@jennifer_1ee , @lucystone1871 & @RiggleElaine #transphobia twitter.com

( @jennifer_1ee )
Why are men hesitating to defend women from the onslaught of trans invading our spaces? Perhaps they want to distance themselves from men who are openly deviant because it makes them cringe at their own secret fetishes. They want to get the weirdos away from them so they won't be tempted.

( @lucystone1871 )
I see a lot of men starting to pay attention and get angry. But this issue is still being reported (when it is reported) in the most biased way (women’s rights being painted as “anti-trans” etc), so my *hope* is that this is an awareness issue, at least in part.

( @RiggleElaine )
Men's lives go fundamentally unchanged. I see some fathers of girls and gay men/lesbians seeing how erasure of sex in our language is extremely problematic. Men did try to squash the trans, btw, many years ago, but women stopped it. Why? Empathy. We forgot about pervs. Men knew.


( @jennifer_1ee )
That's IT. You nailed it. Trans activism is an effortless virtue-signal for men. He says "Transwomen are women" and he's praised for his Enlightened Dudehood. The "enemy" is already beaten down and oppressed. Piling on women is a piece of cake behind the shield of po-mo rhetoric.

@Bau_Leiter #wingnut #conspiracy gettr.com

(submitters note: translated from original german in spoilers below)

Since #Nuremberg it has become fashionable for the gentlemen of the #NWO to put their opponents before #tribunals and judge them "legally".
Now #Trump is getting #treason pinned on him.

You can find the truth about the #stormforthecapitol here:

Seit #Nürnberg ist es Mode geworden, daß die Herren der #NWO ihre Gegner vor #Tribunale stellen und "rechtskräftig" aburteilen.
Jetzt soll #Trump #Hochverrat angehängt werden.

Die Wahrheit über den #sturmaufdascapitol findet ihr hier:

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #quack gab.com

( @Frankperrewar )
52% of Fetterman's votes were mail-in ballots. Do you understand what they do now?

( @Linzertart )
@Frankperrewar There was no reason for mail-in ballots for this election. The COVID hysteria is over. They have the perfect way to cheat. Voting must be in-person, with ID, PERIOD.

( @DiamondClarity )
@Linzertart @Frankperrewar There was no reason in 2020 either, but I get your point. COVID was a slightly worse Flu, HCQ and IVM was the cure, but the Left and the media don't want a cure... they want the power.

( @Linzertart )
@DiamondClarity @Frankperrewar Yes, I agree. It was NEVER necessary, but they’ve discovered a great vehicle for cheating and will not want to let it go.

( @yotto )
@Linzertart @Frankperrewar Exactly, that was only supposed to be a one time deal because of the Covid scamdemic. Now they're trying to make it seem as if we always conducted elections this way.

( @ForrestGuido2018 )
@Linzertart @Frankperrewar They can wear their precious masks and proudly display their vaccine status to go vote. No excuses!!!

( @pritchet1 )
@Frankperrewar The voting system has been raped by male-in ballots.

( @ag2A )
@Frankperrewar Yeah, I understand what they do. Question should be, Why the hell are they getting away with it? Cheating was expected. Why wasn't it prevented? Corruption being allowed to stand is disgusting..........If ballots don't work, what do you do?

( @Imightoffend )
@ag2A @Frankperrewar kill the crooks hung for treason per the constitutional instructions. We just need mob justice

( @Mungoman )
@Frankperrewar this is all part of a New World Order global campaign and we shouldn't lose sight of this. Elections worldwide “are” being stolen deliberately so that men can be happy being bug eating wimps, and poofters, controlled by satanists like Yuval Noah Harari and the WEF. Watch the bitches fire up when they cant get their legislation through because Republicans control the house and the senate.

( @performa )
@Frankperrewar yeah thw FUCKING cheated. Been doing it for years. We need a REAL insurrection to stop this shit and take back our country

various commenters #wingnut #fundie #transphobia #homophobia #racist gab.com

( @PiratesNFlowers )
We deserve to be destroyed. God is allowing America to be destroyed because of our sin.

We ONLY turn this around by honoring God.

Asking God to intervene on behalf of a country that murders babies on demand, alters the biological sex of young children, and promotes sexual deviancy in life and film is a pretty tall order. God can do anything for any nation, but that nation must turn to Him first. Before you ask God to save the United States, you need to ask Jesus to save you, first - then encourage others to do the same.

( @PotatoSack )
America, repent as did Nineveh!


( @Dante353 )
@PotatoSack @PiratesNFlowers

🤢🤮 Please keep this Jewish nonsense to yourself.

( @IrishInManchesterUK )
@PiratesNFlowers much of this is also true of my native Ireland, as we turned away from God and chose to accept and believe the lies of Satan, ignoring the warnings from our grandparents generation before they passed in the 1980’s who were totally opposed to all the changes they saw in the 1960’s onwards - we gave our power away and have brought our current situation on ourselves, so we do deserve God’s punishment by His allowing evil to prosper, no matter how tough the truth of this reality is

( @Dinduvius_Shekelstein )
@PiratesNFlowers I legitimately don't understand this. I respect you and love you. But how is everyone held responsible for the actions of kikes and faggots? It's like, "sins of the father"...except way worse.

I don't believe I'm responsible for what some nigger tranny or kike faggot or otherwise tranny faggot kike does. I can't control that. Except [fedpost]. Why would God hold me, or my children, accountable for this? It seems unfair at best.

( @ScrapKitty )
@PiratesNFlowers The United States is a country, not a nation. A nation is like Ireland or Japan or Portugal: basically one folk of the same/similar genetic heritage. Not a multiculti swam.

( @PiratesNFlowers )
@ScrapKitty jews did this. We foolishly tried to tolerate these fucking demons in the New World and they didn't change their behavior. Shocking! Lol

They're going to be hunted off earth for all the misery they are responsible for. There won't be a single jew alive in a century.

@Rogue_Koala #transphobia spinster.xyz

I hope one day all these TRA's are taken to court and destroyed. Their lives ruined for what they have done.

Then all these cowardly demented supporters follow afterwards.

They should be as Hitchens once said "People like that should be out in the street, shouting and hollering with a cardboard sign and selling pencils from a cup."

They don't deserve their qualifications or position in life.

@JACKASSDEMOCRAT #wingnut #conspiracy gettr.com

Trudeau and the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America have the same goals such as the #NWO. They are more like socialist and communist leaders. They want to disarm their citizens so they can easily force them into socialistic slavery.

They both want gun control and don’t think you have a right to defend yourselves.

As always, never buy anything made in china.
Don't ever trust a democrat and NEVER leave your child alone with one.
#guncontrol #gunrights #trudeau #2ndamendment

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gab.com

( @DouglasBelmore )

spoilerIf you think John Fetterman, Katie
Hobbs, Gretchen Whitmer and Kathy
Hochul won, you need another
booster shot.

( @More_Beer )
@DouglasBelmore You can't outvote election fraud...

( @VincentJappi )
Lin Wood:
People need to wake up to the reality that communism is attempting to take total control of our republic.

That is what the “selections” of 2020 and 2022 were really all about.

The communists/globalists are trying to take down President Trump because he is the leader of We The People and We The People of America reject communism and one world government.

The communists have to take down our leader to get to us.

The communists want to splinter and weaken our support for President Trump. If successful, We The People will be divided at a time when we need unity more than ever before.

I again urge you to stay united in supporting President Trump if you want to Save America, put America First, and Make America Great Again.

Anyone challenging President Trump as our leader is a mere “wannabe” and likely a communist/globalist in disguise.

President Trump is the REAL deal.

Stick with President Trump. Reject the propaganda and efforts to brainwash us against him.

To do otherwise at this point in time in the history of our republic will usher in a win for the communists/globalists. A win which will take us decades to overturn as communists/globalists will continue to destroy the fabric of our nation.

FIX 2020 OR BUST!!!

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

( @CK_Justice )
@DouglasBelmore fuck em. We NEED a civil war or America deserves what we let happen.

( @PortRoyalCaptain )
@DouglasBelmore I can imagine Dem leaders planning.

"If we could make it legal to collect votes without verification and chain of custody we could win every election"

" Well you would have to convince people it is unsafe to vote in person, and that wouldn't be possible unless there was some sort of deadly pandemic... LOL."

"Or..... If we could 'create' the illusion of a deadly pandemic."

"We'll have to change the laws to make it legal, so no one can claim fraud."

"Hillary, are you writting this down?"

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @vaccineregrets )
NEVER forget who turned their back on you... even your “friends”.

spoilerOne of the nurses on my team just
made a very good point. How come
nurses are happy to strike for more
pay, but didn't fight for their unvax'd
colleagues when they were under the
threat of losing their jobs to the vax

( @sunsetruby )
I lost TWO jobs as a RN over the CV-19 insanity.

( @DisenfranchisedDad )
@sunsetruby @vaccineregrets I respect you for sticking by your beliefs and not caving in like so many others did.

( @sunsetruby )
@DisenfranchisedDad @vaccineregrets
Thank you! I never took the jab, I never gave any doses of the jab, I refused to be "tested." And that is fine. I have not had a paycheck since late Oct 2021 and God keeps providing and taking care of me.

My motto? Never bow, never comply, no fear, no regrets.

Be like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

( @JuggaloSix )
@vaccineregrets I often wonder that too. Am I supposed to cry at a funeral of someone who died from the very vax they tried to force on me? I won't. I feel no sympathy for them at all.

( @ZuluPhuks )
@vaccineregrets Because nurses are drama queens by nature, and the jews know it, so they used the nurses' arrogance against us.

Remember all the tiktok vidyas of the "overwhelmed" front line assholes? "Stay home, stay 6 feet apart, where is your mask, oh god oh god the unvaccinated are filling the hospitals!!!"

Healthcare workers are guilty of pushing the corona hoax. They all KNEW it was a sham so they made bullshit videos and pumped innocent people full of run-death-is-near to up the body count for their jew overlords.

Healthcare workers will be tried and hung with the cabal.

( @ChaoticGood )
@vaccineregrets I'll never forget the former CEO I worked for who mocked and threatened me for not taking the Covid vaccine. Many of my colleagues I spoke to privately didn't help me, and only one reached out when I mysteriously stopped going to work. The hardest path you'll ever walk is the one you walk alone.

Mothers Grim #transphobia the11thhourblog.com

🇺🇸Cutting to the Chase:YouTube’s Bearded and Breastless Transmen, a Salesforce in the Making 1
(continued from https://fstdt.com/NZJ4NFZ4MY6NG )
It is not too hard to see how the interconnectivity of influencers and platforms just might permit a freakish explosion of a very bad ideology causing monumental harm to an entire generation of young people. Clicking on FTM Aydian Dowling’s company, point5cc, advertised on Chase’s channel (as shown in the image below) brings up a company called Point of Pride. Point of Pride is a nonprofit under Aydian Dowling’s leadership who got her own start on, none other than, YouTube. Point of Pride has programs to help fund surgeries with a US-based surgeon (even under age 18 with guardian consent). They also have programs offering 12 months of free HRT through Plume (an online drug dispensary founded by MTF Jerrica Kirkley with real estate on YouTube) and free binders through gc2b, yet another trans owned business also with real estate on YouTube. Now amplify this power of the click across each video on each FTMs content and it is not hard to see how a crisis might ensue.
The Internet of Things has plugged stressed-out young females directly into their own undoing. With an arsenal of procured and targeted ads and influencers bombarding YouTube followers, Chase, and/or members of the consortium of FTM influencers, are bound to hit their targets one after the other with their collections of goods and services. Click after click, hypnotized females then fall further and further down the rabbit hole of harmful transgender medical identities. The influencers' business successes speak volumes about the war that has been waged on sexed bodies in the 21st Century.

Archbishop Viganò #fundie #quack #conspiracy #wingnut 2020news.de


The modification of the individual’s DNA caused by the experimental serum with new mRNA technology is perhaps the most alarming aspect of this epochal battle. If there are economic powers that have no qualms about targeting the world’s population in order to weaken their immune systems, cause sudden deaths and make us all chronically ill in order to sell their concoctions or their health care services, on the other hand there are people who are devoted to evil and who are well aware that they work in the service of a hellish plan, for the advent of the Antichrist through the synarchy of the NWO.

In the attempt to genetically modify man, we see Satan’s aversion against Creation taken to extreme consequences, and in particular against man himself, who in the economy of salvation was chosen to be the temple of the Most Holy Trinity.

In your letter to then-President Donald Trump, you spoke of a confrontation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Where do we now stand in this confrontation? What are the conceivable outcomes of this struggle? What can we, who want to strengthen the light, do?

Spiritual events intersect with earthly events, history intersects with the eternity of God, human events are the battlefield in which the children of darkness fight the children of Light: a battle that for humanity began with the fall of Adam, deceived by Satan and deluded that he could be like God. That temptation is repeated over the centuries to every man, whenever the Enemy tries to persuade him that he can decide for himself what is good and what is evil, attributing to himself the sovereign rights of the Lord over creatures. It is the battle that is being fought even today, after centuries of rebellion against the Law of God and refusal to recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In the end, everything comes back to this discrimen, to the Lord’s statement, “Whoever is not with Me is against Me,” (Lk 11:14) and to our free response to the love of God the Creator and Redeemer.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @PrisonPlanet )
After winning a decisive victory to secure his third term as Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul promised to end the “COVID cover up,” by forcing Anthony Fauci into court.

( @mrbridegr )
@PrisonPlanet WHY ISN'T RAND PAUL OR OTHERS DISCUSSING LOUDLY ANOMALIES IN THE VOTE in certain states....where are the investigators?

( @heyyouitsjustme )
@mrbridegr @PrisonPlanet EXACTLY, you dont see them doing a thing as usual. that's proof they're on the same side. they diid nothing about the first steal, they never closed the border, the J 6 prisoners are still in jail, they didnt stop the clot shot , they let th taxpayers money be laundered in ukraine & stuffed in the cabals pocket, the list goes on....

( @americanpie77777 )

Yeah sure public spanking for murdering millions in coersed fraud using bioweapons on a billion souls.

Charges ARRESTS convictions and max sentences for mass genocide

( @DarenFromDelaware )

I'll believe it when I see it .

The Republicans controlled the House, Senate and Trump in the White House and couldn't even get DACA removed , an Executive Order by Obama.

The Republicans controlled the House Senate and Trump in the White House and didn't even try to put the Smith-Mundt Act back to its original form , which would make Propaganda Illegal AGAIN.

But , we are to believe they are going to hold Dr. Flip Flop Fauci legally accountable?

I'll believe it when I see it.

( @JoeSmith123 )
@PrisonPlanet That's great why did we wait so long we all know that the evidence is out there and you have it all, so do something. Also we all know you have the Hunter Laptop as well so get on that one as well.

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut #fundie gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
Demonic libs are melting down over this.

My kind of politician! Bring back STRONG Christian male leadership!

spoilerOklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who was
reelected yesterday, recently dedicated
"every square inch" of the state to
Jesus: "[With] the authority that I have
as governor, and the spiritual authority
and the physical authority that you give
me, I claim Oklahoma for you."

( @MezzoMoon )
Yes! May this spread across our nation like holy fire.

( @BibbsLong )
@MezzoMoon it won’t. The majority of the nation hates God. It’s critical that Southern states (the Bible Belt) secede from this evil country

( @LoudMouthMike )
@LaurenWitzkeDE He’s my Governor and narrowly won. 50M in dark money went against him. He pissed off all the Indian tribes and they were all against him as well. He got my vote!

( @cmon411 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Faith without work is dead. Many lost jobs in Oklahoma because they refused the jab. Not a peep from him. Porn in our schools, Drag Queens in our libraries. CRT in our schools. Talk is cheap and GOD will not be mocked.

( @14W )
@LaurenWitzkeDE And what is he doing about antiwhitism and white erasure?

( @Doggtaggs )

As much as I understand the sentiment, Jesus does not need Gov. Stitt to claim Oklahoma for Christ. All authority in heaven and on earth already belongs to Jesus Christ.

( @Anna_brezlyn )
@Doggtaggs @LaurenWitzkeDE Yes, but in the order of enacting His will, He chooses to work through mankind for His glory and our growth spiritually.

Greg Abbott & Texas Republicans #wingnut #transphobia reuters.com

Texas becomes largest state to ban transgender care for minors

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Friday signed a bill that bans transgender healthcare including puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors, making Texas the largest of the 20 states to have outlawed gender-affirming care.

Republican lawmakers across the country have promoted similar bills, saying they mistrust the consensus among major medical associations that endorse gender-affirming care as needed and even life-saving for trans youth after extensive evaluation.

Texas, the second most-populous U.S. state, has an estimated 29,800 transgender youth aged 13 to 17, according to the Williams Institute of UCLA.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups have pledged to fight the law in court, as they have similar legislation in other states.

"They (Texas lawmakers) are hellbent on joining the growing roster of states determined to jeopardize the health and lives of transgender youth, in direct opposition to the overwhelming body of scientific and medical evidence," the ACLU said in a statement when the bill passed the legislature.

The Texas law creates exceptions for minors who began treatment before June 1 or for those who attended 12 or more sessions of mental health counseling or psychotherapy for at least six months.

But those patients "shall wean off the prescription drug over a period of time," the law says.

Backers of such laws say government must intervene against the wishes of parents and doctors because they fear it will cause irreparable harm and say children are incapable of acceding to such decisions.

Groups including the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics oppose the legislation.

Republicans introduced more than 500 bills affecting LGBTQ people in 2023, with more than 50 passing, according to the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ rights group. Those numbers are up from 315 bills introduced and 29 passed in 2022.

@N0tTheMatrix #conspiracy gettr.com

#IvankaTrump Wants To Help The #WEF/#NWO With Their #SocialCreditScore #System By #Creating A #FederalEmploymentDatabase In #Order To Give Way To #Possible #DiscriminationAgainstUnvaccinated, People's #Religious Views, #PoliticalLeanings, #Education Levels, Where You #Attended #School #College, #Past #WorkRecord, #Private #Personal #HealthRecords, #SexualOrientation, #Marriage Status, #Income. #You Name It #They #Want It, #NeverMind #Your #ConstitutionalRights Or #PersonalFreedoms, #Intrusive #Much? #DoNotComply With The #OverBearing #TyrannialGovernments And #FuckTheWEF! #WeAreAmerica! And We #RejectTheGreatReset!, #TheSocialCredit #BeastSystem And #Agenda2030!

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
Incredible how dishonest the Fake News Media is. The Failing New York Times has gone crazy. So many of the people I Endorsed went on to victory on Tuesday Night, nobody was even close, and they literally make up a story refusing to write the facts, and only quoting enemies and losers. Almost all of the people I endorsed WON, yet if you read the story from two Trump hating writers (who only do as they are told!), you would not even recognize the truth. They truly are, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!

219 WINS against 16 LOSSES IN THE GENERAL ELECTION, and yet the Fake News writes only unrecognizable junk. No wonder they are all doing sooo badly!

( @CrossReaper )
@realdonaldtrump are you going to go kiss the jew wall again or are you going to do something about the US being a vassal state to Israel?

( @Iceman876 )
@CrossReaper @realdonaldtrump When the jew world order installs him in 2024 he'll finish the wall to hold all the 3rd world's trash in.

( @Pern1121 )
@CrossReaper @realdonaldtrump he's gonna kiss the Jew Wall and party with the Saudis. That's a requirement to get on the ballot.

( @NSSAP )
@realdonaldtrump -- Ever noticed that all the media repeats the exact same narrative? That's because it is controlled by one group of people only. It is time for you to start naming them, Donald.

( @NSSAP )
@realdonaldtrump -- "The failing New York Times" as you described it, Donald, is controlled by jews, just like the rest of the media. Even you admitted that at one point. Name the jew, Donald.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Daily reminder,

Jews don't care about the displacement and replacement of White people in White countries by third-world browns and blacks.

Not even the Conservative Jews who claim to oppose Liberalism and Cultural Marxism.

Jews don't care about White people, so White people need to stop putting their faith in Jewish figures.

( @LaBanderaNegra )
@Nature_and_Race I wonder what shapiro's reaction would be if israel was being overrun by non jews and bread out of existance ? Think he'd be leading a "crusade" to bilk $$$ out of us to "save the jewish people and the only democracy in the middle east ?

( @Toodank2bunderstood )
@Nature_and_Race Then anyone should be allowed into Israel too, right Benny???

( @DrPhate )
@Nature_and_Race Ideology and race go hand in hand. The ideology that gave highest standard of living the world has ever known came from White men. No other race could concieve it or maintain it.

( @moonsloth )
@Nature_and_Race Ben Shapiro is controlled opposition scum. Spends 3 mil a year on facebook ads and has never been banned from facebook. He knows exactly what he is doing and its no accident.

( @PatriotKitty2022 )
@Nature_and_Race he doesn't care cause HE'S a KIKE They're the one browning America. Sissy faggot

Connect ALL the Dots #transphobia solvealltheproblems.wordpress.com

Awake, not Woke

Words have meanings and meanings matter. It makes no sense to allow a privileged group (men) to unilaterally redefine words in order to benefit themselves while simultaneously destroying the fundamental, hard-won human rights of a traditionally disadvantaged group (women), but here we are. This has already happened, in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Most Canadians don’t even know that any male sex offender can walk into any girls locker room in the country, drop his pants, display fully functional male genitals, and if women or girls object, all he has to do is claim to be a “trans woman” to avoid prosecution for voyeurism or indecent exposure.
Nobody asked women if we wanted to legalize voyeurism & indecency in the single-sex female spaces where these crimes do the most harm. Ontario voters never had a say in the decision to let any man, even convicted sex offenders, falsify government documents and claim womanhood without any gatekeeping of any sort. We have a serious problem in that women’s rights have been systematically dismantled by stealth. We have an even bigger problem in that voters are powerless to rectify this heinous abuse of power. Voting only works in a democracy, but before the plutocrats head-hunted her to keep the truth out of the public eye, Chrystia Freeland let the cat out of the bag about who rules in Canada .
The point here is that voting will never be enough to solve any of the serious problems we face. The primary problem that must be solved first – chronologically – is restoring the democratic power that was stolen from voters decades ago. This will require solidarity in the face of the polarizing Divide & Rule tactics of the ruling class. This is why when I point out that “trans women” are men and I’m accused of being a right-winger I don’t just spit out a knee-jerk denial. We won’t be able be able to successfully counter the divisive tactics used against us until we abandon tribalism and embrace single-issue solidarity.


@Reveal2Truth #conspiracy gettr.com

Prince Warned Humanity About ‘New World Order’ Plans For Mandatory Vaccines in 1996.

His song ‘New World’ is one of many examples. From the 1996 album ‘Emancipation‘, the song contained eerily prophetic lyrics about mandatory vaccinations, altered biology and the world we live in today:

“When you wanna find some isolation. But the tracker you got from vaccination. What’s it all for when you can alter biology? Who or what, then my friend, will you and I be?”

“When the lines blur every boy and girl, how we gonna make it in this brave new world?”


#WorldEliteGroup #NWO #Globalist #DarkEvilGroup

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Exit polls from last night's election.

There can be no unity between White people and non-whites. We are completely incompatible with one another. And non-whites are incompatible with White society and White culture.

We're divided by DNA. We were never meant to be united. We were always meant to be separated. And because we've rejected the natural order of racial separation, our once great country is dying.

Make America White again. Or prepare for America's funeral.

( @alexpulse231 )
@Nature_and_Race I wish all white people would stop lying to themselves and accept that racial integration is never going to work. I wish everyone sees that diversity is not our strength, but our destruction. If you decide to undo God's natural order, it's going to fail miserably, and that's what we're seeing today. After all, white people didn't want forced integration, it has been imposed on them by the Jewish subversive press that has made it palatable.

( @CharlesPNW )
@alexpulse231 @Nature_and_Race

Integration was never about it working.

It was never about progress.

It was never about justice or equality.

It was ALWAYS about genocide.

( @MCharlton )
@Nature_and_Race We had different languages for a reason. Different languages kept people separate. Different languages are a barrier to racemixing. There is no more subversive act than teaching nonwhite people to speak the language of England.

Yet for many years the right has aggressively pushed for nonwhites to speak English… which puts them in our government, enables them to deliver our news, enables them to teach White children, enables Jewish propaganda to mix them with White women and creates the conditions for replacement.

( @SenileBiden )

Only property owners should vote as intended by the founders
The rest are parasites voting to take your property

( @PRUST )
@SenileBiden It's beyond that - it's about RACE.


( @Libertarian_Pill )
@PRUST @SenileBiden @Nature_and_Race and gender? Childless women tend to be parasitical in nature.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #sexist gab.com

( @EB_ )

spoilerUniversal suffrage is a very silly
way to choose the direction &
leadership of the worlds most
powerful country.
Half of people donlt even pay
taxes. Millions canlt speak
English. IDs are unnecessary. And
everyone but White people just
vote with their race.
What a joke.

( @LurkingTachyon )
@EB_ By design universal suffrage is a terrible idea. It's why it was exclude from our system.

White males pay > 80% of all taxes. We make up roughly 30% of the population. Adjusted for those who pay taxes, that's roughly 20% of the population.

What is taxation without representation? If you're a white male your taxes are stolen and you are not represented. This is a illegal and unconstitutional even according to our laws.

Universal suffrage is enslavement of white men. Anyone supporting it supports our enslavement.

( @CharitySlaughter )
@EB_ i agree with all except - taxation is THEFT. Of ALL the times the people should stop paying taxes - its NOW.
Don't say "don't even pay taxes" like it's a bad thing.

( @UsernameTaken__000 )
@CharitySlaughter I think the “don’t even pay taxes” bit in the statement is a qualifier of who should and should not be able to vote. I agree that taxation is theft. A better way to state it should be landowners not taxpayers because property tax is a pyramid scheme theft as well

( @ShelbyD22 )
@EB_ When I was working with a friend of mine he went around and asked all the black people in the warehouse specifically why they voted for Barack Obama and none of them could give an actual specific reason why except one honest black guy that immediately said "because he's black."

( @LordVince )
@EB_ it’s not a joke, it’s a Jewish con. Democracy was always a method for manipulating the system in a systematic and even more efficient manner, it’s essentially the most effective form of tyranny once you have it properly calibrated and programmed to where the slaves perpetuate the self-enslavement, largely because they have been so brain fucked that they have no clue they are slaves. That likely also applies to you if you don’t understand that taxation is not theft, it’s fractional slavery.

Jennifer Bilek & Salspua #transphobia twitter.com

( Jennifer Bilek )
Only the question of what a woman is, is important. This is because our reproductive capacities are being deconstructed, colonized for the market - to be transferred to the tech sector.
The dehumanization is not personal. It’s business. They can’t dismember actual humans & justify what they’re doing. It’s how all slavery works. Colonize. Dehumanize. Extract the resources. Womanhood is occupied territory.

( Salspua )
Are you paying attention yet?

We must stop participating in this, stop pretending that the gender craze is about inclusion & people's "true selves."

@N0tTheMatrix #conspiracy gettr.com

What Is #ScalarWave? The Video Has The Answer. Also Instead Of #Russians Being The Ones #Attacking 65 #FoodPlants (Like The Guy In The Video Says), #WhatIf #Possibility Say It Was The #UnitedStates' #DARPA #NASA Or Even #SpaceX Using ScalarWave #Technology And #Working In #Conjunction With The #WEF/#NWO To Target #FoodPlants #Around The #World And Cause Mass #Starvation In #Order To #Achieve #TheGreatReset #Agenda2030 #Depopulation #ZeroCarbon #MassExtinction Of #Earth. That Is My Theory Anyway. #DoNotComply

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gab.com

( @namelessone11 )

spoilerToday Republican voters and
leadership will now spend the
afternoon and subsequent weeks
blaming one another and President
Trump for various issues and
outcomes for why the red wave didn't
materialize, while ignoring the

( @jeffthetroll51 )
@namelessone11 Republican voters understand voter fraud. Republican leadership couldn't care less. They'll just slink back to the swamp and enjoy "business as usual." Ditch the GOP.

( @GabbieJohnson )
@jeffthetroll51 @namelessone11 #TRUMP SHOULD RUN INDEPENDENT MAKE IT HARDER FOR THE SKANKS TO #CHEAT 🫵🫵🏿🫵🏻🫵🏾🫵🏼🫵🏽🫵🫵🏿

( @jeffthetroll51 )
@GabbieJohnson @namelessone11 Trump, Desantis, MTG, Kristi Noem, Lauren Boebert, and anybody who really cares about this country should tell the RNC to take a fucking hike. Start the Patriot party, and watch millions join up, and actually reclaim our "turf".

( @geartards )
@namelessone11 They have always cheated. This is not new. It won't be fixed until people get angry enough to kill the cheaters and reform the system so it cannot ever be gamed again.

( @Dot0422 )
@namelessone11 yep! Hahaha they just laugh. Dopes are we. They did exactly what the planned. Cheated in Pennsylvania people in that state are brain dead along with the psycho claiming he won.

( @rollypolly )
@namelessone11 the republicans can blame no one but themselves for the election outcome.

( @PaulBaterProdesign )
@namelessone11 oh, but don't you know? 75 percent of fed up Americans changed their minds just when they got to the polls. The machines aren't lying! Maybe high crime and economic destruction looked more palatable when people were finally voting...yeah right.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @PatriotsDotWin )
This is why we said fix 2020 first.

( @kijo )
@PatriotsDotWin I will never vote again.

( @fight4freedom1 )
@kijo @PatriotsDotWin ...You wont be able to, They will have a dictator installed. Say Good By to the America we grew up in. FORCED EVERYTHING IS NEXT!

( @LiveFreeOrDieFightingEvil )
@kijo @PatriotsDotWin automatic dem win (same result anyway)

( @TLP57 )
@PatriotsDotWin the states that were cheated in 2020 were cheated in 2022

( @brextremist )
@PatriotsDotWin If America is to have any hope of fair elections going forward, you need to get rid of all the niggers and jews first.

( @Volcanic84 )
@PatriotsDotWin The Sanatists in control were never going to allow that. The machines were created for the very purpose of installing people not electing them.

( @Karkess )
@PatriotsDotWin I live in Michigan and a proposal making it easier to cheat passed. I'm not even going to waste my time voting anymore! I'm just going to stock up, arm up and wait for the collapse!! Just hope age gets me before it all goes to Hell!

( @FalloutGuy2k21 )

People tried to legally correct 2020, but were thwarted at every turn by the established criminals.

When does lawfare run it's course of remedy?

( @whyserenity )
@FalloutGuy2k21 @PatriotsDotWin did they? I don’t think they even tried. Just like Republicans ceded all of the media and entertainment to democrats and are surprised they can’t get their message out.

( @point3 )
@FalloutGuy2k21 @PatriotsDotWin

When do we get to use our guns ?

( @B_E_Atles )
@PatriotsDotWin Voting with the same broken shit and expecting honest results.

Mothers Grim #transphobia the11thhourblog.com

🇺🇸Cutting to the Chase:YouTube’s Bearded and Breastless Transmen, a Salesforce in the Making 1
(continued from https://fstdt.com/.XSR.N9ZPL8PK )
The FTM influencers care not one lick about their fans save for the cash flow they provide and the perpetuation of the fantastical business of “transition.” These influencers do not act alone but appear regularly in one another’s content and collaborate on selling the ideology and products to support the illusion of “transition.”

In Chase Ross’s content, regulars, like FTMs Aaron Ansuini, Ty Turner, and Kai Scott make repeat appearances. In what seems a misfit among the females, even the popular MTF Steph Sanjati appears from time to time. Then there are countless other influencers and companies that are linked in some way via advertising like Aydian Dowling and her company Point of Pride or Mason Luke and her company MasonLuke.com. Mr. Mason Luke is advertised as a “transgender man who has been in the adult sales industry for 15+ years.” These influencers indoctrinate teens into the “trans” lifestyle, peddle porn products, and are a salesforce for Big Pharma. They advise young women on drugs, surgeries, or devices with no mention of the physical and mental harm they are doomed to endure by accepting the advice of these charlatans.

Examples of a few influencer collaborations amongst the FTM social media influencers and their cross-marketing can be seen in the chart below:

@AmericasMansMan #wingnut #fundie gettr.com



#GoodChristianMen, #DeclareIndependence from the #FakeBidenAdministration, whom we never elected.

He has #murdered our #troops.
He has #starved us.
He has seized our #land and other estates by means of #unconstitutional #inflation and #taxationWithoutRepresentation.
He has given #crackPipes to the #drugAddict and forced our little ones to bend over and be sodomized by #publicSchoolPredators.

#DeclareYOURIndependence from the #communist, #fakeDemocrat, #fakeBidenAdministration, and declare your allegiance to #America and her #God, the #GodOfTheBible, #JesusChrist.

We are #OneChristianNationUnderGod, #Indivisible, with #liberty and #justice for all.

For #thePenaltyForTreasonIsDeath.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
Asking White people to choose between democrats and republicans is asking them to chose between an enemy and a traitor.

These are not viable options

( @brextremist )
@Apolitical Democrats will punch you in the face, republicans will stab you in the back.

( @PatriotsQuick )
Left wing,right wing of the same parasite.

( @GreatWhite96 )

( @Anne_Fallible )
@Apolitical We need an Anti-Mason Party.

( @gyrfalcon )

( @John_Madison )
@Apolitical The red Tidal wave turned into a kitty pool wave As I knew it would and didn’t waste my time voting in an anti-White system.

( @funbobby51 )
@Apolitical but in reality it's pretty easy to choose when one side is openly promoting evil and destruction and the other only tacitly approves.

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@funbobby51 @Apolitical That is by design of the system, all the more easier to fool you into false hope.

( @funbobby51 )
@Rabbi_Spacelaser @Apolitical
Hold on, when did I say anything about "hope"?
A number of places have recently banned child castration and mutilation. While the elections are rigged not voting doesn't help. That makes it easier for them to cheat and less likely to get caught.

( @Mallard_ )
@Apolitical White nationalism must replace conservatism

( @Maxximum )
@Apolitical read my pinned posts for jew hate of whites. Its genocide but if you cant call out the jew, you are weak. Please share.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @MarkCollett )
Anyone find it strange that when a white person does as little as utter a 'racial slur', it often gets more news coverage than when a black person murders a white person?
We live in an anti-white world where the media is the primary tool used to attack people of European descent.

( @SickoftheBSguy83 )
@MarkCollett This just in...student calls black student nigger! *abc news reports this as breaking news*
Meanwhile a nigger rapes and murders a white woman and kills her 3 month old baby after breaking into her home but the news refuses to report on that. This is why i dont watch tv as much anymore. By watching that garbage of lies you are supporting the filth they produce for you to watch. Stop supporting the lies.

( @RabidNationalist )
@MarkCollett Who runs the media again?

( @Sanyo4080 )
@RabidNationalist @MarkCollett

( @Kidbrightwillow )

FACT - Black Americans, per capita, are exceedingly violent.

Violent crimes per million population in 2018:

Violent crimes per million population in 2019:

Citations below spreadsheet.

( @Tetragrammatron )
@Kidbrightwillow @MarkCollett Multiculturalism via forced association IS PRISON. A prison where the Jew is the warden.

( @jh71 )
@Kidbrightwillow @MarkCollett between niggers and Democrats ..if we get rid of both it could be a real nice country.

( @johannbraun2005 )
@MarkCollett most news organizations are controlled by jews. That may have something to do with the unbalanced coverage of events.

( @Randallz )
@MarkCollett niggerniggerniggernigger kike👍

( @Randallz )
@MarkCollett kikekikekikekikekike gooknigger

Mothers Grim #transphobia the11thhourblog.com

🇺🇸Cutting to the Chase:YouTube’s Bearded and Breastless Transmen, a Salesforce in the Making 1
Chase Ross is a woman who has appropriated male sex characteristics through drugs and surgeries. She is described as “transgender,” which is also referred to in the industry, as a female to male or an FTM. Once a young victim of the gender industry herself, she has been transformed into a victimizer of the next generation. YouTube is Chase's biggest avenue to stardom as one of social media’s top "transgender" influencers. This series of three posts delve into Chase’s online persona, her FTM friends, and the online businesses that have exploded in recent years. These posts will take a deep dive into the products, drugs, and surgeries required for membership in the novel and trending FTM lifestyle.[...]

Part I: Introduction to Social Media Influencer Chase Ross and Friends

“Hey everybody, it’s Chasey Poo,” are the seemingly innocuous words Chase Ross often uses to greet her unsuspecting followers on YouTube. Do not be fooled for the topic du jour is quickly followed with titles like “Transgender Children,” “need a binder?,” “How to Use Your Growth for Sex,” “bottom surgery consultation,” and “Anal for FTMs” where it becomes quite obvious what this is all about. Chase is one of many YouTube influencers impacting stressed young females. They are the older (and supposedly wiser) voices beckoning young people into the trenches of the bearded and breastless “transman” identity, a medical identity that has only recently come into being, and one that has seen absurd increases over the last decade. The opportunity for a social media influencer with such a huge audience to beguile, capture and take advantage of young females is both profound and profoundly disturbing. Hypnotized by their charm, followers become believers confusing fantasy for reality.


@AmericasMansMan #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

#Smarter #Sundays.

@GenFree, thanks for this. May the #LordGod be with you today. May #His #hedgeOfProtection be upon you as you #StandUpFightBack.
The Reason You Came

Have you been to #Church yet this Sunday? If you’re not comfortable attending your local #bibleBased (#based) church, invite some friends over to read the #HolyScriptures and #worship the #LivingGod, the #GodOfAmerica, the #Spirit of #AmericanLaw, as we #standUp and #fightBack, #DeclaringOurIndependence against the #FakePresident and the #communists; and the #WEF, and the #DeepState, and the #FakeDemocrats, and all #SatansMinions who would undermine the #fulfillmentOfTheGospel which IS the #LandOfTheFree, the #HomeOfTheBrave, #America.


various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @NelaVesely )


( @Trumpdawg692002 )
@NelaVesely ! It's called We The People rising up and overthrowing athe corrupt government

( @jacqueline-64 )
@Trumpdawg692002 @NelaVesely WHEN?

( @Trumpdawg692002 )
@jacqueline-64 @NelaVesely! In my opinion I see it happening sooner than later. Everyone I have talked with and from all over the US are ready but just don't know when? Soon is all I can say

( @jacqueline-64 )
@Trumpdawg692002 @NelaVesely I hope so because things will continue to get worse. Complacency or unexpressed inaction will lead to greater health & economic issues. The anger of knowing that a Satanic #NWO deep state cabal has been INSTALLED in the White House in order to destroy the free world needs to lead to positive action & change & sooner rather than later. The mid-terms have proven that the radical Left will continue to cheat & rig elections in their favor because THEY CAN & they KNOW they get away with it. Nothing will change from the traitorous RINOs in government. The people have the power & they MUST use it before it's too late.

( @Magaknight21 )
@NelaVesely Our founding fathers were pretty damn smart to include the 2nd amendment in our constitution

( @spuriousoffspring )
@NelaVesely With the Second Amendment

( @Willy_d420 )
@NelaVesely by picking up arms

( @patmo13 )
@NelaVesely Its called revolution!!!!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Trouble_Man )

spoilerWhen a country's demographics
changes abruptly in the span of 2
If the country was originally brown:
this is ethnic cleansing/genocide
If the country was originally
white: desirable unavoidable
multiculturalization resulting
from progress

( @MarkLuth1 )
@Trouble_Man It’s our nation. Not the JWOs or third worlders! We built it.

( @HeroicSpud )
Only Israel is allowed their ethno-state.

( @1488Mussolini )
@Trouble_Man ....and never forget (((who))) you have to thank fir that...👇

( @BostonPaul )
@Trouble_Man has their ever been a stronger nation/empire as easily conquered as the USA was?

@GibbonsChip & Jennifer Bilek #transphobia twitter.com

( @GibbonsChip )
TRA's are the most useful idiots of the most elite of the elites. They have been hatching a plan for decades to eradicate biological sex and what it means to be human. Once you're not human, they can use you anyway they want. :

( Jennifer Bilek )
Just #FollowTheMoney
It makes so much more sense than the ridiculous narrative of special fairy people born in wrong bodies and governments, corporations, & international banks rearranging society for them because they care.

@AmericasMansMan #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

I am fully convinced that #God has placed a special blessing on #Texas.

This is why, right now, #Satan is attacking #Texas, flooding it with #illegals through #Satan’s #pawn, #FakePresidentBiden.

May God’s #hedgeOfProtection continue to keep our #LonestarFam strong and grant #AmericasMansManFam #Texans #power #tenfold.

Thanks, #Whataburger. Thanks, #Ziglar. Thanks, #CattleRanchers. Thanks #ExxonMobil. And thank you, all of my #Texan #Followers, for making us the fastest-growing organization on the #FreeInternet.

Now, I exhort you to keep on bringing your friends, that they may not be abused by #Facebook and the other evil, #AntiAmerican #BigTech #Corporations attempting to drill you like an #oilWell.

#Glory2God, & #PTL for #Texas.

We are #OneChristianNation.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
We need to restore election integrity.
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar


( @RoK77 )
@DrPaulGosar I would predict that upon the first televised public hanging
the speed of vote counting and accuracy would miraculously accelerate

( @Vegasmar6 )
@DrPaulGosar Ever since this insane country elected Hussein the fraud and Biden this shit started. I’ve been voting since 1976 and only once was there a problem in 2000 with Bush/Gore hanging chad! One day to vote in person with ID.

( @Chesterfield444 )
@DrPaulGosar counting the votes only took days after Election Day once they started to lose

( @thesadshow )
@DrPaulGosar Election integrity is restored with a revolution, not with another vote.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Thank you Georgia’s 14th district for putting your faith in me to be your voice and your representative in Washington.

It’s my privilege and my honor.

Thank you to all who support me. I am 100% dedicated to fight for America and the American people. I’m looking forward to it.

( @BearAryan )
I'm sure you'll be great for juden & israel!

( @The_Righteous_0ne )
@BearAryan @repmtg i feel sorry for those who think thats a woman.

( @Johnny_Eights )

You are a LIAR! IF you were 100% dedicated to fight for America and the American "People" you would name the JEW!

( @johngraham365 )
@Johnny_Eights @repmtg she works for the Jew

( @TheLugenpresse )
@repmtg You're a zionist chump who puts Israel first. Nice one tricking your 40 IQ supporters cunt.

( @SouthUpRising_TX )
@repmtg get fucked not one word on the voter fraud all around you but celebrate your win with a hat you disgraceful piece of shit! Not one fucking word on the nationwide steals!

( @DaGoyimKnows )
@repmtg In a country living under communist rule and rigged voting systems, you have to wonder why someone like you is re-elected.

You controlled opposition, Babylonian whore.

( @KnoxvilleKC )
@repmtg Great news! Glad you will be in the new congress fighting for our rights.

( @NordicWolf )
@KnoxvilleKC "fighting for Israelis rights"

( @johngraham365 )
@NordicWolf @KnoxvilleKC @repmtg and black folks. She wants us to forget her Juneteenth vote

( @NordicWolf )
@johngraham365 @KnoxvilleKC @repmtg
jews do love to keep their plantation niggers fighting against White folks.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Gay couple insists they are a lesbian couple

( notsofreshfeeling )
No TiM is actually trying to pass.

( drdeeisback )
Of course not, if they actually passed they'd be treated like women and they know they wouldn't want that.

( SummerGrl )
I feel like there are only two possibilities here. One, they know they don't look like women. Two, they do know they don't look like women. If they don't know, then their perception of reality is skewed and this is mental illness. If they do know they don't look like women and are carrying on this charade that they are women, then they have malicious intentions for demanding that other people validate this deviant behavior.

( Kriegerin )
Like Aiden and Hayden in a "gay male" relationship and it's two tiny lesbians. How do they deal with the parts they're not attracted to though? Are gay men really into moobs/silicone chests on other men? I'm attracted to men myself and i can say a man with breast implants is repulsive to me.

Edit: wow lots of you know Aiden and Hayden irl lol

( Tortoisemouse )
My guess is they both have a sissification fetish.

And of course "being" a woman is the most degrading sissifying thing anyone could possibly be (/s)

So the moobs etc. are all part of the thrill and have nothing to do with actually being a woman (obvs).

Once you realise they're not aiming (or wanting) to be actual women, but only to be reductive cartoon-like porn-inspired approximations of """women""", it make sense. They're just men with a paraphilia and the hormones etc. are just part of an elaborate role-play/costume.

( ProxyMusic )
There were a pair of fellas like this in my old neighborhood in NYC some years ago. They started showing up at events for lesbians and using the women's rooms in local eateries and the women's locker room at the gym and pool they went to. It's one of the things that made me aware of how far gender identity ideology had gone in fucking up the heads of many of the LGB in the "LGBT" - and how many in the G today are now using gender identity and queer theory to fuck over and spit in the faces of the L (and the female portion of the B), and women and girls generally.

( Killer_Danish )
AGP perverts being perverts. God I miss the days where dudes like this had shame and kept their fetishes limited to weekend orgies and sex-dungeons.

@radphoenixx & @KrizoSusanna #transphobia twitter.com

( @radphoenixx )
Identifying as trans is white peoples’ desperate attempt at securing the title of most oppressed and being able to call minorities oppressors. And it’s workinggggg


( @KrizoSusanna )
It's far more complex than that. They are creating baby incubators where children will be born and new breast milk-formula is also created (hence the need for the removal of healthy uteri and breasts). It's the man's attempt to get rid of the woman and the trans people are their test subjects. The trans think this is about them, and it's the lie they fed them. They are just pawns in the creation of the new utopia where there are no women. Men want it. They've told us so the past 10k years; they want a society free of women.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @Disspat )

spoilerKnow how I know this is fraud?
You don't win elections when gas
is $5, inflation is at a 40 year high,
and you want to chop kids body
parts off...


ever since the 2020 election was stolen I have been advocating that voting is NOT the answer to eliminate what is happening in our country. Lying, cheating, deceving, unconverted sinners are in control of these USA Territories, like rats carrying diseases and there is an investation........ they are eliminated by killing them. I am not advocating we fight them because we loose an election but because they are destroying our Republic , our freedoms and liberites.


( @tracythemighty )
@Disspat Or more Americans have chosen evil…just sayin’ 🤷‍♀️

( @Graphix )
@Disspat exactly. If 80% of the country is pissed at Biden, the democrats, and their covid, economic and crime disasters over the past two years that there's no possible way democrats "won" anything. THEY STOLE IT again.

( @fdwmale )
I don't want to believe most people are that stupid, but a solid 50%-90% (depending on which floor) of the people I work with are that stupid. And they are very proud of it.

Elections are obviously utterly corrupt. People are obviously really fucking stupid. It's an embrace the power of "and" moment. Also means that we all need our own place and self-government. I don't want to meet these corrupt idiots on a middle ground.

( @Grendahl )
@Disspat you do when Jews can buy and trade politicians the same way they buy and sell everything else, including the sale and rape of children at Epstein island

( @ScottVomit )
@Disspat yeah but you do when 99.9% of Conservatives are spineless faggots who wont do what is necessary to take America back R.I.P. USA

( @RobertBurrows )
They did it again. I for one have had enough. We need to organize the shooting war. Fuck the info war that's CRAP!!!!!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
This is a dumb argument.

Participation in the system means you approve of said system.

I don't approve of this anti-White theater, so I refuse to participate in it.

@PiratesNFlowers no vote then no bitching.




( @DouglasBelmore )
You're phony controlled opposition!

( @RamboBear )
@DouglasBelmore @Nature_and_Race you seen the demographic breakdown of the election? No amount of "muh based Cubans in Miami" is ever going to rewrite reality. White decline is death of the Republic.

( @grizzlywhisker )
@Nature_and_Race yeah I feel like the less people participating and perpetuating this system, the better. Like if nobody showed up to vote and nobody paid taxes, we’d be in a better position.

( @nibblets509 )
@Nature_and_Race They all hate me because I’m white so none of them get my vote

( @SocalRight )
@Nature_and_Race All the candidates have signed their "Pledge to Israel" and are compromised assets. For this they receive funding to advertise and the blessing of jews required for their advertising to air on jew controlled media.

( @MCharlton )
@Nature_and_Race If non-participation means 40 million new brown people colonizing the interior of the United States, I’m participating. Owe it to future White kids whose lives will bear the brunt of inaction, brown majorities and White genocide.

( @IllinoisValleyMale )
@MCharlton @Nature_and_Race So when Bush and Trump were in office they ended the migration problem?

Its a 2 party system, 2 wolves and a sheep voting what's for dinner, and buddy you are a fucking sheep

( @MCharlton )
@IllinoisValleyMale 2 million brown people or 40 million brown people. This isn’t hard. Not voting gets us 40 million brown people with a deliberate policy re-settling tens of millions of nonwhites in the interior of the United States for the purposes of White genocide.

The Jews who trick people into not voting have pulled a masterful psyop because “your grandchildren gonna be brown.”

BondiBlue & Rheya #transphobia ovarit.com

Robert Kennedy Jr does not support trans women in female sports

( BondiBlue )
So of course the Dems declared there would be no debates. The last thing they want is for Grandpa Joe to actually have to defend his abhorrent record of institutionalizing this madness as not only a domestic but foreign policy priority.

He's got my vote on this alone. I honestly don't give a shit he's an antivaxer. COVID is yesterday's news and the Democrats cannot credibly claim to be the party of trusting science. Heck, with "transablism" and critical disability studies shaping up to be the new "civil rights" frontier, I give it a few years before the mainstream party starts lauding #PolioPride as a protected identity anyway, like they've done with deafness, Down syndrome, "neurodiversity"... Might as well get ahead of the game!

( Rheya )
Right? If I have to choose between wacky beliefs, I’ll take his vaccine views over gender ideology. One is skepticism of the overly-cozy links between government and pharmaceutical companies, and the other is essentially a religious belief about gendered souls being used to decimate women’s rights and child safeguarding and our collective sanity and our connection to truth. No contest for me.

The End #sexist #psycho blackpill.world

Do you avoid pretty girls like the plague?
I do everything I can to avoid being around pretty girls, and it's because I hate them. I hate them so much that it's stressful trying to suppress my urge to rape and/or beat them to death. My imagination fires up a rage that makes me want to beat them into the ground like an enraged ape.

I've squeezed 200 dollars worth of groceries into the self-checkout lane just to avoid being close to some teeny bopper.

@AmericasMansMan #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia gettr.com

If your #teachers were calling YOU a girl all day long, and trying to convince you to try homosexuality, as a boy, wouldn’t YOU want to shoot somebody? What if you’re a girl and they’re #governmentSchool you get a #sexChange? And punishing YOU for getting #angry?!

The Reason You Came

Is this the #child’s fault?

How about we stop this institutional #homosexual predator which has been written into the law by #Communists & #fatherless, or #motherless, sick #Americans?

There is nothing good about homosexuality. It’s such an offense to #humanDignity, it makes #people want to #shoot people. #RecriminalizeSodomy. Because #sodomy anywhere is a #threat to #sanity and #mentalHealth EVERYWHERE.

Always follow the law.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
There are some self-proclaimed Nationalists and White Nationalists that are promoting the idea of Europe and America falling under the rule of China.

They claim "White people would be treated far better under the Chinese Communist Party than under their current governments".

But these alleged Nationalists never once suggest that maybe, just maybe, White people would be best ruled by their own people. They present the false dichotomy "It's either Biden or China, you pick".

Anyone who tells you that White people should accept non-white rule is a subversive infiltrator. They're anti-White race traitors.

No one should ever rule over White people but White people. And not only White people in general, but specifically pro-White people.

( @UniversalDelirium )
@Nature_and_Race I'd honestly rather die than be ruled over by more human insects.

( @BrianBoro )
@Nature_and_Race guess those "Whites" never seen what the chinks do to dogs.

( @Sneaky_Bushf0x )
@Nature_and_Race it's simple, if you're White, never trust a non-White ruler and/or leader. Your intrests will simply be overlooked, every time this is especially true of the jews as we know, but applies equally to all other non-Whites just the same.

( @DSWilliams702 )
@Nature_and_Race Chinese people are animals. Disgusting pigs. Imagine anyone saying that we, who have always been compassionate and noble, often to our own ruin, should be ruled over by people who FORCE aborted 500 million of their own children....people who if a child is run over in the street will let the child lay there and get run over again and not help it because of their Godless, soulless policies.

( @DrPhate )
@Nature_and_Race White people need their own land. It was supposed to be America but the jew subverted that. Building on the lessons learned, a land for White people and only White people. No jews who will suddenly shapeshift White. And and anyone who starts preaching to let in mud and jews goes over the wall.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @PaxChristus )
People are trying to blame Trump for the poor GOP performance the last few years, but it's not even that. The reality is this - America has been heading in an extremely liberal direction for over 60 years. Our universities, media stations, and culture-creating outlets are something like 80% liberal, and even the self-identifying 'conservatives' in positions of power are old-style liberals.

The online right temporarily stopped this liberal shift in 2014-16 by blasting the truth into people's ears with the power of social media, but eventually got kneecapped with censorship.

I will re-iterate a core message of my work - we only change this with our own censorship and fundamentally changing America's institutions.

( @ZeezNuz )
@PaxChristus Um, claiming election fraud, doing nothing about it, and then asking for votes again certainly did NOT help. You can't scream the system is broken, not fix it, and ask people to participate in the system.

( @meanmark )
@PaxChristus Yeah, they played the long game by indoctrinating all the college students, and those people are now CEO's, teachers, doctors, scientists... It's only a matter of time before the commies control it all.

( @ILA1776 )
@meanmark @PaxChristus Agree. It is what the communist Chinese did to take control of China. They used clueless college kids and organized them. And the college kids were the ones who helped the communists turn the people into drones. Same thing is happening in America. our own kids are being used through the teaching of communist college professors to run America into the ground. Those kids will not understand what they have done until everyone becomes slaves of the communist elite.

( @Ge8sabb )
@PaxChristus democrats aren't winning. They are cheating. Wake up.

( @Johann_Sebastian )
@PaxChristus I'm surprised more Americans - across the nation - don't see the potential importance of Texit. That's the last resort if voting is hopelessly corrupt. Texas has the constitutional provisions to lead an exodus other states could join.

Even the strongest among us have difficulty recognizing how depraved the Democratic party and media have become. Zero conscience.

Jennifer Bilek #transphobia twitter.com

We must force the narrative away from identity & "gender" & refocus it on industry. The #LGBTInc is no longer a human rights movement. It is used to sell tyranny, homogenization of human thoughts & actions, the obliteration of true culture & families, & industrial body dissociation to the public under guise of good deeds.

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#WokeInc #CorporateBullshit

It’s time to destroy the #CivilRightsAct.

#AmericasMansMan’s simple #SocialPlan to restore #America is:


Trusted. Respected.
The Reason You Came

We believe in #Men who #ACTlikeMEN. #Women who #actAndDress like women. Be comfortable in the #SkinYoureIn.

#DonaldTrumpIsMyPresident #deathPenaltyForDems #EndWhiteGenocide

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( @Cynthia_Holt )
Notice how Florida magically became a deep red state after DeSantis banned Zuckerbucks, started arresting people for election fraud, and enacted safe guards.

Most of the country is actually deep red and we all know it.

( @Jhapster )
@Cynthia_Holt I agree that Fetterman and Hobs are the most suspicious for fraud but there are a bunch of 51% wins for the NWO deep state, I'm just not buying that abortion outweighed the laundry list of Biden regime disasters we live with. The y used the narrowest of margins to make it look plausible. The SCOTUS deliberately gave the leftist this issue to rally with, it's all they had, SCOTUS is in the NWO bag...

( @PatriotM1A777 )
@Jhapster @Cynthia_Holt @PatriotM1A 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇺🇸 @PatriotM1A777

Bearing False Witness is the Left’s Bread and Butter!!!


( @ZeezNuz )
@Jhapster @Cynthia_Holt Yep, yep. The nasty fake Christian judges that Trump put in made sure to make a abortion as issue before midterms.
The machines did a nice little even divide with numbers.
They've successfully locked up Congress for the next 2 years.

( @Engineerfortruth )
@Cynthia_Holt exactly, we are only getting strange results in states that have abondoned transparent elections.

( @vampire505 )
@Engineerfortruth @Cynthia_Holt Getting the same results from those states that cheating was high in the 2020 election. Voters should have demanded a change in the way they vote and call out those in the government who didn't allow it. Call out the poll workers by name who wouldn't allow correct voting procedures to happen in Republican base areas.

( @Retro_Fan )
@Cynthia_Holt thats why they cheat the votes so close, almost 50-50, because they want people to think at least half the country hates the other half. when in fact, it's most likely 75% right wing at this point.

( @aprilmay5877 )
@Cynthia_Holt Florida is red because theres no cheating allowed. Thats what happens when the real (and only real) votes are counted. The peoples voice .

( @Texplorable )
@Cynthia_Holt It's almost like draining the swamp actually requires that you have to take some action rather than just running around talking about it. Whoda thunk it?

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( @Rasmussen_poll )

spoilerSo hacking these machines was "impossible" in 2020
when Biden won.
However, now that the Democrats are about to get
their butts kicked, it's magically possible for these
machines to be hacked & manipulated.
Got it.
Thanks for inadvertently confirming 2020 was rigged.

( @ChampKindSports )
@Rasmussen_poll the humiliation ritual will be when Dems actually put people in jail for it and most likely in short order and reclaim their seats where GOP did nothing for 2 years

( @sherrymarie70 )
@Rasmussen_poll Let's not forget that they said the machines were hackable in 2016 when Trump won.

( @brandoncobb )
@Rasmussen_poll I still say that there is no way Biden got mor votes than Obama. Obama had 95% of the black vote.
I’ve been calling bullshit and I’m still calling bullshit!

@Rasmussen_poll stop the cheating cheater abortion monger monster of inflation... remenber what biden did in Afganistan or ukraine .. democRats destroy countries