their expression, my nigga!”

various commenters #wingnut gab.com


spoilerLife begins at conception
The simple explanation:
Nothings grows if it is not living



@Kriger1488 @kpeters59 They are working tirelessly to build their New World Zionist Order, an order where they are on top and everyone else is on the bottom. God didn't overthrow the Roman Empire so they're going to build one of their own without God. Everyone will take the mark on their forehead or hand and won't be able participate in the economy without the mark. Those who refuse will be murdered.


@pedrodtandocjr1 @kpeters59
but there's so much money to be made from killing babies and selling their organa, directly and indirectly

@kpeters59 i chuckle at their “cluster of cells” defense. Everything/ everyone is a cluster of cells. Chemically speaking we are mostly water with a bit carbon.
Now we just have to educate them that the 10’s of thousands of genetic code exchanged at conception and the neurological brain activity is what the scientific explanation of the soul is.
They know they are losing the argument. Imaging has gotten much better since 1970. We just gotta stick with the facts. Ultrasounds have saved lives, when people see what that “cluster” is.
We will never win them all over, but we can win enough of them 1 at a time.
First we win their hearts and minds, then we can get the laws passed. But the laws passed stop nothing until they are convinced abortion is murder.

Eliza Mondegreen #transphobia elizamondegreen.substack.com

Extremism-fluid: The neo-Nazi-to-trans pipeline
"Hate groups prey on people who feel like outsiders or that they don't belong."

The other day, I was talking to a friend about people—men in particular—going from neo-Nazis to transgender activists and he quipped: "What is the pipeline? The neo-Nazi becomes tired of being unpopular but still wants to be in a hate group?"

It’s a thing I’ve observed online and in real life. So what might be going on here?

When these Redditors talk about the allure of neo-Nazism, white supremacism, and the alt-right, they talk about being recruited online based on personality and life-situation factors like being young, frustrated, misfit, desperate to belong, confused, insecure, and too online. There’s a lot of insight here. They just don’t extend this insight from their dark pasts to their dark presents. In fact, now they see themselves as reformed. They believe they’ve left all that in the past.

But how did these young people come to the ‘saving’ realization that they were really trans? They were recruited. Online. Based on the very same personality and life-situation factors. Often in the same online spaces. By the same radicalizing algorithms. To participate in the same kinds of antisocial behavior and aggression.

Only the cause is different. The participants, recruitment methods, vulnerability factors, appeal, and behaviors are the same.

In other words, it sure looks like Hoffer was right when he observed what we could call the “fluidity” that so often goes along with fanaticism. It's easy for an extremist of one stripe to become an extremist of another type. The belief system on behalf of which they take an extremist stance is always secondary to the pull of extremism itself. More important that the belief system is the opportunity an extremist movement presents to vent hatred and channel self-contempt, as Hoffer observed:
The real question is what young people need to break up with fanaticism and extremism altogether, not how to get them to shift from one form of extremism to another, more fashionable one.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar


@DrPaulGosar this is how the deception of #Zionism works. They instill this false paradigm of reality in which 'the left' is evil but if 'the (present-day) right' takes power, then everything's gonna be OK. 🤡

Except it comes with a caveat. If Republicans take power, you've just surrendered the executive to be governed from Tel Aviv and every single thing will be done by dual citizens to bring about the war with Iran to finally destroy this country which is just awaiting its final knockout blow as it is.

Donald Trump resisted every single last attempt from Zionists to attack Iran; going the distance of carrying out the assassination of one Maj. General Qassem Soleimaini, the conqueror of ISIS -Zionist proxy- in the middle east, but not going total war which they lust for. EVERYBODY KNOWS the dynamics of power once this treasonous 'element' takes over, if and when they do you're finished.

Between #Marxism on the left and Zionism on the right you are caught between the choice to die by a gunshot wound or by poisoning. It's the eternal jewish promise of destruction you can't escape from. 💀☠️

@DrPaulGosar Except by rigging elections. #Fix2020 #DecertifyBiden

@DrPaulGosar by left you really mean jew...right?


Sez the Zionist pawn,

Democrats and Republicans are all run by Jew bankers.

And what are you doing about contolling the controlled narrative?

@DrPaulGosar Without massive vote fraud, the Left would lose almost every election in America.